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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #237: Celebrating 10 Years Online


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

***Birthday Special***

Issue #237 – 25th June 2010


Celebrating 10 years of Talk Wrestling Online...




Welcome to this very special Birthday edition of the Community Newsletter celebrating 10 years of Talk Wrestling Online today! It's a major milestone for any website and something I am incredibly proud of.


A few years ago I had the idea that if we ever reached ten years I would do TWO's own version of the iconic painting; The Last Supper. Some of my favourite shows have used this to create ads to promote their new seasons (see examples here) and I thought it would be pretty cool to attempt it for this site. Obviously I couldn't include everyone but I tried to pick those of you that tend to post the most. I hope you like...


I really wanted to make our 10th year special...starting with the new logo and site re-design which luckily most of you approved of! We launched our huge t-shirt giveaway, one of which even found its way on to WWE Smackdown (well spotted acailler). TWO t-shirts were even given away at some UK wrestling shows (more details below).


As always I have to thank all those members that have helped with the site in the last ten years. So many members have contributed countless hours of their time to help make this site a better place. I especially want to say thank you to Inno who must have come to my aid hundreds of times since 2000! (Yup...he's been here that long!)


'Community' has always been the big keyword when talking about Talk Wrestling Online and I'm pleased to see that in full force to this day. Over the years we've had members post about some of the most important moments of their lives - whether it was something to celebrate or commiserate, the community have always been great at supporting one another.


Since 2000 we’ve had hundreds of prize winners giving thousands of pounds worth of prizes away. There has been plenty of tears, tantrums and laughs, who knows what will happen in the next ten?!


The newsletter team has been working extra hard to bring you something special. This includes a Global Member Spotlight feature by Fiona. Inno discussing his top 10 defining characters of “The TWO Years” as well as selecting some of his favourite quotes from the past 10 years! DC has a feature entitled 'Talk Wrestling Online: The Movie'...I'll let you guess what that will cover. Laffy brings us 'A Game of TWO Halves', Jung selects 10 images that best define the past decade of WWE, Darkstar lists 10 things Talk Wrestling Online has taught us and there is plenty more!





By Kam


We've had thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of posts over the years...but just who are the members with the most to say? Which discussion threads have proved the most popular? Find out below...




1. Darkstar

2. DC

3. Mitchell

4. Nemesis Enforcer

5. MrFill

6. The Beltster

7. Jung

8. Evil Gringo

9. Inno

10. Dave7g



(Super threads not included i.e. Random news/comments etc)


1. Chris Benoit found dead

2. Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

3. The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Discussion Thread

4. Who do you find hot?

5. Triple H

6. Wrestling Tattoo's

7. Update On The New Batman Film

8. Smackdown vs Raw '08 Official, Multi-format

9. WWE WrestleMania XXIV Discussion Thread

10. Grand Theft Auto IV Discussion



(Super threads not included i.e. Random news/comments etc)


1. Official World Cup 2006 Discussion Thread

2. Chris Benoit found dead

3. The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Discussion Thread

4. WWE vs TNA

5. Update On The New Batman Film

6. Wrestlemania 23 Discussion Thread

7. Big Brother 7

8. Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

9. Big Brother 9 Discussion Thread

10. You know what really grinds my gears?



By Kam


As we begin our 10th Birthday celebration I thought it would be a great time to try and track down some of our past members. Just what exactly are they up to nowadays? What are their memories of the site? Do they even still watch wrestling? I’ve managed to trace a few and this is what they had to say...



Joined: 16-02-2004

Last Post: 05-01-2009




I joined TWO in February 2004 and set about asking countless inane questions and posting in great quantity (but poor quality) in the US Scene forum. I was a young kid who didn’t understand the Internet as a whole, let alone the context of anything I posted on it. But I somehow managed to grow as the months and years ticked by, and I like to believe I eventually grew into my own little niche on the site. A favourite, early memory I have is of one time when A.C. took a picture of me that I’d posted on the site and turned me into the Grinch, which was very funny indeed. The hilarious bastard...


As time moved on I found that I no longer cared about wrestling anymore but still enjoyed the site due to the other sections, and the friendships I had formed with a collection of individuals. I kept myself busy by contributing to the community newsletter, eventually taking on the position as editor. I held that post for over a year, and every single issue went out on time – which I’m particularly proud of. I also won the World Cup prediction league (hello Gringo, does it still sting?) in 2006 through a tie-break technicality or something, and am currently the champion of Eskiv in the arcade. Although if you actually look you’ll see the embarrassing amount of times I had to play it to win. And even then I’m actually tied in first place and took three seconds longer to get my score, but since mine is the most recent entry that makes me the almighty king. What are you gonna do, eh?


I had a lot of fun at TWO without ever being someone with something important or worthwhile to say. I have many fond memories and made some good friends, culminating in an early 2009 meeting with Mitchell where we both attended a Shinedown gig. I won’t go into too much detail but he touched me in places I wish he hadn’t – hence my absence.


These days I’m a student of media production at the University of Lincoln and divide my spare time between such wild activities as juggling, web designing, running a technology company with my friend and writing. I actually have my own website over at theraywilson.com. If you fancy following an unspectacular individual on a tedious journey then that’s pretty much an early Christmas present for you.


Overall I’m enjoying my life greatly and look forward to the wonderful times ahead.


Peace to one and all.




Joined: 24-02-2002

Last Post: 19-07-2008




I joined TWO in February 2002 (had to actually log onto the site to remember this, it was that long ago). I actually found the site after listening to the Tommy Boyd radio show on Talksport. He had some really dodgy guy called Tony Cottam on his show who kept plugging SmashWrestling.com. So I went there, found the chat room and from there I found TWO. I never really used Smash much after that but I stuck around TWO much longer. I joined the forum and spent a lot of time in the chatroom after a while I ended up being anointed with modship. At the time I was a big fan of Taz who was known as the 'Human Suplex Machine' so I adopted that as my name, but that quickly became a pain to type into the log in box everytime so it soon became abbreviated to simply 'HSM'. The HSM name stuck and I actually still use it today on a few forums that I am a member of. I used the forums a lot and for a while I was always in the chat. I did various other things in my time. I was the newsletter editor for a while and I was also the very first subscriber to TWO.


I had my fair share of controversy during my time at TWO, mostly due to be being far too open about my life and also being somewhat naive, but no point elaborating any further on things in the past. I became friends with lots of the regular members at the time Colin, Inno, AC, Crippler, Barry and Nicole to name but a few, there are many others whose names I can’t recall right now. TWO really was my home on the internet for several years and it was a great place to come and chat, not just about wrestling but pretty much anything in general. Gradually over time though my interest in wrestling faded and as the site grew and many new members came in I found myself visiting less and less. It wasn't intentional it was just one of those things that kind of happened without realising it and before today my last log onto the site was November 2008. I don’t really keep in touch with any of the members these days, although I am Facebook friends with several of them so I guess that counts. I still watch wrestling from time to time but I’m usually at work while it’s on so I tend to just read recaps online once in a while.


Nowadays I am living in West Haven, Connecticut. I have been in the US for over 5 years now and things are going well. 2 months ago I became the Head Chef of the restaurant where I work and I'm loving it. Connecticut's version of Gordon Ramsey no less :). I got engaged on Christmas day and I will be getting married in April next year which is very exciting. Life is going well right now, I am very happy both professionally and personally so I really can’t complain.


It’s great to hear that TWO is still going strong. Kam is a great guy who was always friendly and helpful whenever I spoke to him and I hope that it continues to grow over the next 10 years.


Oh and Hello! to anyone who might remember me.


Matt (HSM)



Joined: 27-01-2002

Last Post: 10-07-2006




So I’m there clearing out the junk mail folder of my hotmail account and I see an email with a subject concerning something I hadn’t had anything to do with for around 4 years, so it got me curious as to what was occurring. This email was from Kam, and it was concerning something I didn’t think I’d ever be a part of, the 10th Birthday of TalkWrestlingOnline.com. I left the site never to return back in the beginning of 2006 for a variety of reasons, some personal and others well-publicised, but my love for the grap game had well and truly fallen away from me.


Before that though TWO was always my first stop when I turned my PC on, it was always the site I first checked and the one I looked forward to using. It was, in the majority, a friendly place, very welcoming to the new guys, with old hands who knew what they were talking about. I started on the forum as a bit of a green, eager noob, but over time I grew up a bit and my attitude to posting changed, and after a period of time I was given some responsibility when I became a Forum Leader for the Other Sports forum, which I hope is still going strong! As much as the site was about wrestling etc, it was the people who made it for me back then, guys like Pabster, Russ, Crippler, Inno, Mitch, Colin, Nicole, Popsi et all were the reason that people like me kept coming back time after time. Yeah there were some issues on the site, and every forum has them, but the place kept me going for a long time until the final year or so of me being there.


