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Lex Loser


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"Lex Luger, despite a poor performance on the latest WWA tour, has told friends that he expects a call from Vince McMahon about a return to WWE in the near future.


Luger has bulked up to over 300 pounds, and feels McMahon would be a mark for his increased body mass.


In addition, Luger reportedly believes that McMahon is running out of surprise returns, and will turn to Luger for a surprise sometime soon."


credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter and HSM





Luger, who now is an absolutely abysmal worker, can't draw (and never did), looks fat, and is 45 years old. reckons he'll be getting call from Vince?


I've heard of delusional but this takes the cake. Or Luger ate it.

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i think i'm right in saying this-

does anyone remember when Luger told friends he was gonna win the WWF title but in the end didn't...this is kind of similar


oh and remember when Vince Russo revealed that the biggest shock in the world was goldberg turning Heel and that fell flat on it's face...well Luger being the surprise Wrestler would be an even bigger shock.

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