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HHH + Hogan and WWE


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Ive been watch RAW now for the past few months and have noticed something about it, ITS SHITE! I mean it should be called the Triple H show, I mean he's the star, he's the main eventer, he even writes the bloody script! I mean come on, RVD should be a champion by now and Kane and Jericho should be right up there.

Instead the guy has buried every single star on the show, he can't do anything right either lets just look at the last couple of months:


Hurricane arrives and is sent to heat, RVD is given title shots and screwed out of them every time, Jericho is turned in to a joke, he gets rid of the EU, Intercontiental and Hardcore belt so he becomes the only champion, he gives himself the belt (how good would of a torni for it been), He drops the belt to his best mate who is booed the next night then regains it in 3 shit matches and a crap PPV, he destroys Kanes Career.


Not exactly a great couple of months is it, The guy can't even do a fued with scott steiner right! The guy is a twat and to top it all off he has the wrestling ablity of a packet of peanuts! He's only were he is because he's shagging the boss's daughter (and maybe vince himself!) Ture he has pushed Randy Orton and Batista but two people don't make up for 40 others who's careers he tried to destroy, inc JOHN CENA!


- I have noticed that many of the Hulkamaniacs out there have turned on hogan, saying he's selling out, I'll have you know he's doing ot for the fans. Idiots!


- Have you noticed how smackdown concentaits on the Wrestling aspect and now the storylines?


- Have you noticed that smackdown rates higher than RAW every week.


- who wants Shane O'mac back! I know I do, only McMahon ever to be liked by anyone.


- Sean O'haire, coolest guy ever or is he second to Jesus?

Hell im not telling you anything you didn't already know.


Thats all I have to rant about now! Walshy Boy Version 2.0

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Have you noticed that smackdown rates higher than RAW every week.


To be honest, I haven't. Raw's ratings are always going to be higher, due to more people having TNN than UPN.


how good would of a torni for it been


There wasn't a word there that made sense to me.


RVD should be a champion by now


Why should he? You don't back up your statement, so I don't know why you think he should be champion. Personally, Van Dam would not be near the top of my list for possible workers to succeed HHH. Van Dam's character is stale right now, and there's only so many times you can enjoy him hitting the same spots in every single match he works. There are workers (Booker T, Jericho, Lance Storm and yes, even Test) on the Raw roster who have been there just as long, if not longer, than Rob Van Dam, and have seen their character progress quite a bit since their debut. RVD's character is just the same one that's been getting pops since July 2001, and it's hard to say that he's improved in any area. His mic skills still need work and he's still relying on the same spots.


Finally, a bit of constructive criticism. If you're using that as a column on another site, it's a bit on the short side. You might benefit from explaining things a bit deeper than-


I have noticed that many of the Hulkamaniacs out there have turned on hogan, saying he's selling out, I'll have you know he's doing ot for the fans. Idiots!


You could have written a column on that point alone, yet you barely touch upon it.


Ach, ignore me, what do I know? No one remembers The Last Angry Scotsman's Views anyway...

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First of all, I have to agree with Russ about RVD. He is incredibly stale and if a guy doing the same spots every match (usually in pretty much the same order) should be champ then why not have Jeff Hardy replace Triple H at the top of the Raw pecking order?


I've also never been that big a fan of Kane. Sure, his gimmick was good at first but it's been ruined now and what we're left with to push Kane is basically Jacobs' wrestling ability, which is pretty minimal with his dodgy top rope clothesline and devastating finisher - the chokeslam! When Undertaker first started doing it and not as a finisher I thought it was OK, but now with Kane and Big Show doing it it looks like a lame finisher. 'Oh here's a big guy, he can do a chokeslam and it'll look dead good' seems to be the thinking, but it just looks like an unimaginative cop-out to me. Anyway, I digress.


Triple H couldn't feud with Steiner right? I don't think anyone could really, Steiner is so awful in the ring and his gimmick is something I find hard to accept for him to be a face. If he was a heel and feuded with another face, that might work, but I don't think it's HHH's fault that Steiner sucks in the ring to the point where at the Rumble the fans actually started cheering for HHH and booing Steiner.


Triple H's ego has meant that he's hogged the spot, and someone else should be given a go like Jericho who has mic talent and decent in-ring ability. But to say that HHH is holding everyone back and then say that Hogan is doing it for the fans is something I don't get. Hogan had his nostalgia run last year, so coming back now seems pretty perplexing (I wanted to put Perfect-plexing!) in that sense. Let's not forget how much Hogan held down talent during his run at the top, the likes of DiBiase, Roberts, Perfect, Piper, even Rick Rude and to a lesser extent Savage (he got one run but had to wait for Hogan to disappear before getting a shot again). It's fair enough to take a pop at Triple H, because it would seem that he does have a lot of influence at least in protecting his own position, but Hogan is exactly the same and I can't see how a guy going on 60 coming back again likely to have young talent fed to him before Wrestlemania is a good thing, it seems more likely to be something to placate the Hogan ego than something the fans were desperate to see. Before Stephanie's 'bombshell' people were speculating about The Rock and Austin, for all the pops he got when he came out not many had been clamouring for Hogan's return.


I think SmackDown! is superior to Raw at the moment, but there's more to the argument than just bashing Triple H. The tag division strategy is pretty baffling right now and the SmackDown! main event scene is buzzing right now. Aside from the likes of Triple H and Jericho, most of the better known talent and certainly most of the wrestling ability is on SmackDown!, so that explains it. I think Raw is improving but you're right Walshyboy, it'll take time to undo a reasonably lengthy spell of poor shows.

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I think SmackDown! is superior to Raw at the moment


Raw is actually better than Smackdown this week (thats all i'll say cos I dont wanna give away any spoilers). The Smackdown bookers seem to be running out of ideas cos over the past few weeks we've been seing the same old thing. I think Raw will soon be superior to Smackdown.

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How can you judge which show was better this week if neither has aired in the UK yet? And if this weeks SD was poor its likely to be because Heyman and Gerwitz were suspended temporarily, which might explain the reason why Raw sounded better. I'd still rather watch a poor Smackdown over a good Raw anyway.
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