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Do You Think You're Funny?


Do you think you're funny?  

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  1. 1. Do you think you're funny?

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Not really, no.


I tend to think I grow less and less funny as I grow older. I was "the funny guy" when I was, like, 10 years old. Now, not so much. Although thats not to say I cant make people laugh. Everyone can, to some degree.


I dont tell jokes or anything like that though. I'm not that kind of a person.


Having said that, as anyone who's read my Smackdown posts can attest, I find myself absolutely hilarious.

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I am pretty funny in real life, rather than on the forums here, where if I do crack a joke they're usually missed (or just not funny) if I tell one at all. Sometimes in TWOStars stuff I write my "real life" sense of humour comes out and that is probably based in talking about someting ridiculous but completely deadpan. Trying to be convincing to someone who doesn't know better when it's clearly totally f*cking ridiculous.


For example, and this will probably be lost over the forum but it still makes me smile now. I was coming back from Stockholm of all places with a girlfriend, after a Winter trip. At Stockholm airport (aka: not really near Stockholm, thanks Ryanniar) we noticed a robin. I commented, "look, a robin". She commented, "awwwww, nice". Or something.


When we landed in Stanstead we were queuing up for a taxi, I believe, and she saw another robin. "Look, another robin!" she exclaimed. To which I looked at her, completely seriously, and said, "another robin? It's the same one". I was called a "tw@t" for that one.


Another time I was in the US, in Scottsdale Fashion Square, in a coffee shop called Le Madeleine. French-themed but delusions of grandeur. Anyway (and I never realised this before but) Americans very, very, very rarely put milk in their tea like Brits do. In fact, to get a cup of Typhoo you specifically have to ask for "black tea" or you'll get herbal, or "urbl" as they pronounce it.


So anyway I get this "black tea" and the dame I'm with sits down and remarks that "ugh! so typical for a Brit to get a black tea" and then actually expresses disgust at me for putting milk in it. This gets people looking. I'm not sure about the rest of the US, but Arizona doesn't see too many Brits it seems. I kid you not, by the looks on their faces they had never even contemplated the putting of milk in tea.


I've also got a funny quirk when making tea; after I've put in the milk and the sugar and stirred it all in I always sip the spoon to make sure the flavour is good. So without realising it I stir in my milk and my sugar and sip the spoon. She is staring at me like I've just taken a turd on the carpet, but she doesn't say anything, she just stares. "Showtime", I think to myself. I take another sip of tea from the spoon. Before another, and another, and another. "Dude, what the f*ck are you doing!?" she asks, probably without the expletive.


"What?" I shrug. "What's your problem?". "You're drinking it with a spoon!" is the response. "Well, of course I am" I say, "that's how you drink tea". I kid you not, by now the entire place was looking, and I kept it totally straight and, I swear to you, the one or two other people in that place with a cup of "black" started drinking their tea with a spoon.


See? In real life that was kinda funny. On the internet? Not. But that's me.



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You a Trigger Happy TV fan by any chance Boyo, that second story would fit that show I think. :D


I think I'm funny but my humour can be very dark and self referential at times so it doesn't always go over well, especially as I can be sarcastic too taking phrases literally i.e (based on a true story)

"You want to go out for a walk?"

"I'd like to but I can't"

"Why not?"

*I look down briefly*



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I'm not funny, as most people tell me. I get the odd occasional laugh, usually when I'm having a pop at someone as they've been winding me up, but I usually get the laughs because I say cruel stuff, which gets the laugh out of other people present.

Nope, I aint funny at all, can't be ass'd to play to an audience to try to be funny most of the time.

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I make people laugh quite a lot, so yes I do think I'm funny.
This. But I do have a very small audience - literally. The kids think i'm amusing. I'd say i'm funnier than DC though as sometimes his humour is very unhumorous... Mind you, I can just look at my sister Rae and she laughs. Not entirely sure what that says about me...


I can be funny, with some attempts at humour hitting the mark and others falling flat for various reasons.
The ones that fall flat are the ones that just aren't funny, dear...
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Just last week I made up this hahaha-larious joke.


Me: I'm going to start calling our cat Shia LeBeouf from now on.


My Wife: Why:


Me (Quick as a flash): 'Cause he's a **** that ruins everything.


The wife wasn't having that one. The moral of this story is: I think I'm funny because I amuse myself.


(the censored swear is the worst swear - the one you don't use in front of ladies)

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