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XTV6:38 - liiiiiiiive from the MEN Arena, Manchester, England


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"The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and story lines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects."






The camera pans round the crowd, looking out at a lot of signs – all of them dedicated to Evil Gringo.


Specifically there is a huge series of signs in a row; the first says “GRINGO” in big bubble letters, the second “MARKS” and from there Roman numerals on separate signs, each held by a fan starting at I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI... it keeps going... it’s difficult to work out exactly what number they stop on. Whatever the case though, there’s a lot of fans here who want to join in with the celebrations.


Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a very, very special Xtreme TV.


Paul Heyman: An entire night dedicated to one man, I never thought I’d see the day.


JR: Tonight, live on television, we’re going to be inducting one of TWOstars biggest legends into the Hall of Fame.


PH: Isn’t this normally done at the Awards show?


JR: Well the Board of Directors seemed to have something very special planned.


PH: And don’t we normally induct three people?


JR: Well, with Gringo, I think exceptions deserve to be made!!


PH: It’s unfair to other people.


JR: It highlights EXACTLY what Gringo means to this company.


PH: Credit given, he’s done a lot, but I just don’t know if this is all necessary...


Just as Paul says it, we move to the ring where large green fireworks start firing from each of the turnbuckles and up into the air. The crowd roar with approval while the man in the middle of the ring stands unmoving – trying to remain unsurprised by the explosions all around.


Finally, we close in from the explosions and the eruptions and close in on the ring. In the background though, we can see that the TWOtron is covered in a large photo of The Evil Gringo standing looking like a superhero.


In the ring, standing alone with a microphone, is none other than the head of the Board of Directors – Mr Rapesbottom.


Mr Rapesbottom: Welcome everybody.


His dull tone almost immediately drags fans down, which is heartbreaking on such an important night.


MrR: Thank you for joining us tonight – for the induction of The Evil Gringo...




The cheers interrupt poor Rapesbottom, but he struggles onwards a moment later.


MrR: ... into the TWOstars Hall of Fame...


Gud, it just sets the fans off even more.


MrR: So, I would like to invite out the man in question to start this night off with a very, very special announcement.


Dropping the microphone, barely a moment pasts before the lights drop out and “Welcome Home” begins booming over the PA system.




The crowd are cheering very, very happily; really, really, REAAAAAAAALLY looking forward to seeing Gringo, to seeing THE reason they bought their ticket...


Then suddenly, over the music a voice comes booming out – a very familiar faux Mexican voice.




The crowd roar happily through the darkness, screaming and shouting and chanting for the near Hall of Famer.






The lights come on, and there he is.


Standing in the middle of the ring.


Alongside Rapesbottom... Sorry, Rapesbottom.


Not wearing his usual gold or red hoodie, he’s instead wearing a suit – looking very, very smart.


With a microphone in hand, he licks his lips and almost looks a little shy as people all around the ring start getting to their feet and applauding until their hands fall off.


He looks roundabout and sees the rows and rows – thousands of screaming and yelling folk – all showing their appreciation for him.


Turning finally to the BoD representative, they shake hands and he turns to the crowd.


EG: AMIGOS! It is good to be home!!




The cheering is just getting ridiculously loud.


EG: Well homes, I’m not going to say too much right now. Rather I was asked out because, ya’ see, I made una petición minuscule for tonight!!


Gringo looks at Rapesbottom and holds out a hand.


EG: Just one tiny little thing, and not unreasonable at all.


With a nod, the member of the Board of the Directors tries to smile and fails.


EG: Ya’ see, I didn’t want tonight to be ruined. In actual fact cado uno, I wanted it to go perfectly! So that is why tonight, it is my duty to inform you all of some very sad news...


The crowd quieten down slightly, wondering what on earth it could be.


EG: Tonight ladies and gentlemen... DEADMAN...




EG: Yeah guys, I agree – he is one hell of a perdedor!! But you don’t have to worry about him guys, because tonight he... is... BANNED FROM THE ARENA!!


There has been a lot of cheering. I mean, there’s been a lot. But this announcement just takes us up another damn notch.


MrR: That’s right – Evil Gringo was concerned that Deadman would try to upset the proceedings, and so the Board of Directors took it upon themselves to ban him from the arena tonight.


EG: And lemmie tell you, I am grateful!


Gringo turns towards the hardcam.


EG: And Deadman – just cause I know you’re watching – I want to clarify... I’m not grateful because I’m scared of you.




EG: Oh no, it’s cause you idiota, I have MUCH better things to do tonight that think about you.


While Gringo has been doing this, Mr Rapesbottom has moved towards the side of the ring and has been handed something by a ring hand.


MrR: And so Gringo, we’d like to start tonight with a gift...


Looking round, Gringo is clearly wondering what it is...


The white cloth is handed over and Gringo lifts it up – the stripes... a referee shirt?


MrR: Tonight Gringo, we’ve booked you to be the special guest referee in a four way tag match! In that match we are going to pay tribute to your love of Mexican wrestling and fight it under LUCHA RULES!!


Gringo smiles, nodding in approval of the decision.


MrR: And that isn’t everything – oh no, the match will involve for dangerous but oh-so lovely ladies! Including Cari-Dee, ANGEL and Jenny McKellen! But our fourth lady? Well, we’ve gone south of the border and brought back one of the most promising females wrestling out of Mexico today... a young lady named El Hija de la Estrellas!


There isn’t much of a reaction for that, even though Gringo seems particularly enthused by the name.


MrR: There is a few other surprises waiting for you over the show – but for now I shall see you later tonight for the official induction.


With that the two men shake hands as the TWOstars XTV theme tune plays in the background. As we head towards an advert break, Gringo holds up the referee shirt to his body and looks very amused at his duties for tonight.


JR: A Lucha rules match? Between the ladies? This sounds like something special.


PH: Other surprises? Oh come on, just stop it.


JR: I can’t wait to see what else the Board of Directors has organised for Gringo to enjoy!


PH: For now though you’re going to have to wait, because we’re going to an advert break.


JR: Stay tuned though – because things have literally JUST kicked off.



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The camera cuts to the parking lot behind the backstage area and see Cari-Dee's bright pink car pull up. The crowd can be heard cheering as the Bangor Beauty steps out of the car, a huge gift wrapped box in her arms. The starts to struggle towards the venue entrance. Unable to see properly where she is going, suddenly the pretty blonde bumps into something.


??: Would you watch where you're going?!?


Cari: I'm sorry, i'mso sorry.


She puts the box down and finds herself face to face with Portia Ferrera.


Portia: Oh. It's you. I should have known. What the hell are you doing? What are you carrying??


Miss Ferrera pokes about at the box so Cari whips it away.


Cari: Stop it. It's a gift for Gringo. Tonight's his special night, I thought it'd be nice to get him something.


Portia rolls her eyes and sticks one finger in her mouth in a "i'm going to vomit" motion. Cari sighs and picks the box back up, before starting to walk again to the venue door. As soon as her back is turned, the Canadian Nightmare speaks again.


Portia: I'm so sorry about you and Roko.


Cari-Dee comes to a sudden stop and she spins around.


Cari: What do you mean?


Portia: Exactly that, i'm so very sorry.


Cari: No you're not.


Portia laughs.


Portia: You're right. I'm not. Infact, I spent the whole week laughing about it. Aren't I awful?


Miss Ferrera grins at the unsmiling blonde.


Portia: I mean, it can't be easy. Losing a man like that.


Cari: You lost Jason. So you know how it feels.


Portia laughs again.


Portia: You little idiot. It couldn't be more different. You see, I chose to get rid of the imbecile. But Roko? He was so eager to get away from you, he left the damn country. How repulsive you must have been to him. You even turned him from a sweet natured little moron to a woman slapping man. That takes some skill.


During this whole speech, Cari just startes, her face utterly unreadable. Without another word, Cari turns and walks into the venue. We can hear Portia laughing as the camera follows the pretty blonde. With a big breath, Cari shakes her shoulders.


Cari: I'm fine. Just fine.


She plasters on a huge grin and carries the box towards the women's locker room. We cut to a DTTAH advert.

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Back from the DTTAH ad and we cut to a shot of huge rodeo ring. At the bottom of the screen we see a date stamp telling us that this segment was taped the previous Monday in Dallas, Texas. Into the middle of the ring walks Brice "The Million" Perrino dressed in stereotypical cowboy get up including tassled shirt, chaps, jeans and hat. following him out in the same get up is the Master of Pain himself, Barry Gower.


BG: Brice, when you told me that you'd have me trained by the best I thought that meant spending some time in the gym or working with some MMA teams. Why have you brought me to this rodeo ring?


BP: Well then Pardner...


BG: Stop doing that.


BP: Sorry, just getting into character bro. The reason you're here is that going to the gym and doing mat work with an MMA trainer is exactly the kind of thing you'd always do. It's that familiarity that causes slip ups, you aren't testing yourself to the max.


BG: to the max?


BP: To the max!


BG: Still doesn't explain why I'm at this hick get together dressed like the lead in a Taylor Swift music video.


BP Simple answer is that the guys in a rodeo are tough as nails. They take on a ton and a half of beef every night, get beaten to hell and back and the come out the next night to do it all over again. Now Draven Cage may be more like a ton of congealed lard but the principle is the same. If you can take on a bull one on one then whoever you face in the ring is going to be like childs play.


From off screen we hear a thunderous mooing and the sound of a steel gate being kicked very very hard by something that is very very angry.


BG: So you want me to ride a bull?


BP: God no!


BG: Great...


BP: No, your going to wrestle a bull!


BG: What!?!


BP: Ok boys, release the bull!


Brice suddenly sprints off camera like a greyhound leaving Gower alone in the middle of the ring. A horn goes and we cut to a shot of a big steel pen gate opening up and a huge maddened bull, red eyed and snorting comes charging out of the pen towards where Gower is stood.


BG: Ohhhhh sssssshhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..............


The camera cuts from the ring to The Million who is perched on top of the ring side with a few other cowboy types hanging about to see what happens.


BP: Go for it Bro! I know you can do it!


Cowboy 1: You reckon your boy can wrestle a rodeo bull mister?


BP: Don't you know who that is? That's Barry Gower!


Cowboy 2: Don't you know who that bull is? He's called the Crippler, he's done paralysed three men...


BP: So?


Cowboy 2: ...this week.


From off screen we hear Gower...


BG: Briiiiiice! Get this thing away from me!!


BP: Keep going B-man, you're wearing him down!


There's a loud "umph" from the ring and the cowboys and Brice wince a little.


Cowboy 1: Ten bucks says your little Irish boy can't walk out of here.


BP: You're on. My Broski is tougher than you think!


From off screen we hear a loud thump.


Cowboy 2: Did he just punch The Crippler?


We then hear an even louder thump.


Cowboy 1: What the hell was that?!


BP: I believe that's called a burning hammer.


Cowboy 2: I don't believe it...


from the right of shot comes Barry Gower, his shirt is torn and he's covered in dust but there's a massive smile on his face.


BG: I did it!


Cowboy 1: Mister, if'n I hadn't have seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. Here's your ten bucks mister.


Brice takes the money from the cowboy and pops it into his top pocket.


BG: So what now Brice?


BP: Now, two bulls!


From off screen where hear the clank of two pen doors being opened as Gower's eyes widen. The Master of Pain quickly turns and sees that this time the "bulls" are in fact two little calves gambling around the big ring.


BP: Gotcha! We're done here Bro-man, on to our next challenge!


The segment closes with The Million and Gower walking off out the ring as the two cowboys walk over to their prize rodeo bull who appears to be lying on it's back with all four feet in the air.

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We’re looking at the ring, and alone in there is Tony Chimel. He decides that it’s not worth wasting any more time so a-starts making a lil’ announcement about what’s a-coming up.


Tony Chimel: The following contest is a “Lucha Rules” fatal-four-way tag match. The rules of the match are as follows: first fall, either via pinfall or submission is the winner; disqualification may occur at a 20-count-out, use of illegal weapons or low blows, or the purposeful removal of a mask from an opponent; tags are not necessary, rather an illegal competitor can become legal when one of the in-ring parties exit the ring to the arena floor.


There isn’t, if we’re totally honest, as big a set of cheers as we might have liked. The usual fan probably doesn’t really concern himself with the difference between Mexican and American wrestling rules, probably didn’t even realise that wrestling existed outside of TWOstars...


JR: The biggest player in this Lucha rules match is going to be the last rule right there – the fact that tags are NOT a necessary part of the match.


PH: Did he just say something about masks?


JR: The tearing off of an opponent’s mask in Mexico is a great, great insult and has seen people retire because of it.


PH: Huh.


JR: You keep your mouth shut Heyman.


PH: I didn’t say anything.


JR: I can see you thinking though.


Interrupting the two is “Welcome Home”, signifying the arrival of the special guest referee for the night.




TC: Introducing FIRST; he is the special guest referee for the match, he is The Eviiiiiiiiiiiiil Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiingo!!


Gringo steps out from behind the curtain, not bothering just now with his appearing-in-the-ring act. His suit is gone from earlier in the night – now he is wearing the striped shirt that is synonymous with referees of everything, and seems to be in more comfortable trousers as well.


He doesn’t bother to do too much posing on the stage, instead preferring to just head down the ramp and slap a few hands while enjoying the bowing of many others.


PH: Now here’s the wild card!


JR: What?


PH: The bias Gringo – he’s going to cause a lot of problems in the match, I can tell.


JR: No sorry, again, what?


PH: This unbiased official is going to struggle because he is in actual fact incredibly bias.


JR: As far as I’m aware, Gringo doesn’t have any specific favourites in thi...


PH: Are you kidding me on? Last week he tagged with Cari-Dee just to make sure she had a partner!


JR: No, I don’t think that was the primary reason.


PH: Oh yeah? What else was there?


JR: I think he wanted a chance to get his hands on Deadman after being denied a match by the boss earlier in the night.


PH: Oh! OH! Don’t get me started on his bias against the Triple Crown champ.


JR: I... I wasn’t.


Heyman lets out a ‘humph’ type of sound as we look back to Gringo starting up the steel steps, looking round to some outstretched hands and moving back to the arena floor and slapping them happily. He seems to be sharing words with different people and even gives a rosy cheeked heavy lady with a streeeeeeeeeetched Gringo t-shirt a big hug.


Finally he slides under the bottom rope and his music begins to die out slightly.




TC: Introducing the first competitor; hailing from Bangor, Wales, she weighs in at 124lbs, she is Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaari-Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


After a moment or two, with the crowd making a lot of noise for poor Cari – arguably so much to show support to the lass – she finally steps out onto the stage.


PH: What is THAT?!


JR: Wow, Cari seems to be certainly on the rebound.


Standing with her arms outstretched, Cari is wearing a pink and purple (a subtle dig maybe?) coloured mask and has a cape fluttering down her back, and along her arms. It, again, is a wonderful mix of pink and purple, melting together and from one to the other in a hypnotic tie-dye fashion. Her uniform for the night is a female singlet – two shoulder straps and the shorts travelling down to her knees – of a darker pink colour with some green lines up and down it.


PH: What on earth is she doing?


Inside the ring, Gringo looks incredibly impressed by the display and is laughing away.


Throwing her arms back, she releases the tips of the cape and lets it flutter down before placing her hands on her hips dramatically.


The crowd love it a whole lot.


JR: Cari seems to have taken on the costume of a Mexican Luchadore for the night.


PH: But why?


JR: In tribute to the Evil Gringo of course – what a gift this is!


Her mask is more like Mysterio than Psychosis or El Santo. Her chin and mouth is revealed but the rest of the face is covered – and what’s most important is that her lips are firmly in a confident smile!


PH: No, I don’t believe this.


JR: What’s that Heyman?


PH: Look at her – that’s not a happy smile.


JR: Well, no, but she’s clearly playing up the idea of being a superhuman Luchadore.


Throwing a fist up into the air, Cari brings it down and points towards the ring before charging forwards – like Superman mid flight.


The cape rips the air behind her and the people in attendance are ecstatic by her actions.


PH: Last week her ex-boyfriend Randy Roko attacked her and his best friend, and this week she’s out here laughing and dancing?


JR: As Cari said earlier, she’s got a very strong network of support.


PH: The only way she’s out here is if she was faking her love for Roko – and in that case she deserved it.


JR: How dare you Heyman; that is an absolutely disgusting accusation.


PH: I don’t think it’s a true one either, I think she’s breaking up inside.


JR: I sincerely doubt that – Cari’s out here and having fun.


When she hits the bottom of the ramp, she reaches up to her neck and unclips the cloak just in time to slide under the bottom rope and into the ring.


Standing up, she heads straight for Gringo and gives him a big cuddle and whispers a few things in his ear. Meanwhile the Sensation gives her a huge thumb up, before lifting one of her arms and ‘presenting’ her to the crowd. As the music dies out, the cheers are all the louder!!


PH: No bias? My ear!


The second music is by Marilyn Manson – the music of the former Triple Crown champion.




As the slow introduction creeps around the crowd, slipping through the cracks and filling people with a general feeling of dread and slight disgust...


TC: Introducing second; hailing from New York City, New York, she weighs in at 128lbs, she is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGEEEEEEELL.


As the drums kick up to the full belt, ANGEL steps out onto the stage. This time it is Ross’ turn to be stunned.


JR: What is that woman wearing?


PH: I. Can’t. Believe. It.


JR: Neither can I.


PH: What a way to make a point...


JR: I don’t even understand what it is.


Like Cari, ANGEL is wearing a mask! However... her mask is a little less revealing...


It seems to be made from leather – a mask that folk involved in the bondage scene might find just a little bit obscene. Eye holes are cut out of it, but a zip sits ‘locked’ across where her mouth should be, and it’s covered in stitching lines.


HER costume, again, sort of like Cari’s in that it’s a singlet...


But hers, again, seems to be slightly... more adult...


The singlet has holes for her breasts to POP through – and if it weren’t for the dark red bra underneath there would be nothing left to the imagination. Her stomach, as well, is on show for the world and, unsurprisingly, her uniform comes to a stop halfway down her ass cheeks... just so all the children in the audience can really get an eyeful.


PH: That’s just... yeah.


JR: It’s absolutely disgusting.


In her hands, she holds a riding crop, which she snaps in her hands before finally starting to move down towards the ring.


The reaction to this is incredibly negative – although initially there was a prolonged stunned silence.


PH: She’s the Crème de la Controversy!!


JR: She’s a disgusting jezebel – and that’s me watching my words.


PH: Good, anymore x-rated behaviour and we might be pulled here and now.


JR: What would make a woman want to degrade herself like that?


PH: You kidding me on? That’s empowerment!


ANGEL ignores everybody and has her eyes set on the ring. Cari and Gringo, inside the ring, don’t look particularly impressed by the get-up.


Moving round to the bottom side of the ring, ANGEL climbs up onto the apron and faces the hardcam. Slowly she reaches up with an empty hand to the zip and pulls it open before looking up and spitting purple mist into the air.


JR: Uch – that’s... sick...


Staring into the camera as the liquid falls around her, her lips can be seen protruding from behind the leather with a big, slow kiss for all the men at home.


Finally she steps into the ring and “Sweet Dreams” quietens down.


The third music belongs to Jenny McKellen – the recently returned and incredibly tortured superstar.




TC: Introducing third; hailing from Parts Unkown, she weighs in at 145lbs, she is Jennnnnnnnny McKelllllllllen.


There is a mixed reaction to Jenny – with the majority of fans cheering, but some just finding her toooo weird to really get behind. The female steps out fairly quickly and she, much like her partners in crime, has donned a mask for the match.


Hers is silver for the most part – three vertical slits making up the mouth hole like a Hannibal mask, and her hair hangs out the back. Hers isn’t a complete mask, rather it is held on with a few straps round the back of her head, and one under the chin. It seems, for all intents and purposes, like a less metal version of the mask she often wore around backstage.


PH: Out of everybody so far, Jenny is the one who I’m finding least offensive.


JR: You loved ANGEL’s get-up.


PH: Oh no, don’t get me wrong – hers is brilliant in making fun of this whole thing, but it’s still pretty shameful in and of itself.


JR: Yeah, yeah, try and dig your way out of the hole. I’d like to warn you that there are Board of Director members here tonight.


PH: Oh dear, better be on my best behaviour then.


JR: I sense sarcasm in your voice.


Jenny doesn’t bother with slapping hands or playing to the crowd. The Prettiest Poison instead just decides to ease on down, ease on down the roaaaaaad.


Jenny makes her way up the steel steps, and Cari moves towards the same side of the ring to welcome the recent returner. However McKellen ducks under the middle rope, casts a half look over towards the masked Welshlady and just continues walking past...


ANGEL, if you could see her face, looks ecstatic.


PH: Oh! By the looks of it, Jenny doesn’t want to talk to Cari tonight.


JR: I wonder what that was about?


Cari looks after Jenny, her arms that were starting to outstretch for a hug hanging awkwardly before finally falling to her sides. Although her face is hidden, she leans her head to the side slightly and you can feel the confusion questioning out of every pore.


PH: Jenny made a recent return to TWOstars and has been very quiet about what’s brought her back to the ring.


JR: She seems to be unhappy about Portia’s behaviour... but her father wasn’t far behind her.


PH: The great Professor McKellen has indeed been seen back in TWOstars – even being the great cog in eliminating Sickness from the Battle Royale.


JR: He cost Sickness the chance at the Triple Crown championship!


PH: Yeah, yeah, yeah – we’re all over it.


Jenny remains staring towards the ring corner, her arms resting on the top rope as she bows her head and just seems to be concentrating on her own thoughts.


The music dies down and there is a silence.


JR: Well, we’ve only got one person left to enter.


PH: Yup, this new chick that Rapesbottom promised us.


JR: Fresh from the country of Mexico, she’s apparently impressed a lot of TWOstars’ big wigs.


After a moment or two, “Tamacun” by Rodrigo y Gabriella begins to pluck its way across the arena to a rather lack lustre reaction from the audience. With the music comes yellow spotlights all across the arena, moving around and across the crowd dramatically and showering everybody in the brightness.




TC: Introducing finally; hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she weighs in at 117lbs, she is El Hiiiiiiiija de laaaaaaaaa Estrrrrrrrellaaaaaaaaas.


A young girl comes charging out onto the stage, short in stature and a blonde bob haircut. She’s got a big smile on her face as she moves straight to the front of the stage and throws a fist up into the air and then points at the crowd with her other hand.


The cheers aren’t really there, but that doesn’t seem to stop her. Moving to the other side of the stage quickly, the young lady repeats her previous taunt with the air-punch, point combo.


PH: Huh... she’s small.


JR: Apparently her size doesn’t stop her for a minute.


PH: What’s the kid’s name again?


JR: El Hija de la Estrellas, I believe.


Across her eyes is a strip of bright green paint, and covering her body is a singlet in the fashion to her other opponents; El Hija’s however is a lovely yellow with splatters of red all over it.


Moving to the middle of the stage, the young lady dashes down to the ring, climbs up onto the apron and moves straight for a turnbuckle.


PH: She looks a bit young, and where’s her mask?


JR: I’m guessing El Hija doesn’t wear one...


PH: But neither does anyone else.


JR: Well, I think that making her debut and being the only actual Mexican wrestler in the match makes up for it.


PH: Pffft, yeah, whatever.


Standing on the middle rope on the outside of the buckle, El Hija spins her hand as if maybe lassoing an invisible rope before throwing her hand upwards as if chucking a ball into the air. Again, not very much, but the huge smile on her face doesn’t disappear.


JR: I was hearing in the back that El Hija is incredibly excited about the opportunity to wrestle here tonight – apparently Gringo is quite an inspiration to her.


PH: Riveting stuff. If you don’t mind though, I’ll let the wrestling do the talking!


Reaching down to her neck, the girl grabs hold of something sitting on a chain and lifts it to her lips for a quick kiss before grabbing the top rope and bringing herself over and into the ring.


JR: A nice entrance there – already showing off athletic tendencies.


PH: Boy - and you get paid to say things like that.


The ladies begin to shuffle around the ring, as we decide who’s starting things off. Very quickly, Jenny climbs through the ropes at the corner she is still standing in, while ANGEL decides to barge on to the opposite corner.


JR: Oh! Did you see that?


PH: She’s just making sure the rookie knows her place.


On her way by, ANGEL barges her shoulder into El Hija, knocking the smaller lady slightly and removing the smile for the first time since she stepped out from behind the curtain.


JR: Look at the face on Gringo, he’s clearly looking forward to this!


PH: Of course he is – the dirty pervert.


JR: I’m going to ignore that Paul, and instead comment on how - by the looks of it - our very special guest straight from Mexico is starting things off.


PH: What a crazy girl – she doesn’t know anything about her three opponents. Don’t just waltz into the middle of the battle ground.


JR: You say crazy, I say admirable.


PH: Of course you do.


JR: Turn the argument on its head though, our debut is the only one who has competed under Lucha rules, so has an edge there surely?


PH: Hmm, I’m still not convinced that there’s going to be a big difference.


JR: And while some of the other ladies might be trying to imitate Luca, La Hija de la Estrellas WRESTLES with that style.


PH: With you hyping her up like this, I’m expecting something pretty special.


Starting the match seems to be Cari-Dee and La Hija. The two stand in empty corners, with ANGEL and Jenny McKellen filling up the remaining buckles. With a big smile on his face, Gringo gives a little nod to Cari who gives thumbs up and then a nod to his sister-in-sort-of-blood and she simply nods in return. With that the Sensation asks for the bell.


*** DING! DING! DING! ***


Cari sidesteps round slightly, moving in and swiping an arm – just testing the waters. La Hija sidesteps round and doesn’t even react to the gesture, a look of focus on her face. Lifting up her arms, Cari waves Estrellas in for a tie up, but when the smaller female moves in she ducks and charges off behind the Bangor Beauty.


JR: It doesn’t look like the newest addition to the female roster is interested in starting slow.


Cari turns quickly to see La Hija coming off the ropes. She sidesteps the oncoming mite and pushes her forwards. A second time off the ropes and La Hija comes straight back – her target in sight. This time though Cari drops to the ground and her opponent steps over with ease. Back to the vertical base, and the former Women’s champ thinks she’s got the edge now – she bends double as her opponent makes a third bounce of the ropes.


PH: Goodness me, I’m getting dizzy just watching this!


JR: We’re barely thirty seconds in.


PH: I might need a sick bag then…


La Hija, instead of being thrown overhead, is able to turn at her opponent and roll backwards over Cari. Landing on her feet, now facing the Bubblegum Princess’ back, she rolls forward and past Cari… just as the ditzy driver desperately turns to try and catch her opponent.


There are some cheers from the crowd as Cari continues to look round and finds La Hija sitting up on the top turnbuckle, smiling. The Brazilian Nut claps her hands excitedly and Cari raises her hands, admitting that she’s been outrun just now.


JR: Wow, and I think that our Welsh Wonder Woman is admitting defeat.


PH: Maybe she can go and get Lindy to take part in this match on her behalf.


JR: What does that mean Heyman?


PH: Just that Cari seems quite happy to let people fight her battles for her.


As Cari extends a hand to offer a handshake, and El Hija jumps down from the top rope to the ring mat, ANGEL decides to act and tags herself in.


JR: Oh; just as the two in the ring were warming up.


PH: Hey, you need to be in it to win it!


JR: What about waiting to let your opponents wear each other down?


PH: Normally I’d agree, but with ANGEL we have the most powerful and cunning lady of wrestling in the world, so really… why should she wait for anyone?


JR: And a dress sense to… die for…


PH: She isn’t afraid to be who she is. She doesn’t powder herself up for all the disgusting slobs in the audience who just want a little wife who will do what she’s told.


JR: I don’t know which of the females on our roster that you could be referring to…


Estrellas doesn’t look happy about being asked to leave the ring by Gringo – the look in her eyes are that of a slightly spoilt child who REALLLY wants a sweet. Unfortunately the rules must be followed and so ANGEL steps through the ropes. Turning to El Hija, we can see among the zip ANGEL’s lips making an over the top kissing gesture.


PH: Look at that, what a welcome to the company.


JR: Perverse and disgusting!


PH: And the worst thing is you sort of like it…


JR: Don’t you dare, I’m a happily married man.


Before the two can continue any more, ANGEL turns her attentions to Cari and receives a hard elbow to the side of the head. The Bangor Beauty takes ANGEL towards the middle of the ring before running to the ropes herself.


On return, she charges straight into the leather-clad lass but is taken down with a hard shoulder block. From the impact of the move though, Cari is able to roll backwards and straight up to her feet.


PH: What the…?


Now up, she charges again and unfortunately ANGEL just holds her ground.


JR: Down a second time… but she’s rolling back up once more.


A second time and Cari is able to roll to her feet. She goes for a third charge and this time ANGEL connects with a hard clothesline. This time Cari lies on the ground and doesn’t move. We can hear the former Triple Crown champion shouting loudly “STAY DOWN B*TCH!” before dropping to her knees and hooking a leg.


Gringo moves in, checking for the shoulders, and finally starts the count.


PH: This is us right here – come on Pingu, stop wasting time!


JR: He’s checking that it’s a legal pin.


PH: He’s giving her chance to break out.




JR: The first pin of the match is unsuccessful, unfortunately.


PH: No surprises there. I don’t understand how they could appoint such a bias referee.


Cari forces a shoulder up and ANGEL backs up – almost preparing for her to just roll back up to her feet a third time… this doesn’t happen though. The break up seems to have been enough for now. After a moment, and realising that the downed lady isn’t going to do anything off her own back, ANGEL starts dragging her up.


JR: There’s no two ways getting around this – it looks like ANGEL is ready to take total control of the match.


With a smug smile on her face, ANGEL locks in a front face lock and drops her down for a DDT straight into the middle of the ring.


PH: Ooh - that was a good old fashioned face plant right there.


JR: ANGEL doesn’t seem to be as interested in playing along as Cari and El Hija.


There is an air of booing from the crowd – this isn’t the fast-paced action that you’d expect from a Lucha match full of colour and masks.


ANGEL stands over Cari, looking down at the young lady and suddenly stares out to the hardcam with a knowing look on her face. She drops down to her knees and starts fiddling… at the mask…


PH: What is she doing? Get a better view, someone…


JR: I think…


The camera switches to ringside. We can see ANGEL desperately fighting with the lace that is tied up the back of Cari’s mask.


PH: She’s trying to take off Cari’s mask!!


JR: But that’s illegal. It will get her disqualified.


PH: You think ANGEL cares?


Gringo, having noticed this himself, dives straight in and starts pulling at the wrists of ANGEL. Meanwhile Cari has started reaching for the back of her head, doing her best to fight her old adversary off from this rather difficult angle. After a moment or two, Gringo finally gets both hands and drags ANGEL off and starts telling her off!


Meanwhile poor Cari has rolled towards the edge of the ring, not wanting to compete anymore while her costume is in question.


ANGEL gets up to her feet, staring at Gringo with a slight smile creeping under her mask. There is a slight look of confusion on El Gringellos face as she’s now standing straight.


JR: What has this jezebel got in mind?


PH: Hit him – go on, hit him!


ANGEL, however, does no such thing… well… sort of… she grabs a hold of Gringo’s face and starts pulling him in for a kiss?!


The crowd start to boo furiously as a look of horror and surprise crosses over the Sensation’s face. Getting his hands between their two bodies, he is able to pull away and starts shaking his head and wagging his fingers.




PH: Wow, what a lady! Giving Gringo the greatest present of all on his night.


JR: That’s not okay… that is NOT OKAY!


PH: Although she might not be up for wrestling in the ring, it looks like she could use a little roll around in the bedroom.


JR: PAUL HEYMAN(!), Gringo is a married man. His wife will be watching this show! How dare she… how dare you… that’s just… disgusting!


The crowd are outraged as well. Absolutely furious as ANGEL closes in on Gringo and starts gesturing towards herself in ways that are far too inappropriate for me to type.


As Gringo backs into an empty corner, it looks like the challenger for the Ex-Rev title has nowhere to run. But before ANGEL can get any closer, she’s spun around, grabbed by one arm and thrown over in an arm drag!


The crowd start cheering happily as El Hija gets to her feet and shakes her head at the disgusting behaviour of the redhead. Meanwhile ANGEL has rolled up to her knees and demands to know what just happened.


PH: That’s illegal – she’s not been tagged in!!


JR: Maybe, but Cari has rolled to the ringside area for help with her mask!! And that means that it’s open for anybody to enter if they wish.


ANGEL still doesn’t seem to get it as she climbs to her feet and moves towards the smaller lady. With a finger ready for some poking, she thrusts her arm at the opponent and finds herself getting arm dragged once more across the ring.


PH: You can’t do that while somebody is trying to talk to you.


JR: El Hija, unlike some people, is here to wrestle!!


ANGEL finds herself sitting in an empty corner, opposite where Gringo still stands. The newest wrestler to TWOstars moves into this line of view and starts running towards ANGEL. Throwing herself into it, she performs a cartwheel before a front handspring… ANGEL has her face covered and is cowering in terror of what’s coming… but instead of landing on her, or killing her or anything else, El Hija leaps over and up to the middle turnbuckle before clapping to the crowd with a huge smile on her face.


PH: I… what?


JR: That was fantastic – Estrellas playing ANGEL just now, and showing off great athletic ability with it.


PH: This isn’t fair.


Grabbing the top rope, the Brazilian throws herself backwards, up into the air alllmoooost to an entirely vertical point before bringing the legs back down and straight into ANGEL’s face for a dropkick.


There are some cheers from the crowd at the impressive move as Estrellas begins to get to her feet.


JR: A very impressive move right there.


PH: Get that kid away from ANGEL – she’s on the ropes dammit.


JR: El Hija is making plenty of space; stop your moaning.


Backing off across the ring, El Hija beckons for ANGEL to get up and fight some more. The redhead slowly starts dragging her way up – a hand on her leather jaw. As the former TC champ stands straight, Estrellas starts to run. The smaller lady leaps up into the air, looking to crush ANGEL in the corner but the Vixen moves to the side and lets the new star fall face first into the turnbuckle. Moving quickly, ANGEL is down to her knees and takes El Hija to the ground with a school boy.


PH: Well done – brains over speed every day of the week.


JR: Now we’ve got a pinning predicament.






El Hija is able to burst out and the two fall apart before climbing to their feet at great speed. ANGEL moves in towards the smaller lady, but she ducks down lay and sweeps with her leg. The ex-Mrs-Cage lands onto her back with a startled half-cry and finds herself being pinned a moment later.




PH: Come on, you’ll need to do better than that.


JR: A nice move there just taking ANGEL to the ground – confusing her slightly.


PH: You’re kidding? ANGEL knows exactly where she is just now.


Gringo moves up from the ground as El Hija moves to her feet and grabs ANGEL by a wrist and an ankle. With a great amount of effort, the smaller lady drags her opponent to the middle of the ring. Dropping the limbs, she stares out to the crowd and claps her hands excitedly before pointing to the ropes and starts running.


JR: Oh no – ANGEL straight up!


El Hija leaps up to the middle rope, gripping the top with both hands and prepares to back flip. Unfortunately, two hands shove hard into her back and knocks her straight to the outside.


PH: Look at that! Absolutely no mercy for the kid!


JR: That looked nasty as well.


Heading face first for the apron, El Hija has to swivel fast and lands hard… rolling to the outside, ANGEL turns quickly – this time prepared for who will inevitably be coming.


Although Cari looks to climb into the ring – having returned to the corner after her mask string was tied – it is Jenny who gets in there and prepares for a-fighting.


Charging straight at ANGEL, she hits a hard forearm to the side of the head before pulling her back towards the middle of the ring. Jenny follows up with a kick to the gut and spins round very suddenly and lands a hard back fist to ANGEL’s face.




The crowd let out a surprised cry as ANGEL falls straight to one knee – the lack of emotion you can see due to the leather exterior makes the blow all the worse. But as the former TC champ catches herself and straightens, Jenny surprises everyone by following up with a second spinning back fist.


JR: Wow, what has come over Jenny tonight?


PH: You saw it during the entrance - she’s not a happy bunny at all.


JR: Cari looks as surprised as we do.


PH: Maybe it’s knowing her dad’s out there, watching and waiting... just looking for that moment to ruin her life once more.


JR: Maybe the Professor has got in her ear again.


PH: Or maybe that stupid mask is just really annoying her.


JR: I don’t know, but those two blows seem to have really take it out of ANGEL.


