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TNA Slammiversary PPV - 12th June 2011


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TV Schedule:

USA: Sunday 12th June on PPV at 8e/5p - LIVE

UK: Wednesday 15th June on Challenge at 10pm




Official TNA Slammiversary 2011 PPV Website HERE


TNA Presents "Slammiversary" LIVE on PPV

12th June 2011


On Sunday 12th June at 8e/5p, TNA Wrestling presents "Slammiversary" LIVE on Pay-Per-View and online at TNAOnDemand.com. "Slammiversary" celebrates 9 years of TNA action.


The Pay-Per-View will take place from The "IMPACT WRESTLING" Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.


The Promotional Poster features A number of "IMPACT WRESTLERS" including Fortune (AJ Styles, Beer Money, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian), Eric Young, Samoa Joe and The Motor City Machine Guns.


It will be the seventh event under the "Slammiversary" chronology, and the 6th event of the 2011 TNA PPV schedule.


All of your favourite "IMPACT WRESTLERS" will be featured, including Sting, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Abyss, Samoa Joe and many more.


Make sure to watch 2 hours of TNA Wrestling every Thursday on SpikeTV starting at 9/8c with "IMPACT WRESTLING". Matches for "Slammiversary" will be announced every Thursday night. Don't miss all the Total Nonstop Action!




*TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Sting (Champion) vs. Mr Anderson


*The Final Battle:

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

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Exact same thoughts as DC.


I really like the concept of the poster, promoting the "TNA guys" rather than the mid-carders and has beens from WWE and WCW. It's a great concept, but, wow, the picture of Eric Young is just TERRIBLE, makes the whole poster look ridiculous considering that it's right in the middle as well.


I'm honestly going to have to make "it's TNA having a relatively good idea, but then not thinking about it, or attempting to make the best out of it and settling for a half-assed job, rather than really trying to achieve something great" my signature, just because it applies to literally every single thing TNA does.

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Its just Eric Young's face, I dont see whats so soul destroying about it. Its not like he's poking his tongue out or giving the bunny ears to Kaz, he's just looking like Eric Young looks.


Would anyone throw a fit if Santino was on a PPV poster and was smiling?


I mean, of all the things to care about...

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The one of John Cena looking REALLY silly in the x-ray.


I think this maybe sounding like I'm saying this PPV is going to suck because it has a bad poster, and that Vince Russo must be killed immediately, I'm just saying the poster's there, and I like the idea of it, but I don't like it in practice because of Eric Young's ridiculous face. Not as big at all as the impression I think I'm giving.

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Huh. Well if I had bothered to post when that was going on I would have said the exact same thing, if it helps. And I'm glad you think that I'm stupid enough to confuse "I dont like this poster" with "this PPV show will be bad because of a poster", because, you know...I'm stupid.


I've just never, ever, EVER understood the whole deal with posters. All the way back to Maria on the jetski (Dave7g represent!). Its a poster. A poster. To go in a tunnel somewhere, a contstruction wall. You'll never even see one in real life. They get dissected practically every single month when they are the least important thing about anything ever.


I know we're marks and we care about minutiae by nature, but I just dont get why anyone would care about what a PPV poster looks like. I dont get it.

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Results from Slammiversary:


- Beer Money retained the World Tag Team Championship when James Storm and Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns defeated The British Invasion


- "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan defeated "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner


- Abyss retained the X Division Title by defeating Kendrick and Kazarian in a Three-Way Match


- Crimson pulled off a huge upset by defeating Samoa Joe


- Mickie James successfully defended the Knockouts Title against Angelina Love


- Bully Ray beat AJ Styles in a brutal and violent Last Man Standing match


- Mr. Anderson defeat "The Icon" Sting to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, after questionable interference by Eric Bischoff! Anderson was able to hit a low blow and the Mic Check for the pin and the win to regain the gold!


- Karen Jarrett appeared via satellite from the Jarrett Family Mansion in Nashville to discuss her husband Jeff's match against Kurt Angle. Karen accused Kurt Angle of pushing her down the stairs, causing her injuries!


- In their FINAL BATTLE, Kurt Angle beat his longtime enemy Jeff Jarett after forcing him to tap to the Ankle Lock. Angle is the new #1 Contender to the World Title!


look pretty good

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I'm reasonably surprised Anderson went over this time around having really only just started his new fully heel run but they did make a lot of it being the rematch one on one he wanted.


I was convinced Jarrett would go over Angle simply because Kurt was built so strongly leading up to the bout I was sure they'd try and swerve it! I guess TNA don't think Angle is going to make these Olympic wrestling tryouts!


The rest of the results were pretty predictable though but I'll give the PPV a watch today to see how entertaining they made them.

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Too tired to make much sense at the moment but I thought it was pretty bad. The crowd killed it, total apathy.


Opening tag was good, as was the last man standing, bar the utterly ridiculous finish. Crimson proved to be ****ing worthless, the finish to the world title match made everyone in the room groan and the x division match was boring. Angle #jarret was ok but I think everyone's sick of watching them wrestle.

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The crowd were particularly apathetic which didn't help the matches that naturally needed the crowd to be making noise. It was near dead silence through the knockouts match.


Having to watch this in shifts but am, up to the street fight now. I actually thought Crimson did a much better job than usual against Joe and they played to his current strengths by letting Joe work him over early in the match rather than giving him too much to do.

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