After leaving the site I have not seen any wrestling really or spent much time on any forums except for BN, which was a small off-shoot of Ex-Rev and TWO with a few regulars on board. But I have kept in contact with a few of the members I spoke to back then, KJ is someone I still speak to a fair bit, mainly about football, and the same goes for Goldy. I had the pleasure of meeting Popsi a few years back, and I’ve kept in touch with her over the years as well thanks to BN and of course the wonder of Facebook. Others like Dickie Hyde, Fletch and Mitch are “friends” on facebook, so I keep up with what goes on there, but other than that I have pretty much stayed away from anything TWO.


Since then I have moved on work wise, still working on the railways, but now based in South London managing 5 stations on a brand new multi-million pound route. I still get a lot of time for the net, but after BN has started dwindling my time is spent less and less on forums. I did think of heading back to TWO to check out how things had changed, if they had at all, but to be honest I think it’s a place for the past for me. I’m sure the site is still rocking and rolling though, well done Kam for keeping the place going this long, Happy 10th Birthday TWO, may you keep on going for another 10 years!



Joined: 2000

Last Post: 22-08-2008




Hello to all of you who remember me, and to newer members who don't, hope everyone is well. I started using the site about three/four months after it opened after receiving a link from a wrestling group I'd got involved in on Yahoo I think, made a few friends and the wrestling discussions were good so I decided to stick around. After a while I lost some interest in wrestling, but stayed around as the site had developed and the non-wrestling forums had become busy. I became very involved in the Other Sports Forum as I am a big sports fan, took over running the football Prediction Leagues and expanded them and became Forum Leader. I also had a hand in starting the original TWO e-fed and pitched in some ideas for the Fantasy Wrestling League, both of which are still running today!


I was proud to have been chosen as the first Hall of Famer, some would say that it was only on some website, but it's nice to be appreciated for anything you do in life. I don't really watch wrestling any more save for the odd match or two when channel hopping, although I did start collecting old DVD's from the early 90's, which I consider to be the WWF's best years.


I never really left the site as such, just started posting less and less. I found that as I had less time and the site grew that I became more of an outsider and so just kind of drifted away, although I do pop back and lurk around from time to time. Up until recently I was in touch with Pabster, Popsi, Goldy and Alan on a small forum that was set up a few years back but that has kind of died out now.


So I'm not really doing anything online nowadays apart from arseing around on Facebook every now and then. Still same old in my private life, the wife and kids are all doing great. Oh, of course still supporting Manchester United and loving my football.


Happy Birthday TWO!


Thanks for reading.






As part of our 10th Birthday celebration Talk Wrestling Online joined forces with 2 UK wrestling promotions to help support us in our biggest every giveaway! Not only were t-shirts given away every week here on the site, fans attending the AWW ‘Birthday Bash’ show in Birmingham or the ICW ‘Menace 2 Society’ show in Glasgow were treated to TWO Giftbags! Each bag contained a TWO t-shirt, sticker and flyer. In addition many of the stars from both promotions wore the TWO t-shirts during their shows!












Thanks to both AWW and ICW for their support!



By Fiona


Talk Wrestling Online is 10 years old today, and in this birthday edition we’ve decided to bring back a very special Member’s Spotlight. In the last decade, not only have people from all over England joined but a number of foreign members have also decided to join the community.


In order to highlight their contributions to TWO, Kam told me to pack my bags, and go question member’s that live outside England. So I pulled some names out of a hat and got to work. It was exhausting but I managed to almost track down everyone I wanted to see. Some of them you know well, some you don’t, but they are all interesting in their own way.


Three different corners of the globe are represented, North America, Australia and Europe, and because of the length of the piece, it will be split up into three sections.


Welcome to TWO-GMS (Global Member Spotlight).


First up someone from the country I call home...




Dante Spears – Ontario, Canada


With all the wrestling forums available in North America, what made you pick TWO to join, and what keeps you coming back?


Pretty much it's the fact that this website didn't send my anti-virus into a frenzy unlike every other wrestling website out there. As a rule I generally stay away from forums because my experience with them basically amounts to me being creeped out by the weird cult like mentality that the forum gain along with the self-righteous moderators with god-complexes. On TWO I didn't find this, with most of the forum ripping into the wrestling product as opposed to lathering it in tongue baths. So I decided to stick around and write an occasional review for Wrestling 101.


What’s the biggest difference you see between wrestling fans in Canada and those from other countries?


The fact that we cling so hard to our Canadian wrestlers. I mean even in a wrestler's home town in the states their reaction may not differ from anywhere else in the states yet in Canada a Canadian is cheered whether or not they're face, heel, or those that just don’t normally draw some attention. This doesn't hold true for other sports, considering how everyone I know hates Sidney Crosby. Crosby is one of the best hockey players in the world, and yet he's as well received as a flesh wound by the people I know.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?


England, because I've been a huge fan of British history for years.


In ten years time, what do you see yourself doing, and will you still be posting on TWO?


I don't really spend my time thinking about the future, so I don't have any plans for the future. I'll ride the wave wherever it takes me.


Name the best and worst on TWO?


Jimmy and Franchise respectively.




TPIB – Illinois, U.S.A


As TWO’s US Forum Leader, what’s the most difficult situation you’ve had to deal with?


Well, early on in the job, I had to deal with some adversity from other forum members, but I guess that is natural. I tend to spend my time focussing more on the admin type roles rather than moderating – creating all the weekly WWE show threads etc


You have a great passion for wrestling, when did your interest start and what do you think of the current product the WWE is giving us today?


My interest in wrestling started around the age of six when my brother got me involved with it a couple of years before he was done with. Well, if you would have asked me a couple of days ago, I would have had a different opinion of the product; an opinion that would have expressed how dull the product is and how much the WWE sucks nowadays with their hard push for a more and more "PG" product. Recent events have made me more hopeful that the WWE can once again draw my interest on a regular basis.


We don’t know much about you; tell us one thing about yourself that may surprise us?


Well, I know how to handle a gun; I have shot real guns before and I am fond of any type of revolver. I am not good in the way of knowing the names of guns or any of the details, but I know enough.


I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked others. What made you join a UK wrestling forum when there are so many available on this side of the pond?


There are wrestling forums in North America? Hm...Well, it came through on a Google search if I remember correctly and it was the best one I discovered at the time.


Where do you see yourself in ten years time and what are you doing at present to get there?


I see myself as being in, more or less, the same place doing the same stuff and what I am doing to prepare for that is nothing. Such an uplifting story, isn't it?




Twig – Chicago, U.S.A


Twiggie, you’ve been around for the last 5 years, what changes have you seen happen on the forum, positive or negative?


Only superficial changes really. There was that huge forum-wide fight that led to a handful of people I generally enjoyed interacting with (or at least appreciated their crass sarcasm) that left. And a big tiff in the e-fed as well. So yeah, the community took a hit after that. New people come and eventually after awhile I'll remember their names, but for the most part it's still TWO to me.


You mentioned before you’re not into wrestling anymore, what are you you into currently?


I suppose I exaggerated that point, or maybe mentioning it in the last newsletter re-sparked my interest to a degree. But still, I don't go out of my way to watch wrestling. And I haven't watched a full show in a long time. Like I said if something sounds interesting after the fact I'll seek it out, and I did stream the last Wrestlemania and watched it with my brother.


But since I moved back to Chicago I'm making new friends and going to little bar shows. I have this casual thing with a girl who came to my apartment for a party, and we've been seeing kinda a lot of each other. I also reunited with one of my brothers, who after an incident with him and an ex (actually he's had incidents with a couple ex's I'm attracted to the crazies) we kinda drifted apart. Been watching some of the Blackhawks hockey playoff games with him, and we're both White Sox fans too. So we get drunk and watch the games together and shit.


A lot of the older members have left, who do you miss the most and would like to see return?


Dante & I talked a lot back in the day. He lived in Ohio (I think) and I'm in Chicago so it's not ridiculously far. I've definitely been on longer road trips with less motivation. So we tried to co-ordinate meeting up at some shows, but it never worked out. I think he's popped back up for a minute only to fade off again.


If Kam let you run the forum for a day, what could we look forward too?


Probably not much. I'm too much of a procrastinator to reasonably assume I could pull off any changes to the site in a day.