With the female now on the ground, lying face down, Jenny stands over her and bends down and grabs an arm...


Reaching carefully, she grabs the second and begins to pull back – forcing the upper half of ANGEL’s body up off the ground.


PH: Oh boy, oh boy – this might get messy.


JR: Jenny has come in here and is taking control of this match and then some!


Cari is standing on the apron and is gripping the ropes and looks stunned as ANGEL’s face is smashed into the mat with a curb stomp.


PH: Jeez, Jenny nearly fell over from that!


The Silver Masked Demon stumbles slightly with the impact before turning back to ANGEL and taking the same position as only a moment before.


JR: What the hell?


PH: It looks like Jenny isn’t done yet.


Gringo is actually starting to look a little concerned as Jenny reaches down for an arm.


JR: Good on you Grings.


The Sensation grabs at Jenny’s arm, and the two meet in a stare. After a moment of stillness, McKellen pulls away and reaches down once more and there’s a loud chorus of boos – if you disagree with the G-man, you’re going to suffer in the audience’s eyes.


The two arms are grabbed and Jenny starts pulling ANGEL back and up.


Gringo is about to start fighting again when suddenly Cari bursts into view. Having seen enough, she is waving her arms furiously and shouting for Jenny to “NOT DO IT!”


McKellen has her foot in the back of ANGEL, ready to drop the red head here and now...


Gringo watches back and forth as Cari, clearly some of the emotion spilling through, is starting to get very unhappy watching Jenny’s brutality.


ANGEL is lowered down – not smashed like we’d expected – and there’s some cheers from the crowd, thanking that Cari was able to calm down the dangerous Jenny.


Cari’s arms lower and she lets out a puff of relief...


PH: What a disappointment.


JR: That Jenny isn’t going to destroy ANGEL’s face?


PH: Angry Jenny is my favourite McKellen.


JR: And we all know how much you love the Professor.


The moment of peace doesn’t last though, because as Cari turns to leave the ring, Jenny attacks her. The larger lady grabs Cari and heads straight for the ropes, throwing her over and to the outside.


PH: What is she doing?


JR: I’m not sure – but Jenny has flipped. Totally and utterly!!


PH: What a crazy girl she is – a few sandwiches short of a picnic as my mum used to say.


Staring down at her, Jenny finally turns and moves towards the ramp side of the ring and climbs outside. Stopping at the bottom of the ramp, she begins to pull at the mask that she’s trapped under.


Gringo looks rather confused, but what’s going on during all of this is one El Hija de la Estrellas is starting to make her way up the turnbuckle from the outside. Reaching the top rope, she looks towards ANGEL who has rolled onto her back during the time she was being argued over...


Blowing a kiss into the air, El Hija stands straight and throws herself off the ‘buckle – spinning over and corkscrewing as she goes, she lands back first across ANGEL in a move that looks incredibly similar to AJ Styles’ “Spiral Tap”.


JR: Where the hell did that come from?!


PH: How many flips did she even have there?!


JR: Wow... just wow – El Hija just pulled out a huge move there!!


Going from mystified at the actions of Jenny, to amazed at the move just performed for him, Gringo falls to his knees and makes the count as Estrellas climbs into position.




There are still a few cheers for the move – people seems to have taken some notice during the match.




PH: Look at Jenny, still just staring at what’s going on...


JR: I think El Hija might be about to make one hell of a statement!!




Gringo jumps up to his feet and signals for the bell as El Hija de la Estrellas bounds to her feet in absolute amazement.


*** DING! DING! DING! ***


PH: I can’t believe it...




PH: You’re kidding me – she just pinned ANGEL?


JR: After poor ANGEL took one hell of a few hard shots, the newest member to the TWOstars’ took advantage of the Lucha rules and entered the match with a hell of a move and finally picked up the win.


PH: Are we able to get a replay of that move?


JR: I think... I think so!




[forgive technical difficulties that might make the folk involved look like men]


PH: Just... I’m impressed, it’s a great, great move.


JR: What a great match, and what a start to the Evil Gringo night!!




TC: The winner of the match, by piiiiiiinfall, El Hiiiiiiiija de la Esssssstreeeeeeeellaaaaaaaas.


There are some cheers as “Tamacun” begins playing again, and Gringo grabs the lass by the arm and lifts it high into the air.


On the outside, Jenny at Chimel’s announcement drops the mask that she’s torn from her head and begins to leave – sulking up the ramp with a look of ‘nothing’ on her face.


The young lady gives The Evil One a big hug before falling to her knees in excitement, a big smile on her face as she holds both her hands up to the sky and points upwards, before blowing kiss after kiss to the rafters...


PH: Well, calm down dear...


JR: El Hija is clearly so happy with herself, with what just happened.


PH: Of course she is, she just won her first ever match in TWOstars – although admittedly didn’t really win it herself.


JR: Don’t start with that just now Heyman – she pinned ANGEL, she won.


PH: Yeah but...


JR: I said that’s enough, let her have her moment. I’m sure ANGEL will have enough to say all by herself without you joining in.


Wiping her face, El Hija finally climbs to her feet before bounding over towards the nearest turnbuckle and climbing up it and shaking her fists excitedly. Bouncing down, she turns back to Gringo in his shirt and she grabs a hand and kisses the back of it.


The Sensation smiles politely, but he seems to be getting a little tired of all the attention so gently ushers her towards the back.


PH: It seems like the women’s division has some new competition.


JR: And you know Portia isn’t going to like that.


We have a short shot of El Hija and Gringo on the outside, with ANGEL in the background still lying in the ring before we cut to Cari on the far side of the ring sitting against the commentary table with her head in her arms and looking very unhappy.


PH: This is only the start of the night folks – there’s more to come right after this commercial...


We’re taken to a promo bigging up End of Days and the Triple Crown championship match between Edward Samson and Deadman.

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From the commercial, we're off to a shot from the locked gate of the backstage entrance of the MEN Arena which is situated on Deansgate. There are security barriers either side of the entrance gate as a huge number of TWOStars fans cheer in anticipation of seeing one of their favourite stars.


In the top left hand corner of the screen a banner reads “Earlier today” as a huge stretched limo pulls towards the entrance way which gets the fans buzzing with excitement.


The driver’s window comes down as a MEN security operative comes to speak to him, as does the camera man.


MEN Security Guard: Can I see you credentials please?


Driver: Sure, one moment.


The driver leans away from the window for a moment before coming back with a clipboard containing papers which he hands over to the security guard who begins to check over it.


MEN Security Guard: This all seems to be in order but, I’ve been told that whilst Mr. Barracuda and the rest of Deadman’s security force has been allowed access to the arena here tonight. Mr. Deadman has been barred from the building. I can’t let you pass until he is out of the vehicle.


Driver: OH… OK, one moment.


The camera pans around in front of the limo as the driver presses a button to lower the divide to the back.


Driver: Erm sir.


Barracuda: What is it?


Driver: Well it appears that Deadman has been barred from the building.


Deadman: WHAT?!!!!!!!


The rear door of the limo springs open and out comes Deadman who marches straight over to the MEN Security Guard as the fans around the barriers go wild and take pictures. Barracuda is straight behind Deadman making sure nobody gets near the champ.


Deadman: What do you mean I’m barred from the building? I’m the god damn Triple Crown Champion. I deserve to be in this building tonight.


There are heckles and some cheers from the fans around the security barrier as we begin to hear drivers sounding their horns due to the limousine holding up the traffic in the road.


MEN Security: I don’t know what to tell you sir, I’m just following orders.


Deadman: I don’t give a damn, you let me in there or I’ll knock your lights out.


MEN Security: But I can’t, I’ll get fired.


Deadman: What’s more important? Your health or your job?


MEN Security: Erm Erm…..


Deadman: Barracuda, get Darkstar on the line NOW!


Barracuda: Yes sir.


Barracuda reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a phone which he immediately begins to dial as Deadman grabs the MEN Security guard by the jacket.


Deadman: I asked you a question boy, what’s more important?


The MEN security guard who in reality is a young skinny looking kid appears to be terrified as more car horns are being honked.


??: Whose damn car is this?


A big local man who looks really annoyed has made his way to the front of the limo, Barracuda who is on the phone trying to get hold of Darkstar puts his hand up telling the man to hold back.


Local man: Don’t tell me to hold up, you’re blocking the damn road. I’ve got places to be.


Deadman seeing this lets go off the kid and walks past Barracuda towards the man.


Deadman: You get hold of Darkstar, I’ll deal with this.


Local man: This your limo?


Deadman: Yes, yes it is.


Local man: You’re blocking the street, get it moved.


Deadman: Excuse me?


Local man: You heard me, get it moved.


Deadman looks absolutely stunned at the bluntness of the man.


Local man: You deaf? Move it.


Deadman at this point has had enough and lays a boot into the gut of the man doubling him up after which the TC Champion grabs the man by the head and smashes it into the side of the limo which sends the guy crumbling to the pavement as the fans cheer wildly and take pictures.


Deadman: I ain’t moving shit till this it sorted, got it?




Deadman lays a boot into the side of the guy as Barracuda walks over to him.


Barracuda: Sir, he’s on the line.


Barracuda hands over the phone to Deadman who quickly puts it to his ear.


Deadman: What the hell is happening Darkstar?


Deadman pauses and listens for a moment as the fans at the barrier continue to cheer.


Deadman: He did what? Can’t you over rule him? You’re the damn General Manager for crying out loud.


Once again Deadman pauses and listens, his face getting angrier and angrier as he listens.


Deadman: I don’t care what Rapesbottom says and I don’t care what the board says. I’m the Triple Crown Champion and this was meant to be my great homecoming as Triple Crown Champion. I can’t believe this!


Deadman again pauses as Darkstar talks to him…


Deadman: Calm down? Don’t tell me to calm down Darkstar, this is as much my night as it is Gringo’s. I return home as Champion and this is how I’m treated?


Deadman has begun pacing back and forth as he continues to listen.


Deadman: Fine, you do that and I don’t care how you do it Darkstar but get me inside this arena.


Deadman hits a button on the mobile before throwing it against a nearby wall smashing it to pieces as Barracuda watches on.


Barracuda: But that was my phone…..


Deadman: I’ll get you a new one, come on.


And with that said Deadman enters the limo as does Barracuda, a few moments pass before the limo begins to back up and then heads off down Deansgate as XTV fades to…

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#5 - Winning the Triple Crown championship


XTV5:30 - live from The Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio


"The Executioner" Edward Samson defended his Triple Crown championship against The Evil Gringo.


As the ad break finishes we come straight back into the ringside area of the Nationwide Arena and the BBQ obsessed leanings of Jim Ross along side the baseball cap and hairline obsessed rantings of Paul E. Heyman...


JR: Welcome back one and all for what has proven to be another ground shaking, history making and all round exciting XTV...


PH: ...and we've not even got to the best part... the part where Eddy kicks the snot out of old Pingu...


JR: Well as my broadcasting collegue so nicely points out, it is time for the main event of the evening and what a match this could well be as by the order of the TWOStars owner we will have the Evil Gringo hunting for his first Triple Crown as he takes on the champion, the evil Edward Samson...


PH: Huh, evil... how can Eddy be evil? I mean does he have it in his name? No... but Pingu does but la-de-da... everyone loves him...


JR: The challenger may have had some indescritions in the past but that was then and this is now... after all this is the man who is leading from the front against the invasion of not one but TWO company's...


PH: Hmmm... so tell me this, if he is fighting the combined forces of ERE and SCW then why, oh why, does he need to fight a TWOStars superstar for the top title?


JR: To settle their differences...


PH: Pah! So he can feed his ego more like...


[YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="

name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]




In the complete darkness the fans are going crazy - lighters flash on, mobile phones light up, all like mini fan based search lights and all looking for one man...


PH: Speaking of the devil...


JR: …and here comes Mr. TWOStars himself – the Evil Gringo... and I for one know that after all the blood, sweat, tears and pain this man has gone through for this company tonight is a special occasion for him… he finally gets to get his hands on that country less rouge that is Edward Samson and perhaps, finally take home the big one…


PH: Huh, more chance of Paula Abdul hitting number one again…


JR: How do you mean Paul ?


PH: Gringo is facing an opponent who is taller, bigger, stronger, healthier and just ALL round plain better then him… no way that the title is changing hands… NO WAY!


JR: Having seen what Gringo can do time and time again how can you even doubt him like that…


PH: …because for all I have seen him do, I haven‘t seen him face anyone quite like Edward Samson… that’s why…


As the riff that started an entire genre of music (credit JJ) starts to pound through the speakers the building the lights turn on and Gringo is standing inside the ring, arms outstretched and as the fans continue to go a tiny bit past the other side of crazy...


JR: So your saying Gringo hasn’t studied Samson, watched his every move and call, seen the instructions he is given by Lucas and worked out their code…


PH: Huh, the only thing I’ve ever seen Pingu study was the back of a burrito packet… honestly, Gringo learn from his opponent, what are the odds of that actually happening?


[YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="

name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]


We don’t have time to ponder on that though because black and white strobe lighting that suddenly kicks in means only one man. With “The Line Begins To Blur” figuratively kicking down the front door and replacing Iron Man on the arena PA, the fans start to boo the entrance of Edward Samson.


PH: …and here comes the true General of TWOStars


JR: Huh, your kidding right?…


PH: I never kid Jim… face it when it comes to men in TWOStars there are none as driven, none so as determined and none who will lead by example as much as this man right here, Edward Samson


The bulking frame of Lucas Thorp waddles through the curtain and stands triumphantly on the stage. His little beady eyes gleam through the flashing lights like too little beacons of greed. With a big, confident smile on his face, he pats the belts that sit across his shoulders – his fingers the wrapping round them even though they are perfectly safe.


JR: Look at him with those titles… it makes me sick…


PH: He is just being a nice and helpful manager to his charge… why burden the very arms which will end Pingu’s life with gold, there is plenty of time for Samson to saviour his titles AFTER he has smashed Gringo’s head into a million pieces…


Lucas turns towards the curtain he just stepped through, but doesn’t indicate towards it tonight. His hands remain firmly on the gold, maybe treasuring what could be the final moments he’ll have with them. Even without the usual point the bulky (and this time I mean it almost as a compliment) shape of the Executioner moves onto the stage.


Reaching the side of his master, he lifts up the noose that he always carries to the ring. The fans continue to boo the champion and his manager as they start walking towards the ramp.


PH: Here he is… the meaning of champion personified, with the greatest mind in the business leading him on his path to legendary status…


The chubby manager is leading his soldier quite the thing, his eyes on the ring and by the looks of it he’s quite keen to get things started tonight as well.


Edward on the other hand is his usual dead-looking self. Swaying very slightly with every step the monster is ready to defend his titles.


JR: This will be the first time that Gringo and Samson have ever locked horns one on one…


PH: …and if Lucas Thorp gets his way it will be the last…


JR: Well the greedy swine can wish all he wants, because for all the people saying that Gringo has never faced anyone like Samson I think we can safely say that Special Ed is going to find out the hard way there is no one quite the Gringo...


PH: You mean Cheech and Chong aren’t his uncles?!?!


Lucas reaches the steel steps and stands to the side, giving plenty of room to Edward. The monster starts up them and makes eye contact with Gringo. The ring-veteran doesn’t look the least bit intimidated about who his opponent is at all, in fact he seems to be relishing it as

Edward steps into the ring, Gringo is at the other side of the ring and as the lights and music stop Tony Chimmel takes his position between the two men. With a cheer from the fans, he brings his mic to his lips…






TC: Introducing first, to my left the challenger…. he weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pounds… he is a former three time world champion, the GENERAL of TWOStars and the TWOStars ONLY Ironman… he is the EEEEVVVVILLLLLLLL GGRRRIIINNNNGGGGOOOOHHHHH!


The crowd go ape as the Sensational One lifts his left fist in the arm before saluting the huddled masses in Ohio’s Nationwide Arena…


TC: …and now to my right… weighing in at two hundred and fifty four pounds… accompanied to the ring by his mentor Lucas Thorp he is the two time and CURRENT TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION….. he is THE EXECUTIONER EEEDDDDDDWWAARRRDDDD SSSSSAAAAMMMMSSSSOOOONNNNN!




The same masses who where delirious for the Mexicutioner now turn their bile on the champ as Thorp, seemingly oblivious applauds at ringside his charge, who stands motionless in the ring, staring a hole right through the Gringo…


JR: There is certainly an intense feeling in the ring tonight…


PH: What do you expect, Gringo has been dying to abuse his power and grab that title for ages and the only person who can stop him, neigh will stop him is the man who for me is the rightful owner of those titles, the man Darkstar neglected and that man is Edward Samson…


JR: Neglected? Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Darkstar give Samson the title shot in the first place?


PH: Only after Thorp made him realise he had no choice but to…. But Gringo? Oh all Gringo has to do is give his old buddy another reach around and Bob’s your uncle - title shot…


The referee, Nick Patrick, takes the gold from a somewhat reluctant Samson and holds the titles in the air to the crowd to signify the prize at stake before stepping to the side of the ring and handing them down to a trusty ring hand…


JR: I wonder what the Consortium is making of this back stage, after all for Thorp’s fence sitting this boils down to TWO v TWO and knowing these two men and all that has gone on recently I wouldn’t say this will be the friendliest of contests…


Patrick returns to the middle of the ring and looks over at both men, first Gringo and then Samson to check their readiness before taking a step back and calling for the bell…




JR: …and here we go! Samson, Gringo, Triple Crown… what a match this could well be…


The two men charge into the middle of the ring and like two stags in the middle of mating season and launch into a tie-up to start…


JR: Waistlock by Samson here, quickly out of collar and elbow but Gringo backs him into the corner…. and elbows his way out of it….


Samson is not best pleased about having the point of someone else’s elbow jammed in his eye and comes right back with a clubbing blow, overhead, striking the turning Gringo right between the shoulder blades and takes him down to the mat….


PH: Hmmm… something tells me this won’t be a sweet scientific match…


JR: I don’t know… for all his size and aggression Samson has plenty of technical ability, I mean after all he was the first man to ever make Sickness quit, you have to know what you’re doing to get that accolade…


PH: True… I hear it’s an achievement worth a hundred gamer points on the TWOStars v SCW Game that came out last month…


JR: An X-What now?


Samson attempts to show some of that prowess as applies a half-nelson briefly on the mat before going for the arm, but Gringo gets to the ropes and the champion has to break the hold before it even gets going….


JR: Great ring presence there by the Sensation, despite being surprised by the champion and exposed on his back he manages to keep his cool and reach out…


PH: Huh, riddle me this Jim, if Gringo is such a great mat wrestler why didn’t he just wriggle out of the hold?


JR: Because he was conserving his energy for later on in the match when he will need it the most… I mean can you imagine even lifting Samson for say the A.E.S if you are tired…


The two men are back up and go into the tie up again without a moments hesitation from which the Gringo snaps into a side headlock straight away, only to find the Dead Eyed Killer Irish whipping him out of it straight away…


JR: …Gringo comes back of the ropes… and Samson knocks him to the mat with a Vader Attack!


Gringo bounces off the mat back first from the force of running into the brick wall that is the champion and rolls back into the corner where he stands… but that’s exactly where Eddy is waiting…


PH: DAMN! Do you get the feeling Samson is a little fired up right now?


The Equaliser hits a combination of clubbing blows, left then right then left again ad nausem until Gringo falls down to a seated position….


JR: The champ is ALL over Gringo right now like the proverbial rash…


PH: By the end of this, if he’s still alive, I bet Pingu will wish he never ever cast a glace at Samson’s titles…


More punches by the masked man as he once more yanks Gringo to his feet so he can pummel on him some more whilst Nick Patrick demands he lets his stricken challenger out of the corner, a request to which the ringside bound Thorp instructs Samson to do also…


JR: …Irish whip by Samson as he sends Gringo into the opposite corner… he follows Gringo in…. Vader Attack AGAIN!


The full weight of the Three Crown Kingpin crashes into the Sensation who reels from the shock of the blow, wandering out of the corner in a winded daze leaving him open…


JR: Samson with the LARIAT! Cover!













JR: …but Gringo gets a hand on the ropes…. Well spotted there by Nick Patrick…


PH: Huh, don’t trust his eyesight that much… you know how many times he missed me clocking people over the head with my old cell phone back in WCW?


JR: No Paulie, because like everyone else, when the Dangerous Alliance came on I hit the snooze button…


PH: Ha, what snooze button… there is no snooze button on a remote…


JR: They invented one Paulie, just for you….


The Masked Monster picks up the Sensation as the crowd edge about in nervous and anxious way, scared of the current plight of their hero as the dastardly villain of the piece prepares to launch his next assault…


JR: Samson has Gringo up and he backs him into the corner again and AGAIN he just punches him over and over in the corner…


PH: Pingu has to see that he is in the ring with someone who is like no one else he has ever faced before in his career…. All this man cares about is winning, driven by that visionary ringmaster that is Lucas Thorp… nothing is too brutal, nothing is a step too far - if it ends in a win that it is a means to an end…


Gringo, stunned as he is by the assault is flung across the ring again by Samson with an Irish whip which slams him into the buckles again where he stands, staggered and winded…


JR: Samson flows in once more…. but Gringo kicks him when he charges in! The champ is rocked!


The element of surprise once more works in the favour of the Mexicutioner and he is quick to capitalise…














JR: Gringo now with a series of sledgehammer like kicks right to the chest of the champ….he runs over to the ropes…


Gringo looks to spring up to the second turnbuckle, but Samson, less affected then the Sensation would have hoped calmly follows on behind him and as the Gringo leaps onto the ropes the Masker Monster pushes him off so that Gringo falls down to the floor with a wet and sickening thud…






JR: What the hell is funny about that Paulie? Gringo could have a broken rib, he could have punctured a lung….


PH: He crashed and burned Jim, same old, same old and it’s STILL funny hahahaha….


Samson eventually follows Gringo out, stalking him whilst Thorp shouts at him, relaying instructions as the champ picks him up and manhandles the Sensation onto his shoulder…


JR: …and now Samson adding injury to injury as he drops Gringo chest first, RIGHT down onto the railing!


PH: It makes sense Jim, it’s a true champion’s instinct, to use his surroundings, to zero in on an weakness both in the mind and in the body and taking their challengers and foes apart… no one personifies that more then the Executioner himself….


Gringo is on the ringside mats, clutching at his chest and gasping for air as Samson looks down over him like a cat would spy a floundering fish before moving in for the kill…. something that the champ knows how to do so well…


JR: The Hooded Hunter here, as his slimy toad of a manger looks on, hauls the Gringo from the floor… Nick Patrick wants them to return to the ring but it seems Thorp has other plans for his charge to follow…


The War Pig calls out to Samson, lifting his hands from his sides and into the air and back again, like a one man special needs Mexican Wave… although the more savvy (well in terms of Lucas Thorp sign language) champion knows exactly what is on his mentor’s mind…


JR: Samson puts Gringo’s head between his legs… no… he wouldn’t…




The Dead Eyed Killer looks to live up to his moniker and even though the stunned Sensation is squirming Samson grits his teeth (well probably, I mean he’s wearing a hood so how do I know?) and hefts the Gringo up into the air….






PH: Hehehe, stick a fork in him Jim… cause that little chipolata is DONE!


The Iron Man looks less then his usual invincible self right now as he spasms in pain and shock on the ringside mats, his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head… but something tells me that even that act of brutal disregard for the life of another is not enough for the champion…


JR: I thought Samson was getting back into the ring… what is he doing… Paulie…


PH: Whatever he damn well likes… which right now is dismantling this old washed up has been in front of his adoring crowd!


Eddy stands up on the apron and looks down on the squirming Gringo and with his manic mentor beckoning him on excitedly he sets himself….




Nick Patrick is going ape right about now, screaming at Samson to just leave the challenger alone and get his hooded ass back into the ring, the Executioner looking up at him with just the blankness of the hood staring back as Gringo coughs, hacks and rolls into the foetal position on the floor…


JR: Does he even have a god damn soul?!?!?


PH: Who cares Jim, Darkstar said he wanted the strongest man in the company to hold the title and keep it safe from those invading and right now Edward Samson is proving once more that he is the man for that task… he is just dismantling Gringo right before our eyes…


Thorp yells at his charge to heed the words of the referee and so Eddy rolls back into the ring, leaving the bruised and battered carcass of the Sensational One at ringside as the crowd try and roar some life back into the downed Gringo…




PH: Listen to these fools… there is no way their words can help, their plaintive cries… Gringo has been weighed and judged and been found wanting… there is nothing that can save him now…


The Sensation painfully rolls onto his front, still gasping for air as Samson looks down on him from inside the ring, transfixed on his prey as it tries to hang on and survive, like a cobra watches the rat squirm after the bite…




JR: The referee here starting to count the Gringo down and even I have to admit that right now things are just not looking good for the Sensation…


PH: Your damn right Jim, I mean he has got in what… a whole of three kicks and a few elbows on the champ… I mean have you ever seen anyone take apart the Gringo like we are seeing right now?




JR: Well I’ve seen Gringo take a beating that’s for sure but there is no two ways about it… Edward Samson is just a monster, a pure unadulterated feeling less heap of man with an even worse puppet master working the strings…




Gringo has managed to get to his hands and knee’s and is trying to suck in air to escape his winded and beaten state, all the while Samson looks on as does Thorp at ringside, a manically gleeful smile erupting across his features…




PH: Look at Pingu trying to get up… has he no sense, does he not realise that if he does get up then all he is going to get is more of the same only harder, faster and more painful then before? STAY DOWN PINGU!


JR: He can’t Paulie, he has too much heart, too much soul to let something keep him down, that is the exact reason that Darkstar made him the General of the TWOStars army, it’s exact reason he has accomplished all he has in his career and the exact same reason why you cannot, even now, write him off….




PH: I’m not writing him off, I am looking at this plain and simple… Pingu has just been squashed like the bug he is and now can’t get his damn wetback ass off the floor….




The Mexicutioner, still breathing heavier then Susan Boyle after a 100 meter sprint gets to a knee as Samson looks stoically on, impassive as Patrick continues to count on…




PH: Three more seconds… that’s all… three more and this is down in the record books as a historic and defining moment… can you feel it Jim… are your hairs standing on their end as well?!?!




Gringo surges with a burst of energy pulled from somewhere to his feet as the arm of the referee comes down once more….






With a last desperate dive the Sensation throws himself forward, more with hope then aim and by some small miracle slides under the bottom rope to the whoops of delight from the fans….




JR; Gringo JUST beats the count… this match is still going… the dreams of the Gringoholics are still alive and well…


PH: Huh, not for long…


Samson picks up the fallen Gringo and hauls him to his feet before sending him across the ring with an Irish whip….


JR: Gringo now, off the ropes…and Samson NAILS him with another HUGE lariat!


PH: Look at him though Jim, he isn’t finished… I truly think he and Thorp want to END Pingu right here tonight… I don’t just mean his career, I mean him!


JR: Why? What will doing something as terrible and horrifying to another human being prove to anyone?


PH: Are you kidding? Look, as much as I don’t see eye to eye with Pingu, what with being a Mexican midget and all, I do know that many people, from Darkstar, to Holt, to Gower all the way through to Draven Cage have all tried at certain points to be the man that ended his career and all of them failed… so think about it, to finally be the man to carry it out, to take the Gringo… what a statement that would be…


Whilst Paulie starts planning the press conference the Masked Monster hauls the Iron Man off the canvas and lifts him to a vertical position and hooks him in the classic vertical suplex position, pausing a second before hefting the smaller man off the canvas with but a hint of effort…


PH: Look at the animalistic strength! Look at him just hold Pingu up in the air like he was nothing….


As Lucas claps at ringside and starts to keep count loudly to annoy the crowd Samson just keeps on holding the Latino Demon upside down, the blood coursing straight down into the head of the Gringo turning his face a nice shade of crimson before taking a step forward and lifting his leg off the mat…


JR: BRANBUSTER! Samson has the cover!


PH: This is it…. This is over… night, night!





































JR: NO! Gringo barely rolls the shoulder off the mat in time and somehow, someway he is still, if barely, in this match!


PH: Huh, It’s just a matter of time Jim… as certain as you will mention the Sooners, Samson will keep that pesky Gringo down for good…


Samson looks blankly at the referee as Thorp slams on the apron and screams it was a three count at Patrick you shows both of them two fingers, symbolising how much he counted to, much to the disgust of the greasy wretch at ringside…


JR: Listen to this capacity crowd rise to their feet, listen as they raise their voices… they know that somehow, someway Gringo needs to find something, some opening or else the champions next move could well be checkmate for the Mexicutioner and his dream of a first ever Triple Crown championship…


PH: Forget that… the rate this is going it could well be Gringo kissing goodbye to his dream of walking for the rest of his life…


The Executioner (of the non-Mexican variety) takes a step back and once more stalks the bedraggled zombie like Gringo, who rolls onto his front and crawls towards the ropes like a Gary Sinise hauls ass back to his wheelchair in Forrest Gump whilst the shark like figure of Samson stalks steadily behind stopping down as the Gringo finally reaches the ropes and drags him to his feet…


JR: Samson all over the Gringo like white on rice and he sends off the ropes once more with the Irish whip…. Laria…. NO! Gringo ducks a lariat…. Dropkick to the Knee! And another! And Another!


The Iron Man is firing wild on instinct, trying to kick the legs of the bigger Hooded Murderer out from under him and get some respite…


JR: Gringo, trying to create some distance, some separation and I would, was Lucas right to let Samson stay in the ring and try and have Gringo counted down?


PH: What because of a few dropkicks?


JR: From tiny acorns can grow mighty oaks….


PH: Huh, it’s gonna take more then the fertiliser that you spout to make Gringo grow into a mighty oak…


Gringo is back to his feet whilst the champion staggers slightly on his now charley horsed leg, seizing the moment the challenger runs off the ropes as Samson staggers back under his weight to the opposite set…


JR: Running elbow smash by Gringo and Samson goes over the top rope down to the floor!


Gringo holds his chest and pants for a moment, the effects of his pummelling obviously still affecting him, but he knows there is no time to waste and he goes off the ropes the ropes once more and back towards the staggered champion on the outside of the ring…


JR: …and now sails out onto Samson with a BEAUTIFUL elbow suicida!


PH: But look Jim, look at Gringo… look at the pain coursing through his body as he takes a risk, a stupid risk considering all he has gone through so far…


Both men are down, Gringo looking the worst for wear it has to be said as once more he pants and holds his chest in pain whilst Thorp is screaming at Samson to rise to his feet as the behemoth tries to shake off the effects of the Sensation’s missile like strike…


JR: Maybe that’s what he needs to do now, it’s quite clear that Samson has caused some damage to the ribs and back of the Gringo that won’t just go away… if he is going to win he knows he has to swing hard for the fences when the opening arrives…


The Masked Madman rises to his feet, a little less steadily then before, as does the challenger who cocks back that famous canon of a left peg and decides to do just that, swing for the fences…


JR: Spinning Thrust Kick to the head! Samson is down! At last Samson is down!


PH: Humph… it’ll never last… wait and see, like the true predator he is the champ will spot the moment he needs…


Gringo screams in anger and frustration, finally releasing some out into the night before he leaps onto the apron…


JR: Where the hell is Gringo going?


PH: To do something stupid…. Duh! After all stupid is as stupid does and Pingu does a whole lot of stupid things…


The Sensation may have heard good ol’ JR’s speech before because up on the apron he decides once more to take flight and throw caution to the wind…


JR: Gringo with the Senton! All of his weight just DROPPED into the chest of the champion and I wonder how Samson likes that role reversal!


Thorp hates it, screaming at Nick Patrick to drag the Mexicutioner back inside the ring and away from his precious charge as Gringo once more stands to the cheers of the crowd and back into the ring…


LT: Keep him in there god damn it! Do your job!


Gringo is having none of that and shoves Patrick out of the way before going back over to the ropes as Samson tries to stir himself on the floor….






The Iron Man and Samson both lay holding their ribs in agony from the latest insane assault from the Gringo as Thorp runs over to the Executioner and starts to slap his face, screaming at him to get up, to suck it up and various exclamations in between…


JR: There is high risk and then there is that right there… unbelievable!


PH: But look Jim, Gringo once more doesn’t think about his actions, he doesn’t think about what effect he might have on himself… you have a chest injury dumbass!


If the challenger wasn’t aware of that he is now, he slowly drags himself to his feet, coughing and wincing from the force of driving his torso from up high into the sturdy bulk of the champ….


PH: …honestly, if Pingu’s brain was chocolate he wouldn’t even make a Reece’s Piece!


JR: He is still fighting though Paulie, still in a position where he has a chance to fulfil his dream… to become the Three Crown champion…


PH: Huh, and that’s all it is… a dream…


Gringo grabs a hold of the hood of the Executioner and takes him off the ringside mats before sliding Samson into the ring and clambering back up onto the apron…


JR: Samson now getting to his feet… Gringo is poised, ready and waiting… he leaps… Springboard Missile dropkick!


The two educated feet of the challenger collide with the just risen head of the champions, sending him down to the floor once more, but Gringo cares not for this as he quickly moves over to Samson, lifting his heavy bulk off the mat he slips in behind in a waistlock before clasping an arm of the champ and feeding it between Samson’s own legs…


JR: Gringo with the Pumphandle… and now the half Chickenwing… he pops his hips… Gringo-Plex MKIII! Bridged into the cover!





































JR: …but he only gets a two count as Samson rolls his shoulder off the mat.


Gringo gets to his feet and brings the champ with him, placing his stunned head between his legs he hooks both of the Executioners arms as he goes for the Tiger Driver….


JR: …but he can't get Samson up… scoop slam instead! Now the Latino Demon heads towards the corner… he springs up to the second turnbuckle! Spinning leg drop!


The meaty leg of the Sensation smashes over the throat of the downed champion as Gringo moves over the top of Eddy and drapes on arm over his chest…


JR: Cover!





































JR: …but it gets a two count only AGAIN!


Kick to the face by the Iron Man and he goes off the ropes, but the Executioner ducks the elbow and plants him with a KILLER release German suplex….


PH: DAMN! Bad ride… worse landing!


JR: All the effort, all the risk… all of it just gone in a second as the champion once more closes the door and denies the comeback of the Mexican Sensation…


Samson stalks the Gringo and approaches from behind, grasping his arms he sinks in the dreaded…


JR: The Stocks! Samson has Gringo trapped in the Stocks!


Gringo squirms in the hold, kicking his legs and looking to pull his way to the ropes but the added bulk of the Man in Black coupled with his immense knowledge of the hold make it harder and harder for the Sensation as the pressure of the hold tightens and tightens…




Lucas slams on the apron, looking over the apron and through the ropes into the eyes of the Gringo he screams at him…




The Iron Man is stuck, whack bam in the middle of the ring with a near as damn it two hundred and sixty pound mad man trying to break his back with an Iron Sheik original… the crowd therefore sense he might just be in trouble and try and get behind him…




PH: When are these plebs ever going to learn… you can cheer for him all you want the simple fact is that it‘s not going to work… this ends here and now…


JR: Why shouldn’t they cheer, why shouldn’t they try and reach out to the man they adore and hope for him, pray for him, care for him…


PH: Because it makes them jackasses, that’s why…


JR: Oh and I forgot, you’re the all singing and all dancing great one aren’t you…


PH: That’s what it says on my card Jim, it’s what it says one my card…


Gringo’s eyes are wide open, looking and searching for the ropes… he can sense the crowd’s urgency, he can feel the anger and malice of the Executioner… but can he grab onto the life line that will save him?


JR: Gringo is slowly edging towards the ropes… but will he make it in time before the pain gets too much?


PH: C’mon on Pingu! Give it up!


Indeed he is, his eyes now lulling slightly as the Masked Maniac continues to apply pressure, leaning back and causing the crowd to go frantic again…




…which cause the Gringo to snap awake and make you frantic desperate crawl for the ropes once more…


JR: He’s almost there… he’s reaching out with his one free hand…


He’s just a few inches shy… he pulls himself forward a tiny bit more…


JR: He got it!




Samson stands up annoyed and grabs a hold of Patrick in frustration whilst Lucas at ringside yells at his charge to calm down…


JR: The champ really thought he had the win there… most of the crowd did as well…


Special Ed shoves the ref away and bends down, hauling the clearly hurting Gringo off the mat and back to a vertical footing… he ducks under and scoops the Iron Man onto his shoulders…




JR: NO! Gringo counters!


