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Royal Rumble Random Lottery! *Win £14.95*

Richie Boi 777

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I've taken this idea from another forum and thought it would be a good idea to use here.


The rules are simple, you announce your participation in this game by replying to this thread. Once all 40 slots are filled up, I'll use a random number generator to randomly assign you a number. The winner is determined by whoever wins the Royal Rumble match. For example, if John Cena enters at #27 and wins the Rumble match, then whoever here is assigned #27 via the random lottery drawing will win.




Order of Entry (as determined by a Random Number Generator draw):


1. Mitchell

2. groaninjock

3. Da Stinga

4. Dr. ZERO

5. Darkstar

6. Shaun2J

7. Orton

8. ScottyB


10. Steely

11. mand82

12. The HiTman

13. Memoirsofme

14. HitmanChamp

15. The Icon

16. carlosgee

17. Inno

18. Jimmy Redman

19. weez280

20. Springsteen

21. The Bisch

22. Richie Boi 777

23. ShaolinHandLock

24. Andrew

25. Dante Spears

26. Y2James

27. dschris

28. Tio

29. H}{H-Evolution

30. Scotty2Hotty

31. might

32. Hanahbananabob

33. Tommate2k9

34. leighwwe

35. The Fury

36. DC

37. JobberJoe

38. Miz Sucks

39. GoldStandard

40. ReyChampion




Order of Entry (as determined by a Random Number Generator draw):


1. Demonix

2. superjeffhardy

3. chops10

4. Destroyer100


6. Frank Botch



9. TevonY2J

10. MadMutant



13. jayg1234

14. jameson

15. Shane O Mac

16. Markb101


18. Laffy


20. barmy20

21. danzi

22. gamedx69

23. Rockster2000

24. defender05

25. Maxximus


27. RDM




31. orianblaine

32. Sean Johnson




36. TheUKKid

37. whychriswhy

38. mg. 1993

39. Gooneronastick

40. EnglishDynamite


As mentioned in the last post, the big twist for the group 2 draw was that instead of drawing just random from 1 through 26, I did the same 1 through 40 draw as group 1 (despite there not being 40 entrants in this group) so there wouldn't be no entries for all the numbers between 27 through 40. Does that make sense? If nobody likes it, I'll just condense it down to 1-26.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Darkstar does this, so you could have nicked it from here lol.


He writes the "rumble" using the names of members from here as the wrestlers that draw the number.


I didn't know it was done here as it is only recently that I've started to post on here again. Therefore I didn't steal it from here. However, as it's already been done here, please close and delete this thread then.

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I'm in, but, but am I missing the point to it? At least until Kam very kindly offered the prize money.
Basically you'll be assigned a number before the show. For example if you get number 25...if whichever Superstar comes out 25th in the Rumble wins...you win the cash.


Oh and it's usual competition T+Cs, I'll pay via Paypal...but can do an online voucher for Amazon etc if you don't have Paypal.

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