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Ideas for the WWE


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I was wondering what people thought about some ideas which have been suggestted to me resently by various people (these are not my idea, I think some of them are crap to!!)-


- have a new DX on Smackdown causing havock to the show and disrupting the wrestling all the time.(I dont like this, bringing back old gimmics never works)


- Instead of Bishoff being fired it will be steph, with Shane and Vinnie Mac taking over. steph could then go with Bishoff and take on her father and brother. (one point, Shane O'Mac has never had a huge heel reaction even during the Allience, if he replaces Bishoff then Steph would have to turn heel, and no one wants that!)


- Bring Foley back as a commissioner. (I dont think this would work because the fans would want him to wrestle again, someting which he won't do. i could see this angle working if he was on RAW and made it clear that he wouldn't wrestle again.)


- Remove steph from the writing team, stop wrestlers from having a huge say in storylines (HHH) and leave it to Heyman. Hire Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and DDP to head the writing team as they know the business inside out.


- Bring back the Intercontinental belt for Smackdown and have a TV title or US title on Raw, giving the little guys something to aim for.


Well that is what I have been hearing the past couple of days, what do you think of these suggesttions?



One more thing, Tommy Dreamer has the coolest trousers ever! Does anyone know where I can get a pair like them?


That was that. Walshy Boy, the man without the Mattitude.

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Guest Mafia Quan

My Ideas....


1. Get Steph off Tv now!!!!!!!!

2. Bring back titles for the mid-card guys.

3. Bring back the Hardcore title, with the following rules.

1. The title is on the line the entire time the champion is in the arena

2. The title can switch hands between Raw and Smackdown Sperstars

3. (unwritten rule) The title cannot change hands more than 6 times a year.

4. Have the 2 shows run alternate PPVs, so there can be more build up and hopefully give more meaning to the matches

5. Stop having tag team matches with the superstars involed in a match at the next pay per view damn near every show.

6. Keep win/loss and contender statistics instead of number one contender matches

7. Have the announcers foucus more on the match that is happening, instead of the 20 minute opening segment that sets up the main event, they replay that enough anyways.

8. Actually have some real upset victories

9. Change a tilte at a house show at least twice a year, inorder to show "anything can happen in the WWE"

10. Get rid of and replace all announcers and commentators that have never spent time in the ring. Bring in Foley and Ventura for example

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Erm please gold no DX, nostalgia pop one week, silence and "boring " next week.


I still think the brand split idea is lame now, mainly cause what's the point of the split??? They aren't feuding, they aren't competing, they talk about each other's shows with positive attitudes, its just completely pointless. Abandoning it would be better.


As for writing crew, it's simple, just get wrestling writers to do it. Gerwitz is absolutely useless, and makes Russo seem excellent, and Steph has no concept of wrestling booking, nor logic. Heyman can book, as can Jim Cornette. Heck if you still want to keep the brand split, have Heyman book SD, and Cornette book RAW. Got lots of competitiveness there, considering they hate each other!


I think a middle belt would be a good idea, too many mid card guys just floundering, serving no purpose whatsoever. Also Billy Gunn won't ever be returning at this rate, and it looks like he'll be retiring.


As for Cena, just make him Prototype, then again I'm sure that was nixed by Tripper, who believes he's the real prototype wrestler for the 21st century. Oh well....

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