Of all the people you’ve talked to on TWO, who would you most like to meet in person?


I'm gonna fudge this one, and say the TWOstars crew. Cuz there's a bunch of people under that umbrella I'd like to meet.




Maxximus - Colorado, U.S.A.


Maxx you’ve been around TWO for awhile now. Compare the forum now as to when you first joined?


From what I've read, seen and been told, TWO was probably best from it's inception till around just after I arrived in 2004. Go fig.


When I first joined I loved it. I also didn't quite understand how things worked on an online forum. I made a lot of mistakes had a cool off or two and came back a better, less rebellious member.


I left and came back, like so many members do. Even though I don't post as often as I once did, I still consider TWO my online home. I love it here and I always have.


Things have changed though in the sense that people come, they leave. Some come back. Others don't. Some are missed and some are not. In my view that's the only real difference.


I also miss the old layout. I'm still trying to get used to this one. I think that's why I haven't been around as much. I'm sure I'll eventually get used to it though.


You used to be a prison guard. Have you ever crossed paths with one of America’s infamous prisoners?


Not someone who is nationally known. But I did spend some time with a man serving life for 2 counts of capital murder. Apparently he kidnapped two teen-age girls. He tortured, raped, murdered and butchered those poor girls. He was a thin, average looking man except for his eyes. Vacant and black. Like shark eyes. I honestly found it hard to spend more than 10 minutes at a time with him. It's hard to explain.


As a fellow lover of heavy metal, what was the band that impressed you the most?


The FIRST? That would have to be a tie between Black Sabbath and The Misfits.


Now it's just Slayer 24/7! Everything else can suck it! ;)


The 4th of July is coming, as a proud American what are your plans for the day?


The typical with my family. The three b's. That being BBQ, beer and blowing sh*t up.


Give us three reasons that would make us want to visit Colorado?


Well, just because I live here doesn't mean that I know EVERYTHING that the State has to offer. Well there are the mountains, lakes, reservoirs. All great for skiing, hunting, camping and fishing.


We also have great sport arenas like, Invesco Field, Coors Stadium and The Pepsi Center.


As far as my hometown of Pueblo(Steele City). I would suggest the downtown 'Union District' for all the great shops, bars, and the River Walk. But the best thing here by far, is the food. No place I have ever been has food like Pueblo does. It's amazing. We do everything and we do it well.


As conspiracy theories go, what are the two that have fascinated you the most, and why?


Conspiracy theory takes up very little of my time. It's more a hobby than investigative journalism. I spent what, 6 months trying to get people interested in this stuff. Most posters think I'm a crackpot and no one wants to be bored by it. So all I'm really going to say that It was the Knight's Templar that got me so interested in the subject, and history as well. Like a few other posters here, I am also fascinated with World War II and especially the German side of things. >>>*This does not make me anti-Semitic, or a Nazi Sympathizer. I dearly love JRock*<<< :P



By Inno

It's been 10 years of TWO. That's 10 years worth of wrestling action, promos and controversy to sift through. The best place to start The Hall of Fame. I read through every thread in there. Oh yes, all of them. It was a slow day, OK? Don't judge me! Don't you judge me!


In any case, I picked out just 10 quotes from those 10 years worth of wrestling topics for you to chew over.


My personal retort to being called a wuss for watching wrestling is to lower my glasses raise an eybrow and say 'Just bring it!'


... and to escape quickly before the laughing subsides?


Chris Benoit didnt prove me wrong, he was about as entertaining as world champion as he ever has been, not very, less even. He has the mic skills of a strangled weasel in the way that theyre complete rubbish.

Perhaps, in hindsight, not the best choice of description for Benoit.


I neither love or hate him, I'm bored of him and am tired of him being in the spotlight, even when he doesnt hold the title, which only makes the champ look weaker, no matter how many times HHH's put him over.


HHH is very smart, a great businessman and a talented performer (again), but he is boring.

This post about Triple H was from SIX years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


What's happened to all HHH's so called "backstage pull", since he's been a complete jobber for about the past year now?

HHH being buried


Yet barely a month later, a thread is devoted to him being buried!


Get that round your big nose. Manufacture your own fame if you must, but wrestling isn't in anymore, and even if it was you have the charisma of a kiwi fruit.



Guess who this refers to? Yup, that man Triple H yet again.


I no he's probably the biggest heel ever in the wwe but i think everybody can admit if u look at his matches , he has to b one of the best wrestlers in last 10 yrs if not all time.


The point i'm making is that even though he was a heel, he kept winning and winning and i guess reli thats why he is the game

JC, JC, JC - tut tut tut! But again, guess which wrestler is being talked about?


triple h is a huge draw his promos are good which means he can build up a match he is a good wrestler and always has good storylines his last bad one was the necrophilia angle which wasnt a bad storyline just didnt suit a lot of people

HHH a draw?


And still the topics roll on. One man seems to have dominated the past 10 years of TWO. Perhaps we should rename to Talk Hunter Online?


I'll make it short and sweet because I wont be drawn into an argument: Hulk Hogan was THE greatest champion EVER.

Even in 2006, Belty had his own unique style of telling you what was right and wrong with the world :)


Punk's is just so boring, there's no charisma, no flair, no intensity. He just doesn't do anything for me.

There are no words. Hang your head in shame.



Well I guess my question is. Why is John Cena wearing a Carlito wig, a thong and has his arm around a boy? Too gross to even think about.

Yes indeed it is.



By Inno


Well, hello again. As you know, this ol’ wrasslin’ site has reached the big 10 - double figures now, and finally, the training wheels off the bike! Well, not in Darkstar’s case - let’s not get ahead of ourselves! It’s been an eventful 10 years, perhaps one of the most eventful decades in the history of Professional Wrestling. Along the way, there’s been people that have risen above the industry, that have defined the business. Some in good ways, some in bad, but all of them in a way that ensures they won’t be forgotten easily.


For TWO’s tenth birthday, I figured I’d scrape the bottom of the barrel that passes for my brain and give you my list - in no particular order - of the 10 people I consider as the defining characters of the what I call “The TWO Years”… I get the feeling there’s gonna be arguments about this one…




Say what you like about the end to his life - and I will in a few sentences - but Benoit's legacy IN THE RING is not in question. When he finally had the trigger pulled on a long overdue run at the top of the card, the internet rejoiced. All was right with the world, when WrestleMania ended with Benoit making Triple H submit, and he and Eddie celebrated in a deluge of confetti, tears and joyous internet postings all over the world wide web. That should have been Benoit's lasting contribution to the industry.


However, all of that would be swept under the carpet as the events surrounding his death unfolded in June 2007 and became clear. We all know what he did, I'm not going to go over it again. Why is he on this list? For the mainstream media, he was a symbol for all that was bad about wrestling; he was for all intents and purposes, everything that the general populous would have you believe wrestling and wrestlers were about. Like it or not, the Benoit murder/suicide was a defining point in wrestling's perception by the public, and for that reason, he is on this list.




Eddie was a prime example of the highs and lows of a career, indeed life, inside the squared circle. Coming from a proud family, full of wrestling tradition and honour, his ascent up the ladder in the industry was assured. Coming to WCW from ECW pushed him into the public eye and propelled him into stardom that he was ill prepared for. Those fabled demons that haunted him in his life surfaced and took a hold of him; perhaps they never truly left him.


Eddie nearly died in a car crash, but he came back stronger, more determined than ever before. All that got him was an addiction to drugs and drink that would nearly finish the job the car accident begun. Those addictions would cost him his job with the WWE. Sorting himself out, overcoming those demons gave him a second chance at life that he took and made the most of. Sadly, Eddie never got the happy ending his story would have had in Hollywood. In 2005, Eddie died in his hotel room as a result of heart failure. The wrestling world united in grief for their fallen competitor, hero, peer and friend.




Yeah, you KNOW why he’s here. You may like him or you may hate him - but the point is, you know who he is. Never before has a booker been the subject of such outright hatred as Mr. Vince Russo. Russo was heavily involved in the Attitude era in the WWF, let’s not take that away from him. Critics would say that he was a success as he was kept on a tight leash by Vince McMahon, a leash that notably wasn’t in place during the WCW years… David Arquette, anyone?


Russo is credited with single-handedly killing WCW; perhaps a little OTT, even for the internet wrestling community, but there is no doubt he did contribute. Nonsensical booking, a habit for putting himself on screen (and even being World Champion at one point) and just a general feeling of chaos - all of these things and more were blamed on Russo. After WCW, he would go on to work for TNA, and even now, those “Fire Russo!” chants are never far away from live crowds, and the mere mention of his name will kick off huge arguments online.




