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cZw or xPw

Guest rish

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cZw or xPw which one is your choice.Whilst looking theough various posts on various boards i have found a popular dilike for xPw.Is this because xPw is owned by rOb bLaCk or is it a genuine dislike the product.The way i see it(which means f@ck all) xPw gets a lot of undue s@it for the fact that it is xPw.Am i wrong or am i getting the wrong end of the stick.Any feedback would be more than welcome.

Cheers Rockhardrikaustin

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I generally don't like to choose between promotions - I am more concerned with seeing a good match, regardless of who promotes it. In this instance, if I had to choose I would happily pick XPW. Why? Good question - they haven't always promoted great matches and some of the booking has been questionable at best, but there's something about it that I quite like.


I own tapes by both companies, but I have more XPW shows than CZW. True, XPW gets a bad rap at times (the Messiah incident for example, even though it's never been proven that Rob Black had anything to do with it) but I don't think that they've done anything worse than some WWE stuff.


The bottom line is if you like XPW or CZW then fine, but it's a personal choice. Not everyone likes XPW, not everyone likes CZW, not everyone likes WWE - the great thing about the wrestling business is that there's something out there for everyone regardless of what they like.

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CZW all the f'n way! XPW ifs nothing more than a 'company' full of washed up junkies and cheap porn stars, run by one of the most underhand pieces of crap to ever enter the wrestling business.


XPW hires washed up losers with nowhere else to go. (Shane Douglas, The Sandman, Juventud Guerrera... (sorry Juvi, but it's true). CZW makes stars (Justice Pain, M-Dogg 20, Josh Prohibition), XPW steals them. CZW put Philidelphia wrestling and the ECW/CZW arena back on the map after ECW's death, so XPW decides to muscle in on the action, promptly purchases the arena and renames it the "XPW Arena' - how original.


CZW has an event every year named 'Best Of The Best'. It's one of their most popluar cards, so what does XPW do? Names it's card "Best Of The F'n Best', you tell me they aren't asking for trouble!


Why do you think CZW, ROH and also 3PW have all agreed to work together in promoting their shows and holding them back to back? They may be in competition but they are all united in their fight to get XPW the hell outta Philly.


Someone recently spray-painted the ECW/CZW Arena with the words 'XPW GET OUT" - couldn't have said in better myself...


Rant over....

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