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Guest Frank Botch

We have an MMA videos thread so... Boxing doesn't lend itself to this type of thread as well I guess, with so many great fights going the distance, but we have stuff like this:




If you don't think boxing is the best thing ever, at least for a few seconds. after watching that... then you don't like boxing I guess.


One of the most straight up brutal right hands ever:




This HBO doc on the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor is pretty awesome:








Someone sent me this, worst moments in boxing history apparently, Chavez/Taylor is mentioned here:


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Guest Frank Botch

It's going to take a little more than no one having any interest whatsoever in this thread to stop me posting stuff, have 70 minutes of Pacquiao.











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Guest Jack

That's an awesome Pacquiao highlight. The more I watch videos like that, the more privileged I feel about being around in the 'Pacquiao era'. My dad has always been a big boxing fan and durnig a heavyweight bout a while ago, I listened to a few of his stories, about going to a cinema at first thing in the morning to watch Ali live, and those stories made me feel jealous because we live in such an uninspiring era, heavyweight wise. I can, however, be proud to be around in an era that Pacquiao is fighting in. He may not be a heavyweight but there's a good chance he'll go down as one of the very greatest to ever step into the ring and it's a pleasure to see that.


I'm looking forward to a fight in September between two guys Pacquiao has recently beaten, Margarito and Cotto. For those who don't know, the result of the first fight, Margarito by TKO, is under a lot of scrutiny after he was caught using illegal handwraps in his next fight. It was, however, a terrific fight with a lot of passion in the ring and out, from the Puerto Rican and Mexican fans. The rematch should be an excellent bout and, in case you missed it, so was the first:



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Guest John Hancock

I have interest Botch, I just have nothing constructive to add.


EDIT: Other than watching southpaws makes me uncomfortable. It looks so awkward. It's like watching someone writing left handed, creeps me out.

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Guest Frank Botch
One of the most riveting documentaries ever to be made on the sport of boxing, THE LAST ROUND chronicles the extraordinary events leading up to the day that George Chuvalo, a real life Rocky Balboa type underdog from working-class Toronto, took on the man




Chartchai Chionoi vs Efren Torres from 69, pretty incredible fight.











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Guest Frank Botch

Meltzer wrote a little bit about celebrity involvment in wrestling in this weeks Observer and mentioned Jack Dempsey murdering a dude named Cowboy Luttrell and said it was worth checking out... and it is:




Brutal. Dempsey used to referee wrestling matches to earn some money and they set up a fight when Luttrell swung for him during a match.


While I'm here, this is one of the worst beatings ever:




Always hilarious in these old fights how dudes would almost stand on top of their opponents as they tried to beat the cound so they could get straight back into pummelling them.


Last round of Linares/DeMarco, probably the round of the year.



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Guest Frank Botch

Akira Yaegashi vs Pornsawan Porpramook, awesome fight, these 105ers don't f*ck around. It's great all the way through but for the straight up fireworks skip to round 7. Yes I'm talking to YOU, the one person who will see this post. One seems a little optimistic though.




Seriously great fight. Also everything is better with Japanese commentary.

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