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How did you think of your ursername??

The Genetic Jackhammer

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And we've had at least one more since then - my "What's in your name?" thread. But I can't find it. :(


Anyways, Acid Christ is, I think, the name of a band (actually, I think they're called Velvet Acid Christ) which I stole to name a Smackdown!2 CAW.


[edit]: The "1"s are all my own work though!

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I had problems choosing a username as everything i typed in was already taken!they all centered around y2j my fav wrestler at the time,(he probably still is!).After getting slightly frustrated,i decided to choose Goldust,as he always makes me laugh,but as i"m female i added the er at the end,easy!:)
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Guest Mafia Quan

Mafia Quan is the name of a CAW from every wrestling game since WWF War Zone and as well I have had a bit of evelution as well (mostly due to getting too many impostors in the chat)


Fozzy Jericho

Rob Van Storm

Rob Van Hemsley

Rob VH


The Thext Nig Bing

Mafia Quan

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my username came about like this


I like mortal kombat video games and am ace at them, so much that I absoloutly thrashed my mates on it (being Kano) so much that they started calling me Kano and it has stuck ever since.


the surname is self-explanitory I am a huge dudley mark and have been ever since the good ol days of ecw.


other names-

e kano(the instigator of pain)


Darth Noble

Kano Keibler

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