Simply put, he is THE man when it comes to wrestling journalism. Wrestling is by and large a very insular community, and very secretive. Not a lot of detail about the inner circle really escaped for the average fan to consume… until the advent of the internet, that is. When the internet came along, any Tom, Dick or Harry could suddenly post any story and claim the exclusive. Ask almost any hardcore wrestling fan who has access to the net about wrestling writers, and one man’s name dominates the game: Dave Meltzer.


One of the few to make a living from this, and still maintain a level of credibility, Meltzer has a level of acceptance into the murky world of wrestling that no other writer has. Despite Vince McMahon’s disdain for what he terms “The Dirt Sheets” even he has been rumoured to have called Dave Meltzer for advice in the past. Like them or not, believe them or not, the sheets are here to stay, and Dave Meltzer is the King of The ‘Net.




The extreme messiah, or the obnoxious fat guy in the baseball cap? However you see Paul Heyman, he has been one of the biggest influences on wrestling. He built ECW up from almost nothing in the 90s. In the past decade, ECW as we know it may have died, but the legacy of it lives on in the fans and wrestlers to this very day. There was an obvious ECW influence on the Attitude Era, and all of that “edginess” would stem from Heyman’s willingness to push the envelope in ECW.


When he switched back to commentating on Raw, he more than held his own. When he was put on booking duties on Smackdown, he oversaw the finest era of the modern age in The Smackdown Six - Edge, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Kurt Angle - and built the ECW brand back up with his involvement in the One Night Stand PPV. He had little to do with the watered down version of ECW that Vince McMahon envisioned, and eventually left WWE after a disagreement about the direction to promote his own multimedia website and has been mentioned as a possible “saviour” for TNA ever since.




Lesnar was touted as “The Next Big Thing” when he arrived in the WWE, and for three years, he lived up to it. He was pushed, promoted, and packaged as the face of the WWE, a legitimate beast that gave the “sport” credibility. Behind the scenes, Brock wasn’t happy with his lot. He despised travelling, and longed for “real competition”, something the WWE couldn’t give him… so he quit. Brock went to the NFL, very nearly made it to the big time, until the Minnesota Vikings cut him from their squad. He went to Japan for a short time… but gave up on that too.


He then found his home in the blossoming world of MMA, and UFC in particular. Brock’s success in the UFC has by association, lent a credibility to wrestling that it hasn’t had in years. Fully aware of his obligation to provide a story to the media, and build interest in the fight to sell tickets or PPV buys, Lesnar has perhaps used his wrestling experience to enhance the UFC in a small way, and has slotted right into his role as The Bad Guy, the guy people will pay to see get beat up or do the beating. Wrestling planted the seeds, that UFC are now harvesting.




The perma-tanned hype machine just never truly goes away. Vince Russo thought he’d put the nail in the coffin of Hulkamania in 2000; Unbelievably (if it was almost anyone else) he would steal the show at WrestleMania 18 in Toronto. Not only that, he would go on to have another run on top of the WWE card as Undisputed Champion! In the next few years, he would periodically appear on WWE television from time to time, as a special attraction of sorts.


He even made an aborted early attempt at signing for TNA, appearing in one segment from Japan with Jeff Jarrett. After that, reality shows such as ‘Hogan Knows Best’ and ‘Celebrity Championship Wrestling’ and even running his own mini promotional tour in Australia occupied his time. He couldn’t stay away from “the big time” for long though - he and Eric Bischoff signed for TNA, and to all intents and purposes, took over.


Despite his age, and lack of ring time - he is still Hulk Hogan - THE most famous man ever to bridge the gap between wrestling and the mainstream media. Even now, mention wrestling to someone, chances are even if they don’t know a wristlock from an armbar, they know who Hulk Hogan is.




A perennial midcarder and tag team wrestler in the WWE, Jarrett came into his own in the last decade, in and out of the ring. His gimmick of the Chosen One in WCW certainly seemed true, as Vince Russo seemed to lean heavily on Jarrett more than anyone. Despite Jarrett being a multi time WCW Champion, when Vince bought out WCW, Jarrett was gone, lending credibility to the rumour he pulled a fast one on Vince when his old WWF contract expired one day before he was due to defend the Intercontinental Title for the last time. Jarrett has denied that in subsequent interviews, but the story persists regardless.


After WCW, Jarrett wrestled in the World Wrestling Allstars promotion in Europe and Australia, but he wasn’t satisfied with that. Jarrett founded TNA, along with his father Jerry and promoted them as the only real alternative to Vince McMahon’s monopoly on the wrestling world. Being the inspiration behind the other half of a big two (no matter how far apart they are) means that Jeff Jarrett is as important to the wrestling landscape this decade as almost anyone.




Oh come on, you didn’t seriously think he wouldn’t be on this list, did you? He is, by a long, long, long, LONG way, the most important person in wrestling today, yesterday and tomorrow. He runs the WWE with an iron fist and dictates company policy on and off screen. He pummelled his competition into submission, and bought them outright. He not only won the Monday Night War, in DVD releases from the WWE since, he rewrote them to fit his version of history.


Vince McMahon is seen as either a visionary genius, or an unbalanced madman. In my books, the reality is somewhere in between. Vince redefined the world of wrestling as a “sports entertainment” and how far you could realistically go on television in the name of entertainment. Like him or not, and there’s a fair number of McMahon haters out there, he quite simply IS wrestling in North America today. Can anyone change that? The next 10 years will decide…




Just a wrestler, or the most devious, self obsessed, snake like self promoter in the world? There are people out there, believe it or not, that will tell you he was in a relationship with Chyna for so long purely because she was so high profile, and always had his eyes on Stephanie to protect his own position, such is the hatred that Triple H conjures up in Internet circles. Marrying the daughter of the boss is pretty high on the list of ways to keep your job safe, after all.


He’s the highest paid member of the roster; sits in on creative meetings; has the ear of his father-in-law who happens to run the company; is probably next in line with Stephanie to take over the WWE empire; he’s a multi time champion and focus of the product when he’s fit; he actively holds down people he sees as a threat to his spot on the roster… yes, even the wrestling community needs a pantomime villain, it seems. Nearly every bad thing in the WWE gets pinned on Triple H by the internet eventually. He can’t be that bad… can he?




And there you go folks, that’s the Inno view of wrestling in the last 10 years, the people that matter. I can hear the crowd baying for blood at leaving off huge chunks of Indy wrestlers, no room for The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels or even Trish Stratus… There were a couple of names that very nearly made the cut, but I stand by the final 10.


Until next time… have fun, go mad.


By Kam


Each year we like to ask a few members who have joined us in the past year to talk about their time on the site so far. It can be quite daunting joining an established community so it’s always nice to see how they view the site...




First of all happy 10th Anniversary TWO!


I have to say I have enjoyed my first year on here! I’ve met some nice people and joined in with some great discussions which are helped by the number of quality members here. This is obviously vital to any forum. Ditto that with the different views members have on here. (Well it would be boring if we all agreed)


I feel it's a well run forum in that the Forum Leaders/Senior Moderators, while certainly having a difficult job here at times, don't jump in all the time with their power and throw out infractions left and right, which again is a good thing because it allows the forum to be more welcoming and allows it to have a better flow.


The advice I would give to anyone considering joining is that don't be scared, just join in, post your opinion and if people agree/disagree it's ok because it's what you believe and the forum is here to allow you to express yourself.




I first stumbled upon TWO while browsing for a nice place to chat about wrestling among likeminded people. I have watched wrestling since I was 7 (Now 20) and never really had anyone to talk to about it with except for a few people, but they never watched it quite as religiously as I do. I come from a small town and not many people watch wrestling because “it’s just a couple of jacked up guys half naked, in spandex hugging each other”... Which when you think about it, it kind of is. But we love it.


TWO seemed pretty cool and I was intrigued by the Fantasy Wrestling League. So I signed up and away I went. When I first joined I noticed everyone seemed to know each other pretty well, I say pretty well because people are always arguing about something on here. I felt like I wanted to be a part of that and tried to post all the time and be involved with stuff. I think I jumped in and tried a bit too hard for some people and they didn’t like the new guy, which was fair enough. I don’t post so much now but I still read what people have to say.


I’m not sure how long it was from when I joined but I decided to become a subscriber because I’d heard about The Champagne Room (and the other benefits – increased avatar size/pm space etc). I’m quite a curious person and wanted to check it out. It’s pretty good really, had a bit of fun in there. “1 – 0” anyone?