The Sensation slides down the back of the Executioner and in desperation tries to lock on a sleeper hold on Samson to buy some time to catch some breathe but Eddy summons his champion instincts and spins round into an inverted facelock… which leads to….!


JR: Reverse DDT, Gringo‘s head just slamming into the mat!


PH: Ha… and Pingu thought he was sooooooo smart with his little counters…


JR: Cover!

































JR: …and Gringo kicks out again!


PH: Look at Thorp… man is he PISSED!


The puppet whose strings Thorp meddles with doesn’t even bother berating Patrick nor questioning him and instead just hauls Gringo right back up to his feet and slips behind him once more…


JR: Samson has the Dragon Sleeper locked in… Gringo just has no answer for it!


PH: I don’t think that’s the end of Samson’s plan either!


Indeed it is not as The Dead-Eyed Killer wrenches the Iron Man up vertically and rocks back with hold still applied, popping his hips and swinging Gringo over…




PH: Reverse Suplex! Gringo just came down on those battered and bruised ribs HARD!


JR: Samson with the cover!
































JR: He kicked out! He kicked out!


PH: We all know Gringo is tough, hell some people do call him the Iron Man but there is no way, NO WAY he can withstand much more of this barrage from the champion, NO WAY…


Gringo manages to stagger to his feet using the ropes as a guide, he’s so disorientated from the trauma to his chest and the lack of oxygen that he is swinging his arms to try and keep some distance between him and the malice ridden champion…


PH: Gringo is out on his feet… Old Eddy has this is the bag!


The Masked Monster ducks a flailing chop from the Sensation and plants a boot right in the solar plexus of the former three time world champion…


JR: Samson now, locks Gringo in the front face lock…. He hooks the leg…


PH: …the right one… you know what’s coming…


Gringo does, fearing the Lethal Injection he swats at the ribs of the champion with his free hand, trying to cause some separation and at last, he winds the Dead Eyed Killer enough to make him stagger back a few paces…


JR: …Gringo escapes… he‘s fighting with every inch he has left right now!


The Sensational One is running on pure instinct as he swings elbow after elbow into the head of Samson before planting a HARD kick into the head of the Hooded Hunter…


JR: Samson is staggered here… he’s been caught completely off guard by Gringo’s sudden onslaught!


Gringo quickly sweeps the leg of Samson who sinks to his knee’s… but the Sensation isn’t done…












JR: A trificta of HARD shots to the head… and now we are seeing Gringo unleash off his frustration, all of his anger on his former tag team partner and the man who holds his beloved company to ransom…


PH: FACELOCK! Gringo with the Misawa facelock!


JR: We’ve seen use this technique before, both as a tribute to his fallen idol and as a darn effective way of wearing down his opponent….


Samson isn’t worn down enough though and squirms in the hold, stopping the Sensation from applying it fully so Gringo takes matters into hand and unleashes a bit more of his anger on the champ…


PH: Damn!


JR: Gringo just WAILING away with elbow after elbow AFTER elbow into the unprotected face of Samson!


The anger and determination on Gringo’s face shines through as he plants the point of his arm over and over again into the hooded face of the Masked Monster until he feels that the champ is sufficiently lifeless enough…


JR: Gringo uses the arm to wrap around his leg… La Magistral!
























JR: Samson kicks out… despite all that he’s still too fresh!


PH: Of course he is… the man is a warrior, a champion, a god amongst mortals!


Gringo grimaces and holds his chest a little, the onslaught and focused targeted aggression from the champion earlier still causing him great discomfort…


JR: Gringo now… he tucks the head between the legs… he hooks the arms… he’s going for the Tiger Driver!


…but Samson sees it coming and spins out in desperation… he keeps hold of the Gringo’s arm and somehow uses it for…


PH: Eddy has Gringo in the Dragon Sleeper again!


The champion swings round and drives his arm in to the head of Gringo quickly before he has a chance to realise he is trapped in the hold and can fight it…


JR: The Final Cut!


PH: He isn’t done JR!


Indeed the Hooded Hunter is not, holding onto the head of the Gringo he quickly brings him to his feet, pushing the challenger away when he gets to a vertical base he takes a step back before spinning around, lifting his arms above his head as he leaps through the air…


JR: …and the Guilloti… NO! Gringo counters!


The Sensation One uses the Eddy’s forward leap and momentum against him and ducks down behind the champion, kicking him right in the ass with all his might… Samson staggers forward holding his tailbone and Gringo takes off on the ropes in a desperate attempt to get some of that stalled momentum back on his side…


JR: Samson see’s Gringo coming out of the corner of his eye!


Lord knows what the Iron Man was thinking but he has found himself up on the Dead Eyed Killers shoulders in one enveloping and all encompassing movement, which means…




JR: Samson has the cover!

































JR: NOOOO! Gringo with the last gasp kick out!


PH: …and the crowd is going mental... They have seen Gringo go down before in these matches, shot after shot after shot at the Triple Crown wasted as Pingu bit’s the dust… they can see it happening here again, right in front of their eyes!


Samson slaps the mat before looking up and pointing… at the turnbuckles…


JR: What… Samson… where is he going…


The champ snarls at the downed Gringo before heading over and up the buckles… The crowd somehow rises even further in volume, trying to warn the Sensation of the oncoming danger as he rises to his feet but it’s too late… Samson is airborne!






With possibly the LAST ounce of strength in his bones he avoids the champions Polish Hammer from on high, before leaping and driving a pin point enzigieri to the back of the Masked Madman’s head, causing him to hit the mat at speed and curls into the foetal position for a second holding onto his head before glancing up, spying the groggy and staggered Sensation, still holding that rib area but vertical none the less…


PH: Samson, like the champion he is, pulls himself to his feet, a lesser man would still be down, crying, rueing what might have been, but no the Masked Murderer is up and rearing to go!


But so is the Iron Man and channelling his anger and frustration like only he can he levels Samson with a HUGE spinning back kick to the gut that buys him some time.


JR: Hmmm maybe he wishes he’d stayed down after that….


PH: Minor setback… minor…


JR: Well minor’s soon change to majors Paulie…


PH: Will you stop it with all that crap!


Gringo seeks to take advantage and seize the upper hand now, the shock of the mat meeting his flesh and the well placed and educated feet of the Gringo helping turn the tide as the Sensation strikes…


JR: Gringo grabs the arm of Samson… he feeds it through the legs of the champion and clasps it tight…


The Iron Man clasps the other arm behind the back of the Dead Eyed Killer and wraps it tight into a hammerlock, gripping it tight before rocking back and slinging the Masked Madman over…




PH: Gringo just dropped Samson RIGHT on his head!


Gringo gets to his feet, the strain of the match and the effort required to survive is showing on his feature as he roars before heading over to the buckles above the downed champion…


JR: Gringo’s turn to head up top now…


PH: Here he goes… with the twenty third best Frog Splash in the business…


JR: Twenty third, I sure it was ranked higher then that last time?


PH: Well last time we had, lets see… Art Barr’s, Eddie Guerrero’s, RVD’s, Christian Cage’s, Misawa’s, Marufuji’s, D’Lo Brown’s, Mike Awesome’s, Chavo Guerrero’s, Rey Mysterio’s, Liger‘s, Kotaro Suzuki‘s, ….


JR: Christ Paulie! Who else have you added?


PH: Mae Young…


JR: What?!?!


The Sensation is up top now, clambering during the former Extreme Moguls tirade and pauses for a second, slaps his pectorals and leaps, bringing his arms and legs into his body and stretching them back out, come down from above and crashing into the prone body of Samson…


JR: FROGSPLASH! The Ode to Guerrero scores big time!


PH: Muh, CVD’s is waaaayyyy better….


JR: Gringo has the cover!



































JR: …and now it’s Samson showing his resilience and kicks out before the three!


PH: He is nowhere near done yet Jim, he is a champion, the conqueror of Sickness, the defiler of Boyo, the man in the middle who makes the judgements we need but are too afraid of…. No way this Mexican Midget is taking him down, no way…


JR: Well you might wanna tell the crowd that Paulie because right now they are singing the song that closes the show as it where…


The crowd indeed sense the end is neigh and begin to chant….




…which the Sensation feeds off and drags the fallen Samson off the mat, once more placing his head between his legs in the standing head scissors and hooking the arms as Lucas is going apoplectic at ringside, tearing hair from his head almost as he screams at the Executioner to do something, anything to escape from the hole he is in…































PH: He kicked out! I told you Jim!


JR: But how much longer can he go on Paulie, because for all the hurt he put on Gringo, you have to realise that it took a lot of effort and strength out of Samson as well…


PH: Difference is Jim, Eddy is an Ox, a steed, a worthy and truly magnificent figure head and not a washed up has been with a stolen repertoire


Gringo slaps the mat in frustration and stands up, before slapping his knee and raising his arm into the air and then reaching down to haul the two-sixty mass of the champ off the mat…


JR: Left roundhouse…. then a right… and now slap after slap, four in all…


PH: You know what’s coming here…


JR: Spinning neck chop and Samson is out on his feet… Gringo off the ropes!


The Iron Man takes off at pace, rebounding back towards the Hooded Hunter off the far ropes and leaping into the air, his knee extending out as he flies right toward his target colliding with force…




The champ dodges at the last second, on pure instinct alone and in a blink of an eye he drops down and grabs at the tights of the Sensation and pulls him over…
































PH: Did he get him! DID HE?


JR: NO! Gringo JUST kicks out at two and seven eighths!


Both men get to their feet, weary and drained, but the shock and anger at that near loss has kept the fire burning in the Gringo, something he uses to fuel him as Samson looks to take control once more and rushes the Iron Man…




Samson smacks into the mat, and Gringo rolls to his feet… he doesn’t know if he covers the Dead Eyed Killer that it will be enough so before Samson has even a chance to think about what has happen and why he just hurtled through the air the Sensational one is upon him…


JR: Gringo now, he has the champion back on his feet… he has him in the front facelock… he hooks the leg… Question is, will it be the A.E.S or the Green Destiny?


PH: C’mon Sammy… don’t let the immigrant steal the title!


The Sensation lifts the champ up in the air and looks to rotate him round, but Samson, the cold and calculating man that he is still has a trick up his sleeve…


PH: Yes! Now that’s a ring general, look at the proud face of Thorp!


JR: Proud my eye Paulie, that was a sneaky rake of the eyes….


Samson uses the attack and it’s blinding effect on the Gringo to slip down and behind the Mexicutioner…


PH: It doesn’t matter Jim… because Samson is ready to deal the final blow!


Indeed he does, scooping Gringo up on his shoulders once more but this time in a powerslam position as Thorp screams from ringside…




The Hooded Hunter runs forward and lucks to flip Gringo over looking to deal his last devastating blow to the battered Sensation…




Gringo however has other ideas and at the last second slides down the back of the champion and spinning over and round and holding onto the head of the champion he forces him down with him as he goes down onto the mat…


JR: The Sling Blade from nowhere! What a counter!


The shock of the reversal and the subsequent blow sends Samson upwards, dazed and almost out of it he takes a knee, something which the tired but still motoring Sensation looks to take advantage off…




JR: Shining Wizard! The Muto Who right to the jaw!


Gringo flops over and drapes an arm over the champion into the cover

































JR: Bah gawd I thought Gringo had him for sure!


The frustration is beginning to mount now for the Sensational One, he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Samson and had to weather an almighty storm but still the Executioner will not lie down, still the titles allude his grasp…


JR: Where’s Gringo going now?


PH: I told you Jim… I told you Samson wouldn’t lie down, that he would frustrate Pingu and it looks like it has…


The Iron Man is scaling the buckles, facing out to the crowd but the energy and zest that once radiated from his at the start of this war has waned, the fatigue sapping him of his speed as he makes his way to the top…


JR: Gringo… finally he reaches the top… he looks back and down at Samson…


The Sensation looks out at the crowd in front of him and runs his thumb across his throat in a slicing manner…


PH: Tick, Tock Gringo….




That he does, flying up and backwards, bringing his legs over his head as if going for a moonsault but corkscrewing as he does so, turning himself into a rapidly spinning ball as he goes through the 180... the 360…






Gringo slams into the canvas at wince inducing speed, his ribs and knee’s slamming into the mat with the force of a fright train hitting a child and shaking the ring…. whilst the champ is safe and sound having rolled out of the way of oncoming speedball of death…


PH: This is it! Gringo get all pent up, all frustrated, he went for the big finish and look where it got him Jim! Where it always gets him, down and out and rip for the picking…


The Dead Eyed Killer, spurred all the way by palpitating Lucas Thorp claws up the ropes to a vertical base as Gringo rolls over, one arm still holding onto his ribs and his face a picture of winded agony…


PH: Finish him! Finish him!


The Hooded Horror staggers over to the flattened Sensation and hauls him off the mat, wasting no time he hooks him into a front face lock and locks the arm of the challenger across his chest before he hefts him into the air, holding Gringo vertical as he spins around…




The back of Gringo’s head slams into the mat with a violent and juddering force, the hook armed fisherman’s suplex of the champ taking it’s toll… but still Eddy hangs on…


JR: Samson isn’t done here!


PH: He has to be sure Jim, he has to make that stinking bean eater stay down for good!


Samson, a grim and effort strewn look on what parts of face you can see holds onto the facelock and wrenches Gringo off the mat once more… once standing he hooks both the arms of the challenger across the chest this time and uses the leverage to lift Gringo once more, swinging him round…


PH: …and here it comes…


…before dropping him vertically down…






Urged by the frantic screams of the War Pig at ringside, Samson straight away clambers over Gringo and hooks the outside leg for the cover…




















































































PH: Wha… how…


JR: Gringo just kicked out of the god damn Calcraft Noose!


Thorp is wide eyed and shocked like Doc Brown at ringside, the disbelief in his body too much to even allow him to scream at the referee or direct his charge…


PH: Kill him… KILL HIM!


Samson looks down at the Gringo who stirs slightly on the canvas but not by much… if he could convey shock I’m sure he would but right dammit, he has a match to win…


JR: Samson, still driven, still slightly evil hauls Gringo, leaden limbed as he is, off the mat and drags his body over to the buckles…


PH: Patrick should just call this… I’m telling you if Pingu won’t lie down then Samson will quite happily kill him and make a goblet from his god damn skull….


JR: He wouldn’t do that….


PH: You hope…


The crowd, every single member of it, is standing, craning their heads, anxious and nervous energy exuding from their every pore as the champ hefts Gringo up onto the top buckle, climbing up there with him as he looks to score the final blow that will finally end this titanic war…


JR: Samson… he has the head hooked… he’s looking for the arms… MY GAWD… he’s going for the Calcraft Noose from the TOP ROPE!


Thorp is going ape, screaming at Samson to do it, to drive the challenger down from above into the hard unforgiving mat below…


PH: Almost there… just gotta hook the other arm…


Samson reaches out and tries to grasp onto the final piece of the jigsaw, the left arm of the Sensation which he finds is holding on tight to the top strand and will not budge…


JR: Gringo, with everything he has left… with every sinew and every bit of energy in his shattered and batter body is holding and blocking the intentions of the champion!


Indeed the Iron Man is and he manages to coax his other arm free of the intentions of the champion, slamming it again and again in the toughened steak like meat of Samson’s rib cage, every punch hopefully and possibly bringing him a bit closer to an escape…


PH: Eddy’s not giving in though… headbutts!


Champion and challenger are now perched up top, both of them flinging their heads, their arms, anything they can at one another…


JR: Gringo with the throat thrust! Samson is dazed!


The Snuka like strike to the windpipe pays off for the Iron Man as Samson staggers back, grasping at his throat… as he steps back from the top, the ever opportune Gringo leaps…




The Sensation tucks his knee’s in and connects with Samson’s chest with both of them in mid air, the Gringo riding him down to the mat like a snowboard who hates his board and wants to see it snap and shatter…








The challenger bounces off the chest of the now crushed champion who lies, gasping for air under his hood on the mat… the crowd surges, they too having to draw on energy reserves they did not know they had to try and spur on the Gringo as he climbs back to his feet like a baby deer taking it’s first steps…




JR: Could this be it, could this be the momentum shift to end them all…


PH: No… Jim it can’t be… Samson will rise again… he will…


Thorp is jumping up and down at ringside, his podgy hands slamming on and off the apron again and again as the screams at the panting and gasping figure of Samson to get to his feet…




Gringo after that scream moves over to the fallen champ and hauls him, hood first to his feet, dragging him up to a near vertical base he slaps on a front face lock… he hooks the leg… he bobs down and grimaces, lifting with all his might…






































































































The Sensation CANNOT believe it, he slams the mat, he pulls his hair, his eyes drained but the crowd kick on and stamp their feet as Thorp has a god damn heart attack at the side of the ring….




JR: What more can these two men do to one another, what is there else that can be done?!?!


Gringo leaps to his feet, shakes his head and heads to the buckles… he has one final nail to try and hammer and home…


JR; Gringo, he’s climbing… Samson is still lifeless below him, he knows though what he needs to deliver, that it needs to be big if he is going to keep the silent killer down…


The Sensation, weary, battered, war torn and drained reaches the top, looking down he see’s Lucas open mouthed and praying to the wrestling gods that be that he slips as Samson lies there, stunned and shocked still from the Iron Man’s comeback…




JR: Gringo is all set… he leaps…


The Sensation spins in the, leaping forward as though he was a Shooting Star he continues to spin on as he crashes down to earth…






























































































Ironman slams over the PA system as the crowd go 100% bat*hit insane, hugging and jumping in the aisles as Lucas Thorp looks on distraught at ringside, sinking down to his knee’s as the Ohio faithful scream at the top of their lungs as their hero FINALLY wins another world title…



In the ring the Sensation is wide eyed, his face a mixture of joy and sure stunned amazement as he kneels in the middle of the ring, the emotion of it all surrounding him as Patrick raises his hand in the air…




Patrick races back over to Gringo with the gold, all three titles, the Pure title once held by Gower, the Hardcore held with distinction by Twiggie and the Gringo’s own lost and precious World Title and hands them to the Sensation who clasps onto the three in his hands and falls to the mat, kissing them in joy…




We zoom in to see Gringo, flopped now onto his back and embracing the three titles like lost children whom he has finally been reunited, the smile on his face so big that the Cheshire Cat might as well retire as still the crowd continue to party on as loud as ever around him whilst Sabbath continues on and on…




We freeze on the triumphant Gringo standing at last, the three golden holy grails of his career aloft in the air as his fans scream on into the night as we fade out to black….

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Jim Ross: As you can agree, some great matches spanning years have made Evil Gringo the only choice for the Hall of Fame!


Paul Heyman: As much as I don't like him, you have to respect the work the guy has done for TWO!


Ross: But more on that later, in our next matchup tonight, the competitor only known as BANG! Is facing none other than the Chav tonight.


Heyman: Well, since his sinking into madness, BANG caused a stir at the Battle Royale when he returned, we all know it’s Jason Bell, but in the end I guess idiots have to amuse idiots!


Ross: Well, it’s certain that Jason Bell’s mental stability has been called into question several times over the last few months, since Portia Fererra dropped the bombshell on him!


Heyman: Don’t give Bell excuses JR, any man worth his salt would see he’d been played and move on, Bell has just clung on to some semblance of fantasy and he’s gone somewhere none of us can follow and that’s the Looney bin!




Ross: I have to say, picking a fight with the Chav MAY get BANG a trip to the infirmary!


Tony Chimmel: And coming down the aisle with a weight of “Get yo nose out of ma buzniss beyatch!” , hailing from “The Streets” The Chav!




The Chav appears, smoking a roll up and leaning against the entrance way, the Chav takes one last swig of a cider can and carelessly tosses it aside. The Chav adjusts the Council Estate Bling on his shoulders and hip-hop struts his way to the ring mainly to boos, but some cheering can be heard faintly.


Ross: The Chav is carrying a microphone Paul!


Heyman: Got something important to say to us then I guess!


The Chav stubs his roll up on the ring post and climbs the stairs, suddenly vaulting over the top rope.


Uncharacteristically the Chav turns around on the spot looking at the audience, as his music dies the Kappa scumbag brings the mic to his lips.


Chav: Now we’ze talkin’! Da Chav iz finally here wit da bruvvas from Manchester!


The crowd cheer at the mention of their hometown.


Chav: So which o’ you’ze is da dope seller cuz da Burberry Army is runnin’ short a weed!


The crowd boo at the insinuation, the Chav slaps his head as though he’s remembered.


Chav: Das right! Da Chav forgot, you’ze all Manks... you’ze all pushin dope!


The audience boos louder their disgust at the insult.


Chav: Unless o course you’ze a prostitute! Cuz my my, da country of England knows where da Skankiest, flea infested hos come from... you’ze guessed it Manchester.


Objects start flying from the audience and hit the side of the ring as the audience go apoplexy at the Chav. The Chav looks down at the plastic bottle that’s been thrown and shakes his head.


Chav: Way ta prove da Chav wrong Manchester! But da Chav ain’t got time ta playz wif you’ze taday! Da Chav is here ta speak ta Jason Bell, also known as Gan’BANG!


The audience break into cheers on hearing BANG’s name.


Chav: Da Chav is here ta give Gan’BANG a warnin’. Gan’BANG! You’ze brings yo whingin’ whiney ass into dis ring and da Chav will ensure dat you’ze will never come out again. Da Chav will finish yo career and you’ze will never wrestle evva again!


Audience: We want BANG! We want BANG!


Chav: Yes, you’ze could lissen ta crackheads in Manchestah or you’ze can listen ta sense an’ reason, you’ze felt da Council Estate Bling before, you’ze knows what it is like ta face da Chav head on, you’ze knows dat da Chav is unstoppable, da Chav don’ care about victories, da Chav only cares about getting rid o’ P*BLEEP*sants like you, da Great Ken an’ his boyfriend Gilmour, Matt Denton and most of all dat f*BLEEP*king loser Sickness!


The Audience don’t share the Chav’s appraisal.


Chav: So, be sensible BANG! Retire, stay at home, wash yo tired feet or sumfink! But if you’ze wants ta live, do not step in dis ring tonight!


The Chav stands and waits looking at the ramp, he readjusts the bling as he smiles that evil little smile of his.


Ross: The Chav has made an announcement that if BANG! Shows up tonight, he is going to end his career!


Heyman: How many careers has the Chav ended already? I mean, let’s take a look at it, The Great Ken quit after the Chav took it on himself to bully him out, Kyle Gilmore, hasn’t wrestled since the Chav damaged that knee of his and where has Matt Denton been since his return from that savage beating by the Chav?


Ross: He even had the gall to mention Sickness as a win!


Heyman: Well, the Chav is the reason Sickness will never be able to compete for the Triple Crown and I would never imagine Darkstar would allow a rematch now he has what he wanted.


The audience begin to buzz as it becomes clear that BANG’s music isn’t playing.


Ross: I could be mistaken here but it seems that BANG has taken the Chav’s advice.


Heyman: What a coward! Jason Bell is girlfriend short of a marriage but I would think that the prospect of another Chav beatdown would turn any wrestler into a quivering wreck!


Audience: We want BANG! We want BANG!


Heyman: Wait! Where did HE come from?


The audience cheer loudly as Sickness sneaks into the ring behind the Chav.


Ross: SICKNESS! Bah Gawd, he must have snuck into the ring from the crowd and the Chav doesn’t even know he’s there!


Noticing the crowd have gone wild the Chav walks backwards cautiously, stops, then slowly turns around.


Ross: LOU THEZ PRESS on the Chav and Bah Gawd Sickness means every single one of those punches!


Heyman: Dispicable that Sickness would resort to ambush tactics!


Ross: You have gotta be kidding me!


The two wrestlers begin to roll around the ring trading blows; the audience cheer and boo as each combatant manages to get strikes in.


Ross: Bah Gawd! This is really personal between these two!


The Chav pushes Sickness off and, as both opponents attempt to get up the Chav places a mighty kick between Sickie’s legs. It takes a split second pause before it is realised that Sickness seems unaffected and the Chav has hurt his foot!


Ross: Sickness reaching into his shorts and bringing out... a metal groin protector.


Sickness shows the audience as the Chav hops about trying to get weight back onto his foot, as the Chav turns round he gets smacked in the face with the groin protector.


Heyman: He can’t do that!


The Crowd cheer as Sickness gets a naughty idea and places the groin protector over the nose of the Chav, who immediate struggles to get it off.


Ross: Sickness really happy with himself and the audience are loving it!


Sickness spends a few moments enjoying the adulation of the crowd for a few moments and then turns to the Chav, only to be faced with the Council Estate Bling.


Heyman: BANG! And I mean a good BANG! That’s more like it!


Ross: Sickness has gone down, but he’s straight back up and they are trading blows again!


Once again the arena is filled with cheers and boos from the audience as the sick one and the Burberry scumbag trade blows. The Chav is pushed back to the ropes and uses it as leverage to kick Sickness off of him and to gain a bit of space.


Ross: Sickness charges and takes both men over the rope.


Heyman: Thank God! Here come the reinforcements!


Goldie Hoopz struts purposefully down the ramp followed by 6 young men in Burberry tracksuits. Sickness sees them approaching and runs to grab a chair before sliding into the ring.


Ross: Well, we knew she wouldn’t be far away, Goldie seeming to be the brains of the outfit.


Heyman: She is the Chav’s manager JR, plus now the Burberry army is here!


The Chav is helped up by some of the guys who then surround the ring, one of them crawls in only to be taken out by the chair. They try rushing Sickness only for him to dodge them and take each of them out with his weapon.


The audience cheer at each downing.


Ross: One very incompetent army wouldn’t you say Paul?


Heyman: Shut up!


Sickness holds the chair in one hand and points at the Chav before making a one handed belt gesture, the Chav looks horrified and begins to back off with Goldie in tow.


Ross: Sickness isn’t standing for a retreating Chav! In fact he’s out the ring and following him!


The audience noise level hits the roof as the Chav disappears and Sickness confidently striding up the ramp, face full of blood and hands full of chair!


Heyman: We need security in here, Darkstar, someone do something!


Ross: Nothing wrong with a bit of payback and Sickness has dealt the Chav a reminder of all the wrestlers he’s terrorised out of this business.


The camera cuts to the announcer’s position with Heyman and JR staring at the camera.


Heyman: You know and I know that Sickness had no business being there


Ross: Well, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say “Who cares?” what happened here tonight has been coming for a long time. But aside from that, it’s important to note that Sickness is looking to get a rematch with the Chav!


Heyman: Not only does Sickness not deserve it, do you think that Darkstar would allow a rematch knowing that he and Sickness do not get on?


Ross: I think Sickness deserves a chance to prove himself like Edward Samson will against CVD!


Heyman: There’s another man who’s lost out to Darkstar’s will! I'm really thinking Darkstar is starting to get how wrestling should work!


Ross: And, of course later tonight, in his home city of Manchester, England. The Evil Gringo will be inducted into the TWOStars Hall of Fame!

Fade to Gringo induction promo.

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We return from the promo and go the annouce table.


JR: In light of Gringo been inducted into the Hall Of Fame tonight a number of wrestlers were told to record comments about Gringo and one of them was CVD who did talk about Gringo in his own little way.


PH: What are you talkig about JR? CVD had nothing but praise for Gringo.


JR: Why don't you people be the judge?, lets roll the footage.


We cut to a studio like room with CVD sitting on a chair.


CVD: Ok so you want me to talk about Gringo? Tonight is all about Gringo right? I bet he is loving this. So the one and only Evil Gringo "Mr TWOStars" is getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame well that is quite comforting to me because if Gringo is getting inducted then The Total Package is a certain to get in.


CVD: Don't get me wrong Gringo is great, but he is not better than me I proved that to the whole world when I beat him at his own game in an Iron Man Match. I would like to say Gringo did teach me a lot though, remember Ride The Lighting? What Gringo is taught me is don't be held back if you know you are better than someone don't let them hold you back, that is the message the kids of today should be going by.


Craig pauses for a few seconds before wrapping.


CVD: So Gringo I hope it's worth it tonight because you will have to sleep tonight with the knowledge that you didn't deserve that Hall Of Fame induction over me.


We picture fades out to............

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... a backstage corridor. In shot Sickness is facing to the left, taking to someone just off screen.


Sickness: So tonight is the Evil Pingu appreciation night. I can dig that. Last year I had a special night here in the UK, so nothing wrong with a Pingu one… just remember I got one first.


Sickness grins a little at what he sees as a playful jab.


S: So what I wanted to say is this, there have been a lot of excellent matches over the years, we’ve seen Gringo versus just about everyone who has ever been of note in pro wrestling. But as we both know, its not the ring work that makes someone popular. No, someone like you knows that its what happens back here.


The Sick One hesitates for a second and holds his side, something is still bothering him from his run ins with The Chav.


S: We’ve seen some of the greatest segments and promos back here, and its all thanks to you. Remember that this night is all possible thanks to what you have achieved. I just wanted you to know that despite our many disagreements I have a lot of respect for you, and if you ever need my help I’ll be there as soon as possible. Thank you for showing us the way, thank you for making us all want to be better, and most of all thank you for being you.


The camera turns to the side to give us a glimpse of who Sickness was talking to. And there, looking smug and flattered in equal measures is the legendary Dr Pepper machine!


Sickness lunges forwards and embraces the vending machine and we cut to an advert for Wrestlenova.

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we cut straight from the WrestleNova Video package to another pre-taped segment, the test informs us that the following footage took place on Wednesday. We find ourselves in what appears to be a very busy Chinese precinct on market day. In the middle of the crowded plaza stands (or in one case looms) Brice "the Million" Perrino and Barry Gower. Many of the natives are staring in awe at the massive frame of Gower who simply stares back at them until they run away.


BG: Ok Brice, are you going to tell me why you've dragged us to the middle of Beijing?


BP: Just another step on your road to perfection Bro. I;ve organised something that should test you to your limits.


BG: So what is it this time? Martial arts? Am I going to be taking on some Bruce Lee types to improve my agility?


BP: ..... not quite. I'm just waiting on someone special to turn up.


Brice bends down and scans his I-pad flicking between some screens until he finds what he's looking for. From the shot we can see something resembling Google Maps with a red which appears to be moving towards the centre of the screen.


BP: In fact here she is now.


Running up to the two westerners comes a small Chinese child who appears to have some kind of device in their hand. She bows to both men.


Kid: 您好


BP: Hey there Kid. Right then B-ski this is your training partner for today.


BG: You're kidding? What is this kid going to do for me? Clean my house? Sell me their older sister?


BP: Well perhaps things may become a bit clearer when I introduce her to you. Barry Gower I would like to introduce you to..... Barry Gower.


The little girl holds out a hand respectfully towards the towering Irish man who rather confusedly shakes the tiny paw in his huge hand.


BG: This little girl is called Barry Gower?


BP: As of this morning indeed she is.


BG: She a fan or something?


BP: Not exactly....


Brice turns to the small child and hands her an envelope.


BP: 在這裡你走.


The child excitedly grabs the envelope and immediately dashes off down the street. Gower looks a little perplexed at the exchange.


BG: So what did you just give her?


BP: Your plane ticket.




BP: Yeah, if she gets to the airport before you then she gets a free ride to the USA and I've set up an adoption agency to meet her at the other end and find her a family. If you don't catch her then you've got a very long way to walk to get back home. Fast little thing isn't she.


Barry stares open mouthed at his manager before taking a quick look and seeing exactly how far away little girl Gower has got. He takes gives Brice a very dirty look before dashing off down the street bowling passers by out of the way.


BG: I'm going to kill you Brice!!


Perrino gives himself a smug satisfied smile before checking back on his I-pad. The Red dot is streaking away from the centre of the screen but now is being followed by a blue dot.


BP: Right, that's the stamina training sorted.


The Million checks his watch before walking across the street to a small alley way. He leans against the wall and counts down to himself from 5. Dead on 1 the small girl pops out of the alley way in front of him with a huge smile on her face.


BP: Did you pass the beacon on to your sister?


The Little girl answers in a very strong New Jersey accent.


Kid: Of course, just like you said.


BP: Perfect, there's a little extra cash in the envelope for you. Say hi to your parents when you get back and tell them I'll pop into one of their restaurants next time I'm in Alpine.


Kid: You got it cousin Brice.


The little girl strips off her ragged clothes to reveal New York Mets jersey and Addidas shorts and the runs off. Brice settles himself onto a chair outside a nearby café and continues to monitor Gower's progress on his I-pad.


The scene fades to...

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#4 - Becoming The Iron Man


WrestleNova IV - live from the Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida


The Evil Gringo and Barry Gower fought for an hour in one of the most astounding Iron Man matches ever seen in American wrestling.


We fade into a shot of an empty Citrus Bowl, ring in the middle, the seats empty…. All except one where the Gringo, reflective it seems sits while his voice floats over the top…


EG: This Sunday will be the hardest day of my life… it’ll be the furthest and the hardest I think I will ever have to drive myself…


We fade out into the back of the arena where Gower is lifting weights but his voice can be heard as if we are reading his mind…


BG: This Sunday will be my chance to prove who the real man is… who the real living legend of this business is… to finally put all my demons to bed…


We fade our as Gower sits the heavy bar down on its rest and we cut into a shot of Bret Hart…


BH: When you go out there… on the grandest stage of them all and you see all those people, you feel that electricity… that’s what keeps you going, that’s what makes you drive on and on and one…


We wipe out of Bret’s interview into the shot of HBK, holding his arms aloft, title in hand… suddenly the screen splits and Michaels as his now appears on screen…


SM: Looking back on that night, on this type of match… nothing ever prepares you for the sheer… enormity of it… the limits you will have to face and push and push and push just to keep going…


We fade out of Michael’s speech to some clips of the old Ironman matches from the days of yore… We see Michaels nail the Super Kick on Hart… Low Ki hit Daniels with the Ki Krusher on the way to becoming the first RoH champion, HHH and Rock nose to nose and finally the image of long retired TWOStars hero Brett Banner stood tall with the TWOStars World title before fading out to everyone’s wrestler…


HHH: I’ve in two of these matches, not the fake ass half an hour and that’s it matches… no The Game has been in there for an hour straight against some of the biggest names ever in this business and at the end of it all… I stood tall and nothing… nothing… can fill you with more pride then knowing that you are that…. damn… good…


Finally we fade back into a split shot of Gower and Gringo, both looking reflectively, their thoughts no doubt on what awaits…


EG: This Sunday…


BG: Ironman…


EG: This ese, is for honour…


BG: …for pride…


EG: …all out…


BG: …nothing held back…


EG: This homes…


BG & EG: Is our destiny….


We fade out of the package and into the full, live and loud Citrus Bowl…


JS: What a match this promises to be… two career long rivals, men from different backgrounds, different styles who share just one thing – the total hatred they feel for one another…


PH: That’s right Joey and through all the Last Man Standing matches, the Fall Count Anywhere matches, the Rumble match, the King of the Mountain match… these past few months these men have done it all together in the pursuit of dealing pain to each other and tonight, tonight they take it that one step further, that one step beyond hatred… tonight Joey, these two men are trying to use each other as a stepping stone into the pages of history…


JS: There has never been a one on one Ironman match in the history of this company, this, right here, is a first and what a place and what an event to pull it off…


PH: That’s right… you saw there some of the great men in this sport who have been through what these two men are about to go through and have seen what it can do for your career…. Question is do these two men know just what they have let themselves in for?


JS: Where about to find out… as we are joined here live in the Citrus Bowl by none other then Coheed and Cambria AND Megadeth… but first over to Howard Finkel for the introductions…


HF: Ladies and gentleman… the following contest is an IRONMAN match!




HF: To win this match you must earn as many points as possible in the sixty minute time limit… these can be earned by pinfall, submission, knock out, count out and if your opponent is disqualified by the referee… at the end of the sixty minutes the wrestler with the most points is the winner…


Coheed over on the stage take up their positions and Claudio Sanchez, hair massive as always, starts to strum out the opening Spanish Guitar licks of ‘Welcome Home’ as the arena lights shut down…


HF: Introducing first…. from Rochdale, Manchester, England…. weighing in at two hundred, twenty five pounds… he is the MEXICAN SENSATION…. THE EEEEVVVVIIILLLL GRRRIIINNNNGGGGOOOOOO!


A spot light searches around the massive arena looking for the Sensation but to no avail….


