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SmackDown Discussion Thread - October 22, 2010 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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(SmackDown was taped following NXT on October 19)



Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Confirmed Matches/Events


Champion Vs. Champion:

WWE Champion Randy Orton Vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane


Final Build To WWE Bragging Rights

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


The show starts with Team RAW and Team SmackDown in the ring with Teddy Long, who said he will let the superstars make the matches. Miz picked a six-man tag featuring himself, Zeke, and Sheamus vs. Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Rey Mysterio.


Edge said he wanted C.M. Punk. John Morrison wanted Alberto Del Rio. Jack Swagger Swagger got booed and ended up taking Santino Marella. The crowd was popping big for Santino. Long made all the requested matches official.


Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz, Sheamus, and Ezekiel Jackson. Show chokeslammed Miz and had Rey jump off his shoulders for a splash to get the win.


Jack Swagger beat Santino Marella. Halfway through the match, Hornswoggle came in to show off Swagger's Eagle mascot that was distracting Santinto. Santino managed to hit The Cobra on the bird. Swagger won the match via ankle lock.


Alberto Del Rio defeated John Morrison.


Laycool came out. Layla was dressed as Natalya with Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart's beard, and McCool was dressed as Bret Hart. The crowd booed them. Natalya and Kelly Kelly came to a big pop.


Natalya and Kelly Kelly defeated LayCool. For some reason the crowd chanted "Let's go Oilers, Calgary sucks" for the first bit. Anyway, Natalya won via Sharpshooter. A fan in a Rey Mysterio mask just went up the ramp and was escorted by security guards. He appeared to go after Natalya because it was right after her win.


Edge fought C.M. Punk to a no-contest. The crowd was hot for Edge the whole time. As he was about to spear Punk, Team Raw interfered and then Team Smackdown came out for the save. It ended up with everyone hitting their finishers on someone else. Edge was the last one, and he speared Punk and then posed with Team Smackdown.


Randy Orton defeated Kane in a Champion vs. Champion match. Kane dominated most of the match. The ending was Kane going for a chokeslam, but the bell tolled and the lights went out. When the lights went on, there was no Undertaker, but Orton used the distraction to nail Kane with an RKO for the win.


After the match, Kane was freaking out outside and then the bell was heard again. Kane went back in the ring and Taker came out from the ring by making a hole through. Taker pulled Kane inside the hole. They got out brawled and Kane escaped. Taker posed and then threw the World Title belt in the hole in the ring where he came out of!

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You know, I just love these guys.


They book a Bragging Rights PPV, after it had already bombed the year before, but they book it again anyway. They book it three weeks after HIAC, five weeks after NoC, and the day after UFC with Brock Lesnar. They have Raw and Smackdown guys all over each others' shows all year, they never mention the idea of Bragging Rights until October, and there is nothing on the line except a trophy to forget about in 3 weeks. There is just no chance in everloving hell for this PPV.


And then they do a damn good job promoting it two days before the show.


I thought the same thing last year too, to a lesser extent. It still not going to sell a single, solitary buy, for sure, but this was a really fun show.


I loved, absolutely LOVED the opening promo and match. It made so much sense it made my brain hurt. Teddy lets the BR dudes choose to challenge anyone. Miz the heel hides behind his biggest dudes. Show sees big dudes and says to counter he'll go for speed in Kofi and Rey. So they have the match, and Kofi and Rey dominate the first half using their speed, Sheamus and Zeke take over using their power, and Show's strategy is vindicated in the end when the babyfaces win. I cannot explain how sensible this was, and how happy it made me. I love Smackdown.


And while I'm on it, "When I'm in trouble, I dont call 911, I call 619" was an awesome line. Kudos to whoever wrote that.


So anyway, 6-man was fun stuff, Swagger/Santino was short and sweet, Morrison/ADR was quite good, Edge/Punk was good too. And the shenanigans were great fun, just a never ending procession of guys and finishers, non-stop action for freaking ever. Throw in Cole not being so bad and trying his hardest to sell the story here, and I enjoyed the entire SD/Raw part of the show.


Orton/Kane was, well, it was Orton and Kane. And the idea of having a champion's match this low key, this under promoted and this uninteresting kills me. But again I liked how they wove this match into the SD vs Raw angle, the Orton/Barrett angle and the Kane/Taker angle. I liked especially the idea that Orton had to win, not just for his own momentum but also for Raw's.


End was hokey as all freaking sh*t though. Even my mum laughed.

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