If I was to say I’ve accomplished anything in my 1st year it would be starting the thread “You know what really grinds my gears?” Which was voted “best general forum thread 2009”. I didn’t really do anything except start it but it’s sort of an achievement... Or at least I like to think so.


Even though there have been many ups and downs and there is always people arguing with each other, this is still my favourite forum and would never going anyway for my wrestling gossip fix.


Thank you for reading.


Tom x




I was first introduced to TWO by good friend The Fury, and can happily say it was a great idea. I've been a wrestling fan since the attitude era, but I've never used any forum sites before, so this was a new experience for me. I must admit to being a little apprehensive at first about getting into any heated debates with the more established members. That quickly passed though, due to I guess being made to feel welcome which is always nice when new to anything.


As ShaolinHandLock said in last year's edition, I must admit to reading the forums as a guest for a while, before finally joining. I've always enjoyed reading other people's opinions on things, and it was only a matter of time before I wanted to get involved and voice my own.


Other than The Fury and maybe one or two others, I don't know many big wrestling fans, so to come on here where there are so many is great. There is always someone to talk to or something to discuss. The thing that I particularly enjoy about TWO is the amount of non-wrestling related subjects. I am very passionate about many sports, so its nice to have lots of different things to talk about.


TWO has cool people and is well run by the Mod team. It's become part of my daily routine and I'm sure that's going to continue for a long time.


Happy Birthday TWO!












In the year 2000, many celebrations took place around the world as the human race entered a new millenium. Another reason to celebrate was the failed arrival of the Millenium Bug, otherwise known as the Y2K problem. As this "crisis" was avoided, the interest in the internet and what it could offer exploded. In a small corner of this online consciousness, Talk Wrestling Online was born and a community began to rise.


The membership grew, with a core group becoming mainstays of the forum, a beacon for the newer members and a shining example of internet protocol. Unfortunately, over the years, some of the group disappeared without trace, with the less cynical among the community simply attributing their absence to "real life" issues and nothing more was said.


The truth, however, is far more sinister as the in-joke that Kam, creator of this virtual paradise, is actually a robot turns out to be far more accurate than anyone could ever realise... and he's responsible for members of his site disappearing off the face of the Earth by sucking them into the online world and trapping them behind the code for eternity.


Ten years later, and with the number of absentees stacking up, an intrepid group of site heroes have learned the truth and, using untested technology, have entered Kam's virtual homeworld to save their friends and bring his evil plan to a screeching halt. If they succeed, the world will be saved, but if they fail, the entire planet will be Kam's for the taking.




It seems that online communities are everywhere, with fads coming and going almost on a monthly basis, but as the like of MySpace and Bebo fall by the wayside (although MySpace is still good for finding new music), others have flourished and few have flourished like the online forum known as Talk Wrestling Online.


With the upcoming Facebook movie in production, it seems that Legendary Pictures and director Tony Cottam were ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting online communities for the big screen. While the Facebook film will concentrate on the real life story of the history of the website and its creators, Talk Wrestling Online: The Movie has decided to go down the fantasy route, with elements of TRON, The Matrix and ensemble action men-on-a-mission flicks like Predator and the upcoming The Expendables thrown in for good measure.


The movie was financed by Warner Bros. on the strength of the script written by Henry Higgins III, who, while unknown outside of the movie business' inner circle, is heavily respected by insiders as a guy who can put something interesting together from the most obtuse of ideas and the 15min showreel Tony Cottam made to pitch the idea to Legendary Pictures.


With the financing in place, David Hayter was brought in to give the script a last-minute tidy up (although he goes uncredited) and the casting process was completed remarkably quickly for such a large group of characters. First on board were Vin Diesel (who, until the next Riddick movie hits production, needs something to keep his name in lights), Dina Meyer, Oliver Platt and James Remar. The remaining characters were filled over the last three months of 2009 and principal photography began in January 2010. Interestingly, two of the characters are being portrayed by actual cartoon characters (JayFunk and DarkMatchJobber), which was an idea Higgins had when it became apparent a lot of the action would take place inside a virtual world, meaning the natural laws of physics needn't apply.




The special effects work, with over 400 FX shots in the running time, is the responsibility of DidYouCThat?, a new effects studio based in London. They've done a lot of commercial work, but this is their first foray into feature films, so they're another aspect making their theatrical debut with this movie.


With a large cast, some characters will obviously suffer from less screen time than others, but we've also been promised some cameos to please fanboys (of both the movie and Talk Wrestling Online), with confirmed appearances by Adam Sandler (Russ), Chris Mintz-Plasse (Colin), Palmer Cannon (Christof) and Beth Ditto (Amy).


I, for one, am looking forward to this movie and hope that it lives up to the pre-release hype being generated in the British press. With a massive cast of big name actors and actresses, this looks like a can't-fail prospect, but with an unknown director working from the script of an unknown writer and effects work from an unknown effects studio, nothing can be taken for granted.


We'll find out which way the land lies when the movie hits cinemas on July 1st.



By Inno

If you've been a member, visitor, poster or even just a lurker at TWO for any length of time, you'll realise that the site has so much more to it than just the wrestling. There's tons of other nonsense that just keeps the lace ticking over too. If you go to The Hall of Fame you can see the best bits, or at least the weirdest bits that make you question humanity.


Here's 10 quotes that tickled my fancy, grilled my steaks and sugared my coffee...


Thats my ranting over. I guess i'll go do something constructive.

Minor Gripe


8 years ago. EIGHT!


Goodbye, dear fellow.


It was fun while it lasted. I do hope you find this promised land with no censorship you dream of... and we hope it isn't full of pretend lesbians once you arrive unto it.

Minor Gripe


What can I say? It still makes me laugh!


Some of the best memories? There's plenty.


The guy who threatened to report Kam to the man who runs the internet.


The guy who threatened to sue TWO for unfair dismissal if he was booted again.

TWO Memories


You had to be there.


Nothing like a hot ceramic plate on your butt to make the eyes water!

Thought that was Opal Fruits or Starburst or whatever the cool kids call them now?


The only person I had sex with at a TWOmeet was Gemma. Oh, and Inno natch.

And he never writes or calls. Hussy.


Nothing ticks me off more than people using mobile phones.

It's good to talk...


The image of Belty hulking up on his computer, all by himself, dressed as Hulk Hogan, will never leave me.

Why should it? It's every freakin' night! :)


I like to start naked in front of the mirror and shake my hips back and forth so that my penis slaps my belly.

Form a queue, ladies. And Darkstar.


I'm not mentally unbalanced!

I think everyone on TWO has tried to convince themselves of that at some point.


True story: when Mr Dragon quit, he edited all but three of his posts to read "a" :)



By Fiona


Now we’re going down under to meet our Aussie crew...




Jozzoh - Queensland, Australia


You’re relatively new to TWO. Tell us three things about you we need to know?


a) Real name is Jacob

b) Queenslander born and bred. I've always lived in south east Queensland so I’m a bit of a Rugby League Nut

c) Student, flipping burgers for money. Be Jealous


What made you want to join a UK wrestling forum?


I found the forum because I used to read the reviews on Wrestling 101 and just decided to join one day. Didn't really notice it was a UK site till I was here for three or four weeks (I'm not very observant).


WWE or TNA, on what side of the fence do you find yourself?


I sit on TNA's side of the fence more than WWE's. Simply for the fact that its new and fresh. WWEs been serving the same thing for a while now.


Who on the forum has impressed you and who hasn’t?


I've found this forum is a lot more laid back and friendly than other forums. It's good to chat to any of you about wrestling or whatever. But there's always a few people who just criticize stuff just to stir up an argument, but I guess you get that anywhere.


Where have you never been that you would hop on a plane tomorrow to visit?


I've always wanted to go to the UK, I know a lot of people who've been over there and it'd be nice to see where your family's come from. That and Canada just always wanted to see the wildlife over there.




Shaolinhandlock - Victoria, Australia


You say you’re the number one Kung Fu expert on TWO. Why should we believe you?


Probably because I have a big collection of Kung-Fu movies.


Actually, I expected someone to challenge my Kung Fu movie knowledge.....but it hasn't happened yet. I've seen lots of Kung Fu movies, from the obscure cheaply made ones to the critically acclaimed classics. Having seen so many of them, I know quite a lot about them, from the actors to the styles of Kung Fu involved.


So yeah, I guess I put that in my sig to see if anyone would challenge my Kung Fu movie knowledge.