JS: The Gringo teasing the fans right now…


PH: How in the hell has he managed to hide out here?

















JS: There he is!


Up above the ring Gringo stands on a platform attached to the lighting rig…


PH: How in the hell did he get up there?!?!


Gringo leaps and glides down into the ring, using his safety cable to guide and restrain him as he lands on the mat below, the cheers of the sold out mega-dome cascading around him as the spot light follows him down…


JS: The Evil Gringo, no stranger to big events, no stranger to WrestleNova… after all it was he who was in the main event of the first ever WrestleNova where at the age of just nineteen he claimed the World Title…


PH: But that was a straight match, one on one, a fall to a finish… this… this on the other hand is something else…


JS: This is Gringo’s fourth… count it… fourth WrestleNova and the fourth different type of match he has participated in… single, cage, last man standing and now… Ironman…


Coheed finish up playing the shortened version of their epic track and now Dave Mustane and his crew stride to their positions on the other side of the ramp… Mustane holds his hand in the air before leading his band mates into the charge of ‘Kill the King’


HF: Introducing now, from the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland… weighing in at two hundred eighty five pounds… he is ‘The Master of Pain’ BBBAARRYYYYY GGGGGOOOOWWWWWEEEERRRR


Gower emerges from the back on none other then a Harley…


PH: Look at Gower’s wheels…. man, now that is a sweet ride…


The crowd boo him and he lifts his head, acting aloof as he revs the engine and heads down the long ramp way to the ring…


JS: Gower despite all this pomp and music and everything looks so focused…


PH: Of course he is… he’s a machine Joey, a wrestling machine, one of a kind…


Gower skids to a halt at the bottom the ramp and pulls up at the side of the ring, stopping to salute Mustane and then whipping off his leather jacket and throwing it down on his ride…


JS: Referee Nick Patrick in there with Gringo, what an assignment this could turn out to be…


PH: Stuck in the middle of those two men, arguing over every call, fighting tooth and nail? No thank you Joey…


Gower turns to face the ring and leaps onto the apron, tugging at the top rope as he lands on there….





…which sends massive pyro shooting out off all four corners, sending Patrick cowering whilst Gringo stands there… unfazed as Megadeth finish their rousing rendition and head to the back…


JS: The wait is over… Gower and Gringo… WrestleNova…


Patrick calls for the bell….




JS: …and here we are at last, the match to settle all of these men’s differences… the match to decide once and for all, on the grandest stage of them all just who the better man is…


PH: That’s a mute point straight away… the better man is, was and always will be Barry…


JS: So people may disagree…


PH: Some people may be idiots, who am I to Judge…


JS: Anyhow… both of these men starting off a little cautiously here…


PH: Well that’s just smart Joey, they have to do what so few people actually do in their career and that is go, none stop, balls to the wall for a whole hour…


JS: Gringo going after the arm here as the two tie up and that is not much of a surprise…


PH: Well no seen as Gower has the power advantage, the reach and also several of his key moves require the full use of this arm….


JS: Gringo here goes into the hammer lock and takes it down to the canvas…. He’s trying to move around into the cross armbreaker position but Gower… headscissors out here and Gringo has to break…


PH: See that’s the thing, Gringo may be good on the mat but the fact is Gower can wrestle just as well on the mat and standing up too….


JS: They go to standing lock up again here… hammerlock once more from Gringo but Gower counters… waistlock here from the first ever King of the Mountain and Gringo… manages to get out and slaps on a headlock… taken over to the mat and once more Gower headscissors out again…


Gringo backs up and Gower smiles and taps his head…


JS: Gower thinking he's thrown Gringo off his game with those two counters, trying to say everything you think of I’ve already thought of just that one step quicker…


PH: The fact is Joey, both of these men know each other so well, they know their preferred targets, their preferred moves, the counters to every hold they can summon up… this is as even a contest you could get – until that is someone gets tired…


JS: Good point Paulie…


PH: I know it is, I made it…


JS: …this is a match like no other… no rest breaks, an hour where both men just have to go at it and test their strength, stamina and guts to the limit and when they are right at the edge they have to be that extra bit more sure, that extra bit more careful…


Gringo goes back to the arm and demonstrates persistence and patience as the two finally lock up once more…


JS: Gringo with a hip toss like move there… quickly into the pin!














PH: Pa! Not even a two count there…


JS: But right now it’s not the closeness of the near falls… it’s all down to making your opponent expend energy, to get into their head and test them as much as you can…


Gower switches out as the two lock up once more and looks for the waistlock again before dropping down and taking the legs of Gringo…


PH: Ankhell Lock! Ankhell Lock!


Gringo manages to get away from the Master of Pain’s grip before he can fully lock it in, using his speed to his advantage… they both pop back up…


JS: …Gringo managed to escape there and goes back to the headlock, trying to smother Gower, to stop his momentum…


Gower throws him off into the ropes…


JS: Drop toehold… he’s looking for the Ankhell Lock again!


PH: Synch it in Barry! Go on!


JS: …no! Gringo gets away from him again… He's still at nearly 100%. Here Paulie, there is no way at this stage he is going to let himself become trapped in such a damaging hold…


Gower takes a moment to assess the crowd as both men stand up and face off and taps his head suggesting he thinks he's got Gringo’s game down and has him right where he wants him…


PH: But it’s making Gringo scramble Joey, use his energy and giving him something to worry about… even if he doesn’t get the Ankle maybe, just maybe, Gringo will be that worried by his attempts that Barry will be able to catch him off guard somewhere else…


JS: Like the Hammer?


PH: Exactly… and no matter if your 100% or not, if Barry hits you with that then it’s one, two, three and chalk one up on the board for the King…


Gringo again moves into a lock up with Barry and slides into a waistlock and he holds on blocking the usual reversal as Gower takes it to the ropes, sending both men over…


JS: Gringo nearly with the roll up there and he is making Gower earn his escape here…


Gower gets out and picks off Gringo's leg looking again for the Ankhell Lock to which Gringo responds…


JS: Enzigu… no! Duck by Gower but Gringo lands on his feet…


The Sensation pushes away with his foot into the gut of Gower, rolling forward and back onto his feet, his quickness just about keeping him one step head of the Master of Pains intentions…


JS: Gringo laying the bad mouth here…


PH: What do expect Joey… typical Latino, can’t get the better of someone with his actions so he resorts to his big mouth… a dollar says he calls Gower a chico…


Gower looks right at Gringo, eyes steely cold and his face unmoved which just annoys Gringo further… he pushes Gower’s barrel like chest and so the first ever King of the Mountain responds… and punches him right onto his ass!


JS: Gringo looks riled as we are now just five minutes in….


PH: Look at Gringo… he’s dying to let rip and go out all guns blazing…


JS: …and what’s wrong with that?


PH: That’s what Gower wants, look at him, he’s practically begging him to because even if Gringo gets a short lived advantage using his anger, even if he does fluke a pin fall the fact is he will be tired out and Gower, the smart man that he is, well he long term he knows that won’t matter and that’s what you have to do in this match, think about the long term goal….


JS: Both guys ready to fist fight…. They lock up instead….


PH: See… Gringo knew he couldn’t risk it… he knew that he if got all riled up then he’d get just what he got last week when he was too concerned in protecting his precious Mamacita…

JS: Now we both know Gower bent the rules a bit there…


PH: No, he used them to his advantage, he was being smart, just like he is right now…


Gower now uses the headlock to get control and Gringo can't seem to counter out, the former UnitedContentinental champion using his power to clamp it in tight…


JS: Interesting little psychological battle here…. It was Gringo using the headlock before and getting no joy and now Gower has it in tight and when Gringo gets it back to standing he can't throw Gower off because he's too strong….


PH: See, smart… he isn’t just a Master of Pain by name Joey, he’s the master because that’s the level of his degree…


JS: Degree?!?


PH: Yep, Gower has a Masters in pain…


Gringo manages to get to vertical base once more but finds himself flipped over in the headlock takedown and now Gower leans in…


JS: Cover here!














JS: …and a kick out from Gringo…


PH: Now Gringo is having to waste energy kicking out of a headlock, just a simple headlock Joey… looking at that how can you even compare these men when is so obvious who is a damn sight better…


JS: He gets back to standing but gets whipped back over… Gower is just in complete control here…


Gringo tries the headscissors but can't get anywhere near to it on the mat and has to resort to digging his feet in and clawing his way up once more…


JS: Back to standing once more… Gringo can’t shift Gower…. so he strikes him instead!


PH: Now that’s the cheap way out!


JS: Gringo with the elbows into the ribs to break it up… he pushes Gower off the ropes… but he runs through him with a shoulderblock! And goes back to the headlock again!


PH: Every move Gringo makes, ever action he carries out that man right there, Barry Gower, has the perfect and correct reaction… no man in this company except maybe Twiggie has a better record against Gringo, no one…


Crowd gets the chants going as Gower and the Sensation continue to grapple on the mat….




Gringo now tries to wristlock out but Gower is wise to it and counters it back and headlocks Gringo once more and takes him back down….


JS: It seems that right now that might just be the case… Gringo needs to up the pace here, he needs to make this the kind of match where he can make a mark with his high impact…


PH: …and then what? One fall is just one fall Joey, it is nothing in the context of this match if there is forty minutes to go and you’ve just worn yourself out to get it…


Gringo realises striking is the way to go and punches his way out finally of the headlock… he grabs a hold of Gower’s arm and tries to whip him off the ropes but the man from Norn Iron reverses…


PH: Ouch!


JS: Gower with a mighty short arm clothesline there…. Cover!










JS: Kick out from Gringo and… straight back into the headlock from Gower… he’s just frustrating the hell out of the Mexicutioner here…


PH: Well he told Gringo to bring his A Game and the fact is when Gower is on, and tonight he is, well there is no one better in that ring at the science of pro-wrestling…


Gringo manages to stand once more, the effort from it all draining him as Gower uses his weight and leverage advantage…. He reaches up though and elbows Gower in the jaw and finally gets some distance away from his control….


JS: Gringo now forces Gower into the corner and….




JS: Knife edged chop from Gringo… and another… and another…


PH: Gringo may well re-learn a very important lesson tonight…


JS: What’s that?


PH: You do not chop Gower…


Gringo unloads more chops on the barrel like chest of the B-Man, the skin on the Belfast native’s chest turning an angry shade of red… he finally spins round and slings an almighty chop into the neck of Gower, stunning the bigger man before backing off…


JS: Gringo with the charge… and he runs into a boot from Gower…. LARIAT! Lariat out of the corner from Gower! Cover!















PH: Told you… that’s what you call a receipt…


JS: Gringo is down holding his jaw… and Gower goes right back to the headlock!


PH: He has a plan Joey and he’s sticking to it and ask yourself this… how many times has Gringo been able to kick Gower? Huh? How many times has he been able to quicken the pace and take to the air and use his skills?


JS: Well….


PH: The answer is none Joey… and that’s the beauty of this plan. Barry uses his weight, his leverage and makes Gringo sweat and tire for every opening only to slam the door in his face because he’s just too damn fresh…


Gower takes Gringo down once more with the headlock takedown and releases…


JS: Gower letting go… why would he…


PH: Simple, he knows he has wound Gringo up like a spring and now he’s going to let him uncoil, wait for him to fall and pick up the pieces… I’m telling you…


Gringo does indeed snap to his feet and straight away goes toe to toe with Gower, slinging a few BIG chops into the Master of Pain’s already reddened chest before hitting a big left roundhouse through his guard as well… he bounces off the ropes…


JS: Gower with the shoulderblock! Gringo to his feet…. And another from Gower!


Gringo bounces back to his feet and the momentum from doing so bounces him off the ropes… Gower runs to meet him…


JS: CAP IT O…. Oooohhhhhhh…. Gringo nearly caught Gower unaware there…


Gower steps out of the way and frowns as Gringo swings back around… but not quick enough…




JS: Gower looking for the Hammer here on Gringo… look at the Sensation fight it, he wants no part of it!


Gringo senses an escape…


JS: Gringo grabs the ropes! Gower has to let him go and my god that was close for the Sensation…


PH: That’s a near death experience right there…


JS: We are fifteen minutes here and out of the two men it seems Gower is the one who is closer to gaining that elusive first fall…


PH: He’s done everything as perfect as you can do in this kind of match, he has it all planned in his head like a chess grandmaster… everything you have seen unfold so far is because Barry has made it happen…


JS: What even Gringo’s missing so he could nearly sneak in the Hammer?


PH: Well he wound Gringo up… he made him make that rash decision by frustrating him and try something reckless and right there you saw the end result…


JS: But Gringo escaped…


PH: For now Joey, for now…


Gringo rests against the ropes for a second, his eyes seemingly showing a man in urgent recalculation of his aims as Gower stands in the middle of the ring, calm and cool, a little sweat on his brow but never the less a lot better off then Gringo…


JS: Gringo just can’t seem to get going, he can’t seem to find his focus because every time he thinks there is an opening, every time he senses a hole in the wall it just gets slammed shut…


PH: Marvellous… what work by Barry here…


Gower manages to slide past an errant elbow attempt from Gringo and is back on the Sensation, working the headlock again…


JS: Gringo just completely frustrated here… he manages to stay on his feet here, he’s not letting Gower take it back down to the mat… he gets out with strikes and now he is firing up with the elbows…


Gower is taken a back and is forced into the corner once more… Gringo is unrelenting however…


JS: Gringo winds it up…




JS: …and thunders another chop into the chest of Gower…


PH: Does he not remember what happened last time? Did Gower hit him THAT hard?


Gringo isn’t content to just chop away at Gower this time though… instead he starts to sling everything at him bar the kitchen sink…


JS: …middle kick… chop… elbow… back elbow… middle kick again! Gringo is just unloading with everything he has on Gower right now…


The first ever King of the Mountain is rattled and drops to a knee… Gringo quickly snap mares him over and stamps on his face….


JS: Hmmm… the crowd a bit unsure of what to make of that from Gringo… not exactly what’d you’d call a sporting gesture…


PH: It’s the biggest show of the year and Barry has just been schooling his ass on the mat for the past twenty minutes making him look like a chump… Gringo is human Joey, sub-human maybe but part of him is man enough to know that sometimes you gotta ignore these rat mats and go with what you want…


JS: Even if it is breaking the rules?


PH: Especially if it’s breaking the rules…


Gringo chops away some more as Gower rises to his feet, each one stunning the bigger man but not keeping him down… in fact as the Belfast Powerhouse’s chest gets redder so does his face…


JS: Gower not looking too thrilled right now… and he EXPLODES on Gringo… lefts, rights, back and forth... these two just took it up a notch here!


Gower’s heavy handed sluggers get the advantage and he whips the Sensation off the ropes…


JS: Gringo comes back off the ropes… ducks under… he come back around…


PH: OUCH! Did you see that!


JS: Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker from Gower and Gringo is down again! Cover!
























JS: …and another kick out from Gringo…


PH: Do you know how much energy it takes to push nearly three hundred pounds off your chest AFTER a big knee has just knocked the air out of you?


JS: I imagine it’s a lot…


PH: Your damn right Joey and look at Gringo… sweating, breathing heavily… and now look at the man who was forced into this match… look at the man who followed Gringo’s wishes…


The camera pans into Gower as he hauls Gringo off the canvas…


PH: Not a bit of stress or excess perspiration on him and why? Because he is the perfect athlete that’s why… no flash in the pan spot monkey like that Pingu in there…


JS: Be that as it may I still feel Gringo has it in him to go all the sixty…


PH: If you count the parts where he will be out cold on his ass to all the parts where is standing and gasping for breath then, yeah, maybe he will go sixty…


JS: *Ignoring Heyman* Gower has Gringo back to his feet now… he hooks him in the Double Chickenwing… TIGER SUPLEX! Bridged over!




















Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


JS: Gringo just kicks out before the three!


PH: C’mon… that was three surely?


Gower gives Patrick a questioning look before climbing to his feet and stalking the Sensation…


JS: The pace is quickening here at last and unfortunately for Gringo it’s all in that man, Barry Gower’s favour…


The B-Man continues to stalk Gringo wanting something big as the former three times world champion rises to his feet…


JS: Gringo slow to his feet here… he turns… Gower with the kick to the gut doubling him over… POWERBOMB!


PH: That shook the ring!


JS: Cover by Gower….




















PH: Are you kidding me!


JS: Gringo AGAIN kicks out… we are nearly half an hour in here and still Gower can’t pin his shoulder to the mat… surely frustration has got to set in sometime for Gower… I mean he’s controlled the action, he’s hit some big moves, he has Gringo completely on the back foot and yet still ever cover is answered with a two count…


PH: But notice it is talking longer and longer for Gringo to kick out… notice how it is more a roll of the shoulder then a kick out with power now and realise Joey that Gower will stay there for fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds if need be to get that pinfall and believe you me, he will get that pinfall….


Gower takes a breather and takes in some nice big gasps of air as the Sensation, a lot more worst for wear it seems, rises to his feet… as Gower closes the gap back up however Gringo fires off once more…


JS: Gringo once more with those short, sharp, stinging chop… right to the bruised chest of the former King of the Mountain…


Gower nails a big knee lift to the gut once more that sends Gringo back a step, the Master of Pain charges…


JS: Gringo ducks… neckbreaker! Out of no where Gringo at last manages to take Gower down!


The Sensation is trying to his feet as quickly as he can to press home his new found advantage, however the much fresher B-Man is also to his feet quickly and the two collide again in the centre of the ring…





JS: Chops once more from Gringo…




PH: Closely followed by those thunderous right hands from Barry…




















JS: Finally Gringo gets some momentum! Dropkick to the knee!


Gower falls to the mat and smacks his face off it has his knee buckles under the impact… Gringo quickly runs past him and slides out onto the apron…


JS: Gringo has at last found an opening here! Gower is reeling… he rises and Gringo is ready…. Springboard Dropkick! Ode to KENTA connects and Gower is down!


PH: It’s all flash and no substance… you’ll see… it’s a passing moment…


Gringo rises to his feet a bit quicker though as the surge of the crowd’s noise, which has grown in volume and rabidness, fills his bones and lifts him…


JS: Gower is also up but he doesn’t look so calm and collected now as Gringo kicks away at him here….


The Sensation pastes Gower in the ribs and arm a few times with some hard kicks before grabbing a hold of the B-Man and hoisting him up…


JS: Slam from the Gringo but that seems to have hurt his back…..


PH: What do expect? It’s bear nearly half an hour and toil and stress for him and then he has to lift nearly three hundred pounds of solid muscle?


Gringo holds his back with his left arm and raises his right in the air to the cheers of the capacity Citrus Dome crowd as once more Gower rises to his feet…


JS: Gringo is ready… He’s hooks Gower…. EXPLODER!


The Master of Pain becomes friendly with that exact sensation as he bounces off the mat, shoulders and head first and flops down unmoving…


JS: Gringo is still feeling that back… where’s he going… up top! Gringo is climbing up top!


The Mexicutioner slowly makes his way to the top of the buckles looking down over Gower…




PH: Stupid spot monkey… YOU’VE GOT HIM DOWN! For Gods sake Joey, what is he thinking…?


The Sensation pauses at the top before leaping into the air….


























JS: Kickout from Gower but Gringo looks like he is right back in this and the crowd are on their feet urging him on….




Gower is trying to regain his footing and crawl back up as Gringo awaits him in the corner…


JS: Barry is back to a knee…. Gringo charges… SHINGING WIZARD! NO! Gower ducks!


The Sensation over shoots his target and has no time to even think about his next move as The B-Man grabs his arms and slides over…


JS: Backslide! Backslide!






















PH: Did he get it?


JS: No! Two count! Gringo is back up… Gower is as well… Gower charges… and burns!


The Master of Pain charges but misses with the flying shoulder and flies out under the ropes. He's down and hurt on the outside as inside the ring the Mexicutioner taps his head…


PH: No! Barry what are you doing… stick to the game plan! The game plan god dammit!


JS: Gower is almost back to his feet and boy oh boy he doesn’t look as fresh now… Gringo is running…


The Sensation hurtles across the ring and leaps over the top rope aiming right for the Master of Pain who turns and sees Gringo flying through the air…


JS: WHAT STRENGTH! Gower just plucked him outta the air like nothing! He’s gonna run him into the post…. NO! Gringo squirms out and runs Gower into the steps! Both guys down again and we hit halfway here!


We get a replay of Gower landing on his arm after having it ram into the steel post as in the corner we see the clock tick down past the thirty mark….


JS: Gower is hurting right now and that's now Gringo's focus…. He is on that arm like a shark after blood…


PH: My god… is Gringo actually using his head at last?






JS: It’s seems so he just RAMS Gower’s shoulder into the ring steps….


Gringo isn’t done as he reaches down and hauls the bigger man up once more…


JS: and he throws Gower’s arm into the post as well! Gringo just looks to be happier now, not much I admit but he has a target, something to focus on at last…


The Sensation rolls back into the ring and grabs Gower’s arm as it lies upon the apron, which of course he drops a knee on for funnsies…


JS: It’s only taken him thirty minutes but Gringo may have at last found the answer to all his problems…


PH: Easy there Joey… has he taken the lead yet? Has he managed to get Barry in a position where you just thought, that’s it? No, he hasn’t and a little arm pain for Gower will not change that at all…


Gringo rolls back out to the outside and hauls Gower back into the ring by his tights in one hand and his hair in the other… unrelenting he hangs the Master of Pain’s arm up on the middle rope…

PH: Aw c’mon ref… that’s illegal!


Gringo sits down on the shoulder with all his might, leaping into the air first before crashing down into the joint and sending Gower recoiling away in pain, clutching at the limb like an injured bird tucks in its wing….


JS: Hammerlock here from Gringo and Gower is grounded now, the shoe it seems is one the other foot now…


PH: Well Gower put on such a clinic that it is impossible for that jumping bean NOT to have learned something…


Gower retorts to pulling hair in an effort to break the hold…


JS: Hey c’mon!


Undeterred Gringo shoots the half for and rolls Gower up….



















JS: …and Gringo once more so close to taking that all important first fall here…


The Sensation keeps rolling Gower into a pin but the Master of Pain, no slouch on the mat himself will not let his shoulder rest… Annoyed at this lack of progress Gringo resorts to knees into the arm instead…


JS: Gringo is just all over that arm… and maybe Paulie it seems Gower’s own frustrations got the better of him…


PH: What?


JS: Well he upped the tempo… he was the one that strayed from the mat and it could be argued his lack of success in putting Gringo away meant he attempted to push it too far and ended up being punished…


PH: Gringo just got lucky… that’s all…


JS: ….well maybe that’s what you need in this match… anyone who is going in there for this long and with his much at stake needs all the luck they can?


Gringo has once more switched it round into the hammerlock but Gower is fighting back, trying to earn his release and finally he powers out and manages to bring them both back to a standing start… and slams Gringo down as he switches round and into the a hip toss with his good arm….


PH: Joey… who needs luck when you have that kind of skill? Huh?


JS: Gringo is down… Elbow drop from Gower…. misses and he just landed on his bad arm!


Gringo kicks him in the shoulder but Gower soaks in the blows until one BIG roundhouse sends him back and off the ropes…


JS: Clothesline…. and another…. make that three! Shoulderblock…. Suddenly it’s Gower having to respond from the back foot


PH: …and what a response it is!


JS: Gringo is rocked here… Gower has him… Vertical Suplex and he hangs on!


PH: I think its time for Gringo to take a walk…


Gower hauls Gringo back up to his feet and then over and down with another text book vertical…


PH: …down the lonely and painful…


Gower once more holds on and turns over, maintaining the grip on the Sensation with his good arm and hauling back up and into the air with once more picture perfect vertical…




B-Man tries to shake out his arm pain while Gringo is down…


JS: Look though… that arm is STILL troubling him…


PH: Minor hindrance Joey… minor…


Gower stalks the former three time World Champ as he rises, winded from his little road trip… as he climbs to his feet with his back to the Master of Pain he finds himself lifted into the air…




Gringo wriggles in the hold though as Gower tries to set himself… Gringo senses a chance to counter and kicks away at the sore shoulder of the Bazman and slides down his back once more…


JS: Gringo avoids it… THRUST KICK! NO! Ducked by Gower…. Knee to the gut…. FILLER! FILLER FROM Gower!


The former Pure champ hoists a winded Gringo into the air from the gut wrench position and swings him round and down into a powerbomb despite the pain in his arm… he delays on impact however before sliding into the cover…
























JS: NO! Gringo kicks out of the Filler…. My god where did that one come from?



Gower looks at Patrick in frustration and looks up at the clock…


JS: Look Paulie… somehow we have no falls and we are forty minutes…


PH: It’s just a testament to how well these guys know each other… every big move bar a few has been countered… every attacker countered right back…


JS: Gower here has a new idea though… he has Gringo back on his feet… he’s runs him over to the ropes…




JS: …and tosses him to the floor…


Gower follows after him as Patrick is unsure if he should count or not….


PH: What is that idiot of a ref thinking… what would be the point of counting both men out? I mean come on… that would just make it one a piece?!?!


JS: Patrick just doesn’t know what to do but Gower has an idea…


Gower hauls Gringo to his feet and buries his shoulder into the Sensations gut before driving the Mexicutioner back first into the post to boo’s from the crowd…


JS: …and now it seems Gower has applied his focus…


PH: Now? Have you been watching the same match as me? The backbreaker… The Powerbomb… The Filler… slowly but surely Gower is just taking Gringo’s back apart like a machine…


Back inside now and Gower covers Gringo….
























JS: ….and so close again!


PH: It’s only a matter of time now Joey… look at how focused Barry has become…


The Master of Pain clubs away with big forearm shots and Gringo arches his back and cries out in agony… he quickly hooks the arm of the Sensation over his head…


JS: Gringo blocking it here… but Gower clubs at the back once more… He powers him up....


The Most Sadistic Son of B*tch in the business today holds Gringo for a second with his good arm before twisting him around onto his shoulder and dropping down, jarring Gringo’s back into his up turned knee…


PH: What innovation! What a Backbreaker!


Gringo looks in pain and grabs at his back big time after the impact with the Master of Pain’s knee… Gower sees it as a huge target and hooks up Gring with…





The massive tree trunk like arms of the B-Man are clasped tightly around the fallen Gringo’s torso, squeezing the very life out of him as the crowd become restless, trying to urge their favourite on…




JS: This massive crowd here in Florida demanding that Gringo carry on…


PH: Huh, and people call Barry sadistic… honestly…


Gower grinds Gringo down with it, tightening his grip even further as Nick Patrick leans in, asking Gringo if he wants to give up…






NP: Gringo… GRINGO! Give up? Give up Gringo?







JS: Gringo just will not give in… but look Paulie… he’s fading… maybe this is just too much to take so late in a battle…


NP: Gringo? GRINGO! Give up? C’mon Gringo what you say?




Gower starts to haul Gringo up a he still maintains his bear like grip on the Sensation… Gringo senses an opening…


JS: Gringo with is fighting it…. he elbows out! He’s free!






JS: …and he comes back with the chops, again, surely this is just desperation as there can’t be much on these now though….


Gringo grabs Gower’s arm and tries for the Irish Whip but sees it reversed….




Gringo collides with the buckles back first with all the velocity of a run away freight train and collapses to an agonised mass on the mat…


JS: Gower is back in complete control here… Gringo is hurt, he’s tired and he just has no answer…


The former Pure champion walks over to the fallen Gringo and hauls to him his feet before he powers him on up, to the top buckles… Gower follows soon after and hooks the Sensations arm over his head…


JS: Gower looking for a superplex…. This could finish it all right here as both men are just surely reaching the end of their tanks…


Gringo senses his plight and fights off the advance of the former United Continental champion with all his might…


JS: Gringo flips over Gower and lands on his feet behind him….


Gringo ducks back under Gower who is still stranded on the top rope with his back to the ring...



JS: POWERBOMB out of the corner and both guys down! We are at fifty minutes nearly… neither man has managed to get a fall… neither man has been able to pin the other man but my god what a battle of nerve, wit and guts this has been…


The Sensation is slowly rising to his feet, sweat pouring off him in vast quantities, red faced and wide eyed…


JS: Gringo is up…


Gower is stirring as well near the corner as the clock hits fifty minutes…


TC: Ladies and gentleman…. There is TEN minutes remaining…


JS: Tony Chimmel with the ten minutes warning here as Gringo stalks Gower…


PH: Both men as just so tired… just the thought of doing anything bar breathing is just pure agony…


Gringo watches as Gower climbs up to his vertical base in the corner… he charges in but Gower locks to backdrop him over the top and out… however Gringo has other ideas…


JS: The old Jack Briscoe roll up… Gringo has him pinned!



















Gower kicks and both men seem exhausted, clawing at the ropes to try and find there base, slowly rising before both men get back up to their feet…


JS: Gringo almost catching Gower out there.


PH: Almost isn’t good enough, Joey. Almost isn’t good enough.


Gringo looks to hit Gower with a short armed clothesline but The Master of Pain manages to duck underneath and takes Gringo into a waistlock, which is quickly reversed as the first ever King of the Mountain pulls Gringo into a waistlock of his own…


JS: Don’t tell me we are back to square one again….


PH: You never can tell with these two, Joey…


Gower releases the waistlock and hits Gringo with a clubbing blow right between the shoulder blades before lifting him into a torture rack position, which Gringo manages to wriggle free from before Gower can lock it in.


JS: Gringo avoids perhaps what would have been Hammer Time!


PH: You may have been right, Joey…. It would have been a STOP! Moment right there but that little chico…


Gringo now with Gower in the waistlock receives a hard elbow to the side of the head before The Master of Pain switches in behind Gringo …


PH: Gower looking for the Claw Hammer... But Gringo looks to switch…


JS: Gringo is fighting the suplex with every ounce of strength he has… He loops round and he’s got Gower in hammerlock… and a half nelson… Gringo pops his hips and sends the former two time TWOStars Champion over with the GringoPlex MkII! He holds on… he switches out of the hammer lock and looks to feed the arm through into a pumphandle position but Gower fights him, struggling to a grasp on his own position…


JS: Gower looking for the ropes to block the final part of the Tequila Hangover… he wants no part of the GringoPlex’s…


PH: Hahahahaha and he don’t need to… he just hip tossed Gringo like a sack of spuds!


Gringo springs back to his feet though with a surge of adrenaline and charges the B-Man as he tries to rise on one knee…


JS: Shining Wizard and this time he connects BIG TIME!


PH: God damn that bloody chico… come on Gower! Hammer time, Hammer time!


JS: Have you heard yourself…


Gringo looks down at the groggy and punch drunk ‘Future’ and decides it is time to take this upstairs… he climbs up top as Gower staggers round and on to his feet… Gringo is poised…


JS: DEATH STAR PRESS! Gringo just nailed the Death Star Press on Gower! He goes into the cover!

































JS: OH MY GOD! Gower just kicked out of the Death Star Press!


PH: YES! This is the proof you needed Joey, this man is the MACHINE, He is the Future!


The crowd are stunned as Gringo slaps the mat in frustration and looks at the referee like poor Nick Patrick is numerically challenged…


JS: Gringo is frustrated and who can blame him, I mean no one EVER kicks out of the Death Star…


PH: Yes but this is Gower, he is the Luke Skywalker of wrestling, and guess what Luke did? He killed the Death Star, just Gower tonight!


Gringo has had enough and hoists the limp Gower off the mat and looks to lift him on his shoulders… but not in an Electric Chair....


PH: He wouldn’t dare!


The crowd are going mad as Gringo looks to lift Gower in his own Hammer! The noise from the crowd has seemed to have awoken the ‘Master of Pain’ and he squirms and wriggles, not letting Gringo keep a clean grip…


JS: Gringo is fighting with all his might, he wants Gower to have a little Hammer Time of his own…


PH: Come on Barry!


Gower uses his larger bulk and manages to roll off the back of Gringo but is met with a boot on landing… The Mexicutioner calls for the end and hooks both of ‘The Future’s’ arms…






Gringo is not interested in the cover though and looks down at the fallen champion before pointing once more at the corner, the crowd roaring their approval, sensing their hero may just be seconds and more sensational move away from victory…


JS: Gringo has Gower down…. Look at the clock… look at it!


The clock is ticking down, second by second as the score remains at nil - nil…


JS: Gringo is climbing… Gringo is climbing…


Slowly but surely the Sensation is hoisting himself to the top as Gower, breathing heavily and sweat pouring from his body, continues to lay on the mat below…


JS: Gringo is up top… there is just two minutes left…. this could be it… this could be the final blow…


PH: C’mon Barry… C’MON!


The Sensation pauses for a second at the apex of the buckles, taking in a deep breath he rotates the index fingers of both hands around each other…


JS: No way… not now… he can’t be serious…


PH: What… what’s he gonna do… what the hell…


JS: If I’m right then Gringo is about to try the very same move that he defeated Twiggie with at Nova last year…


Gringo steps up to a standing position… he bobs down and leaps into the air…


JS: Gringo is airborne… he’s spinning!


Almost in slow motion the two hundred and twenty five pound frame of the Sensation tucks into a ball and spins…




PH: No way!








Gringo has gone round once and is still turning…




JS: ….HOLE….



The Sensation continues through another half rotation, levelling out and unfurling at great speed, his back pointing down at the Master of Pain…




JS: …PRE…. NO!


Gringo comes down at speed but at the last possible second the Future of the Business sticks up both of his knees, ignoring the risk of injury just to make sure Gringo cannot connect with the BHP…




JS: I can’t believe that… Gower just nearly snapped Gringo in two with both those knees right to the damaged and abused spine of the Sensation…


Gringo writhes in agony on the mat, holding his back and rolling over and over as the Master of Pain climbs this feet, his eyes focused and locked on the form of the Gringo and with evil intentions in mind…


JS: Gower had Gringo’s legs now… he’s not is he?


The Future sticks Gringo’s left foot into the back of his knee, right into the pit of the joint and clasps it there before looking to turn over…


PH: He is Joey… he is….


Gower manages to snap the Sensation over and posts his knee right into the Gringo’s shoulder blades as the clock ticks down…



JS: TORTURE DISPENSER! Gower has Gringo locked in the Torture Dispenser!



The former King of the Mountain has the Sensation trapped in the centre of the ring, knee between the Gringo’s shoulder blades, the Mexicutioner’s tired and ravaged back not allowing him to muster the strength required to make a push for the ropes…






JS: The sold out crowd in the Citrus Dome is one it’s feet… they don’t want this to end… they can’t bear to see Gringo give in!



The referee hovers around Gringo looking for any sign of submission…









PH: It’s getting nearer… Gringo is going to be snapped in two!



The clock now has thirty seconds left to go as the crowd are losing their minds…



JS: Listen to this crowd… listen to them!






Gringo’s hand hovers over the canvas, his eyes darting this way and that, his teeth gritted so tightly they almost seem ready to pop from his gums…



JS: The crowd may be doing their best but Gringo may have no choice here…



The clock winds down…. Twenty seconds left now…



PH: Crank it Barry…. Crank it!



JS: Gringo is fading… he’s managed not to tap but with all the pain in his back and with all the pressure this hold is placing on him I don’t think he can stand it… I think he is gonna pass out!






Gower rocks right back in the hold, bending Gringo’s legs almost over the Sensations own head as he desperately tries to get that decisive point…












Crowd: TEN…







JS: This is nearly it… can Gringo hold on?!?!








Crowd: NINE!








PH: He’s so close… c’mon Barry… one last bit of effort… one last try!








Crowd: EIGHT!






JS: Referee Nick Patrick is checking on the Sensation… is he still moving? Can you see?







Crowd: SEVEN!






PH: Call it ref! Quick! Call it!







Crowd: SIX!






Gringo’s eyes have rolled to the back of his head but he is still wiggling his finger, telling Patrick not yet… he isn’t done…






Crowd: FIVE!






JS: Just FIVE seconds left here and Gringo is trying to hold on for dear life!






Crowd: FOUR






PH: Just give in Gringo…. you’ve had a good go, you’ve lasted the hour… just give in…








Crowd: THREE!


















JS: Gringo is going to survive… is he? Is he… I can’t tell…















Crowd: TWO!















Gringo is holding his left hand with his right, teeth clinched, face a picture of anguish….
















Crowd: ONE….








JS: Just one second….



























JS: It’s over! My god! Some how, some way Gringo survived!


PH: It’s not over…. Look at the referee and Gower….


