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The Joys of Northern Ireland

The Crippler

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Hello there


Checked the news when I woke up this morning and stumbled across this.




Now normally when someone dies it is a very sad moment but I have to say I was f'ing delighted when I heard about that.


Back in August the Glasgow Rangers supporters club I am in were travelling over to watch Rangers v AC Milan. It was unknown to the vast majority of members who would be travelling with us on the bus. Turned out to be a notorious club from the very loyalist area of Rathcoole. Anyways, after the match we are coming home on the bus and they start kicking off, wanting drink on the bus which is a no-no. The bus steward speaks to them and tells them they aren't allowed the drink on.


My dad then tells the steward to just sit down as it didn't seem worth the bother - just let them have their drink. One of this group noticed my dads body expression and started on my dad saying stuff like "I'm gonna get that big speccy f'er when we get off this bus". So obviously I was concerned but I was also surprised to see my dad just sit there and take it. My dad didn't respond once and for two hours had to listen to some ASSHOLE basically make fun of him. It was hard to watch but something about the way my dad was acting told me not to say or do anything as well.


Anyways, next day my dad drops a newspaper in front of me and says "look at that". It had the same guys face on the front of the newspaper - the police were looking for him after a man had been murdered and two women beaten up just hours before we got on the boat that morning to go to the match. The newspaper also went on to say it was the same guy who had tried to murder Gerry Adams back in the 80s and was directly responsible for killing 6 Catholics and had been linked with countless others. When I read that my heart sank.


God knows what would have happened had I said anything to this guy when he was verbally abusing my dad. I'm glad I said nothing.


Anyways, last night, coming off the boat from the Rangers match, this guy (John Gregg) got a bullet through the head.


Now here is the problem I have got, when I read that I was delighted and I still am. The problem I have got is not the fact that John Gregg (a guy who if you looked SCUMBAG up in the dictionary you would see a picture of him) is dead but there is something inside me saying it is wrong to be happy about someone dying no matter who it is.


Anyways, I just thought I'd share the joys of living in Northern Ireland and supporting Glasgow Rangers. :)

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while in a sense you shouldn't be happy, your reasons are justerfied and besides if i was in your position i'd be happy that some guy who was trying to intermidate my dad got his unfortuante (or in your case- fortunate) fate.

But of course- an Irish man knows not to mess with a black man :D

If there is one thing you shouldn't be happy about- it's supporting Glasgow Rangers :D

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Originally posted by Seabass

If there is one thing you shouldn't be happy about- it's supporting Glasgow Rangers :D




Seriously though, I know where Crippler is coming from in the sense that it feels wrong to be uplifted by someone else's death, but the other side to that event is that lives may even have been saved because you just don't know who this bigot might have targeted as his next victim. That's not to condone the person who shot him, who unless they had motivation for revenge for someone else is probably just as bigoted as the guy he shot. However while it's one thing to kill innocent people this guy was far from it by all accounts so Crippler's mixed emotions especially with his firsthand knowledge of what the guy was like is understandable. Don't feel guilty about it, if anything feel sorry for the guy that his whole life revolved around religious bigotry and hatred in general to the point where he can't even sit on a bus after a football game with his own supporters without wanting to fight. Unfortunately there are peple like that, but the trick is, as I'm sure you know, to avoid them when you can.


Try to make your own way to games in future. For friendlies you can usually still get tickets on the day, and if you still have family in Scotland you could even order in advance yourself but send the tickets to their address if the delivery might take too long. I don't have experiences as extreme as yours, but my Dad had seen enough after sectarian crap kept happeneing on supporters' buses when my brother and I were wee kids, so even for extra money it's worth going it alone for the sake of dodging the bigots.


Right, Thistle away, so I'm off to watch the Celtic game - just the sort of fixture we're prone to f**king up right now! Still, 'mon the Celts!

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