Other than action movies, rap music and wrestling what else floats your boat?


Video Games. I have a pretty big video game collection. My favourite types of games are JRPG's (such as Final Fantasy) and fighting games (like Street Fighter or Tekken). I like games of all genres, but those two genres are my most played.


I’ll ask you the same question I asked Dante. Name the best and worst on TWO?


I'm not really sure. I don't really have a best and worst anymore.


Favourite sport other than wrestling?


Mixed Martial Arts. It's the only other sport I follow.


If you could pick a favourite wrestler, who would it be?


Sabu. He can do it all. Some people don't even realize that Sabu was trained as a technical wrestler, not the high-flying hardcore wrestler he became.


He's my favourite wrestler of all time. The stuff he does in the ring is really cool, and never fails to entertain me.



Jimmy Redman - New South Wales, Australia


As the newest senior mod, do you look at the forum in a different light and how?


I don’t think there was much of a difference becoming a senior mod since I was already a mod, if that makes sense, and there's nothing that drastically alters about the job apart from just doing more stuff, I guess. It didn’t compare to the jump from poster to mod. Although finally discovering the secret of custom infractions were quite satisfactory.


What’s the biggest misconception about Australian’s that you’ve experienced?


The only one that I've really latched onto is the "shrimp on the barbie" line, just because I don’t think I've heard a single person ever call prawns "shrimp" and it amuses me. The wild ones like kangaroos in the backyard, stuff like that is obviously silly, but I hardly mind. Every country has those stereotypes and we all know they're ridiculous. Except the pretty girls. They really are everywhere.


You only started to watch wrestling 5-6 years ago, what got you into it and how long do you see yourself a fan?


The short answer to "what got me into it" is Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 2003 (great performance, great match, great PPV), while the slightly longer answer is that show plus rapping John Cena. As for how long, who knows? As evidenced by 2010 its going to take a hell of a lot to actually make me give up on the stuff. It’s like crack. I think I'll always enjoy it to some extent.


What is your biggest goal in life and how do you plan on getting there?


Good question and an even better question. I'm almost a cliché, a liberal arts student who has no idea what to do with their life treading water at uni until lightning strikes them from upon high. Maybe that’s my goal for the minute, to find something to do with myself.


Other than the fact that most new members think you’re a guy, are there any other secrets you aren’t telling us?


I hardly think so. I guess there would be plenty of things that you don’t know about me, but that’s less me hiding lascivious secrets and more just, you know, I don’t share every detail of my life with strangers on the internet. No, really. I suppose I suck for taking this question so seriously though. Insert something about my penis here. How it’s extraordinarily large, for example.



By Laffy


With this being the special 10th Birthday edition and the World Cup in full flow, I’ve got two specially chosen questions to cover both! The first is all about favourite memories from the World Cup whereas the 2nd focuses on favourite memories from WWE in the last decade...





My favourite World Cup memory would have to be Michael Owens wonder goal against Argentina back at France 98. I was a lost teenager myself back then and I distinctly remember having a Geography exam the day after but there I was sat watching the game in my bedroom whilst strumming my guitar with the score at 1-1. David Beckham plays the ball through which Owen takes brilliantly and shrugs off a challenge from Chamot before bursting into the box and creating an angle himself before coolly slotting it past Roa into the top corner. The look on Teddy Sheringham’s face whilst stood on the sideline is one of disbelief. I passed the Geography exam.



I'd like to submit two wildly differing memories, if I may...


1. The first is a big ol' cliché, and is England vs. Argentina from 1998. I'd like to nominate the entire match as one great memory. Owen's goal, Beckham's stupidity, Veron's class, Sol's disallowed goal, the penalty shoot-out, the sheer TENSION. It was a perfect game that had everything.


2. World Cup 1994 in the USA. I'd like to nominate the entire tournament because it really opened up a whole new realm of football players for me. I'd heard of Lazio, Parma, Juventus, Red Star, Ajax and Barcelona before, but when I was 12 I probably couldn't name you more than about 20 European sides. I couldn't name you more than 10 European players! Klinnsmann, Muller, Sammer, Beppe Signori and Demetrio Albertini at best.


All of a sudden this World Cup came around, England weren't involved, and there were literally hundreds of players - brilliant players, too - who came to the fore and took centre stage. Players like (good grief!): Romario, Bebeto, Hagi, Radicioiu (sp), Brolin, Dahlin, Stoitchkov, Balakov, Letchkov, Onopko, Roberto Baggio, Dino Baggio, Marco Etcheverry, Jorge Campos, Carlos Valderrama and Faustino Asprilla.




Sounds weird as it isn't an 'England moment', but either the Cambiasso goal in the 2006 World Cup when Argentina strung together about 50 passes uninterrupted, the opening game of that World Cup, between Germany and Costa Rica was memorable as well, if only for two superb goals by Lahm and Frings.


Oh, and being an Arsenal fan, Bergkamp's goal v Argentina in 1998.




My favourite World Cup memory came from 4 years ago, when Germany defeated Argentina on penalties in the Quarter finals. I was visiting German friends at the time, and we all sat together and watched the game. The atmosphere was outstanding and once Germany had sealed the victory parties erupted on the street everywhere, with hundreds of people celebrating and singing all over the town. Fantastic night and tournament.




My only real memory of Ireland being in the World Cup was in 2002 and the most exciting moment of that World Cup for me was Robbie Keane's equaliser against Germany in the last minutes of the group stage match. We drew with Cameroon before that and a loss to Germany would've seen us out of the World Cup more than likely. With time running out Gary Breen played a high long ball to Niall Quinn who flicked it on to Robbie Keane who smashed it into the goal. The joy I felt when he scored that was unbelievable. Easily my favourite moment from football.




I have two from the 1990 World Cup which was held in Italy. The first is not on the pitch but before the tournament started! My dad turns on the TV and it is a concert to mark the start of the tournament; being a young 13 year old I ask casually what's this rubbish? One hour later I am spellbound by the voices of the three tenors trying to out sing each other. The other is on the pitch, it is Cameroon and one squad member in particular an ancient player called Roger Milla who lit up the tournament with his goal scoring dancing.


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/wwe7.png http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/agoth2a.png




My favourite WWE memory would be Shawn Michaels v John Cena on St Georges day at Earls Court London. The match was televised on Raw that evening. But myself along with Telf and Christof were at the arena that night and witnessed a classic served up by these 2 future WWE Hall of Famers. Looking back on it now I guess we were lucky to see this Wrestlemania rematch as if Randy Orton had not been sent home in disgrace from the European tour its very likely the match would not of taken place.



Crumbs! Tough one. If I had to think of one match, one person, or one moment that I can still look back on and think "wow!", then it would have to be Shelton Benjamin getting Sweet Chin Music'd by HBK after leaping from the top rope, across the ring.




Has to be the whole Rock v HHH rivalry in 2000, spawned a number of mark-out moments, Stone Cold returning at Backlash and Undertaker the month later being prime examples.




My favourite WWE memory from the last 10 years, is a little more difficult as there have been many. I would probably have to go with the first 2006 reunion of DX, because as a massive HBK and DX, fan it was just great to see. I remember getting so excited when HBK came out to save HHH from the spirit squad and they officially reunited, giving Mr McMahon the suck it gesture. I also enjoyed the matches and storylines like the Rated RKO feud that came from it.



This is a tough one as I was a die hard fan from 98-2000 but I was only a casual fan really from 2001 up until last year. There were so many great moments in WWF in 2000 but if I had to pick one it'd be The Undertaker returning as the Badass at Judgement Day 2000. I remember The Rock was losing with like 10 minutes or so to go and then when he got the pin to make the scores level I was over the moon. Then a spooky video appeared on the Titantron and what followed was just amazing. The crowd just went crazy too for the whole thing. Even though I was annoyed that The Undertaker cost The Rock his title, I just loved re-watching those last few moments of the match over and over again. The height Taker got on the chokeslam to X-Pac was awesome too.




My favourite WWE memory is quite recent when triple H took on Ric Flair. I have to admit I loved it when Trips returned and walked out with Ric all was right in the "WWE Universe". When all of a sudden HHH turns on Flair and batters him and said “I took the old horse round the back and shot him". I have never wanted to hurt someone so much, I hated him! Taboo Tuesday arrives and Flair gets his wish a cage match which initially HHH has the upper hand. Then from nowhere Flair gets a second wind and starts to dominate HHH eventually leading to a Flair victory. The two friends fighting each other, with Flair victorious as well as JR's fantastic commentary will stay with me forever.