The Master of Pain is remonstrating with Nick Patrick and demanding something… the first ever King of the Mountain heads down to ringside and grabs a mic…


BG: Listen to me you maggot… I had him BEAT! I can beat him and I will… all I want is five more minutes… you hear me you son of a bitch, five more god damn minutes!


Patrick is waving his arms stating it’s not his call…. he points at Gringo and mouths something…


BG: What? It’s up to the little cripple I have left in the middle of that ring? Here…


Gower throws the mic into the ring and tells Patrick to ask Gringo…


JS: Who the hell does Gower think he is… he had sixty minutes, a whole hour to win and he couldn’t get the job, neither man could and now he wants more time…


PH: Well I guess it’s down to Gringo… he was the one who asked for this match, he wanted to show who the better was… now is his chance…


JS: Just call it a damn draw and have done with it go gods sake…




PH: Listen to the crowd Joey… they want Gringo to carry one, they AGREE with Gower…


Patrick brings the mic over to Gringo up is up to a knee and is using the ropes for support such is the strain that the match has wrought on his body… the Sensation clasps it his chest, taking a deep breath and lifting it to his lips…


EG: Ese… you want more of me… you want to go one on one with the Sensation that little bit longer? You go the whole damn hour having your ass kicked and being unable to beat me and you want more you god damn chico…


JS: Gringo talking tough…


PH: Yeah, especially for a guy who can’t stand right now…?


EG: Ref, ring that damn bell, lets do this, lets make interesting… sudden death, first fall wins ese… me and you to the end…


Gringo throws the mic down and stands as the crowd go ape… Gower nods his head and moves to clamber back into the ring as Patrick for the penultimate time calls for the bell…




JS: Are you kidding me? Sudden death, I repeat sudden death overtime!


PH: Joey what is wrong with, even with that god damn Razor Ramon accent I understood him…


Gower steps into the ring and grunts with anger… Gringo looks right back at him, his eyes full of fire, his legs however a little shaky…


JS: Both these men have given so much… it’s all square, it’s the bottom of the ninth, its final minute of the game and this is where it all matters…


PH: You can try and paint this with all the clichés you want… both of these men are shattered and yet still, that hunger, that burning desire to out do the other is there and it is driving them past the limit…


Gringo sprints into the middle of the ring as Gower charges towards him, no care, no consideration – just pure adrenaline fuelling them as they clash, elbow after elbow, chop after chop and neither man giving quarter or willing to show fatigue, not now, not ever…


JS: Gower with the knee lift there, taking all the air out Gringo’s sails…


The Master of Pain looks to sneak into a waistlock but Gringo quickly drops down and tries to roll through into a cradle…


JS: Reversed! Gower leans back….






















JS: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO! Gringo JUST and I mean just kicked out in time…


Gower climbs to his feet grim faced, he was sure he had it there… Gringo is just as ashen, he knew that could have been it, that could have been the end of his dream…


Gringo once more laces into the chest of the B-Man with some chops… Gower responds and Gringo cringes and backs off as the leaden like arm of Gower slams down on his pec’s…


PH: How many times… you do not chop Gower!


Gringo fires back with a HUGE roundhouse kick to the still tender shoulder of the former Pure champion, sending the bigger man to a knee… sensing his chance Gringo continues to light up Gower with middle kick after middle kick to the crouched B-Man…


JS: Gringo just unloading on Gower here… maybe with everything he has left…


The Master of Pain tries to stand up in the face of the barrage and manages to catch one of the Sensations kicks before pulling him in…


PH: WOOOOOO! What a clothesline RIGHT there!




Gower runs his thumb over his throat, mocking Gringo to the mighty jeers from the crowd… he grabs a hold of the hair and lifts the Sensation up, moving behind him and placing his head between his legs…


JS: He wouldn’t…. no….


Gower lifts Gringo up in the Electric Chair and reaches up to clasp the hands of the Sensation….


PH: I LOVE IT! Gower is gonna end Gringo right here and with his own move!


JS: He’s got an arm… he’s reaching for the other one…


Gringo senses the predicament he’s in and kicks away at Gower’s bad shoulder with all his might… the Master of Pain tries to hold on but Gringo rips his arm free…






















JS: Gower reverses! He’s got Gringo rolled up!
















JS: Gringo rolls through right back!


















JS: Gower rolls over again! Cover!
















































Gower begins to bridge up, trying to dislodge the Sensation… but it’s just much of his shoulder to bear as Gringo wiggles…


JS: Gringo collapses the bridge! He lands right on top of Gower!





















PH: Kick out Barry!













Both men are exhausted on the mat as the crowd are in a frenzy, every man, women and child on their feet as the two gladiators rise once more, weary, groggy but the fire still there…


JS: Gringo kicks Gower in the head! Left roundhouse…. Right! One… Two… THREE… FOUR SLAPS TO THE FACE!


Gower staggers back as Gringo spins round for the final part of the combo…


JS: Spinning neck chop…. off the ropes…






The Master of Pain moves to the side and JUST about avoids the flying knee of the Sensation who turns and is grasped by the B-Man…


JS: Gower looking for a Spinebuster… DDT! DDT! Gringo just countered into a DDT!


Gower’s head slams into the mat with a bang and Gringo hops to his feet, sheer guts and the roars of the crowd sustaining him…. he hauls Gower up to his feet and heads behind the Belfast native…


JS: Now Gringo is looking for it…. can he get it… can he nail it?




The former three time champ looks to lift Gower onto his shoulders but try as he might, he just can’t summon the power in his back to lift the near three hundred pound frame of the Future…




PH: He can’t get it… his back is too shot thanks to the work Barry has done!




Gower hops out of the hold and back elbows the Sensation out of pure instinct… he spins around, arm swinging like a caveman’s club right Gringo’s head…








The Sensation holds on to the leg of Gower and bobs down, trying with all of his power to heave the leaden frame of the Future into the air…








The crowd buzz and roar as Gringo holds Gower in the air for a few seconds before leaping into the air as high as his tired and fatigued body will allow…








Gringo holds onto Gower’s leg for dear life before rocking forward into the pin… Patrick leaps down to count as the crowd join in…


























Patrick calls for the bell as ‘Welcome Home’ comes to life over the speakers and Gringo flops back, sweat drenched, face ashen in exhaustion…





JS: What a match… what an effort by both of these men… it took over an hour to separate them but finally…. yes finally we have a winner…




The crowd are on their feet, their nose rising into the Floridian night as Gringo manages to kneel, head looking up at the sky, tears almost in his eyes…


JS: It has been a long and troubled road to WrestleNova for the Gringo… one full of trails and tribulation, Gower seemingly around ever corner trying to make it as bumpy as possible but in the end… after seventy minutes of punishing action he can finally…. finally look forward to a happy ending…


Gower has rolled over to his front, somewhat to his sense he buries his head in his hands as Gringo does likewise for an altogether different reason…


JS: Medical staff and workers coming into the ring now to check on both men, give them water and cold packs to try and see off some of the sheer toll that this has brought onto their bodies…


PH: I tell you Joey… love or hate either of these men Joey and there are times when I felt both for each of them… but my god what an effort, what balls it took to come out here with it ALL on the line and put it in the ring and just go to the limit like that….


JS: This will be a moment that will live on throughout WrestleNova history… a match that typifies both of this men and what they stand for… no mercy, no surrender and no backing down…


Gringo manages to get to his feet, shakily and using a road agent as a crutch he makes his way over to the corner of the ring…




JS: …and here she comes, the love of Gringo’s life… Mamacita is here!


Becki runs down to the ring and slides under the ropes, leaping to her feet and grasping Gringo in a huge hug as the crowd cheer….


JS: Ladies and gentleman… it’s been a HUGE night and it’s not over yet… still to come we have the end of a story much bigger then mere words can portray… we have Judge versus Draven Cage… challenger and champion… friends turned foe….


We fade out to a DTTAH ad as Gower is helped from the ring and Gringo continues to hug his Mamacita…

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From that video to backstage and the man of the night; Evil Gringo is bouncing along with a big smile on his face. He’s still wearing his referee’s shirt from earlier and is currently drinking a can of Dr. Pepper (bought by Sickness? Maybe...).


He passes by some random stage hand that offers a pat on the back and congratulates him for the induction, and a moment later Gringo hears a “PSSSSTT!!”


Stopping in his tracks, the Sensation looks around confused before there’s another harsh “PSSST” that cuts through the hair.


Evil Gringo: God? ¿Está eso usted?


A rather robotic voice rings out.


???: Come in here if you want to live!!


Gringo looks round at a closed door and then further to where the stage hand had been only moments ago. The kid has wandered off, and now he’s alone.


EG: Who is it?


There’s silence this time from the mysterious caller. Taking a final long drink from his can before crushing it and disposing of it Gringo moves towards the door.


EG: Now lemmie tell you – if this is some kind of trick, folk’s heads will be getting badito, amigo.


Opening it, there’s only darkness. Gringo steps inside and the camera follows. Suddenly...




The door crashes shut, and the light flicks on.


EG: HEY - ¿Qué se está encendiendo?


Spinning to the doorway – everyone in the crowd lets out a surprised sort of cheer as it’s none other than Tonkatsuman Kaijin standing blocking the exit with his hands on his hips.


Tonkatsuman Kaijin: Evil One – I am glad I found you!!


The speech is robotic, almost like a Dalek from Doctor Who.


Pointing at the Sensation with a very impressive point, Kaijin stares through his visor with heroic intent. Gringo, meanwhile, lets out a laugh and a puff of relief.


EG: Holy tequila and nachos for two – you scared the hell of me hombre.


Kaijin moves in and grabs Gringo’s ref shirt.


TK: Listen to me, there’s no time to waste.


EG: What’s up?


TK: I’ve come back from the future once more to save humanity and the entire world as you know it!


EG: Wow, well, look I’m sorta’ busy just now.


TK: It doesn’t matter, because you ARE the key Evil One.


EG: Que?


TK: It is crucial that you get inducted into the TWOstars Hall of Fame – we have to make sure it happens or else everything will fall apart. Reality will unwind and the people in their thousands will go crazy and throw themselves off of buildings.


EG: ... but...


TK: There’s no time, we must leave now.


Finally releasing Gringo, Tonkatsuman turns towards the door.


TK: I have a pod waiting!


EG: Hey, Mighty Morphin’... I AM getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. That’s what I’m so busy doing tonight!!


Kaijin stops in his tracks and spins round, chest puffed and hands on hips.


TK: Do you speak the truth?


EG: Why would I lie man?


Tonkatsuman lets out a robotic laugh.


TK: Haa-Haa-Haa-Haa... I see your point.


EG: I wouldn’t put the world at peril in the name of a joke, would I?


TK: Haa-Haa-Haa-Haa... good one Evil One. I see why you are the Chosen!


EG: So, can I go?


Tonkatusman drops his arms and considers it for a moment.


TK: Will you be safe to go on alone?


EG: I think so – if not you can just come back and get me right here, yeah?


Tonkatsuman nods once. Firmly.


TK: So it shall be.


He backs away, towards the door, while keeping his stare on Gringo. Reaching out with one hand, he starts opening the door and flicks off the light with the other so that he vanishes into the darkness.


TK: Good luuuuuuuuuuuck...


The end of the word trails off into silence, echoing for a moment or two. The Sensation scratches his head, staring at the corridor light and decides to run while he still has the chance.


Coming out into the corridor, he shakes his head with a big grin on his face when the door suddenly snaps shut behind him. Looking round, there’s nothing but the eerie return as if the entire incidence hadn’t occurred.


Taking a step back and suddenly something has appeared behind him.


With a slight apology coming out, Gringo looks round and backs away a step or two.


He’s staring upwards at “The Executioner” Edward Samson.


EG: You all wanna stop sneaking up on me?


Edward looks at him, the cold eyes staring right through him.


EG: Look, well, this has been nice... but I’m kinda’...


All of a sudden Edward lifts an arm – and you should see how Gringo tenses up.


In his hand though, is a bit of paper.


The Sensation looks genuinely mystified as he takes it from Edward. As he stares at it, the monster begins to turn and walk away out of shot and off to wherever.


A smile begins to spread over Gringo’s face as he goes over whatever it is. Moving round the camera gets to see a figure – a stick man with three, what I’d presume are supposed to be, belts. Badly written are the words “WELL" and “DUN” in, by the looks of it, crayon.


Gringo looks up after Samson and shouts a big thank you afterwards before looking back down at it.


EG: Guau, tonight is just full of surprises!!


With that Gringo starts moving down the corridor and we cut to black.

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We return to the arena and a wide shot of the crowd.


JR: Welcome back to XTV fans and boy do we have a huge match in store for you.


PH: For only the second time in history it will be Craig Van Dam Vs Edward Samson.


JR: That was way back in 2008 right?


PH: That’s right at that time The Executioner had just arrived in TWOStars and CVD was the TV Champion and on that night Samson beat CVD for the belt.


JR: You have to wonder if that is weighing in CVD’s mind or not.


“Miseria Cantare” blasts from the speakers to MASSIVE boos from a very pro Gringo crowd.




PH: And the damn Gringo Squad heckling CVD.


JR: What can I say Paul? They just plain don’t like CVD.


PH: Yeah these a dumb asses.


The Total Package walks through the curtain clearly in a foul mood, he begins to walk down the ramp.


JR: I know CVD is livid at all the attention Gringo is getting.


PH: He gave a speech about Gringo didn’t he?


JR: Well yeah but it was the most sarcastic speech I’ve ever heard in my life.


The Total Package completely ignores various taunts from the crowd and even a few fingers as he makes his way to ringside.


PH: How rude are out fans treating CVD like this?


JR: They only treat CVD how he treats them.


Craig is at ringside, he climbs in the ring and walks over to the corner of the ring.


TC: Introducing first, from Durham and weighing in at 234 pounds Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Miseria Cantare” fades out and is replaced by “The Lines Begin To Blur” to a LOUD pop from the crowd.




PH: Can you believe these fans boo CVD and cheer Edward Samson?


JR: Here comes the 2011 Battle Royale winner Edward Samson.


Black and white strobe lighting appears on the stage as Samson comes out from the curtain


JR: Things are looking up for Samson tonight, Deadman was banned from the arena leaving Samson to only focus on CVD.


PH: That’s no picnic you know.


JR: Oh I know Paul I was just saying that Samson doesn’t need to worry about Deadman trying to jump him.


Samson slowly walks down the ramp with fans cheering him on his way.


PH: How dare you insinuate Deadman would do something like that?


JR: Come on Paul we both know if Deadman can take out Samson before End Of Days he will.


Samson is close to the ring Samson is burning a hole right through CVD, telling him with his eyes he is going to hurt him.


JR: How intimidating must it be to stand in the ring and see Edward Samson starring at you like that?


PH: For a normal man sure but CVD is a fearless man JR.


Edward Samson climbs onto the apron and enters the ring.


TC: And his opponent from Salem Mass and weighing in at 354 pounds, Edward Samson!!!!!!!!!!


“The Lines Begin To Blur” fades out as CVD appears to be mouthing off to Thorp. The ref then calls for the bell


Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: Here we go this match is underway.


PH: And what a huge TV match it is.


Samson comes towards CVD with the Total Package looking pretty worried. Samson backs Craig into a corner and takes a swing at him only for Van Dam to duck and move around Edward.


JR: Craig avoiding that there.


Van Dam nails Samson three times in the chest only for the 2011 Battle Royale to shove Craig backwards into the canvas.


PH: Craig needs to avoid that super power of Edward Samson.


JR: Hit and move in other words?


PH: Correct JR.


Samson comes towards a vertical CVD only for Craig to kick Edward in the stomach. Craig pulls Edward on and slaps on a side headlock, he isn’t able to maintain it very long however Samson lifts CVD and throws him into the canvas.


JR: CVD has his early tactics all wrong here.


The Total Package returns to his vertical and is immediately scooped up and body slammed by The Executioner.


PH: Samson will want to take Van Dam out as soon as possible, if this match goes long it will swing in CVD’s favour.


Van Dam returns to his vertical base, Edward takes control of Craig’s left arm and Irish whips The Total Package into the bottom right corner of the ring. The Monster charges at Craig only for Van Dam to drive his boots into the chest of Edward.


JR: CVD countering.


Van Dam pops on the second turnbuckle and jumps off with a cross body attempt but Samson catches him and slams him into the canvas with nothing but pure impact.


Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samson pins CVD and hooks the leg.











THR…………. Craig raises a right shoulder from the canvas.


PH: This is way too early to be going for covers.


JR: No harm in trying. If you don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the raffle.


Samson is up first, he stomps on CVD’s back by dragging him to a vertical base, he hooks Craig up and lifts him in a vertical suplex but Craig uses his free hand to rake Samson in the eyes through his mask Causing Samson to drop CVD back on his feet.




The Package kicks Samson in the left leg, he follows up by kicking the right one. A third kick to the chest knocks Edward down to his knees.


PH: And Van Dam chopping the big man down like a tree.


JR: Which is what he has to do to beat this man.


Van Dam levels Samson with a roundhouse kick right on the head, knocking Samson to the canvas.


PH: Craig has him down, now he has to take advantage.


Van Dam gets down on his knees and begins to choke The Executioner, the ref is left with no choice but to begin counting.










At four The Total Package breaks.


JR: Come on referee do something!


PH: He broke at four didn’t he?


JR: He shouldn’t be choking in the first place though!


After been reprimanded from the official Van Dam decides to choke Samson again forcing another count from the ref.




JR: Oh come on!








Again at the count of four Van Dam breaks, this time he doesn’t choke again he gets on top of The Executioner in a mount position and lays in a shot.


PH: Look at this JR, CVD is all over Edward Samson!


CVD briefly pauses to play to the crowd when Samson grabs hold of Craig’s throat and stands up, keeping hold of CVD’s throat before lifting him from the ground and dropping him back into the canvas.


JR: Choke Slam! Samson hit a Choke Slam.


Craig rolls onto his stomach and attempts to crawl away but Samson bends down and grabs hold of the back of Craig’s singlet and just pulls him up to a vertical base, he has hold of Van Dam and punches him with a heavy right hand.


JR: No disrespect to CVD but Edward Samson’s punches have a hell of a lot more effect than Craig’s do.


PH: What do you expect? Have you seen the size of Samson?


The Executioner stuns Craig with another right hand, he takes control of Craig’s left arm and Irish whips him off the ropes, when Craig returns The Monster swings an arm for a clothesline only for CVD to duck it, he runs off the opposite ropes and jumps high nailing Edward with a forearm but Samson stays on his feet.


PH: Craig was unable to knock Samson to his feet.


Van Dam follows up with a drop kick, staggering Samson. Van Dam then hit’s a spinning back kick finally knocking the big man off his feet.


JR: And finally Samson is knocked down.


The Total Package looks down on a fallen Samson, takes a few steps before performing rolling thunder.


PH: Rolllllllllllllllling Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhunder!!!!!!


Van Dam climbs on top of Samson going for a cover.
















THRE……….. Samson pushes CVD off the cover.


JR: What a powerful kick out from Edward Samson!


Van Dam stomps on Edward’s head before going out onto the ring apron, The Total Package waits for Samson to get up and when he does moments later Van Dam springboards off ropes only for The Executioner to raise his boot, driving it into Craig’s face.




PH: Did you see that JR? Craig Van Dam spring boarded off the ropes but Samson hit him with a big boot on the way down!


JR: I did Paul, what an impressive sight it was.



Van Dam struggles to a vertical base to a vertical base painfully holding his chin The Executioner takes control of Craig’s right arm and Irish whips The Total Package off the ropes, when he returns Samson claps both hands together and smashes into Craig’s face knocking down.


JR: Polish Hammer!!!!!!!!!!


Samson climbs on top of CVD going for a cover.





















THRE………. The Package raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


PH: CVD kicked out!!!!


Van Dam crawls to the ropes, Samson returns to a vertical base and waits for Craig to get up.


JR: Samson with dangerous intentions in mind here!


Van Dam gets to a vertical bases, The Executioner charges at Van Dam but Craig ducks down, also pulling the top rope down causing Samson to tumble over the top rope, crashing into the arena floor.


PH: Did you hear that? That was 340 pounds smacking off the floor.


JR: And what a move from CVD that really was.


Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






The camera confirms around ten men in security outfits making their way to ringside.


JR: But Paul Deadman was banned from the arena.


PH: He was JR but his security wasn’t.


JR: Damn it Paul you are right! Deadman has found the perfect loophole.


The first few men get to ringside and begin stomping on Samson.




The referee sees it and has no hesitation calling for the bell.


Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: Paul this is ridiculous.


Everyone is then beating on Samson, Edward attempts to fight back is over matched.


PH: How BRILLIANT is Deadman??


JR: You think this is good? He was banned from the arena but that son of a bitch found a way round it.


They all drag Samson to his feet and launch him into the steel steps. Craig Van Dam leaves the ring, sizes up the situation and throws his hands up before walking back up the ramp.


PH: And CVD knows this isn’t his business and leaves them to it.


JR: Van Dam and Samson were having a competitive match until Deadman had to ruin it.


PH: Deadman isn’t even here.


JR: Oh what so you think these guys just game out here on a whim? Deadman sent them there.


One of the men lifts up the steel steps and drops them onto the body of Edward.


Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The security men survey the damage and decide their work is done before walking up the ramp.


CROWD: DEADMAN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADM AN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADMAN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: It’s obvious what is happening here Deadman does NOT want to defend his Triple Crown Championship against Samson.


PH: If Deadman can get an advantage he is going to take it, that’s all he’s done here.


We cut back to a fallen Samson as we fade to………….

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a dark dim area of the MEN Arena, there are pipes all across the ceiling with a gentle hiss coming from a nearby corridor. The camera pans across the room which instantly becomes recognisable as a boiler room.


JR: What is this?


The camera continues to pan around the boiler room until it comes to focus on a solid wooden table upon which is a body bag, a body bag which is not empty. This image instantly causes the fans in Manchester to continue booing and chanting Deadman Sucks!


Heyman: That’s a body bag JR and it’s got somebody in there.


JR: I can see that Paul, but is that here? Is this being broadcasted from inside the MEN Arena here in Manchester?


A few moments pass with the camera staying at the foot of the table before Deadman comes into view from the shadows standing at the top of the table, this causes the crowd to continue booing as the Triple Crown Champion places his hand on the shoulder of the person inside the bag.


Deadman: I came here tonight the Champion, The Triple Crown Champion.


The crowd boos as Deadman slowly moves to the side of the table with the camera following him as he does so.


Deadman: Tonight was supposed to be about my return home as Champion, it was my time to be in the spotlight but that was all taken away from me.


Deadman continues his walk around the table, the camera following him always looking up and never at the body bag.


JR: I don’t like this folks, I don’t like this a damn bit.


Deadman: Instead, I’m barred from the arena….


The fans inside of the MEN Arena can be heard cheering as Deadman shakes his head.


Deadman: Well, as you can probably tell that ban wasn’t very effective.


The crowd’s cheering soon turns to massive amounts of boos as Deadman begins to smile.


JR: Oh I knew it; the son of a bitch has defied the board of directors.


Heyman: Oh please JR, who cares what they think?


JR: You should Paul, they made a ruling and that man should have listened it.


Heyman: But he’s the champion JR, his home town is a mere 40 minutes away from this arena and he’s been barred from the arena? That’s crap if you ask me.


JR: Well maybe it is Paul, that’s not our decision to make. It was the decision of the board and it should have been adhered to.

Still smiling Deadman moves around the table his hand moving across the body bag as he does so.


Deadman: You see, there’s nothing that motivates me more than telling me I can’t do something, so when the board of directors ban me from this arena….. MY Arena, that didn’t sit very well with the Champion, and so I had to send them a little message.


The crowd’s booing begins to intensify as Deadman stops at the foot of the table.


Deadman: A message which because of their action’s tonight left me with no other option but to send my security force out there and once again destroy Edward Samson…..


The crowd is going crazy now with its booing as Deadman just smiles to himself before continuing.


Deadman: … and me, I have a message to deliver personally as well because what lays in front of me is your doing. This is all your fault.


The crowd is booing massively as Deadman sick smile comes across his face.


Deadman: It’s your fault that when I got inside this arena, I went straight to the locker room and kidnapped your hero!


Once again the crowd is booing like mad as Deadman smiles to himself.


JR: Oh you don’t think?


Deadman: It wasn’t hard really, tonight was about celebration. Deadman barred from the building the last thing he expected was getting jumped upon as he walked through the halls of this arena.


Heyman: Oh come on, let it be. Just let it be….


Deadman: You were always a great nemesis, a worthy contender…...


The crowds booing intensifies as Deadman once again slowly moves around the table this time to the side of the person in the body bag, with Deadman looking down into the person’s face.


Deadman: …..Darkstar’s chosen one, a future Hall of Famer?


Deadman stops and giggles to himself as he smiles and continues to look down at the person in the body bag.


Deadman: but not anymore and certainly not tonight…..


JR: Oh please no.


Deadman: Your time is up, the celebration is over. Your final Bell has rung.


And with that said the camera slowly raises up over the body bag as Deadman reaches for the zip and closing it up revealing to everyone that the person in the bag was not who they were expecting but instead…….









































JR: Bah Gawd, that’s Bang! Deadman has Bang!


Heyman: and from the looks of it JR, he’s done.


The crowd can be still heard booing as Deadman finishes closing the zip and walks out of shot leaving the camera focused on the body bag as XTV fades to….

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#3 - Winning the Elimination Chamber By Eliminating the Other 5 Opponents


Midsummer Night's Destruction 2007 - live from the Continental Airlines Arena, East Ruthorford, New Jersey.


Evil Gringo defended the TWOstars World Heavyweight title in an Elimination Chamber against Twiggie, Sickness, Draven Cage, Jacey Baby and Arron Winter


JS: The time is upon us at last.... The Elimanation Chamber, one of the, if not THE most awe inspiring and dangerous matches in this sport...


PH: All too true and when you add up the men who will be inside to the equation of steel, glass and chains.... well it can only amount to pain...


JS: Tony Chimmel is in the ring ready to annouce the rules...




The crowd go mental for Tony C and his over the top annoucement....


TC: The rules are as follows.... six men will enter, each of them assigned a pod and a number thanks to matches that pre-detirmented their order...




TC: The first four to enter will be the champion, his number one contender and the holders of Endgame cases three and four....


These men will be locked inside their chambers while case holders one and two will come to the ring and start the match...




TC: Once the match has begun then every five minutes a man will enter in his assigned order number from his chamber.... the match continues until all men have exited and until every man bar once has been elimanated by pin fall, submission or referee stoppage....


That final man left standing will be the undisputed HEAVVVYYY WEEIIGHHTTT CHAMPIONNNNNNN OF THE WOOOORRRRLLLLLDDD!




The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Blackened The Cursed Sun by Lamb of God booms through the in house speakers....


TC: Introducing first... he is the TWOStars World Heavtweight Champion and entrant number six.... weighing in at two hundred, twenty five pounds, The Mexican Sensation.... EVIL GRRRIIIINGGGOOOO!!!!


Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring as pyro explodes whilst the video of Evil Gringo flashes on the tron...


JS: ...and here he is!


Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamcita, Becki Moss no where to be seen....


PH: No Mamacita tonight... but then again given this match that is no suprise...


JS: No it's not and Gringo it seems is a little too pre-occupied to even mess with the fans... that really isn't like him...


Gringo ignores the boo's and jeers until he reaches halfway down... He stops in the middle of the ramp way and begins to run his thumb across his throat...


PH: I love this part....




As he reaches the end he jerks his thumb away and down sharply causing a loud pyro to go off in front of him as if a wall of flame is in front of him and the ring...


JS: Gringo is ALL business here... see how quickly he's in the ring... and right for his chamber...


PH: Do you blame him? That my friend is the safest place to be right now... espically when you are carrying THAT bullseye on your shoulder, the TWOStars World Heavyweight Title...


Lamb of God peters out as Gringo is securly fastened into his pod... in its place blasts forth Hendrix... Jimi Hendrix....


The arena is bathed in blue, green, and purple psychedelic swirls, as a previously unreleased recording of Room Full of Mirrors, by Jimi Hendrix is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie's entrance video is played on the TWOtron.






Once Jimi’s excessive introductory solo is finished, green, blue, purple, and white pyros explode into the air from along the ramp, while also raining down from atop the TWOtron. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp to a rising ovation from the fans. The snazzy unique white gold XTV Div belt slung aloofly over his shoulder. He smirks, leans back, and soaks in the cheers, motioning with both arms for more love from the TWO faithful.


TC: Ladies, and Gentlemen... weighing in tonight at 197 pounds. Wrestling out of Nederland, Colorado. The X T V Division Champion … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


The Colorado Troubadour strolls casually to down the aisle, nodding and smiling to his cheering fans. Each step taken is in time to the music. Swinging the strap off his collar bone, he pauses to "title belt guitar" an especially funky portion of his theme song. He carries the XTV title by one of the secondary plates, the tip of the buckle grazing the ramp, as he carries on down the aisle.



JS: Here he is, the number one contender, the Dreaded Deadhead himself... He’s proved time and time again that he is not afraid to risk his own body to take you out and in this match, one THIS night that could well be the deciding factor...



PH: Oh, spare me! He’s no different then a trained monkey, or even worse... Jack Evans.... in fact how much do you bet this man will try and killself and someone else off the high points of this structure tonight....



JS: Don’t forget that the Colorado Troubadour is also well versed in several intricate submission holds... he has numerous innovative impact moves and also, much more then that... he is hardcore!


T. Wiggins throws his belt into the ring before leaping over the top strand.... Hs starts to roll forward, but suddenly handsprings up off the mat landing on his feet, grabbing his title as he rolls, and lifting it high above his head as he lands. The acrobatic display renews the frantic enthusiasm of the already cheering crowd.


They continue to cheer him as he is ushered into his pod as we are two down... four more to go....


JS: Gringo's title has been moved to ring side by the referee's... and now so has Twiggies...


Hendrix fades out and a new image is displayed high up on the tron...




The lights go dim as DC makes his way to the ring, scowling at all who are in attendance....


TC: Weighing in at two hundred, seventy five pounds and hailing from Edlington, Doncaster, England.... he is THE HANGMAN of TWOStars.... DRRAVVEENNN CCCCCAAGGGGGEEEEE!


PH: ...and this man right here is the man who will make a difference tonight....


JS: You really think he will side with Gringo...


PH: Oh yes... well... I think he will... look, needless to say when it is just them they yes, spark may fly but until then this man will be all about crushing the oppostion....


He climbs up the stairs and onto the platform before entering the ring through the ropes and then walking over to the corner and sitting down with his hands hooked under the 2nd rope in front of his pod......


JS: Now we have three of the entrants... just one more to enter and be put into their chamber and then we will be almost down to the nitty gritty.....


'Tear Away' fades out as DC is persuaded by the referees to enter his pod... as he does so the pumping strains of 'Money, Success, Fame, Glamour' by Felix Da Housecat slam over the PA....


PH: Oh great... I forgot about this Queen....


Rave-style strobe lights flash overhead as the Motor City Mary himself appears squealing at the crowd through a megaphone....


JS: Jaycey is here and ready for fun!


PH: FUN! FUN?!?! This is a match for the title, in a barbaric and unforgiving environment and he is here for fun!?!?!


JS: ...maybe thats because this IS his idea of fun...


PH: Sick bas...


JS: We know... you've said...


TC: Weight in at two hundred and ten pounds... from Detroit he is the Scene Queen and the Freak of Chic.... Jaaassssonnnn 'Jaycey Baby' LaaaaaRrroooqqqueeeee!


Jaycey struts up the stairs to the delight of the crowd before walking calmly into his chamber... in doing so he evens gives Charles Robinson a little squeeze on the cheek... and not the one on his face...


Felix, The Cat of the House variety cuts out and from nowhere the distorted opening riffs of My Own Summer was over the twenty thousand over so in the arena....




JS: Here he is... the last man to qualify for the chamber and maybe the most dangerous of them all.... Arron Winter...




PH: No doubt about... in recent months this man has become obsessed with winning the one title he has never had chance to wear in this company and do something that Holt, Gower, Drake... even Gringo have never done and that is to be the Grand Slam champion of TWOStars...


Arron come out from the back, eyes tempered with rage, the crowd not sure weither to boo, cheer or just run and hide as pyros shoot over his head and sparkle down across his body....


TC: From TALLIN, ESTONIA... weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds... he is the OMEGA MALE.... AAARRROONNNN WINNNTTERRR!


Winter stalks down the ramp and the Deftones play on behind him before he stamps up the stairway and into the ring where he waits, leant against the far ropes, eyes darting around at the full chambers...


JS: Only one more to come...


The lights go down, almost off as My Own Summer dies out abruptly.... As the staccatto beat of Down with the Sickness starts to drum out the entire arena is filled with black light, showing everyones stains. At least those on the outside...


JS: ...and he here he comes...




The lights flash on to revel Sickness standing mad, bad and as dangerous as ever on the entrance way, smile plastered across his face as he looks down at the structure awaiting him...


TC: From parts unknown.... he weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds... he is the Sick One, SSSIIICCCKKNNNNEESSSSSSSSS!


Sickness runs down the ramp and quickly navigates the stairs and hops through the ropes in a trademark mad dash... he stops in the middle of the ring and stares right at Winter as Chimmel is ushered out and the referee's on the outside begin to close up the ring whilst Disturbed fade out....


JS: So Sickness and Omega to start here as the other four men are safely locking in their pods…


PH: There is nothing safe about this match Joey, it’s one of those career shortening matches… the type you look back on with half a smile and a wince…


JS: Charles Robinson has been handed the task of refereeing this match up inside the chamber with several other officials on the outside as well… and he calls for the bell…




JS: …and we are underway in only the second Elimantion Chamber in the history of TWOStars!


Sickness and Omega just hurl at each other, both sadistic, both unhinged…. The big man from Tallinn gets the early advantage over the smaller Warrior with big clubbing right hands…


JS: The two most unhinged and possibly insane men in this match up go toe to tow to start us off… Irish whip by Omega… Sickness ducks under the attempted clothesline… he comes back the other way…CROSSBODY!


The other men in their pods look on in interest as Sickness manages to take down the bulk of the Frostbitten One and begins to pound on Arron with closed fists…


PH: These two men go back a long way… if you recall when Omega first came to TWOStars with the New Blood…


JS: I’d rather not…


PH: Well if you did then you would recall it was Arron and Ashton Butcher who ended the tag title run of the Dark Alliance at WrestleNova II…


Omega lets Sickness know of his power by pushing the Millennium Warrior off him like an easy set at the gym…


JS: Now that is scary power… something Sickness will have to bear in mind…


PH: Never mind Sickness… only Draven Cage is heavier the former US champion and maybe as powerful as Omega, the rest of these men could qualify for the XTV Division…


JS: Well Twiggie is the XTV champion Paulie… or did you forget that?


Omega is now back up to his vertical base and he and the Sick One have engaged in a collar and elbow tie up….


JS: Both men jockeying for position here… Omega using that size advantage here to back Sickness into the ropes…




JS: Ouch… a stiff knife edged chop from Omega… oh no, look at Sicknesses eyes…


The DA member and all round lunatic look’s at Omega as if to say “You did just challenge me to a chop battle did you?”


PH: …oh this is gonna end badly…


JS: Sickness chops Omega… the big man fires back… and Sickness retaliates once more… it’s an all out chop war!


The two men will not back down, the pair after all are famously deranged and thirsty for pain… the skin on their chest is turning crimson already with the trauma of the blows that they are raining down on each other…


JS: Who will cave first… who will back down from this insane act of bravado?


PH: Back down? We are talking about two men who need mental supervision! Death will probably come first!


Sickness can’t see the end of this manly chest beating and therefore shows some smarts… by going low in the blink of an eye and dropkicking the knee of the bigger man…


JS: Sickness deciding to exploit the weaknesses of the big Estonian here… he goes after the STF! Omega is fighting it… he rolls through before Sickness can lock it in…


PH: It’s just too early to break out the submissions moves yet…


JS: But still a smart move… by all people Sickness!


PH: It’s only a smart move if you pull it off at the right time though Joey, otherwise you waste A LOT of energy trying to stick your opponent in the hold…


Omega is up and annoyed at the shoeing he took to the knee, never mind the bad case of sun burn that his chest seems to have been invaded by… he runs at Sickness…


JS: Lariat… now Sickness ducks underneath…. Full Nelson applied! He’s going to try and suplex Winter! The Omega Male is fighting it… he’s got an arm free… hip toss!


