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Favourite records... but slightly different (Part 2, basically)


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I'll explain. Firstly I though The Crippler's post was good seeing as there hadn't been one like that in a while, and then I thought: "I wonder how much the 'favourite' records of the TWO folk actually coincide with what they're listening to at the moment". So that brings me to ask, what are the top 5 (or however many there are) albums you're listening to at the minute, if they're different from the ones on Crippler's thread? I think it'll be fun seeing how your current tastes compare with your 'all-time' choices. Put down your favourite songs from the albums as well if you feel particularly inspired.


At the moment I've been listening a lot to the following:


1. Sepultura - Roots

(Dusted, Spit, Cut-Throat)

2. Rammstein - Mutter

(Feuer Frei, Sonne, Rein Raus)

3. Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

(A New Level, Mouth For War, Regular People (Conceit))

4. Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream

(The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, Flying In A Blue Dream, Back To Shalla-Bal)

5. Slipknot - Iowa

(People = Shit, Left Behind, The Heretic Anthem).


Post yours!

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Soil - Scars

(Halo, Two Skins, New Faith)


KoRn - KoRn

(Blind, Clown, Daddy)


WWE Anthology

(Ultimate Warrior, Dude Love, Brock Lesnar)


System of a Down - Toxicity

(The Prison Song, Chop Suey, Toxicity)


Murderdolls - Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls

(People Hate Me - Dead in Hollywood - Love at First Fright)

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Good topic MLM. :xyx


My most played records at the minute are:


Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed The Fish?

(You Were Right, Born Again)


Manic Street Preachers - Gold Against The Soul

(La Tristesse Durera, From Despair to Where, Roses in the Hospital)


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - BRMC

(Whatever Happened To My Rock n Roll, Love Burns)


The Coral - The Coral

(Dreaming of You, Goodbye)


U2 - The Best of 1990-2000

(The Hands That Built America, Lady With The Spinning Head)

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If you can squeeze any more threads out of the original, please do, this is good. :)


At the moment...


1: Ill Nino - Revolution Revolucion

(God Save Us, Unreal, What Comes Around)


2: KoRn - KoRn

(Blind, Faget, Clown)


3: Slipknot - Slipknot

(The whole album right through)


4: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

(Californication, Scar Tissue, Otherside, Road Trippin')


5: Nirvana - MTV Unplugged

(Come As You Are, About A Girl, Lake Of Fire, Polly, All Apologies, Where Did You Sleep Last Night)

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RHCP-By The Way

(I will die for you)


WWE Anthology-Attitude Cd

(Stone cold Oh hell yeah, Real mans man :D)


SOAD-Steal This Album

(Roulette, Boom)



(Lithium, Polly, Smells like teen spirit)





Just chuck any of these in any order and thats my playlist

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Sum 41 - Does this look infected

(Over my head, Thanks for nothing, Still waiting)


Slipknot - slipknot

(Surfacing, Liberate, sic, eyeless)


Hell Is For Heroes

(Out of sight, i can climb mountains, sick-happy)


Feeder - Comfort in sound

(Helium, Child in you, Comfort in sound)


Stone Sour

(Inhale, Get inside, orchids, blotter)

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Incubus - Make Yourself

( Privilege , Drive , Pardon Me )


Foo Fighters - One By One

( Overdrive , Have It All , Disenchanted Lullaby )


Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves

( Maxwell Murder , Ruby Soho , Time Bomb )


Nirvana - Greatest Hits

( About A Girl , Rape Me , Dumb )


Fenix TX* - Lechuza

( Threesome , Phoebe Cates )

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1. Our Lady Peace - Gravity

(Not Enough, Innocent)


2. Saliva - Every Six Seconds

(My Goodbyes, every six seconds, beg, hollywood)


3. Foo Fighter - one by one

(disenchanted lullaby, halo, low)


4. Audioslave - Audioslave

(Cochise, Show me how to live)


5.WWE Anthology

(Litas theme, Y2J's theme, Benoits theme)

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