By Jung


Welcome one and all to my photomap of the last decade in WWE. The 2000's was a decade of great change in wrestling with the end of WCW and ECW, the change from the attitude era to PG and ultimately some major news stories with drugs, death and Donald Trump headlining more than just the wrestling press. Here are 10 snaps which I think sum up the first decade of this century for Vince and co.




The decade started off with a bang when 4 WCW superstars defected to the WWE in January 2000. I firmly believe the arrival of the Radicals to the WWE really signalled a new direction in the Attitude era. The Austin style brawling was replaced by more high impact, strong-style wrestling and WWE really hit their stride with a brilliant year.




Whatever Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon did with the ladder, The Hardys, Edge and Christian and then The Dudleys took to a new level. Across 2000 and 2001 their ridiculous stunts and spotfests set a new bar which probably won't get topped without defying gravity and death!




Recognise these guys? Probably not, yet the Invasion of 2001 should have been the biggest angle in wrestling history. Portrayed as jobbers, led by the McMahons the sure-fire money spinner that was WWE v WCW and ECW petered out in months and still remains one of the greatest disappointments in WWE history.




With the failure of the Invasion, the WWE brought back the NWO and Hulk Hogan's big return match against The Rock at WrestleMania XVIII remains to be an amazing spectacle. The past versus the present concept and an unbelievable atmosphere in Toronto made it incredibly special.




The future meets the past...and destroys him. Brock Lesnar would become an enormous star in the world of fighting. Sadly his greatest success would be outside of WWE but his star still shone very brightly and his destruction of the legend Hogan in 2002 is still compelling viewing.




Evolution really did exactly what they said they would. Established name Triple H and legendary figure Ric Flair's association with up-and-comers Randy Orton and Batista, turned the latter two into major names in the company.




A memorable day in many smarks lives with Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero celebrating the main event of WrestleMania XX as the company's two top champions, a feat many thought we'd never see. If only that was the happy ending we thought both deserved.




John Cena became the WWE's top star in 2005 and has caused arguably the biggest divide ever in fan interest with some loving The Champ and some wishing they'd never see or hear from him ever again. Either way he's the poster boy for the company now, good or bad.




The end of the decade saw WrestleMania turn into the end of the line (or so we thought) for one of wrestling's greats. Here we witness the superkick from Shawn Michaels which ended Ric Flair's glittering career and provided us with one of the most heartfelt and gracious Raw's ever seen. Of course Flair's retirement lasted but months, but the sentiment was bang on.




The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels really showed the rest of the roster how it was done with 2 consecutive WrestleMania classics, the latter the last in HBK's mesmirising career. Sadly as the stars of Flair and Michaels' calibre retire, it's difficult to see a new generation coming through and taking the company to the heights of only 10 years ago. We can but hope.



By Fiona


Well we’ve left Oz and now heading to Germany, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to see what’s going on there...




Shaun2J – Lower Saxony, Germany


Other than playing guitar in a band, what else do you do with your time?


I play guitar till my fingers begin to burn since I’m still in the starter phase, I also write song lyrics as I am the singer. Other than that I'm in a vocational school which takes a lot of time and I go out with mates, do usual stuff like partying at the weekend and giving girls my nice flannel shirts


Does the WWE or wrestling in general have a big fan base in Germany, and do you admit to being a fan?


The wrestling boom was very big during 1994-2000. WWF and WCW were huge here with them playing a major part on Free-TV. There were numerous Fan-Clubs that even Bret Hart and Diesel were part of.


A big mistake was made when a TV station promoted the Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior Halloween Havoc match with the Wrestlemania clash between the two, which destroyed the relationship between WWF and German TV.


It has since died down but with SmackDown, Superstars, Vintage Collection and This Week in The WWE on free-TV you have the few maniac kids pretending to be Rey Mysterio or The Undertaker.


You’ve lived in both Britain and Germany, other than the obvious, what is the biggest difference between the two that we may not realize?


Other than the usual stereotypes like the fact that the German eat kraut, sausage and drink beer all the time? Nothing to say!


Nah, the people are different of course, Germany is sort of multi-cultural. There are many people from Turkey, East Europe, Africa and so on. You'll probably find a kebab shop in every street.


The school system is very different too. It's probably harder to go onto a university than in the UK.


It's more disciplined in English schools than over here. In England you'd go to school with a uniform and over here pupils would probably puke in the mouth when thinking about school uniforms.


Also, whoever said the road system is fantastic over here must be crazy. It's full of bus drivers driving through red lights, loads of roundabouts and too many old people using cars!


If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?


I'd wish for my band to get recognition in the future because I feel we have big things coming.


Kam has made changes recently to the forum, any other’s you might suggest?


Well I have no complaints, I think the board needed the change and the colour combination and structure is as good as it ever was. Kam's doing a good job, let TWO live on for another 10 years!



Ruderz – North Ayrshire, Scotland


Rudie, you couldn’t wait to join TWO a couple of years ago. What are you first memories of TWO after you joined?


Well, I have a few. I remember getting convinced by Reno and Sparrow on the old TWO chatroom (god I miss that chatroom) to join TWOStars, I remember doing my first ever member spotlight with Nimf! I remember having very little arguments, my first ever infraction coming from Belty for refusing to stop posting on a subject after being asked to stop. I remember how I shared all my ups and downs on this forum, long posts in the How Are You Today thread venting my frustration at teenage life. Yeah, I have quite a few great memories from TWO and it's the one site I've always been on since being online.


We know that you’re into Karate, what else do you do with your time other than that, and worrying about exams of course?


I've been into video games since a very young age, my dad got me involved in the ol' Playstation 1 and since then I've been hooked constantly on games for my entire life. I spent the majority of my (younger) childhood indoors playing Command and Conquer, Die Hard or Resident Evil on the Playstation. Recently, in the last year or so, I've became a songwriter as well. I have plenty of song's stored on my laptop and posted on various sites as well, usually I receive good feedback from most of my songs but other times I just get told that it's typical teenage lyrics (Omega) but that doesn't bother me, I love writing new songs to get across my emotions and hopefully one day, hey, I might get somewhere with it who knows? If I'm not doing any of those stuff, I'm efedding with TWOStars! Or going out with my friends and having fun (no drink, of course).


After you finish school, any plans for the future?


Hmm, well if you mean full time education (university etc) then I think my auntie plans on taking me to Australia. Permanently or holiday I'm unsure, but I think a trip to Australia is in order as I have family there. I intend to get involved in the police force, but I'll admit I'm ambitious so I'm looking to eventually become a high ranking officer in the police force one day. If the police force doesn't work out, I might try my hand at fire-fighting or teaching. Obviously I'll learn how to drive a car (har har, my auntie is a driving instructor) and I intend on having a good life. Here's hoping eh?


We’ve seen your ups and downs with the girl’s. How’s it working for you right now?


Ooooh, I have to admit, yes TWO you have seen my ups and downs. Sorry, but it's what you have to put up with for having me here. If I had to say it's going quite well at the moment, I've been single since I was dumped on Christmas Day of 2009 (although, I'm not counting that relationship cause' she only agreed to go out with me to make her friend jealous...) and have been rejected by my current best friend Sarah in the time period of December to March. For those who are interested (albeit, probably no-one) me and Danielle (my old best friend for 4 years) no longer talk and now I officially hate her for a long, boring story that I'm sure your eyes could do without. Luckily for me, I seem to be stalkerless for a change.


If you had the opportunity to meet one person from TWO tomorrow, who would it be?


That's a really tricky one to answer! I have so many good friends on this site it's hard to pick just one! In-fact it's too hard so I'm going to bend the rules and say I meet them on a coach with various other TWO members who coincidentally happen to be on at the same time. The one's I'd have coincidentally appear on the bus would be; JobberJoe, Dr.ZERO, Nimf, Fiona, Matt Denton, Fletch, Dsrchris, Hancock, Darkstar, Reno, The Maxx and Wayne! Man, that's a lot but you know me, I can't choose.




ScottyB – Bridgend, Wales


Scotty you’re at university right now, what are you taking and what do you plan on doing afterwards?


I'm doing Business Management. As for afterwards, I have no idea, the course opens a huge array of doors, although at the moment I'm leaning towards going into marketing or becoming a teacher.


Since you been around for awhile, I’ll ask you this too. In your opinion what’s the best and worst of TWO?


The best is easily the fact it's such a diverse community. It allows for a wide range of opinions, which allows for great debate, and whilst I'm not the most proactive debater, I do like to read two sides desperately trying to convince each other they're wrong.