PH: See that’s what disappoints me about these two… all this steel, all this potentional to hurt and maim and these two are WRESTLING?!?!


Winter looks to shoot in at the side and hook an arm….


JS: Winter of Discontent… He is looking for it… no! Sickness switches…. STF! STF!


PH: …but look at the presence of mind here… Winter will not Sickness clasp those hands… he is instead using his to try and cave in the Sick One’s head!


Both men roll away and back to there feet… Sickness is bleeding from the head but as per usual couldn’t care less… Winter on the other is getting frustrated and charges at the Sick One once more….


JS: BAREBACK! Out of nowhere! Sickness just trapped Omega with the Bareback! Cover!



















JS: …and a kick out from Arron Winter there… my god how quickly did Sickness take control with that one…


PH: That’s what people don’t realise about this idiot… he isn’t one…


JS: You just contradicted yourself…


PH: Shut up… I know what I meant and seen as I am smarter then you AND I was your boss so you better get some respect…


JS: Was… That’s the key word there Paulie… as for respect you’ll get that when I get my last pay check…


PH: You did…


JS: It bounced!


Sickness is back on the Frostbite and drags him slowly to his feet, the forty pounds extra weight of the Omega Male a bit of a problem from the Sick One…


PH: What’s Sickness got planned here?


Omega is pushed back onto the ropes and the Sick One measures him… he charges in…


JS: The Cactus Clothesline! BOTH men tumble onto the steel!


The counter appears in the corner of the screen…


Crowd: FIVE!


Sickness clambers to his feet and looks around as he realises this one on one session of pain is about to become a ménage à trois….


Crowd: FOUR!


Omega is on his knees in a somewhat groggy state and Sickness begins to try and stamp his face through the steel grids on the outside…


Crowd: THREE!


JS: We are just seconds away from the first person entering…


Crowd: TWO!


PH: Here it comes…


Crowd: ONE!





JS: Jaycey is in! The holder of briefcase number three is in the match!


Jaycey runs over towards the ropes and hurls himself out onto Sickness who was still preoccupied with beating down Omega…


JS: What a collision there! Jaycey just going all out after the man who betrayed him!


PH: Well for once I’d have to say Sickness made the right call with that one…


The Motor City Mary grabs a hold of the fallen Sick Ones legs…


JS: Jaycey setting up for… catapult, RIGHT into the steel!


Sickness bounces back after his mush meets the metal… he turns round groggily…


JS: Jaycey with a boot to the gut… he’s got a front face lock on… he hooks Sicknesses leg… RELEASE FISHERMANS SUPLEX ON THE STEEL GRID!


Sickness writhes in pain on the outside, his back arching up…


PH: …my, I think I might agree with this little aggressive streak Jaycey has got going on…


Omega meanwhile has bailed into the ring, allowing this little three way situation to work to his advantage…


JS: Arron Winter catching his breath… but not for long… Jaycey is after him now!


PH: See that’s where I disagree with the Screaming Mary…


JS: ‘Screaming Mary?’


PH: …yeah Gaycey…


JS: …but why?


PH: …well there is two men in there apart from him… why fight BOTH when he can team up with one and beat the snot out of the other?


Jaycey starts to fling hard shots both left and right, into the body of the kneeling Winter…


JS: Jaycey showing there that Gringo is not the only man in the match with excellent martial art training…


However those excellent martial art kicks are just annoying the hell out of Winter…


JS: …although it seems the Iceman is slightly annoyed…


PH: Yeah because getting kicked in the gut is like sunshine and rainbows to him…


Winter gets up off his knees but Jaycey still pummels him with stiff kicks to the legs, causing the larger Estoian to limp around the ring in a circle…


JS: Jaycey using his brains though and working on the wheels of big man…


PH: …and still pissing him off…


Jaycey doesn’t relent though… he swings another hard kick at Winter…


JS: Winter swats away the leg…. CLOTHESLINE! Ouch!


PH: He just nearly decapitated Jaycey with that one!


Winter shakes his head and slaps his thigh, looking to shake some more life into his bruised limb… Jaycey is rolling over on canvas, trying himself to shake out the recently injected cobwebs…


PH: Oh… the Grizzly bear is back up… and boy is he annoyed…


Winter grabs a hold of Jaycey’s Scenester ‘do’ and rags him to his feet… he unleashes a barrage of knees whilst holding the Scene Queen in a clinch…


JS: Winter is just wailing away here! Jaycey is taking a hell of a beating from those strikes…


PH: Hang on… looks like he has other plans…


Winter stops his barrage for a moment to lock in a face lock… he hooks the ‘Queen of Motor City’ and hefts him up in the air with a vertical suplex…


JS: Look at the power of Winter here…


PH: He’s not just doing this to show off… it’s a smart tactic, letting all of the blood rush to the head and throwing Jaycey completely off his game…


JS: Hang on… what’s Sickness doing?


On the outside, around the back of Winter and the vertical Jaycey, Sickness is climbing to a nice secluded perch…


PH: Why would you ask an insane man where he is going? That’s like asking a horse why the long face!?!?


JS: … either way Winter still has the Scene Queen up in the air… listen to the crowd applauding the power of the Iceman…


Winter turns around and faces the other way… which just so happens to be the corner where Sickness is taking a nice sabbatical…




JS: Missile Dropkick on Winter… and Jaycey is taken down as well!


PH: …now if you are going to fight two men that just proves you need to possess one quality to do it…


JS: …what’s that?




Winter is down clutching his chest… Jaycey is down shaken from the suplex and Sickness grimaces and grabs at his back which is still effected from being planted onto the steel earlier on…


JS: …all three men are down here and it is nearly time for our next entrant…


The counter pops up in the bottom left of the screen…


Crowd: FIVE!


JS: …and we all know who that will be… look at Draven Cage… he is dying to get into that ring…


Crowd: FOUR!


PH: …and judging by the look on his face a few people might just die when he does…


Crowd: THREE!


JS: Just a few moments left… all three men are climbing back to their feet…


Crowd: TWO!


PH: Sickness knows… he’s looking right at Cage…


Crowd! ONE!!!!




The lights flash around the ring as the arena goes dark and then the light fixes and snaps onto the pod of the Hangman…. The door slides open and Draven Cage is in!


JS: Four men are in now…


PH: …and the man who just entered may have something to say about that!


Sickness goes to meet the Hangman and is caught coming in…


PH: The Expulsion of Sanity! The Expulsion of Sanity!


JS: The Hangman with his version of the T-Bone Suplex…


Jaycey is up and swings a leg at Cage…


PH: Countered by DC! Jaycey is in a bad place now….


Cage has hold of the Scene Queens leg… he drags Jaycey toward him…


JS: Capture Suplex! Jaycey is thrown right across the ring!


PH: Two down… one to go!


Winter is up and is just staring a hole through the Hangman… DC raises his eye brow at the rage filled Estonian giant and gets in his face…


JS: Two of the most volatile men in all of wrestling are standing nose to nose and talking smack…


PH: Do you think Winter can understand a word of it?


JS: I think even if he doesn’t then Cage’s body language should give it away…




PH: Well even if the words where lost in translation… that won’t be!


Winter holds his jaw from the force of a hard slap… but not for long…


JS: There at it! BIG right hands from Winter… and the same from DC!


PH: The two biggest animals in this match, hell maybe the entire company are going toe to toe…


JS: …and Winter is getting the upper hand!


Despite being the fresher of the two, DC is reeling from a sudden sustained flurry from the big man… On the other side of the ring however Sickness and Jaycey are both getting up…


JS: Winter has DC backed into the corner… DOUBLE DROPKICK!


PH: Did I just see Jaycey and Sickness work together?


JS: You did! The Flaming Dark may have died but these two have banded together once more!


The force of the kick caused Winter to slam forward and clash heads with DC… he they both slump down in the corner…


JS: Jaycey has a plan…


PH: Not this… anything but this…


The Motor City Mary moves to the opposite corner and beckons to the crowd who begin to clap in time…


JS: It’s time for Draven Cage and Winter to experience a little something…


Jaycey runs across the ring and leap into the air, legs akimbo, groin right at the height of both DC and Winter’s heads…


JS: what Jaycey calls… How's Your Father!


PH: Yuk… man that is disgusting!


The Freak of Chic drives his man cannon into the back of Winter’s heads which in turn forces the bulk of the Iceman into DC who is trapped helpless at the bottom of a man love sandwich…


JS: Look at Cage’s face… he doesn’t know if he should maim or hurl…


PH: Maim and THEN hurl… Maim them Hangman… Maim!


Jaycey turns round and begins to strut as the crowd applaud his antics… he then turns round to the corner and blows a kiss at the fallen duo…


JS: …oh dear… DC is getting up and he isn’t happy…


PH: Would you be after getting teabagged by a freak!


JS: Teabagged?


PH: Don’t act like you don’t know about dipping Joey… I’ve seen your Facebook and I know your hobbies… you dip like Barry Bonds form without his vitamins…


The Hangman blocks a quick kick from Jaycey and when Sickness looks to clock him with an elbow he finds it blocked…




PH: Green… must be the bile that Jaycey just caused him to bring up!


Sickness reels away blinded and Cage goes after the Scene Queen with a vengeance…


JS: Jaycey has his back turned to the Hangman… LOW BLOW!


PH: That dirty cheating tranny!


JS: Out of nowhere and with great disguise Jaycey just flicked his leg and caught DC right in the grapefruits!


Jaycey turns and looks at the Scotsman who has dropped to a knee in obvious agony…


PH: What is he doing… oh god… that sick…


The Freak of Chic runs his finger over his boot… and licks it!


JS: …DC can’t do anything about it… Jaycey off the ropes… SHINGING HUMPPPPAZZZRRDDD!


The Queen of Detroit runs in and steps off the knee of Cage before thrusting his man cannon right into DC’s mush…


JS: Cover! Cover!























PH: …Kickout from the Hangman… and looks like Winter wants to join the party…


Winter grabs a hold of Jaycey’s neck from behind and lifts him to his feet as the Scene Queens legs flail widely in the air…


JS: Winter taking Jaycey by surprise and roughly from behind…


PH: Oh, that queen would love that…


JS: Stop that Paulie… OH! Iron Curtain! Winter just planted Jaycey with that facebuster variation and how!


PH: …look out for Sickness…


The Sick one who’d been recuperating decides now would be a great time to resume hostilities with Winter and does so by launching into the air with a crossbody…


JS: …Sickness is caught… MY GOD WHAT POWER!


The Omega Male hefts Sickness up from the Fall Away Slam position to his shoulders in one seemingly effortless motion…


JS: Winter has him set….




JS: …he just damn well near decapitated Sickness with that knee RIGHT to the head…


DC is up however and unsurprisingly given his general manner and the fact he’s been teabagged and fondled, well… he isn’t in the mood to play nice…


JS: Hangman kicks Winter in the gut… DDT!


PH: Joey… give that move its full title… it is the Jake Roberts Number Three Ranked DDT in the World…


JS: That’s a bit of a mouthful…


PH: Well call it… J.R.N.T.R.D.D.D.T.I.T.W…


JS: Okay….


Cage hasn’t finished though… he spies the fallen Jaycey and grabs hold of his legs… he locks them in an almost hybrid cloverleaf and sharpshooter lock before turning around in the hold and forcing Jaycey down…


JS: Look at the torque on the spine! On the knees!


DC reaches over and hooks the nearest arm of Jaycey and places it behind his head before reaching around and slapping on an almost Crossface like grip…


PH: It’s the CageDoor! Jaycey has nowhere to go and nearly every part of his body is being twisted to hell!




JS: Jaycey is fighting with every ounce of strength in his body to stop himself from tapping and becoming first man to go…


Meanwhile the counter appears in the bottom right of the screen….


Crowd: FIVE!


Twiggie begins to jog on the spot….


Crowd: FOUR!


JS: Twiggie is soon to enter… Sickness is recovering… Winter is still down…


PH: …and Jaycey will not tap!


Crowd: THREE!


JS: Cage is cranking at the hold… he knows how open he is right now… he knows how much Twiggie hates him and has befriended Jaycey…


PH: …and he really wants to break that freak in two as well!

Crowd: TWO!


JS: Sickness is up to a knee… Winter is nearly up as well… Twiggie’s entrance into the chamber is imminent!


Crowd: ONE!




The lights flash around the ring as the arena goes dark and then the light fixes and snaps onto the pod of the XTV Champion…. The door slides open and The Dire Wolf, the number one contender to the World Title is in at last as the crowd go ape….


JS: Twiggie meets Sickness…. R-15! Winter charges him… he ducks a clothesline… Gamengiri!


Twiggie bounces back to his feet and pumps the air… DC however has released the CageDoor and is standing beside right behind him… bent over… eyes fixed…




Twiggie spots him at the last second and propels him into a rising Sickness…




JS: But he hit the wrong man….


PH: Doesn’t matter…. it was still a Gore!


Twig hasn’t got the time nor patience to allow DC back to his feet and somersaults over, leg dropping him down to the canvas once more…


JS: Twiggie about to show his agility…


He bounces to his feet and then off the ropes… spins over in a cartwheel before rolling forward jumping and extending at the end…


JS: Geulah Papyrus! DC just got squashed face first into the canvas…


PH: Damn spot monkey with his flip, flop and fly…


JS: Hang on… wasn’t that Dusty Rhodes?


Twig stops for a second to check on his friend Jaycey…


PH: Big mistake!


However Arron is up and is very much sick of people kicking him…. it chafes you know…


JS: Arron sends Twiggie to the buckles… but he springs up them!




Arron keeps going and no sooner is Twig up on the buckle he is sent through the air towards the chain’s surrounding the ring…




PH: Am I seeing that right? Did Twiggie just land on the chains like Spiderman or is it just me?


JS: He did! What an athlete!


Twiggie is saying a few prayers to the gods watching over him as he realises he managed to save his backside from a painful fate… However the Pale Warrior is not done with him just yet…


JS: Arron is going up after him! Are they mad!?!?


PH: Well yeah… Winter sleeps in a padded room and that damn hippie loves PCP…


Twiggie sees him coming and tries to kick him away… but he might as well just kick a wall…


JS: Omega here will not be stopped… he has a hold of Twiggie…




JS: Twiggie has wrapped himself around the chain for dear life!


Gringo can be seen egging Winter on from his pod… the champion is clearly happy to see his foe crash and burn…


PH: Winter is straining with all he has…. He REALLY wants to hurt Twiggie!


JS: Look at what’s going on in the ring… Sickness, Cage and Jaycey are all teeing off on each other…


PH: I can’t take my eyes of those two crazy sons of…


Twiggie in desperation begins to swing his head around and bring the dreads into play…


JS: … Dreadwhip! Those glass beads are smashing into Winter’s skull! He’s losing his grip… he’s teetering…


Winter tries to hold on… he is a dangerous spot, six feet above a solid metal landing of pain…


JS: Twiggie with the back elbow… Winter is rocked right back… Twiggie has his head hooked!


PH: No… NO… NO!




PH: I think both men just died! We have to see a replay!


The screen splits in two so that we can see Winter unmoving on his back and Twiggie breathing heavily on his front… that shot quickly cuts to the ring where Sickness and Jaycey are trying to gain an advantage on one another as DC is down in the corner…


JS: Both men as you can see are right up on the steel…


PH: Winter the sadistic son of a gun tries to throw Twiggie down to the steel…


JS: …but the Dire Wolf’s sense of survival kicks in… he rocks Winter with a back elbow and Dreadwhip’s and hooks the head of the former US champion…


The replay begins to play in slow-mo…


PH: …before that god damn spot monkey flips back off the steel and down to the SOLID METAL below holding onto the neck of Winter and… BAM!


The replay finishes as Winter and Twiggie clang off the grid with a huge metal bang and roll into their respective foetal positions… the screen returns to normal and we see Sickness has Jaycey stunned… the Sick One is primed on the outside…


JS: …back to the ring… Sickness… he waits till Jaycey is too his feet… he’s going to Springboard…


The Millennium Warrior leaps onto the middle of the top strand… Jaycey sees this and lunges forward arms outstretched…


JS …he just took Sicknesses knee out… and Sickness takes a ride to the metal as well!


The Sick One lands with a thud on his back but rises… his eyes are glazed and his actions unsure… Jaycey on the hand is wide awake and his mind clear…


PH: What’s freak doing?


Jaycey climbs up top…


JS: He’s looking to finish off Sickness….


Sickness is counting his fingers… he seems to think he has sixteen and four thumbs…


PH: Look out you idiot!


Sickness turns around… only to see Jaycey coming off the top, spinning through the air….




Sickness clatters down to the steel once more as Jaycey manages to bounce off the Sick One and roll off mostly unscathed…


JS: We have carnage as far as the eye can see… Winter and Twiggie are down… Sickness is down…


PH: Cage isn’t down…


DC looks over at the dead weight of Omega and Twig on the steel and decides to pick their carcasses later… instead he turns to the fresher meat of Jaycey who is rolling in under the bottom rope and to his feet…


PH: …and he CLOBBERS Jaycey with a clothesline…


Jaycey is quickly dragged back to his feet… only to be sent into the corner by Cage who follows in…


JS: …Avalanche by Cage… he runs to the other side of the ring… Jaycey is stumbling out of the corner…


DC is set… he bounds off the far ropes and begins to turn with his elbow raised… one rotation… round a second time and he is face to face with Jaycey as his elbow cuts through the air…


PH: Edlington Elb…






JS: The Scene Queen at the last second manages to dodge the bullet…


As DC goes past he manages to boot the Scotsman in his ample rear end as well sending him into the buckles…


JS: Look at the clock… it is nearly time for Gringo… it’s nearly time!


The clock indeed fades into view…


Crowd: FIVE!


JS: Jaycey doesn’t care… he lands one… two… and then a spin kick on DC!


Crowd: FOUR!


PH: Has this happened before… have all five previous men still been in the chamber match when the sixth entrant arrived?


JS: To my knowledge never… this is a complete first for TWOStars…


Crowd: THREE!


JS: Speaking of firsts… Jaycey is mounting Cage! He is humping his face!


PH: Ref! Ref! Get him off… we’ll get pulled from the air!


Crowd: TWO!


JS: The Queen is carrying on… Gringo is itching to get out of his chamber… this is it… this is the make or break point of his reign… maybe even his career!


Crowd: ONE!




The lights flash around the ring as the arena goes dark and then the light fixes and snaps onto the pod of the World Champion, the sixth and final entrant of the chamber!


The door slides open and The Evil Gringo, the champion steps out onto his empty grid plate as the crowd go mental… this is it… and they know it…


JS: GRINGO IS IN! All six men are still in the chamber! My god I bet he was hoping this was not gonna happen….


Gringo doesn’t seem to care about simple things like maths and steps through the ropes as Jaycey is positioned above DC in the turnbuckle and is thrusting his pelvis into the face of the former tag kingpin…


JS: The Scene Queen has no idea that Gringo is there…


The Detroit native taunts as the blood from his head wound rolls down his face…


PH: Big mistake…


JS: GringoKick MkII! Wow!


Gringo runs up and jumps off the second rope and then onto the diagonally opposite ones… Jaycey realises too late that the champ is loose and eats a spinning kick off the springboard right in the mush….




The champ looks a man with something to prove and grabs hold of the Scene Queens exotic hair… before mashing his bloody forehead with repeated kicks Kawada style…


JS: Gringo is going to town on Jaycey here… Sickness is up… so is DC…


PH: He can’t see Cage… he’s off….


JS: Sickness turns round….




DC lets out a scream of satisfaction as the Sick One lays prostrate on the canvas, blood trickling from his head and welling on the mat… he turns and sees Gringo beckon him over…


JS: My god… these two are on the same page…


PH: Of course they are Joey… they are brothers in arms…


JS: Huh… yeah I’ll believe that when I see DC do what Gringo wants him to do… I mean do you really think he is going to lie down for the champ?


PH: No… I expect them to beat the hell out of each other… but just when no one else can interfere….


Gringo and DC stand side by side and nod at one another… Jaycey is barely standing between them as he is being held up on each shoulder by a hand of each F.E.R.E. member…


JS: …double boot to the gut… DC grabs and arm… so does Gringo… they feed them through the Scene Queen’s legs…


DC & EG: Algophobia!


The pair haul on the respective arms of Jaycey’s that they have a hold of… the Scenester is held up in the air…


JS: Double Pyramid Bomb! My gawwwdddd!


PH: Joey you idiot… it’s Algophobia! Did you not hear them?


JS: All I know is that these two are scarily on the same page tonight…


The pair aren’t finished either… With Sickness down and out and clutching his gut in the corner and Twiggie and Omega out of it on the metallic grid from their little ride they are all alone to play a little game with poor little Jaycey…


PH: Where are these two going?


Gringo climbs up the turnbuckle and then hauls himself up onto the empty chamber roof… DC clambers up and perches on the top rope…


EG & DC: Hydrophobia!


JS: What the?!?! MY GAAAWDDDD! DC just flattens Jaycey with a Frog Splash!


PH: But what is Gringo doing up there…


JS: …he jumps…. OOHHH MMMYYY GGAAAWWDDD! Somersault Legdrop from the top of the chamber! OFF THE CHAMBER!


Gringo scream in pain as he lands the move formally know as the Gringofier (M.F.K.A.T.G.) from up on high… he smashes his leg right across the throat of the fallen and crushed Scene Queen and sits there, stunned by the impact of the mat on his tailbone, leg still draped over Jaycey as Robinson counts down…




























JS: My god I think they just killed Jaycey…


PH: …and the scary thing is that there are now two of them and now only three of everyone else…


Sickness is stirring on the outside and Winter and Twiggie are moving uncomfortably on the other side of the ring…


JS: Look at those two… they make me sick…


PH: It’s all about team work and togetherness Joey…


JS: This is about the World Title… not playing bully…


PH: Oh so when HHH threatened to break Jim Ross’s arm to get a title shot… and then WON the title… that wasn’t about being a bully to get what you want?


JS: That’s different…


PH: No it’s not Joey… these two will bully, hound and destroy till they get what they want…


JS: …and that is?


PH: …a clear shot at each other, one on one in this playground of pain… to decide between them and only them who should be the champion…


Winter rolls to the cages chain wall… Twiggie crawls over to a pod, trying to get some feeling in his leg… DC and Gringo on the other hand have stopped shaking hands and fix their eyes on Sickness…


JS: …Sickness is out on the steel… he’s up to his feet but he has no idea that Gringo and Cage are waiting!


The Sick One turns around and stares straight into the eyes of Gringo… he turns the other way and looks right into the eyes of the Hangman…


PH: …looks like the penny’s just dropped….


DC and Gringo grab a hold of the Sick Ones head and hurl him into a pod…. But don’t bother to open the door first…




PH: Hahahahahaha!


JS: How can you laugh at that… that was another human being hurled into glass!


PH: No… it was Sickness…


The aforementioned Sick One is now lying with blood spilling from his head and down his face in a pile of broken glass…


JS: Look at those two… smug…


PH: You know this reminds me of the last Chamber… Holt and Gringo teamed up and smashed everyone… Gringo thought Holt would lie down… Holt even acted REAL nice…


JS: …and we all know what happened there…


PH: Yep… wham bam and thank you ma’am… Holt becomes the new champion, thanks to double crossing of the Gringo…


The terrible twosome of DC and Gringo however do not seem to have lost their sense of unity just yet… Gringo urges Cage to beat down Twiggie on the outside while he deals with Winter…


PH: F.E.R.E. with the old divide and conquer tactic here…


JS: What is left to conquer? You have three tired men, two of whom fell onto the steel and another who has been left to bleed in shatter glass…


Winter is kicked into the ring by the Latino Demon and the Hangman… who soon turns round and begins to pummel on Twiggie…


EG: Hey ese, keep him there…. We’ll deal with that Sangano last!


Gringo turns round to see Winter, eyes clenched, steam seemingly coming out of his nose and red faced trying to clamber to his feet…


JS: MY GOD! Winter is trying to stand… he wants to fight on… he is standing!


The crowd applaud the sheer bravery of the nut case as Gringo looks on in shock…


PH: Gringo charges… kick is ducked… Winter is ready…


Gringo bounces off the ropes as Winter awaits him… a fire seemingly lit inside from nowhere…


JS: He’s got Gringo clenched… EXPLODER SUPLEX!


Omega rises to his feet holding onto his neck… he screams out loud and proud and begins to haul Gringo up off the mat…


PH: How is he doing this… is he THAT insane!


He boots Gringo in the midsection and locks in a double underhook… he begins to lift the Gringo onto one of his massive shoulders…


JS: Omega has Gringo up… Gringo’s Dream is about to end here Paulie…


The former US champ has the current (and maybe soon to be former?) champ of the world hooked over his shoulder and looks out at the crowd…


JS: He flips the champ over… END OF THE DRE…. NO!


PH: Gringo counters! He counters!


The champ somehow on the way over manages to slip an arm around the head of the Omega Male and uses the momentum given to him from the Frostbitten One to plant his large Estonian head into the mat….


JS: DDT from out of nowhere… both men are down… but what the hell is going on the outside?!?!


Twiggie has somehow managed to get the upper hand on DC, he flicks his head around…


JS: Dreadwhip! DC is bust open! Twiggie leaps… Hurrican… oh no! No!


PH: This is what the phrase between a rock and hard place was made for Joey… oh he is screwed here…


The Dreaded Dreadhead was looking for a hurricanrana but instead finds that Cage is just a little too fresh for that… leaving poor old Twig in a precarious powerbomb like position…


JS: He wouldn’t…. no….


Twiggie is trying to punch at DC’s head so the burly Airdrie born nutter flings him to the side and onto the shoulder instead…


JS: They are on the steel! He’s going to kill him!


PH: ECW, 1998, Mike Awesome got annoyed with Masato Tanaka… he lifts him onto his shoulder and then we get just what DC is planning tonight…




The Scotsman runs forward, the much lighter Twiggie coming along for the ride on his shoulder…






PH: Twiggie‘s dead! He’s DEAD! DC just hurled him through that glass like he was nothing!


JS: We have got to see a replay of that….


We cut to duel screen as we see the action as it is now on a smaller screen below and the action replay in the foreground of the shot…


JS: Twiggie goes for the Hurricanrana…. But DC has too much power and catches him…


PH: …yeah and then it makes it worse by trying to punch the big man… that is like a fly trying to swat us!


JS: So DC gets annoyed and shoulders the XTV champ… he runs forward….


PH: …and WHAM! Awesome Bomb RIGHT through the glass of the chamber!


We cut back to the action as Twiggie lies a bloody and out of it mess in the remains of the pod…. Sickness is back up and can’t decide out of Gringo and Winter he dislikes the most… DC on the other hand is taking a breather on the outside and admiring his handiwork…


PH: Sickness wants to work on Omega here…. And for once I agree… if he manages to hit the Dust on him with THAT neck… it will be over…


JS: If… that is a big word in this match right now…


Gringo gets back up and decides to join in as the pair of sadistic nut bags kick the holy hell out of Winter…


PH: Oh dear… Winter seems to be bubbling again…


JS: If this match has proved anything it’s proven that you don’t kick Arron…


PH: I think Gringo and Sickness have realised that…


Both men look at the Pale Warrior and then at other… Winter is red in the face and standing up out of the corner…


JS: There backing off!


PH: They are faced with a man who has been in there for god knows how long… he’s fallen off heights onto metal… he’s been beaten and now… now he stands up in the face of some of the hardest kicks in the business….


JS: …yes…


PH: So knowing all that you are amazed they are backing off…


JS: Sickness attacks… ON NO!


Winter just flings the Sick One, using his own momentum against him and sends him once more out onto the steel and skidding into the chain wall with a thunderous bump…


PH: Look at Gringo… that man is smart…


The champ meanwhile has used the distraction to slide out onto an unpopulated platform… he waits for Winter to turn around…


JS: Springboard by Gringo… BUT WINTER BOOTS HIM IN MID-AIR!


Gringo lands in a heap and Winter beckons to an ecstatic crowd that this is the end for the Mexicutioner…


PH: No… Winter… put him down…


JS: Gringo is up on the shoulders… this is it….




Omega runs across the ring…


JS: NUCLEAR WIN…. NO! Gringo flips out onto his feet!


DC runs across the ring just as Winter turns around in shock….




JS: He just Gored Winter right into the turnbuckles! My god!


DC bounces off as Omega slumps out of the buckles to a waiting Latino Demon who bounces off the ropes…


JS: Gringo is airborne… what the hell DC is doing! OOOHHHH MMMYYYY GGAAWWDDDDD!


Gringo flies in and makes Winter eat a Cap It Off from the front as Cage hurls in from behind with one more Gore…




JS: Winter just got SANDWICHED between a Cap It Off and the Gore! Gringo into the cover!


























TC: Arron Winter has been ELLLIMMAANNTTEDD!


JS: Winter is gone as we are down to four!


PH: …and notice who has pinned both men?


JS: …and why did he?


PH: The why is not important Joey… the end result is what counts and I make that Gringo 2, Title contenders 0….


JS: Twiggie is STILL down from that ride through the glass…


PH: Do you blame him?


JS: But that means that there is just Sickness left with DC and Gringo…


PH: …ah well Joey… at least Sickness doesn’t know math… so I don’t think he’s that worried…


Indeed he isn’t… he is getting up on the outside and sees the F.E.R.E. twosome looking right at him…


PH: See what I mean?


JS: Is he insane? He’s inviting both of them to come at him!?!?


Gringo and DC both run and hop through the ropes and Sickness comes down the grate to meet them… he reacts with a blow first, throwing closed and hard fists into both the faces of the champ and his stable mate…


JS: Go Sickness! Go!


PH: I’d like to apologise for my broadcast partner here… he just made the R.E.T.A.R.D. U cheerleading squad…


The Sick One manages to fight off DC who retreats to a safe distance, out of the reach of Sicknesses flailing arms…

JS: Gringo and Sickness now…




PH: Hahahahahaha!


JS: Gringo with the LOW BLOW out of nowhere on Sickness….


PH: What’s DC doing?


Sickness slumps to the floor and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope as Gringo raises his hands in the air, slowly turning around…. where his supposed partner awaits….


JS: Is he? No… Paulie!








JS: Is he okay… is he moving?


PH: He just ploughed through glass head first trying to break his partner in two… do you think he’s gonna be okay Joey? Do you!?!?!


Gringo looks down at the bleeding and out of it body of DC… he turns to the crowd and shrugs his shoulders…


JS: Gringo doesn’t care!


PH: Joey, Joey, Joey… what would YOU do if a man you thought you could trust just tried to drive you through plate glass?


JS: …I think we are about to find out the answer to a more important question… what would Gringo do?


The Gringo it seems has responded to DC going into business for himself by doing the exact same thing… he grabs the lifeless Cage by the hair and begins to drag him upwards as the blood, which was before a trickle, is now gushing from an open wound in the former tag champions head…


PH: Oh… Angel is gonna love looking at that…


JS: Gringo hasn’t finished with him yet…


The Latino Demon has hauled the heavier Cage to his feet and is looking him right in his blood covered eyes which are barely open…


JS: Gringo tucks DC’s arm under the Scotsman’s own leg… he clasps the wrist… he hefts him up onto his shoulders….




JS: OH MY GAWD! He just DROPPED him head first onto the STEEL! COVER!




























JS: My god, Gringo just took out his own partner… his own friend…


PH: Steady on their Nancy… Cage tried to take out the champ and they BOTH knew that if one of them was going to leave here with that title then they would have to take the other out… this is business….


JS: I don’t call driving my supposed friends bleeding skull into solid steel business…


PH: That’s because you’re in the WRONG business….


JS: …but you know what this means? It means we are down to three… Sickness, Twiggie and Gringo!


Twiggie is crawling, blood coming from hole after hole in his back…


PH: …and Twiggie is in no shape…


JS: He’s been down for the past ten minutes or so from that powerbomb…


PH: But given all he has been through is that enough time to recover…


JS: This man broke his rib so badly it stuck through his side… and he STILL carried on… this man risks life and limb every night… this man is insane and willing to die for the fans and the chance to become the world champion….


PH: Jeez… a yes will do!


Gringo cockily struts into the ring as Twiggie lays on the mat… he signals to the crowd that he is going airborne and moves towards the buckles as they boo him mercilessly…


JS: Gringo looking to drive that final nail home…


PH: I know… its great viewing isn’t it…


JS: You mean watching Gringo leech off the prey of his partner… yeah… fantastic…


PH: See I knew you’d come round…


JS: I was being sarcastic!


PH: Shame… but then again you’re too nerdy for the Dark Side…


JS: Says the balding wrestling commentator who just used a Star Wars metaphor…


PH: Touché…


Gringo is perched up top and is crying for Twiggie, now on one knee, to get to his feet…


JS: Gringo mesauring Twiggie here…


PH: He’s looking for the Death Star Press… I know he is…


JS: The crowd crying out to the Dire Wolf… pleading him to stop Gringo… hoping it doesn’t end like this…


Twiggie stumbles to his feet… Gringo is perched and ready… Twiggie turns and sees the champ up high…




Twiggie has the Gringo stranded up top… the Dire Wolf stands pummelling Gringo in the head with fist after first, the blood dripping down his dreads and his back from the hellish ride he took through the glass…


JS: Gringo in a bad way here… Twiggie leaps… Frankienst… NO! Gringo has it block… he’s going for a SUPERBOMB!


Sickness wanders in from out shot and kindly bundles into the ropes however….


PH: That idiot!


Gringo falls down and is crotched… Twiggie lands on his shoulders and in one movement flips back….




Gringo flips over from the top and lands HARD in the middle of the ring on his upper back… Sickness on the other hand ignores the fallen champion and goes after the man who cost him the XTV title….


PH: That drunken fool! Twiggie is fresher!


JS: These two hate each other though… and good god they showing it!


The two men stand there hitting each other with elbow after elbow, Sickness then Twig and back and forth…


JS: …Twig ducks an elbow… dropkick to the back of the knee! Sickness is down… is he? Twiggie is going for it!


Crowd: S… Dee… Bee… S… Dee… Bee….


Twiggie tangles the legs of Sickness firmly in the Muta Lock… he reaches over and grasps the head of the Sick One around the chin and begins to pry away, almost looking to pull it off…. But instead begins to drive his taped thumb right into the throat of the squirming Sickness…


JS: Spike Driver Blues! Spike Driver Blues!


Whilst Twiggie is screaming at Sickness and trying to cut off any kind of blood flow to his brain, Gringo takes the time to escape to the corner unnoticed… and begin to climb….




PH: Sickness has never tapped… I’ve seen him pass out in a pool of his own blood, I’ve seen him bite his own fingers rather then slam them down….


JS: But he’s got no choice Paulie… he’s got no choice!


The Sick One is indeed choking on his own fingers in an effort to keep them away from the temptation of tapping… his face is showing a distinct blue hue and is neck is red raw where Twiggie will not let up…




Gringo is by now on the top turnbuckle… right above the struggling duo of Twiggie and Sickness….


JS: What the hell is Gringo doing?


Twiggie is still unaware and Sickness has other more pressing matters on his mind… Gringo decides to use this to his advantage and launches into the air…






Gringo bounce off the duo and rolls over from the momentum as Twiggie falls off the broken Sick One holding his ribs…


JS: Gringo with the cover on Sickness!

























Gringo slaps the mat and lets out a scream of anguish as Twiggie is curled up in the corner and Sickness is near la, la land on the mat…


PH: Gringo isn’t done here… he’s got that look in his eyes…


Gringo looks out on the sea of people who boo the Mexican Sensation… undeterred he begins to run his thumb across his throat in a cut throat manner….


JS: Sickness trying to trying to claw his way up…


PH: …that idiot better stay down…


JS: …he’s a fighter Paulie… he doesn’t know how to stop…


Gringo waits for the Sick One to get to his feet… he stuns the Sick One with a sharp kick to the mid-section and scoots behind…


JS: Gringo trying to get Sickness up… he’s on the shoulders…


PH: …if he crosses those arms then its game over…


JS: Gringo trying to clasp the arm… Sickness is fighting him! He can’t get the move on…


Sickness manages to roll through…


JS: …Victory roll… both men bounce up… Sickness has Gringo on his shoulders… Coma! Coma!




