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Comment from Jon Farrer regarding the GWF show:


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Copy and Pasted from the UKFF


Well it's been a hectic few days..


I'm here, good and well (theoretically speaking). I was not arrested and I am not bankrupt, although I probably would have gotten a better night's kip in a cell! I'm just here now to show my face, I'm not hiding, I am personally answering all calls on the ticket hotline. I'm just here to tell you what happened from my perspective and clear up a few things.


Let's not beat around the bush and talk about the ring. Simon (Steve Lynskey) you are LYING, although I don't know how much is truth and how much isn't. When I first booked the show, I booked Jake's 20x20 ring, based down south. So then I am told Jake's ring has been stolen (I'll cut the story short on that one I don't know what happened) - then I hear it is in Steve Lynskey's possession, ask what's going on and got fed some story I'd rather not go into.. so I ask whether the deal is still on. I am told it is not, as the ring needs new wooden boards, so I had to find another one. So I phoned up Jem from Brawl, who has a Highspots 16x16 ring in Northampton and booked him for that. Jem would have been here it was just a case of whether we were using his own van or a hired van. Everything's cool and I wish it was left at that, but oh no..


I get a call from Steve Lynskey a week before the show, saying in actual fact I can have the ring, for £250. I had already booked Jem (for less) but I had promised a 20 x 20 ring from the get-go, so I told Steve it was back on, as long as he had a van etc., he told me no probs, but he will come up for 12-1pm on the day because he doesn't want to take anytime off his day job. I didn't think there was a problem, Steve's always been good with me. So I text him everyday to make sure all is cool, when the weather reports came up I called and asked if there would be any problems, all was well. Blah blah blah day of the show I get a text saying he will be there at 3 as traffic is slow on the M6, ooooooookay, getting a bit nervous.. then out of the blue I get a text saying Jon, don't panic, the van has cut out but the AA will be here in 20 mins. An hour later the AA "turn up", takes another hour to "fix it", and they're 38 miles away (at this point I was asking around for another ring, because there are no signposts saying Blackburn is 38 miles away on the motorway. I get another text saying he's cut out again 20 mins away at about 4.45, AA coming.. but his phone is on answer machine, apparently the battery died (what, like no one else has a phone.. and you didn't have 10p for a phone box) and had no further contact with him. James Mason phoned around and got us a ring last minute, the guy would be here at about 8pm apparently.. then 8.30 (this ring apparently could be setup in 15 mins which is why we left the announcement so late) but he never showed. But I guess the damage was already done.


What rattles me is this £300.. I never knew about that before coming on here (even though many of the boys phoned me up saying don't go onto the Internet, take the day off and get pissed) - Lynskey never told me he could have gotten here.. I would have paid £300 in a heartbeat rather than the £8000 we're giving back in ticket sales (the show drew 800). So Steve, I don't care what you say in response, we both know the truth and people can either believe me or you. I'll let other people make accusations as to what "really" happened, I really don't want to have to think about it. But thanks to you, I have trading standards on my back, wrestlers disappointed with the fact such a hyped show wasn't happening and most importantly the fans, even the travelling ones. But to be honest, I got the most heat with the locals, I've been having a few hearty laughs with the travellers all day over the phone, sending commiserations, support and such like you have been gold, I am touched. To those angry, I don't blame you you are totally within your right.


But Simon, why no call? Were we just to assume you weren't coming (even though we did) and scramble to get something else? See this is where it's fishy, by your story you knew it was looking bad, why not at least give us a straight yes or no? I'm so tired and worn down I'm leaving it at this, but my worst nightmare came true yesterday, and I wouldn't even wish it on the blood father I never had. I just hope that if this was what you wanted to happen, that you are happy. Job well done.


Do I take full responsibility? 100% I do. I am the promoter, 'nuff said. At the end of the day I look at it like this. It's my fault Steve Lynskey was booked for a ring and ultimately my fault a ring did not arrive. Jem aka MTX would have been here, but woulds, coulds, ifs, buts and maybes are not a part of promoting and what's done is done.


Oh, the police were there to check weapons on the way in, the station is next door to the venue - that's why it looked like they were expecting a Queen's procession.


I'll start with the weapons match and hold my hand up; I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I WAS WRONG. The police only made a fuss because of the venue as someone had phoned up and "informaed" them of it and by informed, I don't necessarily mean they were giving them factual information about the match - they had the weapons put into a container, I asked them what they wanted me to do with them and they said I could take them to Isaac and Ian and see what they wanted to use (they simply didn't want people walking around with them), before it was vetoed by the manager who had enough of the situation. The match was still going to go ahead though and trust me, it would have been something.


I'd like to thank the wrestlers for being so great on the day and as far as I know my relationships with them remain the same. Someone said I've lost their respect? Um, care to elaborate on that? Everyone was still paid, and rightly so! A big shout out to Sweet Saraya, who drove here from Norwich with a BROKEN BRAKE! It sucks that Ian, Johnny and Trent came over here for nothing short of a vacation. Trust me when I say this they were as disappointed as all of you who came. I honestly am so sorry to those that travelled all that distance and I hope what little we did made the long journey somewhat worthwhile.


To everyone who worked on the show, thanks for the support and I'll be in touch soon to thank you repeatedly for being so great.


Listen guys there's probably so much more I need to address and I'll gladly do that if you prompt me.


I'm surprised many are asking this today, but the answer of will we run again? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT. This needs to be set straight. Everyone will get a refund from this show and a free ticket next time round. As for May 11th? Let's just wait on that.. but I made a promise and it will be fulfilled..


20 hours sleep in a week does terrible things to a man.. cya soon (hopefully)



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Well i really thought Jon had gone into hiding,am very pleased he has made that statement as there was nothing on his website before,and i think we all deserved a PROPER explanation,as it was very halfhearted at the show,with some fans thinking it was a work!hardly,but it does test your faith in GWF,i don"t know if i shall go to the next show,but knowing me i probably will!:D
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