Gringo manages to ride the move and flips off onto his feet as Sickness throws him up for the deadly knee strike…


JS: …reversed by the Gringo! He lifts Sickness up… he’s got him the Torture Rack!


PH: You know what’s coming now…


JS: …Gringo flips him round…. TEQUILLA SLAMMER!


Sickness lands on the mat HARD after being flipped out into the Cutter, the impact causing him to bounce over onto his back…


JS: Twiggie is up… Gringo meets him…


PH: Dropsault…. into a Moonsault on Sickness! Genius!


JS: Gringo’s got the cover….





ONE ….























JS: Twiggie breaks it up!


PH: Why? This isn’t a triple threat…


JS: …because he wants to beat the Gringo…


PH: …so why not do that after letting Sickness get eliminated?


JS: …well as much as Sickness and Twig don’t see eye to eye that man knows that he hates Gringo even more…


Gringo is up and stands nose to nose with Twig as Sickness crawls away to recover….


JS: …either way I don’t think Gringo is happy with Twig…


PH: Joey do I even need to say duh? I mean come on… you want to define hate? Look in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of these two!


Sickness pulls himself up via the ropes and Gringo and Twiggie start to throw kicks at each other… the other man parrying a blow before throwing his own like its 1985 and Jackie Chan is loose in a shopping centre again….


JS: Roundhouse from Gringo… ducked by Twiggie… he goes for the R-15! Gringo ducks under this time and Twiggie is on the mat…


PH: Eat your heart out Bruce Lee!


JS: …Gringo tries to decapitate the fallen Twig but somehow the XTV champ bridges under the blow! Gringo is trying to stomp on him…


PH: …Nintendo should have this in the next Smash Bros. game! Imagine it! Super Mario Lee!


Gringo is leaping around like a slim line version of the plumber who hates mushrooms trying to squish Twig before the Dire Wolf kicks his legs out in mid-air…


JS: Now Gringo is down with him… swinging kick on the floor… Gringo ducks it! Both men roll to there feet…. Sickness runs in!


The Sick One runs at the battling duo that spots him coming… Twig manages to duck the errant lariat attempt as does Gringo… Sickness comes back off the ropes…


JS: Back drop by Gringo… Twiggie catches him….






PH: They just took out Sickness with his own double team move! What the hell!?!?!


Gringo quickly turns round and sees Twig rising from powerbombing the Sick One down to the mat… he runs at the Dire Wolf….




JS: Gringo just took out Twiggie…. he covers Sickness!

























JS: Sickness is gone! We are down to two in only the second ever Chamber in TWOStars history and look who’s those two are… it had to be…


PH: Huh… Twiggie wouldn’t be there it hadn’t been for him drawing number five…


JS: …by beating Gringo…


PH: …fluke, that’s what it is…


JS: He BEAT Gringo clean, live on PPV!


PH: …whatever…


Gringo hops over onto Twiggie and attempts a quick steal…


JS: Gringo with the cover straight away on Twiggie… the referee is counting!


















JS: He kicked out! Twiggie kicked out!


PH: This time...


JS: Gringo doesn’t look happy that’s for sure…


PH: That is because that damn dirty hippie is all that stands in the way of the first ever clean sweep in a chamber match EVER! Even Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Goldberg, Bobby Lashley… hell NO ONE has ever eliminated all five of his opponents…


Gringo begins to lift the stunned Dire Wolf up by his dreads… once he has Twig back to his vertical base he locks in a front facelock and drapes the Dreaded Dreadheads arm over his shoulder in a classic suplex position…


JS: Snap Suplex… he is holding on…. make that two!


PH: …and he’s still got hold of the dirty hippie…


Gringo switches his grip and has Twig’s arms locked in a double underhook….


JS: Double Arm DDT from the Gringo!


PH: He ain’t finished yet….


Gringo keeps hold of the arms of Twiggie and uses them to pry the XTV champion to his feet…


JS: Gringo switches behind… German suplex! He’s got the bridge!


















JS: Kick out at the last second from Twig! Gringo is back up and he can’t believe it!


PH: Neither can I! What the hell!


Gringo is dragging Twig by the hair to join him… Scoop slam by Gringo…. he is going to the top buckle once more…


Gringo is goading the Dire Wolf to rise to his feet as the XTV champ shakes his head unaware on the mat where his foe is… he slowly reaches his feet and Gringo jumps off…


JS: …but Twiggie nails him the R-15! Gringo just crashed and burned!


Twig now goes to the top rope himself and awaits the stunned Gringo to rise up to his feet…


PH: He just knocked Gringo through a loop and he is going high risk?!?! Does he ever learn?


JS: Watch and find out…


Twig has his sights set on the Gringo but when he dives off the Latino Demon catches him on his shoulders…


PH: Skullburner Plus… he’s going for it…


JS: Gringo looking for his own brand of the Death Valley Driver here… but Twiggie is fighting it… he slides off his shoulders… standing switch by Gringo…. he manages to shoot a half… GRINGOPLEX MKI! Bridged into the cover!






















JS: Twiggie kicked out again here… my god what action, back and forth…


Gringo has had enough and hauls the stunned Dreadhead to his feet….


JS: Right roundhouse to the head… left… a pair of slaps… makes that two…. Spinning neck chop…


PH: Well all know what’s coming now… Twiggie is about to get Gringofied!


The champ hits the ropes and looks set to launch at the dazed Dire Wolf… but when he bounces off the ropes he is dropkicked in the knee!


JS: What a counter by Twiggie, that came out of nowhere! He grabs Gringo… Brrrraaaaainbuuussssuster!


PH: …but Gringo jumps right back up! CAP IT OFF!


JS: Twiggie is back up! My god! Gringo is in shock… boot to the gut from Twiggie… BRAAIINNNNBUUSSTTERRRRRAAAHHHH!!!!


Both men are now laid out and Robinson checks on both of them as the crowd are going mental and applauding both men… they begin to chant the Dire Wolf’s name as he rolls over on the canvas…




Thanks to all of the crowd’s effort it is the Dire Wolf who is up first holding his bleeding and sore back… he picks up Gringo…


JS: Twiggie exploding with the elbow strikes here… Gringo returns fire… he wins the advantage with a slap! He has Twiggie up in the rack!


PH: You know I think its time to enjoy a… nice… Tequila…. What the?!?!


JS: Twiggie slides out! DREAD WHIP! Gringo is dazed and Twig hooks his leg… Cryptical Envelopment! Twiggie just snapped him round from the Fisherman’s Suplex right into the neckbreaker! Cover!
















PH: Come on Gringo… kick out!









JS: … my god that was close! Gringo just barely kicks out… Twiggie is on him again…


Scoop slam by Twig and he climbs up top once more…


JS: Twiggie leaps backwards… and this time he nails a moonsault! Right into the cover!
























PH: He kicked out! He kicked out!


JS: The crowd are going mental here… They know that Twiggie is surely on the verge here of putting Gringo away once more… he’s dragging him back to his feet… Michinoku Driver! Michinoku Driver! Cover!



























JS: TWO COUNT AGAIN! My god Gringo just won't stay down!


Twiggie puts Gringo up on the top turnbuckle once more as the packed crowd are once more on their feet….


JS: Twiggie up top with Gringo… he’s looking to hook his arm across the champ’s chest… but Gringo is fighting it!


The Latino Demon is aware that if takes a fall from up on high it will be over… he clubs at Twiggie’s back to try and gain some space and succeeds in slowing the Dire Wolf down…


PH: Gringo using his brain here… he’s going after the back once more…


JS: Twiggie is hooked… the fans are losing their minds here…. FALCON ARROW FROM THE TOP! Gringo lands right in the cover!



























PH: My god! So close… what does he have to do!


Gringo slaps the mat in frustration as Twiggie lays flat on the mat from the force of the ride he just took down to the mat… the Latino Demon isn’t done though and hauls the Dire Wolf upright and places the dreadlocked head of the XTV champ between his legs…


JS: Powerbomb by Gringo into the corner turnbuckle! He holds onto the legs of Twig…. He’s got him back up! Sit-down powerbomb!
























JS: Twiggie kicks out! He kicked out!


The crowd are chanting the name of the Dire Wolf once more as Gringo gets to his feet, sweat dripping off his body… he runs his thumbs over his throat as the crowd jeer him stopping the chant for Twiggie… he turns to a slowly rising Twiggie…


JS: Roundhouse… make that a pair once more…. One, two, three slaps… rolling back kick…. off the ropes…


PH: …It’s time to get Gringofied….


JS: NO! Twig dodges it…. Backslide!

























JS: Gringo kicks out! He nearly lost it out of nowhere…. Both men back to their feet… Gringo off the ropes…


PH: CAP IT OFF! My god Twiggie is back up!


Twiggie is up and screams in rage at the world champion… he charges the Gringo…


JS: GringoKick! GringoKick MkI! Cover!
























PH: No, No, NO!


JS: Twiggie will just not let this opportunity to go…


Gringo is enraged and glares a hole right into Robinson as he rises…. He grabs a hold of the Dire Wolfs hair, hauling him to his feet….


JS: The Gringo tucks Twig’s arm between the legs… he has him up on his shoulders….


























JS: …but Twiggie refuses to be pinned! Look at the look on Gringo’s face!


Gringo screams with rage and demands Twiggie get back to his feet…. The Dire Wolf looks out of it and slowly is regaining his footing via the ropes…


JS: Gringo is stalking Twiggie here… Twig has hold of the ropes… he’s up… he’s up…


Gringo sneaks in behind the XTV champ and hauls him up in an electric chair lift…


PH: Gringo looking for the Shock Therapy… This is it Joey, get ready to see the first man to ever eliminate everyone in a Chamber match… get ready to see history…


Gringo grabs hold of the left arm of the Dire Wolf and is looking for the right one…


JS: Twiggie is fighting it… he knows the title is in the balance right now… he’s kicking Gringo in the FACE!


The PETA Punisher flails with his legs and manages to distract the Gringo…


JS: REVERSE RANA! Gringo just landed on his head! Twiggie is still in this!


Gringo flips onto his feet with a dazed look on his face… Twiggie quickly moves behind him…




Gringo is flipped over and lands flush on his head as Twig releases him in mid-air…


PH: NO! Gringo, get up…


The champion does… more in shock from the suplex then anything… but before he can gain his bearings Twiggie is upon on him… literally!


JS: Twig goes round once… back around with the head scissors again… STEAL YOUR FACE! STEAL YOUR FACE!


Gringo bounces off the mat head first and this time stays down… Twiggie, getting exhausted and feeling the pain in his bleeding back pants for air before rolling over into a cover….






















PH: YES! History cannot be denied!


JS: Gringo kicked out! Twiggie is stunned… he can’t believe it…


But not for long… he begins to heft the bigger Latino Demon from the mat and wearily tosses him in the corner…


JS: Twiggie looking for something big here…


The Master of the XTV division places Gringo up top….


JS: We saw him go this earlier on… but now with the Gringo more tired and worn out maybe this time Twiggie can hit the Groove…


Twiggie joins him and looks for Gringo’s arm…


JS: Both men are standing… Twiggie is looking to nail a HUGE Groove here….


PH: My god… if I wasn’t so worried for Gringo here I’d slap you for that….


Twiggie is trying to make sure the champ is locked in but there is fight in the old horse yet…


PH: That’s it Gringo… FIGHT IT!


JS: Gringo is free! Twiggie is in a precarious position… he leaps! He’s clinging to the top of the pod!


PH: Is he insane!


JS: Yes he is!


Twiggie leaps backwards and over Gringo…


JS: He just dropkicked Gringo… and FLIPS ON TO HIS FEET!


The crowd go mental for the agility of the Dire Wolf… but he isn’t done yet… he quickly springs back to the top and grabs hold of Gringo’s arm, draping it over his shoulder and leaps backwards….


JS: Weekapaug Groove! Weekapaug Groove! Weekapaug Gr…. WHAT THE!?!?!


PH: Gringo counters! He counters!


In mid air Gringo swings round and gets in a crucifix on Twiggie… just before impact he manages to pivot his hips so that Twiggie lands on his head and shoulders but Gringo takes a hard landing as well….


JS: Out of nowhere Gringo manages to hit a modified Crucifix Driver! My god! Both men are down!


Twiggie has rolled over onto his gut from the force of the move and is breathing heavily, the blood still lividly seeping from the wounds on his back… Gringo is bleeding from the mouth and nose and is grimacing in paid on the mat as well, looking for the ropes…


JS: Charles Robinson is checking on both men… Gringo says he’s okay but my god he looks beaten up…


PH: What about Twiggie? Is he moving? I think the dirty hippie just broke his neck…


JS: Let’s see that again…


The screen splits in two and on the left we see the replay… Twiggie leaps to the top and in one seamless movement grabs hold of the Gringo’s arm and plants it on his shoulder… he leaps backwards with his own arm coming up to take Gringo down in the Groove…


PH: We see here as Twiggie puts his arm across the Gringo that the champ uses it as a lever to swing around and lock his legs around Twiggie’s other arm….


JS: Then just here at the moment of impact Gringo pops his hips… and WHAM! Twiggie goes HARD right into the mat!


The screen goes back to normal as Gringo is up, unsteadily, using the ropes for support…


JS: The crowd are getting behind Twiggie here… listen!




Gringo sticks his fingers in ears and grimaces at the very sound of his nemesis’s name…


PH: What is that dirty hippie doing… he isn’t… he isn’t…


JS: He is! Twiggie is getting back up! He is getting to his feet and this sold out crowd is going to explode!


Gringo looks at his former partner with a look of complete outrage and disbelief…


JS: He has been thrown though glass… he’s come off the top… he’s used himself as a weapon and yet still… STILL… he will not lie down…


Twiggie stands there, blood pouring from the back of his head, blood crusted and weeping from his back, his eyes almost closed through trauma and tiredness… but he looks right back at the Gringo and sticks his middle finger in the air at the apocalyptic champion…


PH: Gringo’s lost it! He’s lost it!


The champ bludgeons the Dire Wolf down with a SOLID boot to the head… he pounds on him with kick after kick after kick to the head, neck and shoulders before leaping into the air and driving his feet into Twiggie’s battered back…


JS: Dear god!


He steps back to admire his handiwork and still, on the floor, in pain Twiggie is defiant, his middle finger still pointing right at the Gringo…


JS: Twiggie could be concussed… he could be delirious from blood loss… somebody help him!


PH: There is no help in the chamber Joey… there are no time outs OR rest breaks… this will make or break careers!


The crowd are trying to encourage the Dire Wolf one final time as Gringo reaches in and lifts Twiggie of the mat by his bedraggled and blood soaked dreads… even though he was last in, the toll of the match is showing as the incredible conditioning of the Gringo is fading and he is panting for breath…


PH: Gringo is tired and frustrated… everything he tries Twiggie counters or kicks out of… he is bleeding and bruised and can barely breathe…


JS: Both these men may well kill each other her before they let the other take home that title…


Gringo finally has the Dire Wolf back up to his feet… he kicks Twiggie in the gut and underhooks his arms as he bends over double…


JS: Gringo lifts Twiggie up onto his shoulder… he takes a step back…


Gringo then leaps into the air and flips Twiggie over to a vertical position as he does so…


PH: SKULLBURNER! The original Skullburner!


JS: Gringo had put a lock on that move and he has brought it back! He must be getting desperate!


Gringo gets up wearily and grabs hold of a leg and arm of Twiggie’s… he drags him slowly but surely to a corner of the ring…


JS: Where is he going…?

PH: He is going to make a final statement… he is going to put the nail in the coffin and finally end this…


Gringo slowly climbs up the buckles, pausing for a moment before going right to the top to suck in more oxygen as the strain is apparent on his face of what this match and that man below him are doing to him…


JS: Gringo is right up top… he pauses for a second… he leaps…


Gringo rotates legs first, going forward…


JS: Shooting Star…. no he’s still turning!


PH: It’s the move that beat Twiggie at Nova…. It’s the Black…


Gringo keeps on going and rotates over so that his back is facing down towards Twiggie…


PH: …Hole…


He descends at great speed for the tucked rotation…




JS: Gringo with the only once seen before BIG TIME move… he puts an arm over Twiggie…



























PH: It’s over! He did it… Gringo retains!


JS: With a little help from his friends…


PH: You mean DC, the man who tried to betray him…


JS: I’m telling you that without his help Omega would have defeated him…


PH: Oh yeah and what about the four other men of the FIVE he just eliminated…


JS: DC helped him with Jaycey! Twiggie of ALL people helped take out Sickness…. The Hangman weakened Twig as well by destroying a pane of glass with his body! Hell even Cage basically eliminated himself!


PH: …but Joey ask yourself this… what will the history books show? I’ll tell you… they will show this very thing… Evil Gringo, August the twelfth, Mid Summers Night of Destruction…. World Champion and Conqueror of Elimination Chamber….


Gringo is on his knees as his music begins to play over the loud speakers, the metal assault of Lamb of God blasting in time with the fireworks that explode on the lighting rig above the chamber, confetti showering down in the colours of the Mexican flag…


JS: History will also show that five men gave it there all, all the blood, sweat and tears and maybe even careers in some cases to try and gain the richest prize in the game…


PH: …and they all came up short…


JS: …but all of them pushed each other to the limit and what a match… what a match… what a night…


Gringo is handed his title which he cradles like a lost child in his arms as the crowd applaud the efforts of the men who tried so hard to kill each other for them…


PH: …it has been an amazing PPV… I’ve been Paul Heyman… that was Joey Styles and this is World Champion… GOODNIGHT!


The camera keeps on Gringo as he raises his title in the air whilst on his knees, head tilted back in joy as we fade out to black…

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The TWOtron bursts to life...


... and we appear to be in a bar room of some sorts.


There are two figures sitting on stools, leaning away from the camera although it seems to be fairly clear who it is.


One of the gentlemen is wearing a kilt and has a bright crop of ginger hair atop his head.


The other has a long, loose jacket on and stylish facial hair that we can just sort of about see.


Turning round, Randy Roko notices the camera and gives it a big smile.


Randy Roko: Wha’ hullo there TWOstars’ fans, we didn’t notice ye’ come in.


Angus looks round as well, a glass or Irn Bru in his hand and raises the container up.


Angus McDonald: Welcome everywan, tae a rather speecia’ video.


The two men swivel round and Randy gives Angus a pat on the back.


RR: Tonight, well... sort of... one of our very good friends is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.


AM: Wait, but it’s no’ taenigh’.


Randy turns and looks at Angus.


RR: Aye, but that’s why I said sorta’.


AM: But it’s not sorta’, it’s in a few weeks!


RR: Aye, but we wanna make this look live.


AM: Dae we?


Randy lets out a huff.


RR: Well I guess it disnae matter now, dis it?


Turning back to the camera, Randy shakes his head while Angus sheepishly grins.


RR: Right, well, there’s rumours going aroun’ that our partner in crime Evil Gringo is being inducted into the TWOstars’ Hall of Fame.


Angus bangs the bar excitedly and lets out a congratulatory “woooo”.


RR: Aye, well, we wanted tae do sumtin’ special.


AM: Exactly – but the thing is, we couldnae get the three o’ us together fer the show itsel’...




Randy looks round with a hand on his head.


RR: Just ruin it all, eh?


Angus shrugs slightly.


AM: Am jus’ pure excited!


Rubbing his face, Roko turns back to the camera.


RR: Well, Gringo, thit meant we hid to film this a few weeks in advance. But the message is still frum the heart, ye’ ken?


Angus nods furiously in agreement.


RR: Whit we wanted tae dae though – wis reunite fer the first time in nearly a year a team that took ye’ under it’s wing when a’body else turned their noses at ye’. Of course I’m talking aboot none other than the Immortal Highlanders!!


The two bounce off their stools and move across the room, and into view appears the upper half of Willard, and then the rest of him as the two plonk themselves down on the couch.


Willard: Hey there Grings – I’ve got to apologise to you bro, it’s my fault that we’re not all there with you. Unfortunately...


Willard gives a slight smile.


W: ... My neck still makes it pretty tough to get around as much as I’d like to.


AM: Ach aye, Oor Big Wullie ain’t quite whit he wance was.


W: You watch it kiddo, I can still run rings round you.


AM: Ye’ve ne’er been able to run rings roon’ me.


RR: Guys – can we hold it for five minutes.


AM: But he started it!


RR: I don’t care who did – just behave the both o’ ye’.


Randy turns to the camera.


RR: Sorry Gringo, just we’re all pretty excited. But I want this to be about you.


Willard straightens slightly and lets out a tiny moan before starting to talk.


W: Gringo – when you joined up to become a part of the Immortal Highlanders, I genuinely couldn’t believe it. I mean, you were THE MAN, and yet here you were hanging out with the freaks and the outcasts. You’d won titles, made history and had sealed your fate as a legend in the business... but instead of letting it all go to your head and forgetting the guys who made you, here you were befriending Angus, Randy and I. You weren’t ashamed to be around us, weren’t terrified by the... energy... and in actual fact felt so at home demanded to become part of the group.


Willard smiles.


W: This was, for me personally, never more prominent than at WrestleNova V!


He pauses.


W: Do you know how bittersweet it is for your favourite match to also be the one you look back on with most sadness? When you Gringo, when you offered me a chance to team up with you and to go for the Tag titles, I couldn’t believe it. It was an honour and a challenge I didn’t take lightly – unfortunately as we all know, neither did the other competitors in the ring. I was left after that match with a broken neck and haven’t been quite the same since. But the thing is, I don’t regret it. I don’t look back and wish you’d picked somebody else, oh no, in fact I’m just so happy that my last match was alongside you; a man of class, of dignity, of honour and a true friend!!


As Willard stops speaking, his lip quivers very slightly and he licks them before sitting back on the couch and giving a half-smile – a sad smile.


Randy grabs his friend’s shoulder while Angus decides to take over.


AM: Aye, ah jist wanna echo whit Wullie said there! Ye’ were a right stand up fella’ Gringo! Ah ken comin’ tae ye’, when ah’d won the Triple Crown belts, and I ken saying tae ye’ how I wis nervous aboot carryin’ ‘em... aboot carryin’ eh company. An’ whit did ye’ do? Well, ye’ offered to take ‘em off ma’ hands firs’ o’ all, which I had no choice but tae politely decline. But eefter tha’, ye’ sat doon wi’ me and we talked it oor. Ye’ tol’ me how tae be a champ and how tae conduct ma’sel’. You talked to me aboot dealing wae size differences in the ring and promised tae teach me Spanish... well, I’m still wai’in for ‘at wan.


Angus grins and offers up a cheeky quick wink.


AM: Ah remember when we dealt wae the Consortium – it was you an’ I who were fronting the TWOstars’ army. Ye’ were the General and Ah wis the champion... ye’ always asked ma’ advice, and always wanted tae ken whit Ah wis thinking – even if you regretted askin’ it more often than no’. Ye’ve ne’er spoken doon tae mae, and ye’ never got tired o’ listenin’ to ma rambling. Thit’s whit Ah like aboot ye’ Gringo mos’... ye’d rather stand out and be remembered, than blend in and live an easy life! I appreciate that mate.


Angus’ rather serious looking face breaks into a big smile as the attention turns to Randy to take his go.


RR: Well well well, Gringo! Where to start! Since the very moment I walked into this company, you were always there for support. You helped me make the career choices that have led me to this very moment. Always there with a friendly word of advice, to set me straight.


Randy pauses, thinking about what to say next.


RR: You joined us in the Immortal Highlanders, making us the Evil Immortal Highlanders as some called us...


Randy chuckles away to himself.


RR: Those were the days eh Gringo? Walking down to the ring hearing the fans screaming 'Evil Immortal'? I'll never forget those days, every time I enter the ring with you it's an honour Gringo, an honour I'll never forget. You deserve this induction Gringo, more so than anyone else on the current roster. The only question in my mind is why it hasn't already happened.


Randy stares into the camera.


RR: I only hope that, when I do make my return, that I can do you proud... my friend.


There is a long moment of Randy just looking straight into the shot, while Angus and Willard begin to reach for drinks that already sitting on the table. The giant in the middle passes one over to Randy, who finally breaks away and shares a smile with his friends.




W: Have a great day mate, when it ACTUALLY comes.


The three laugh as classes are clinked and long swigs are taken.


Finally the TWOtron fades to nothing, but instead of leaving the scene we find ourselves backstage and in a corridor. The video package has just finished playing on one of those mysterious backstage televisions and standing over it is none other than Angus McDonald. The Scotsman is staring at it and his face looks devastated.


Holding out with one arm to the television, he runs his hand over it silently for a moment before shaking his head slowly and grabbing at his hair.


AM: Ah jist...


Turning away from the camera, he lets out a heavy sigh and his entire body seems to sag slightly. A hand is up over his face as he begins moving towards a door. Opening it, we see him beginning to fidget with the lace on the back of his mask. The door is slammed just as the tartan begins getting pulled over his head – a ginger blur being the only thing we get any sight of.


After that little epilogue, we head to commercials.

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We return from the commercials to find Lucian Jones storming around backstage. A cameraman hurries to keep up with the former champ as he grabs random people, asking them all the same question.


Lucian: Cari, have you seen her?


With each negative reply and shake of the head, the Jonestown Playa sighs and keeps moving. He passes a door and screeches to a halt. Hanging on the handle is a Do Not Disturb sign and a faint noise is coming from inside. Lucian gently raps on the door and calls out his blonde friends name.


Cari: I'm not in here! Go away!


With a frown, Lucian slowly opens the door. The lights are off in the small room and it is lit only by a stream of light coming from the window.


Lucian: Cari? Where are you?


A sniffling noise can be heard from the corner. Lucian steps into the room before stopping and turning to the cameraman.


Lucian: Stay there.


The camera peers into the room but doesn't go in. The King of Bling, however, steps slowly into the room and heads towards the sound of sniffling. He crouches down in front of the curled up figure lit by the window light.


Lucian: Hey. Whatcha doin' ehre sitting in the dark, all alone?


Cari: IdunnowhattodoIcan'twinwithanythingeverybodyhatesmewhydoIbother?


Jones's eyes widen at the rambling and he sits down, his legs crossed and puts his hands on Cari-Dee's knees.


Lucian: I've been tryin' to call you all week. Talk to me.


A sob comes from the pretty blonde, who keeps her head tucked down.


Lucian: Everybody thinks you're coping okay with alla this. Why are you hiding it?


A small shrug comes from the shoulders of the Bangor Beauty.


Cari: It's easier.


Lucian grabs Cari's hands and stands, pulling the blonde to her feet.


Lucian: Now dammit, you look at me. Screw Randy, screw Portia, all of them. You have so many people that care about you, screw the haters! They'll all get what's comin' to them. Something violent. And messy.


The light from the window shines on the tear-streaked face of Cari-Dee.


Cari: Do you think so? Really?


Lucian: I KNOW so.


He wipes the tears from the pretty blondes face, looks at his hand which now has a smear of mascara on and crumples up his face.


Lucian: Eww...


He wipes his hand on his trousers which gains a small smile from Cari.


Cari: Sorry.


Lucian: You have nothing to be sorry about. Now, let's go get you cleaned up.


The duo start to walk out of the room, Lucian's arms wrapped around Cari-Dee tightly. As they get into the light properly, the camera can now see what a state Cari is in. Her hair is a mess, her clothes still that which she had on in the ring earlier and a whole mess of make-up smeared on her face. The whole thing makes her look unbelievably vulnerable and the cameraman steps back again.


Lucian: You and me are gonna sit down soon and really talk about all of this. Tonight's about Gringo, so let's focus on him, okay? I know you got him a gift.


The pretty blonde's face brightens a little.


Cari: I did. it's in the locker room. And I got a new dress to wear too. It's green, red and white. Real pretty.


Lucian: Festive!


Cari hugs her friend back as they walk towards the women's locker room. The camera focuses on their retreating forms and the microphones pick up one last thing from Lucian.


Lucian: Think you got a dress I can borrow?


This time an actual laugh comes from Cari and the camera cuts away.

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We’re backstage just now and are with Christy Hemme. The redhead has a smile on her big, thick red lips and is standing at a door.


Christy Hemme: Hi there TWOstars’ fans, I’m Christy Hemme and right now I’m hoping to catch a quick word with a young lady who made her debut earlier tonight and shocked us all by picking up the win in the Lucha four way.


Turning round, Christy knocks on the door but doesn’t wait for an answer. Instead she just barges on in to find the young El Hija de la Estrellas at a table with a plate, a fork and a mouthful of something.


Her eyes widen in shock as Christy looks a little bit surprised at the finding.


CH: El Hija?


The girl gulps and nods, looking over at the camera and then at Christy.


CH: I was just hoping to have a word or two with you, if you don’t mind?


El Hija still looks rather confused as she begins to get up.


El Hija de la Estrellas: Sorry... you are?


Her words are fairly quiet and slightly stuttery.


CH: I’m Christy Hemme, I work here in TWOstars doing interviews with different wrestlers.


EHdlE: Inter...


El Hija raises her eyebrows slightly, hoping that this will illustrate her confusion. After a moment, Christy realises the girl doesn’t seem to quite understand.


CH: Yeah. Talking.


She points at the microphone and then at herself and El Hija.


El Hija nods nervously and licks her lips.


EHdlE: Ahh, yes, yes.


CH: So, tonight you had one hell of a performance – and it was your first time wrestling in America, is that right?


EHdlE: Yes. Before I only wrestle in Mexico.


CH: Cool, so how did it feel to be out there?


The young lady begins gushing excitedly, a smile crossing over her face and her arms moving wildly.


EHdlE: It was simplesmente espantando-se - uma das grandes experiências de minha vida.


CH: Oh... do you find translating for us exactly what you just said. Sorry, some of the fans at home aren’t as up to scratch on their Mexican as you and I.


El Hija licks her lips and seems to be struggling a little bit now.


CH: In English?


The new start nods and finally lets out a sigh and explains:


EHdlE: Good. Lots of good.


CH: Wow, well, I would’ve thought that you might have been a little bit more excited than that.


Christy lets out a little laugh before turning to the camera.


EHdlE: Well ladies and gentlemen, that was El Hija de la Estrellas who I wish the very best of luck from here on in. She impressed tonight and I’m sure it’s only to continue.


La Hija doesn’t look too happy with what just went down as we cut to black.

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#2 - Winning the Battle Royale From Number One


Battle Royale 2006 - live from the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada


The Evil Gringo outlasted 29 other men, entering at number one, to earn himself a spot in the main event of WrestleNova II.


Ding Ding Ding


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen it is no time for the Royal Rumble match. The rules for this match are as follows. The two participants that drew numbers 1 and 2 respectively will enter the ring then every 2 minutes another superstar will enter the ring until all 30 participants have entered. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.


Styles: Well I for one am excited Paul as this is my first ever Royal Rumble.


Heyman: And what a joyess occasion it could turn out to be.


Styles: I can’t see past Evil Gringo for this one, Paul he has all the tools required.


Heyman: Maybe so, Joey but 29 other men will be out there tonight gunning for the same prize so it is a lot to ask of any man.


TC: And now without further ado please welcome the participant that drew number one.


“Not listening” by Papa Roach hits the speakers to a LOUD pop from the crowd.


TC: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 200lbs, Evil Gringo.


Heyman: What bad luck, Joey. That is the worst number Gringo could have drawn.


Styles: Let’s be fair number 2 wouldn’t of been any better.


Heyman: Well that’s true.


Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war.


Styles: Gringo certainly looking focused.


Heyman: Can he stayed focused for 60 plus minutes though, because that is how long he would need to be focused for if he wants to win this.


Gringo climbs up into the ring and his music fades out as he looks down the ramp awaiting to see who has drawn number 2.


The camera cuts to a view of the rampway as we await the music of the next entrant to hit the speakers.


Styles: Who is it going to be, Paul?


Heyman: Your guess is as good as mine.


The arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.




is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. Around his head, loosely restraining his dreads, is tied a faded bandana. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing Styrofoam cups.


Heyman: Twiggieplex, Joey and Gringo could be about to get taught a thing or two about what it takes to win this Rumble.


Styles: You said it yourself, Paul that entering this early into the Rumble isn’t a good thing.


Heyman: It certainly limits your chances that is for sure, but Twiggie is HaRdCoRe.


Styles: He is going to need to be if he is to win this, because 29 other men have the same thing in mind.


Tony Chimmel leaves the ring as Twiggie enters and his music fades out. Head referee Chad Patton calls for the bell on the outside of the ring as the two men circle the ring as they are about to kick things off.


We are then taken to much later in the match, and the clock is just ticking down...







Styles: Only six more people left, Paul.






Heyman: And of course those in the ring.






Styles: I meant to come out and you know it.










The Buzzer sounds as “Let’s Talk about Sex” hits the speakers to a loud pop.


Styles: Oh my God, Michael Cole is in the Rumble.


Heyman: For the love of God are they that desperate for competitors.


Cole runs down to ringside and helps the referees separate Arkham and Andrews. Having eventually separating the two men Cole takes Arkham back to the locker room.


Styles: Does this mean Cole has changed his mind?


Heyman: I guess it does and that has to be the smartest thing he has ever done in his life.


Styles: You may well be right.


Back in the ring Dante moves across the ring and helps Gower hits Gringo with a number of punches to the head before both men put him up on the top rope.


Styles: This does not look good for Gringo.


Heyman: Looks good from were I am sitting.


Both Dante and Gower climb up to either side of the far left hand corner turnbuckle. Dante and Gower then hook Evil Gringo up into a front face lock before brining him crashing down of the top turnbuckle down into the canvas.


Styles: My God, Gringo was just folded up like an accordion.


Heyman: Well that’s the beginning of the right there for Gringo.


Styles: You have been saying that for around 45 mins, Paul.


Heyman: Yes but this time I actually mean it.


Styles: Oh so because you mean it, it must be true.


Heyman: That’s right.


Gower and Dante both slowly get back up to a vertical base but instead of continuing their double teaming on Evil Gringo they turn their attention to each other.


Heyman: Well this is just sheer stupidity on the part of Gower and Dante. They should use there combined expertise and get Gringo out of the ring, not attacking each other.


Styles: I have to agree there actually.


Gower hits Dante across the chest with a hard hitting knife-edge chop with Dante responding with a chop of his own.


Heyman: Speaking of stupidity even I know the golden rule of chops.


Styles: Golden Rule of chops?


Heyman: Yes.


Styles: What’s that then?


Heyman: You don’t already know?


Styles: No that is why I am asking you.


Heyman: Don’t chop Gower.


Gower grabs the right arm of Dante whipping him into the far right hand corner of the ring before moving across hitting Dante with a number of EXTREMELY hard knife-edge chops, which cause Dante to fall down to the ground.


The Countdown clock appears at the bottom right hand side of the screen as we begin to count down the seconds left to the next competitor.






Styles: Number 26 is about to enter.




Heyman: He has a few seconds left.






Styles: Smart ass.












The Buzzer sounds as and Shane Cross comes sprinting down to the ring and quickly slides in grabbing Gower from behind and hitting him with a couple of hard punches to the small of the back.


Styles: Cross wasting no time in going after someone.


Heyman: He is all fired up.


Cross tries to hit Gower with a right hand but The Master of Pain blocks of a right hand attempt by Cross before taking him into a front face and lifting him up in the air for a vertical suplex.


Styles: What a display of strength by Gower.


Heyman: Is anyone timing this?


Styles: I am sure someone has their stop watch on but it isn’t me.


Heyman: And why in the hell not.


Dante gets back up to his feet in the corner before getting up onto the turnbuckle and jumping off hitting Cross with a dropkick forcing Gower to release him and sending him to the outside.


Styles: What a way to eliminate someone.


Heyman: It certainly was impressive, I will give them that, but it used a lot of energy up on the part of both men.


Gringo back up to his feet hits Dante with a dropkick to the back causing him to fall into the 6-1-9 set up position. The Mexican Sensation gets back up to his feet and bounces off the near ropes as he looks to come back off and hit Dante. Gower turns around in time to spot Evil Gringo’s run and runs at him hitting him with a hard hitting clothesline, which turns him inside out.


Styles: My Gawd, Gringo just turned inside out and not for the first time in the match either.


Heyman: Instead of being turned inside out he needs to be thrown out.


Styles: I think I know which one he would prefer to be honest with you.


Heyman: Well yeah that is pretty darn obviosus.


Styles: Maybe not, maybe he wants to go home.


Heyman: Yeah, Riiight!!!


Gower drags Gringo back up to his feet and whips him into the far left hand corner of the ring before moving across to the ropes where he digs his knee into the small of Dante’s back.


Styles: This is just designed to weaken Dante up.


Heyman: It certainly wasn’t designed to throw him over the top rope was it.


Styles: No I just said it was designed to weaken Dante up.


Heyman: Yeah you just said that.


Styles: Yeah I know that’s what I just said.


Heyman: I KNOW!!!!!!


Styles: But do you know who is next to enter?


Heyman: No, I told you that I don’t have an entry sheet.


The Countdown clock appears at the bottom right as it begins to countdown.






Styles: What number is this now?






Heyman: I believe it is 27.














The Buzzer sounds as “Haunted ” hits the speakers to little reaction.


Styles: That is a former Tag Team Champion, Paul.


Heyman: So?


Styles: And he is six foot four.


Heyman: And?


Styles: So he may be a little hard to get over the top rope.


Heyman: Yeah?


Styles: Yes.


Heyman: ok thanks for the information regarding that there.


Styles: Not a problem.


Gringo moves out of the corner and hits Gower with a low dropkick, which knocks him off of his feet.


Styles: Gringo still has …


Heyman: Some Gas in the tank?


Styles: That’s the one.


Gringo brings Dante away from the ropes and takes him into a waistlock position. Dante tries to fight EG off spending around 5-6 seconds. The Master of Pain gets back up to his feet and moves in behind Gringo grabbing him around the waist.


Styles: This could get ugly.


Heyman: Michael Cole coming back then?


Styles: Not that I am aware of.


Gower hits Gringo with a German suplex with Gringo at the same time hitting Dante with one also.


Crowd: Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t!


Styles: What a move, Paul. What a move.


Heyman: And now all three men are down on the canvas as we await the next person to enter and take full advantage.


Judge steps into the ring and pulls Gower up to as feet as his music cuts off. The Judge whips Gower of the ropes and looks to follow up with a clothesline only for Gower to use what little energy he has left to grab The Judge by the head and throw him to the outside of the ring.


Styles: That was another short time in the ring and Gower has eliminated around six people now.


Heyman: But you can bet that Deadman is still on his mind.


Styles: I would imagine that is the case and it would be very silly for him not to have it somewhere in his mind.


Heyman: Indeed it would be.


Styles: Gower may well have of eliminate The Judge but there is still very little life in him as well as Dante and Evil Gringo.


The Countdown clock appears at the bottom of the screen and begins to countdown the seconds remaining to the next competitor.










Styles: I am going to take a wild stab and say this will be Deadman.






Heyman: In the condition that Gower is currently in he had better hope that it isn’t.










The Buzzer sounds as “Down with the Sickness” hits the speakers to a mixed reaction.


Styles: It’s Sickness, Paul.


Heyman: Didn’t he get a darn good number. You think he was in cahoots with the owner or something.


Styles: That may be true, we don’t know.


Sickness runs down to the ring and his music cuts off as he slide in to the ring. Sickness immediately stomps upon Dante and Gringo before moving across the ring where he pulls Gower up to his feet before hitting him with a release belly to belly suplex.


Styles: Great suplex by Sickness on Gower.


Heyman: That is another thing I wouldn’t think a smart thing to do.


Styles: What is that?


Heyman: Hitting Gower with a suplex, because he has so many variations of a suplex that I think he makes some of them up.


Styles: He mat well do, he may well do.


Sickness gets back up to his feet and goes across the ring and picks Gringo back up to his feet where he hits him with a capture suplex.


Styles: What a suplex that was.


Heyman: Yes very impressive, Joey.


Sickness gets back up to his feet and then drags Dante back up to a vertical base where he whips him off the ropes to the far end of the ring. Dante comes back off the ropes and Sickness grabs him hitting him with an overhead belly to belly suplex.


Styles: Sickness with yet another suplex and he has done that to everyone in the ring, leaving him the last man standing.


Heyman: Yes he may well of suplexes everyone in the ring but how many people did he eliminate?


Styles: None.


Heyman: So Basically what I am saying is what the hell was the point.


Styles: He weakened them all up.


Heyman: Ok Gringo has been in there from the start do you really think he requires anymore weakening up?


Styles: Better safe than sorry.


Heyman: Someone should of told you mother and father that because I know that they are damn sorry now.


Styles: That’s not even funny.


Heyman: Your face is though.


Styles: Ok that’s enough.


Heyman: We going now then?


Styles: That’s not what I meant and you know it.


The Countdown clock appears at the bottom right hand corner of the screen as we begin to count down the seconds left until the next person arrives.








Styles: Who got the number 29 spot then I wonder?






Heyman: Well we have yet to see Deadman.






Styles: That is true.








The Buzzer sounds as “My Friend of Misery” hits the speakers to a pop from the crowd.


Styles: That’s the music of Black Dragon. So I guess that means that Deadman is number 30.


Heyman: I guess so.


Black Dragons sprints down to the ring and slides in as his music cuts off and he goes straight after Sickness.


Black Dragon grabs the right arm of Sickness and whip him to the right hand side of the ring. The Dark Alliance member comes back off the ropes and is on the receiving end of a picture perfect dropkick.


Styles: What elevation on that dropkick there by Black Dragon.


Heyman: Again did he knock anyone out over the top rope?


Styles: Well no.


Heyman: So it wasn’t really that good was it?


Styles: It was good, just because it didn’t knock someone out over the top rope doesn’t mean to say that it wasn’t good.


Heyman: Wasn’t good enough though.


Styles: Not EVERY single move in the rumble is designed to knock an opponent over the top rope you know.


Heyman: It damn well should be then.


Gower getting back up to his feet is ran by BD who jumps up on Gower and looks for a reverse DDT like move only for Gower to just throw him away causing him to land ass first on the canvas.


Styles: Ouch that is going to hurt.


Heyman: A very good move by Gower.


Styles: Did it eliminate him?


Heyman: It didn’t.


Styles: Didn’t you just say that each and every move in the Rumble should be designed to eliminate people?


Heyman: I did.


Styles: So why did you call that as being good when it didn’t eliminate Black Dragon then?


Heyman: It wasn’t a move though it was a reversal.


Styles: Oh come on.


Heyman: Well it wasn’t.


Gower moves across the ring and drags Dante back up to a vertical base and hits him with a vertical suplex before bringing him back up to his feet whilst maintaining his grip and then hitting him with a second suplex.


Styles: That’s two suplexes on Dante now.


Heyman: Joey Styles can count people, go JOEY go!!!


The Countdown clock appears at the bottom right hand side of the screen as Gower pulls Dante back up to his feet prior to hitting a third and final vertical suplex.








Styles: We all know who this then.






Heyman: Well we assume it is Deadman.








Styles: Who else could it be?






The Buzzer sounds as “Serial Thrilla” hits the speakers to a slight pop from the crowd.


Styles: That’ not Deadman’s music.


Heyman: No it isn’t that is the music of Brett Banner and to be fair, Joey he had his ass handed to him by The Incredible Holt.


Styles: I am not going to argue you with you there.


Gower looks down the Entrance way and is shocked not to see Deadman, but the turns his attention back to the ring.


Heyman: Gower looking shocked not to see Deadman come out as the number 30 entry.


Styles: That he is and I have just received some news from the back.


Heyman: Is it regarding Deadman?


Styles: It isn’t, Paul. I have just heard that Eagles has suffered a minor concussion.


Heyman: Oh please who gives a ****?


Styles: I am sure there are people out there that are interested.


Heyman: Yeah maybe his mother and even that is debatable.


Styles: That’s just evil.


Gower pulls Gringo back up to his feet and looks to his him with a right hand to the face only for it to be blocked off by the former TWO champion who responds with a right hand of his own.


Styles: Gringo out there fighting for his life and his chance to go to the Grandest stage of them all.


Gower hits Gringo with a hard knife-edge chop in return, following it up wioth a knee to the stomach and a DDT, which drives Gringos head hard into the canvas.


Styles: That’s going to hurt.


Heyman: Yes it is.


Banner enters the ring and grabs Gower from behind as his music cuts off. Banner scoops Gower up off of his feet and slams him down into the mat.


Styles: Banner going straight after Gower.


Heyman: He is obviously not that smart then.


Styles: Why is that?


Heyman: Number one he didn’t throw him over the top rope.


Styles: And Number two?


Heyman: He should of went right after Gringo since he has been in there just gone an hour.


Styles: Fair point.


Banner sees Dante getting back up to his feet and grabs a hold of him hitting him with heabutt, which knocks him straight back down to the ground.


Styles: Big time heabutt by Banner.


Black Dragon now back up on his feet bounced off the ropes to the right hand side of the screen. BD comes back off the ropes and looks to hit BB with a crossbody only to be caught in mid air.


Heyman: Now come on eliminate him for goodness sake.


Banner walks over to the right hand side of the ring where looks to try and dump Black Dragon out of the ring, only for him to hold on to the top rope.


Styles: Dragon holding on for dear life here.


Heyman: That he is, Joey, that he is.


Banner continues to try and dump BD over the top rope but he is not taking yes for an answer.


Styles: Gower is back to his feet, Paul and what’s he doing?


Gower quickly wastes not time in moving across to the right hand side of the ring where he grabs the legs of Banner and manages to toss both him and Black Dragon out of the ring.


Heyman: That is the smartest thing I think I have seen this entire night.


Styles: Gower eliminating two more people taking his tally up to 8 eliminations. That is quite impressive you must say.


Heyman: Only if he goes on to win it.


Styles: That is true you don’t get the spot at Mania spot from having the most eliminations you got to win the match.


Heyman: That’s what I said.


Styles: I know you did I was just adding to it.


Sickness back up to his feet grabs Gower from behind and looks to put him in the Sicknote but Gower manages to move in behind Sickness and swipe him off of his feet taking him into an ankle lock.


Styles: Ankle Lock. Gower has the Ankle lock on Sickness.


Heyman: Sickness has never tapped out, Joey.


Styles: Neither has the man applying the hold.


Nearly 20 second go past and as it looks like Sickness as about to tap. Gower is met with a stiff lariat to the back of the head compliments of Dante.


Styles: Dante with the attack from behind on Gower and I think Sickness was just about to tap there.


Heyman: We will never know if that is the case or not.


Dante instead of going after Gower picks Sickness back up to his feet and tries to dump him over the top rope, with only seconds later Gringo coming in to assist him in doing so.


Styles: Two men trying to eliminate Sickness now.


Heyman: If he goes we will be down to the final three.


Styles: That we will.


Gower slowly gets back up to his feet about 10 seconds later as Gringo and Dante are still trying to get Sickness over the top rope. A few seconds later Sickness can no longer keep his grip causing him to fall to the outside.


Styles: He’s gone. We are down to Just Gringo, Gower and Dante.


Heyman: Who is going to win it now. My Money is on Gower as he isn’t been in there as long.


Styles: You may well be right since he doesn’t have to worry about Deadman now.


Dante and Gringo both turn around and hit Gower with a number of hard punches to the face.


Styles: I may of spoke too soon he is both Gringo and Dante to worry about though.


Heyman: Double teaming is smart and actually thinking about it Dante is being very clever in eliminating the more fresher of the two.


Styles: Very true.


Dante and Gringo whip Gower toward the far ropes and out of nowhere we see Deadman appear on the apron where he grabs Gower from behind and drags him out over the top ropes.


Styles: What in the blue blazes of hell?


Heyman: It was Deadman, Joey. It was Deadman and once again he has ruined Gower’s chance at the Big one.


Styles: That son of a bitch and just listen to the crowd boo the roof off.


Officials try to separate Gower and Deadman on the outside whils Gringo and Dante turn their attention to one another exchanging punch for punch.


Styles: So who wins Gringo or Dante?


Heyman: Who care?


Styles: Plenty of people care damn it.


Gringo whips Dante off the ropes to the left hand side of the ring but Dante holds on to the ropes. EG runs toward Dante who takes him up over head causing the former champion to land feet first out on the apron.


Styles: This does not look good for Gringo. I repeat this does not look good for Gringo.


Heyman: No it does not.


Dante turns around and has a punch blocked off by Gringo who then hooks him up into a suplex position. Dante blocks the suplex attempt off and looks to bring Gringo back into the ring, but the momentum again shifts in the way of Gringo who manages to bring Dante over the top rope and out on to the apron.


Styles: Gringo so close there as these two men battle for the coveted spot at Mania.


Heyman: If they both fall don’t they both lose?


Styles: I don’t know what would happen.


Dante hits Gringo with a punch as Gringo uses the ropes to keep his balance before hitting Dante with a punch of his own.


Styles: This is exciting.


Heyman: Okay.


Dante looks to hit Gringo with another punch but Gringo ducks down and swipes Dantes feet from underneath him causing him to fall off the apron to the arena floor.


Ding Ding Ding


LC: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner Evil Gringo


A HUGE pop goes around the arena as “The End” hits the speakers and Gringo rolls back into the ring where he is met by a referee who raises his hand up in the air.


Styles: He did it Paul. You said he wouldn’t but he didn’t it, despite being number one. Gringo has won the Royal Rumble match.


Heyman: I can’t believe it.


The camera focuses in on the ring as the TWO logo appears at the bottom right hand side of the screen as we fade to Black.

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The show finds itself, as most parties often do, behind the curtain. Only instead of finding some kind of exciting sex party we find ourselves in the company of two rather unknown types gallivanting about the backstage area.


Man: So this is Manchester? Less people with knives that I would have thought.


Woman (a female man): Maybe they're concealed Mr. Fotherington.


Mr. Fotherington: Don't be silly Nanny, the chattering classes don't have the foresight for such things.


Nanny: Quite right Mr. Fotherington, quite right.


Now identified as one Mr. Fotherington and his associated Nanny, they continue their travels around the backstages of the MEN. Upon turning a corner, they happen upon a small room with balloons and a single cupcake with a candle on top.


Nanny: Your name and arrival precedes you sir.


MF: No expense spared it would seem. Still have to grin and bear these things, in the name of business after all.


Nanny: I wonder if they've got any bacon sandwiches...


MF: Nanny, this is neither the time nor the place for you to be building an extension on your posterior.


The two people persons continue their walk towards to room when they are suddenly stopped in their tracks by a hapless chap with a clipboard in his claw.


Hapless Chap: I'm sorry sir but do you have permission to be here?


MF: Do I... *splutter* Do I have permission to be here? I would bloody well hope so! This is my party!


HC: I'm sorry?


MF: This party, that cupcake, those five balloons, it's pitiful but it's mine! Mr. Darkstar can really put on a warm welcome.


HC: I think you may be confused...


MF: Nanny! Get me my dueling glove! This ragamuffin needs a lesson in respect.


Nanny begins to rummage around her oversized purse as the Hapless Chap looks completely flustered at the situation.


HC: SIR! SIR! Please, can you just listen?


MF: Make it quick boy, these ears are valuable.


HC: This is TWOStar's party for Evil Gringo...


MF: You... you give the janitorial staff parties?


HC: He's a wrestler sir, quite a big deal. He's being inducted into the companies Hall of Fame tonight.


MF: Makes sense, I understand Mexicans made wonderful wrestling talent. Still, they're not really worth celebrating are they? They're not like you or me. They're... they're... oh I can't even bring myself to say it.


Nanny turns her attention away from her hunt for a dueling glove for the briefest moment.


Nanny: Foreign, Mr. Fotherington?


MF: Yes, that's it. They're foreign. Unsavory elements those foreign types...


HC: I actually believe he's from Manchester.


MF: MANCHESTER? Nanny, we must find Mr. Darkstar right away, we can't celebrate Manchester. Just think of the damage it would do to our company.


Mr. Fotherington and Nanny storm out of camera view as the show takes a brief commercial break to advertise I Love Horses Magazine and Diggerland Devon.

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We return from our illustrious sponsors to find Mr. Fotherington and Nanny continue their jaunt around the backstages of the MEN Arena. As if by television magic, we find them inside the office of Darkstar, the guy who does all the things. Darkstar has a an expression of confusion and anger at an intrusion.


MF: Mr. Darkstar, you know who I am so let's move this along quickly. Did you know that your company is celebrating a man from Manchester tonight? Do you know what the message that sends? Children could be watching this!


Darkstar: I have no idea who either of you are and I'm very busy running a television show right now so if you wouldn't mind...


Darkstar begins to gesture them out of his office in a rather forceful manner.


MF: My father told me that I was expected. Cecilworth Fotherington.


Darkstar puts momentary breaks on his ushering.


Darkstar: Fotherington... Fotherington... as in...


C-Worth: As in Cecilworth, yes.


Darkstar: No that's not it... the name seems familiar.


The other shoe drops


Darkstar: As in Lord Fotherington?


C-Worth: Yes, my father, as I said, he told me you were anticipating my arrival...


Darkstar's eyes widen just a little and he quickly goes in to crisis control mode.


Darkstar: Oh! Of course! Cecilworth! Sorry, slipped my mind. We weren't expecting you this week but I promise you we will have everything ready for your arrival next week.


C-Worth: I understand, you're a busy man but I would hate to let my father know you had forgotten about the arrival of his son.


Darkstar: The job will be lined up and waiting for you next week.


C-Worth: Splendid! Now about this Mancunian issue...

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back from the ad for TWOstars prime sponsors and we come back to the women's locker room. Cari-Dee is on her own again (awww) and is bent over fixing her make up in the large mirror. We can see the door to the locker room and through it storms the beautiful but deadly Jenny McKellen who throws the imitation lucha mask she was wearing across the room. Cari turns round with a start but relaxes a little when she realises it's Jenny and not someone like Portia or ANGEL.


CD: Gosh Jen, you gave me a fright then!


Jenny ignores the Welsh Wonder and goes over to her locker and begins to start packing up her stuff into her bags. Cari wanders over to the Prettiest Poison.


CD: You ok? You seemed a little frosty in the ring earlier?


McKellen pauses in her packing.


JM: Did I?


CD: Yes, is everything ok? I know that your Dad has been about a bit and...


JEn spins around quickly cutting the Bangor Babe in mid sentence.


JM: Stop talking about him. It's none of your business.


The Flying Fox returns to packing her things up, a little more angrily than before.


CD: O..K. Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. I know what its like to need to talk to someone....


Again Jen turns on Cari, given their similar size it's amazing her forceful Jenny's presence is; she seems to loom over Miss Dee.


JM: And I suppose you're going to talk to me about Randy are you? Want to cry on my shoulder as you go on and on and on about how awful your life is and how you miss him and can't understand what's going on? Please, spare me.


CD: No, I was just....


JM: You know what Cari, for once in your miserable life why don't actually stand up and deal with something? Why don't you for once stop playing the stupid blonde girl who can't deal with anything and has to rely on her friends. Boo hoo hoo Cari, your life is so terrible because you broke up with your streak of piss boyfriend. Why don't you try living my life for five minutes and then you'd find out what tough is really like.


CD: Jenny...


JM: No Cari, I don't want to hear it. For weeks and weeks I tried to be one of the girls. I tried to fit in with you and Lindy and be your friend. In the end what happened? I was left high and dry and made to tap out to that skinny ***** Portia. Where were you and Lindy then, eh? Where were you when I had to deal with my bastard of a father? When I had to fight him to protect my mother? Did I get a phone call or email from you? No, you were too busy pining over that idiotic ex-pirate boyfriend of yours. That turned out well didn't it Cari. Bet you could have used someone out there last week, someone who'd have stood up for you, helped you out maybe.


Cari is simply stood still, like a small child caught in the full force of a parents admonishment she can't bring herself to interrupt or argue. She's clearly tearing up though.


JM: Urgh, you make me sick. You're just like all the others in the god forsaken company. You've got as much substance as a piece of wet paper. If you aren't selling your tits to pay the mortgage like ANGEL then you're conforming to all the worst female stereotypes to get the attention of some guy. Portia can't breathe without someone beside her telling her to breathe in and out. I'd have an ounce of respect for Chang if she clearly wasn't just some imported lap dog. The only reason I'm bothering to stick around is that can't stomach anyone of you being the face of Women's wrestling in this company. That belt means something, something more than just holding a title. It means more than ANGEL wearing the Triple Crown. It means that you are the best female competitor out there, no man can win that belt. If I wanted to go out and face Deadman or Draven Cage for their title I could, I'd give myself a shot at it as well but to be the Women;s Champion means I'm the best woman out there. I'm going to prove there's more women out there than sluts, bimbo's and fatties.


Cari manages to force a couple of words out.


CD: You've never spoken more than 5 words to me and this is what you choose to say when you do?


McKellen heaves her bag onto her shoulder.


JM: I found my voice Cari, I found it because no one else was helping me look. Perhaps you should take a proper look in that mirror next time because it's more than your make up that needs fixing. I'm giving you a warning none of the others will get because I believe you at least meant what you said. Don't get in my way, I'm not going to stop until I'm Women's champ again and if that means stepping on or over you or anyone else then I'm going to do it.


Jenny pushes past Cari and leaves the pretty blonde girl alone again in the big empty locker room as we cut to...

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We cut back to inside the MEN arena and we hear a voice


Voice: Hello…..


All of a sudden the crowd notice something on the twotron and with the camera switching view the audience at home can see it is non other than “The Master of Pain” Barry Gower in his street clothes


Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!


BG: Tonight you are all sat in the Manchester Evening News Arena to pay tribute and respect to one of the greatest wrestlers still alive today.


JR: He’s talking about Evil Gringo, Paul.


PH: He might be talking about himself.


BG: That’s right I am talking about Manchester’s own Robert Heard, more known in the wrestling world as Evil Gringo.


Crowd: YEEEAAA!!!


JR: I told you.


BG: Me and Robert go back just over 5 years now and truth be told whilst I might not always see eye to eye with the guy he is one wrestler I have a hell of a lot of respect for.


Crowd: Evil Gringo!!


*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*


Crowd: Evil Gringo!!


*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*


JR: The crowd sounding the appreciation for their own Paul.


PH: Damn Mancs!


BG: In-fact if truth be told Evil Gringo is the one who inspired me to come to TWOStars. You see I could have just packed my bags and said goodbye to the wrestling world when the Extreme Revolution closed it’s doors on the 23rd of May 2005. However there was a new wrestling promotion just getting started and a new Kid on the scene by the name of Evil Gringo.


PH: Ah the good ol days of the Extreme Revolution. You remember those days JR surely?


JR: Truth be told, Paul I hated it. I hated every damn minute of it.


PH: Wow, calm down there.


BG: You see when me and Fill were tearing it up and wrestling each other for 30 plus minutes every time Evil Gringo was making a name for himself here in TWOStars. Hell he was fast becoming the best superstar to ever grace a wrestling ring. It was then I knew I could just pack up and leave, I wanted to wrestle this guy, I wanted to still go toe to toe with the best and I did that when I faced Evil Gringo. So if any guy deserves to go in to the TWOStars hall of Fame then it’s Robert Evil Gringo Heard. But Robert, respect can be lost, pain can be gained! So as much respect as I have for you don't think that just because you have earned legendary status I will hesitate in bringing the pain to you!!


We cut too…..

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....the backstage area.


Here wee see the back of a nude man running up the corridor.


Voice: I'm nude and I'm in MEN!!!!! Giggidy!


We cut back to the announce table with JR and Paul Heyman and we see the former ECW owner shaking his head in shame.


JR: Was that Keith Jaxx?


Heyman just shakes his head in shame.


JR: I think it was.


PH: I don't even want to begin to think why you know that man from behind.


JR: He said Giggidy. Anyway swiftly moving on, still to come on tonights show Evil Gringo is inducted in to the TWOStars Hall of fame but first we need to take a commercial break


Cut to advertisements

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Hmmm…Suspiciously Gringo-centric adverts?






Back from the ads, and we’re presented with the XTV HD title screen, accompanied by a blast of XTV theme music. As the graphic dissolves to the exterior of the packed out MEN Arena, we can hear the familiar warm tones of Jim Ross welcoming us back to the show.


JR: Welcome back to XTV folks! And as you can see we’re coming to you LIVE! tonight from Manchester, England, the home of a certain Evil Gringo!


The camera switches seamlessly to the insides of the arena, the same XTV theme tune being pumped out of the arena’s sound system. We take a second to look at the adoring Manchester fans, each and every one of them here tonight to celebrate all things Gringo, before settling on the announce position, where we find a pleased looking JR accompanied by a gruff and grumpy looking Paul E. Heyman.


JR: That’s right folks, it’s Gringo appreciation night tonight, and we’re going to “cap it off”, if you’ll excuse the pun, by inducting Manchester’s favourite son into the TWOstars Hall of Fame!


PH: Gringo!? In the Hall of Fame!!? I guess that means we’re really gonna have to scrape the barrel next year! Who’s next, Will Tomson?


Heyman snort laughs at his own attempt at comedy, as Ross rolls his eyes slightly, before fixing his gaze on the camera in front of them.


JR: Well if you’ll excuse my broadcast colleague, I’m sure you’re all more than aware of exactly why Evil Gringo is Hall of Fame material, as we’ve shown in the archive footage you’ve been watching tonight...


PH: Blah, blah, blah. Gringo this, Gringo that. Gringo, Gringo, Gringo!! I’m sick of hearing of Gringo already!!


JR: The show’s not over yet, friend! You’re going to hear a whole lot more about Mr. TWOstars...




JR’s Gringo lovefest is interrupted, as a blinding flash of pyro illuminates the arena, and the opening of “Slam” by Pendulum booms out of the speakers.




PH: No...no...no!! So now I have to deal with it being Gringo night AND Jones is here?! He hasn’t even got a match!!



JR: Well it looks like someone else wants to say something on this special night!


Lucian bounds out onto the stage, as another impressive display of pyro sets off, bathing the faces of the fans in radiant golden light.




Lucian beats his chest proudly, pointing out at the crowd before him, before starting his strut down the entrance ramp, slapping hands and bumping knuckles on his way.


PH: Everybody else records a video message, or they stay backstage to talk about Gringo, but oh no, not Jones! He has to bowl out here, making sure all the attention is on him, that he’s the one under the spotlight! It’s disgraceful!


JR: Do you ever take a step back and listen to what you’re saying?


PH: Why should I? I’m paid to talk, not to listen!


By this point Lucian has made his way down the aisle, and is standing in the centre of the ring, sunglasses hiding his eyes, and a wide grin plastered onto his face. As “Slam” dies down, Lucian raises the microphone in his hand to his lips, letting fly with a loud and proud...


LLJ: Wha’gwon Man-chest-er!!




The crowd respond in strong voice, screaming loudly, and waving their Gringo flavoured banners and signs in the air like they just don’t care.


LLJ: Are y’all enjoying Gringo night?




Again the crowd cheer loudly, even breaking out into a impromptu chant of:




That Lucian politely waits to die down before continuing.


LLJ: You best beli’e that!! See, when I heard that they wanted folks to say a few words about the Evil Gringo...well...y’boy Lucian jumped at the chance!


Jones flashes his heart-melting smile at the fans, before continuing to speak.


LLJ: Y’see, for me, Evil Gringo has always been the benchmark in TWOStars...




LLJ: Hell, they don’t call him “Mr. TWOstars” for nothin’, y’knowhumsayin’?


Again a chant strikes up of...




...which (once again) Lucian waits to die down before speaking.


LLJ: I’ll openly admit to being a HUGE Gringo fan when I was breakin’ into this beautiful business of ours. If I wasn’t workin’ or trainin’, then I was playin’ back hours and hours of videotape, studyin’, researchin’, pickin’ up what hints and tips I could...


Lucian drifts off for a slightest moment, obviously taking a little trip down memory lane himself.


LLJ: And who did I look to as my fountain of information? Yep, y’all guessed it, none other than our own Evil Gringo!




Wow. Just mentioning the word Gringo in Manchester gets the kind of pop some wrestlers would eat their own right arm for. Lucian smiles, stroking his goatee thoughtfully, enjoying the memories of when times were decidedly tougher for the King of Bling than they are now.


LLJ: I’ll even let y’all into a little secret...


Lucian gestures for everyone to draw in closer, lowering the volume of his voice slightly.


LLJ: ...when I first started out the person I aspired to be was Gringo.


Lucian looks a little sheepish about admitting this in front of everyone, but continues nonetheless.


LLJ: I used to watch Gringo on my TV, and think to myself “that’s what I want”. I wanted the fans behind me, cheering my name. I wanted the high profile matches, the titles, the prestige. I wanted to be known as the man who would do anything and risk everything for something he believed in, just like Gringo.






LLJ: And if that meant I ended up with a woman half as sweet as Becki Moss, then I’da been set fo’ life!


Lucian chuckles just a little.


LLJ: Not that I’m putting the moves on Becki or anything here. I’m just sayin’ that Gringo found himself a good lady there!


Knowing full well that she’s bound to be somewhere in the arena tonight, the MEN crowd start to chant...




...much to the delight of Lucian in the ring (and no doubt Becki somewhere backstage too).


LLJ: But I digress. I wanted to have what Gringo had. To be talked about in the same breath as Gringo. To have the kind of adoring fans Gringo has...just like you good people out here tonight!




LLJ: Now I know that since I got here, Gringo and I ain’t always seen eye to eye. In fact, during the dark SCW days, Gringo flat out told me that he wanted nothin’ to do with me. And I ain’t gonna lie...that hurt.


Lucian looks down sorrowfully for a moment, remembering the day everyone but Kyle Gilmore turned their back on him because of SCW.


LLJ: But I didn’t let that get me down. If there’s one thing I learnt from Gringo, it’s that you don’t give up, you don’t back down, you bring the fight!!




LLJ: So that’s what I did. I manned up. I toed that line, and I fought for what I believed was right. For TWOstars, and each and every one of you guys out there! Gringo asked people to step up and fight for the cause, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a call to arms from someone I admire so much go unanswered.




LLJ: But once we disposed of the Consortium, what then?


Lucian sighs slightly, letting his head hang just a little.


LLJ: Well then...Gringo left. He took his mamacita some place far, far away and concentrated on his family. And I can’t blame the guy for that one bit. Only problem was that Gringo’s hiatus left behind a large pair of boots to fill. A pair of boots that someone would need to step into, and take up the beacon of being Mr. TWOstars. For the longest time, I thought I was that person. I thought I could pick up where Gringo left off, defeat Van Dam, bring the titles back to someone the fans could get behind. And y’know what? It almost worked. I almost convinced myself I’d done it, until the appearance of a mystery opponent a couple of months ago.


Lucian looks down at the microphone in his hand, obviously putting some thought into what he wants to say.


LLJ: The night that Evil Gringo returned, and I, at that time Triple Crown Champion, got beat clean by him. No shenanigans, no outside interference, just a clean one, two, three in the middle of the ring.


Lucian looks down at the mat, the loss to Gringo still fresh in his mind.


LLJ: That night I realised that no matter how far I had come, no matter what I had done so far, no matter how much work or effort I thought I had put in...well...I still didn’t match up to Gringo.




LLJ: So tonight, I’ve got something very special to say to Gringo. Something I’d really like to say to him man to man. Gringo, if you can hear me, could you come out here please?


Lucian lets the microphone drop to his side, as the whole crowd waits with bated breath to see if Gringo is going to put in an appearance...





The crowd waits...





Lucian waits...





The lights darken...









“Welcome Home” drifts over the arena, the only illumination coming from the TWOtron, and the sporadic bursts of camera flash from different fans taking pictures of....darkness, I guess?




Pyro explodes from the four ringposts, as well as the rafters above the ring, bringing the lights back up in an instant. Standing before Lucian, a wide smile on his face, is the man of the hour himself, The Evil Gringo.




The noise inside the MEN is deafening, as every fan rises to their feet for a glimpse at their hometown boy. “Welcome Home” fades out, as Lucian and Gringo exchange a couple of unheard pleasantries. Without much of a further ado, Lucian raises the microphone back up to his mouth.


LLJ: Ladies and Gentlemen, EVIL GRINGO!!




Lucian gestures a hand Gringowards, as the crowd cheer loudly…




A genuine smile comes to the face of The Mexicutioner, if you look carefully (on HD) you may see his eyes welling up ever so slightly at the response from his home crowd.


LLJ: Thanks for comin’ out here, man.


EG: Hey, no problem amigo! Waddup J-Dawg?




Lucian looks down, laughing just a little.


LLJ: Okay, seein’ as tonight’s yo’ night, I’m gonna let y’all get away with that “J-Dawg” nonsense, a’ight.


Gringo grins at Lucian.


EG: Sure thing, J-Dawg!




Lucian grits his teeth slightly (he really doesn’t like being called J-Dawg) but lets it go as he watches Gringo work the crowd like a pro.


EG: So what’s the happy-haps ese? What’s so important that you’ve come all the way to my hometown…




EG: …on Gringo night…




EG: …just to tell me, homes?


Gringo arcs an inquisitive eyebrow, as Lucian paces back and forth slightly, thinking how to broach this subject. Jones pauses, raising the microphone up.


LLJ: Dude…the thing is…


Jones lets the microphone drop for just a second, before raising it back up.


LLJ: The thing is…I just wanted to thank you. I know y’all got a lot goin’ on today, y’all’re getting’ ready for the big induction an’ all. But befo’ that, I just wanted to take the opportunity to come out here and say…thank you.


Lucian holds a hand out, which Gringo shakes, but wears a quizzical look on his face the whole time.


EG: Gracias amigo, pero I don’t understand? What you got to thank me for, ese?


Lucian smiles, releasing Gringo’s handshake and raising the mic up once more.


LLJ: I knew you’d say that, and it’s cool. See, I wanna thank you for setting the standard round these parts.


Gringo looks a little taken aback, but he goes along with it.


LLJ: I wanna thank you for setting the bar so high that I have to work my a*s off each and ever day jus’ to be within touchin’ distance of where you’ve got to.


Gringo looks out to the audience, pointing to himself and mouthing an overly modest “Who? Me?” to the crowd.


LLJ: I want to thank you for being the driving force behind everything I aspire to do, and to be.


Lucian looks at Gringo, who returns the gaze of His Highness of Flyness with a warm smile, the quizzical expression now gone completely.


LLJ: I want to thank you for forcing me to push myself to places I never thought I could go. Forcing me to break through any boundaries or limits put in front of me, just so I could start to be thought of as great champion, let alone Mr. TWOstars.




Lucian runs a hand through his afro, a slight smile on his lips.


LLJ: Y’know…proving myself against the path you blazed before me was the one thought that pushed me through 8 months of gruelling matches as I defended that Triple Crown Championship against anyone and everyone…


Gringo interjects.


EG: Except me, ese.




A wider smirk breaks out across Lucian’s face, as a chant of…




…breaks out around the arena.


LLJ: Dude, you know I would’ve loved to go one-on-one with you with the gold on the line. Things jus’ didn’t happen that way, y’knowhumsayin’? That would’ve been a helluva match though…Gringo vs. Jones…




Both Gringo and Lucian seem to drift off for just a moment, both men thinking of how a match against the other would pan out for them.


LLJ: So thank you Gringo. Thank you for being “Mr. TWOstars”, and showing me what I have to do to if I ever want to be the best. I may not be there yet…


Lucian grins widely.


LLJ: …but I hope that some day I will be.


Again Lucian offers his hand to Gringo, who shakes it warmly, pulling the King of Bling in and wrapping an arm round his shoulders.






“Welcome Home” kicks in through the arena sound system, as Lucian raises Gringo’s arm, pointing to the soon-to-be Hall of Famer, as the Manchester crowd cheer loudly at the sight.






As the music continues to play, Lucian slips out of the ring, and starts to back up the entrance ramp, applauding the smiling living legend stood in the ring.


JR: Well that is class right there, ladies and gentlemen.


PH: I think I’m gonna be sick…


JR: It takes a lot for Lucian Jones to take something as seriously as he just appeared to be, Paul. I for one appreciate the sincerity of that young man’s sentiment!


The camera angle switches to show Jones now stood on the stage applauding, as Gringo looks on from the centre of the ring. The Mexicutioner ascends the turnbuckles, as the volume of the crowd raises even louder.




JR: Stay with us folks, because we’re getting ready to watch that man right there, The Evil Gringo, or Bobby to his friends, become the latest inductee to TWOstars Hall of Fame!!


PH: Yippee. I can’t wait…


We cut from the jubilant crowd and hometown hero to a special extended look at the brand new 3 disc Evil Gringo DVD boxset “The Mexcellence of Mexecution”.

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