As for the worst, I can't really decide between the over sensitivity of certain members or the fact that (although, this seems to be happening less and less these days) people seem to gang up on new people and those who seem a bit vulnerable.


How much time to do spend online a day? If you weren’t online what else is your favourite thing to do?


I'm connected to the Internet pretty much 24/7. However, I'm more away from my laptop than I am at it. I use the Internet for everything from TV to research for my Uni work. When I'm not online I'm a bit of a socialite. I'm generally either online, sleeping or with other people (and when I'm lucky a combination of the last two).


You’re known for your fast one liners, who’s your favourite target and why?


I wouldn't say I have a favourite target, but generally (both online and in real life) I like things which can be taken sexually, and being an 18 year old boy, anything can be taken sexually.


What’s your dream job and do you ever see yourself doing it? What’s the alternative?


If Derren Brown was a job description, it's what I'd love to do. It's mind blowing and if I had a tenth of his talent, I'd be a very happy person. Failing that, I wouldn't mind being a teacher.




JC – Belfast, Northern Ireland


JC, just like Belty you are quite an opinionated person. Are you like that offline also?


I am definitely strong with my opinions offline. However, I'm definitely more relaxed and alot easier to get along with.


What’s the best debate you’ve ever seen happen on TWO and why?


I do enjoy seeing current events being discussed on TWO more than anything else. (probably because I've lost nearly all my interest in wrestling)


I wouldn't single out a particular debate but threads surrounding issues like the 2008 U.S. General Election, Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time, discussion on the anniversary of 9/11 or the 2010 U.K. General Election (although I was slightly disappointed at the lack of interest in that particular event), they are the kinds of threads I have enjoyed reading others views and putting down my own view.


Ever want to leave Ireland and move somewhere else, if so where?


Do you own a map?! Have a look, Belfast is in NORTHERN Ireland! Oops!!


Sectarian humour; can't beat it.


I'm sure people's opinions on this will change throughout their life and at the wise old age of 21, I'm sure I will have a few more dreams in my head than others might.


For me, if I was to move, it would be to two places (assuming from the question you asked, a move to Dublin is not the right answer!)


Those two moves would either be California, from the point of view that I somehow transfer there at some point after getting into a good company after University. That's possibly just a pipe dream I admit.


The second move would be along the same lines, only to London instead.


Tell us something we may not know about you?


I like every other man in modern history wishes to live a secret life as a government spy...and a REALLY good guitar player!


What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?


Hopefully I'll be working as a software developer by that stage. If not that. see above.




Talk Wrestling Online launched our first ever photo competition in mid March challenging members to take photos featuring our t-shirts. Over the course of the following months t-shirts were sent to members in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia as well as the UK!


The competition was launched as part of our countdown to our 10th Birthday and today TWO finally reaches that momentous day! I’m now pleased to announce our winners who all receive a cash prize. Many thanks to everyone that entered but there can only be 3...


1st Prize - £100





2nd Prize - £50





3rd Prize - £25





Congratulations to the above three!



By Darkstar


1) A community isn't just offline


One thing that is great about TWO is the spirit of community that is lacking from many other sites I visit. Sure, there’s the odd weirdo (or Reno as he calls himself), but by and large it’s a great place to chat and make friends. Or just to talk random crap about whatever topic is on hand if that’s all you want.


2) If you claim to be smart, someone will point out your spelling and/or grammar errors


It's true. If you make any claim to being smart or ‘better’ then you can expect to have your every spelling error highlighted for all to see. It’s not always a bad thing though; it certainly makes people think about what they type.

3) If you point out somebody’s spelling/grammar errors someone will then laugh in private about the errors you made in correcting the first errors


It’s true, I’d say more but I’m under threat of having to listen to AC sing 'The Ballad of Chasey Lane' again if I do. Once was enough.


4) Belty likes boobs. No really, he LOVES big boobies


I mean lots of men like big boobs (I admit I prefer slightly smaller myself), but Belty is in a league of his own for his appreciation of chesticles. What’s YOUR favourite word to describe a woman’s rack? Naughty pillows? Dairy cushions? Norks?


5) Nobody is who they seem to be


We have Queen Bob, who is a man. Jimmy Redman, who is a woman who pretends to be a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man. Triple bluffs? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s a good way to look at life. Don’t judge someone by their name, judge them by their actions and words. And in Redmans case, by his/her gigantic penis.


6) Even when you’re impartial you get accused of bias if you disagree with someone


People can’t cope with being told they are in the wrong. They just can’t! Despite me having warned and infracted people I consider friends (and once my wife!) I have still been told that I play favourites. Ho hum, I guess some people always see only what they want to.


7) WAYNE is unable to stick to deadlines


No, really. Come and join TWOStars and wonder how long it will take him to do something he said he would do. A turnaround of 5 days on something he said would take 2 is a good result. it’s a good job we like him or I think the TWOStars bookers would have hired a hitman by now.


8) Sometimes people are amazingly crazy!


Actually crazy! Not mentally handicapped, not suffering from an illness/condition like autism or brain damage. Just outright crazy! When I read certain threads, there are posts by a handful of posters that leave me scratching my head as to how they are able to function in society without exploding. People need to chill out. Or get help.


9) I actually can get fed up of lolcats


I used to love them, until they (along with many other memes) got done to death on TWO. Facepalms make the poster look worse than the target, Rickrolling is so passe that not even I find it funny. Is TWO full of people so old that memes only reach us after the majority of the web have given up on them? Not even given up enough for it to be retro. *sigh*


10) Australians don’t eat much kangaroo!


Seriously, I’ve eaten more kangaroo than the entire Australian membership of TWO combined. Check this thread on weird and unusual foodstuffs.. OK, nobody can match John Hancocks past meals, but by God it left me impressed for sure!




I've been on TWO for 6 years now, and I still love the site. Most other things have slipped by me, Smash, MMATycoon, RIM, the PWOT forums, and many more. But TWO seems to be here to stay, and so am I, Senior Mod to the end! The things I do to keep John Hancock and BRM from getting promoted to Senior Mods. You can all thank me whenever you want. :P


But seriously, TWO has made me a lot of good, hell, great friends. Many of whom I have met in real life, a few I haven't, though I'd like to. You people have been great, not only as friends to me, but as a group.


Here's to more of the same. Happy Birthday Talk Wrestling Online!




That's it! I hope you enjoyed this community focused newsletter...the team worked very hard on it and I'd like to give a big thank you to them all!


After organising the re-design, WrestleMania week activities, TWO t-shirt giveaway, 10th Birthday celebrations and preparing this newsletter it’s been an exhausting year so far! Next big plans are to completely rebuild the Wresting 101 website but I need a rest first...





Newsletter Team:


Whilst I'm thanking people, over the years we’ve had 100 + members donate money either though the Subscriber Scheme or the through a donation. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to the site! Keeping the site going isn’t cheap and it’s always great to see members support the site in this way, it means a lot.


A.C. + acailler + Adam Gill + ahsatan + Alan + Andrew + Anime Otaku + aziraphale + briggsy + BRM + Buff + Cathal + Cheers + Chris2K + Chriscare + Christof + Clarkey + Colin + Craig + Dan + Dante + Darkstar + darrenas + DC + Devilish Angel + Dr. ZERO + Drake + dsrchris + Edgehead + Evil Gringo + FCW-Promoter + Figure 4 + Fiona + Fletch + F_View + G2G + Gempire + Gooneronastick + Gothic Angel + HSM + Inno + Jack + Jayfunk + JC + Jimmy Redman + JobberJoe + Joel + John Hancock + Jonny + K.J + Kanenite + Laffy + Maxximus + MillionLiraMan + Miss T + Mitchell + MojoPogo + Moobs + MrFill + nachomuncher + Nemesis Enforcer + Nimf + Omega + Popsi + Proudy + Ravenmark + Ray + Reno + Rog + Ruderz + Sav + Saz + Sazzle + Shane O Mac + Slim Jim + Sparrow + Spiritchaser + sunflower + Superkick Kid + Tajiri + Taki + Telf + The Beltster + The Crippler + The Doctor + The Great Ahmar + the hitman + The Icon + The Phenom Billz + TheDef + Thirteen + Tommate2k9 + TPIB + Twig + Verb + WAYNE + weberika +Wyndorf and yoyo!






Edited by Kam
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http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/10r.png Triple Threat Competition - Can you work out who the WWE Superstars are featured in these images? If so, you could win £50!


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/10b.png Create a Masterpiece - Feeling creative? Enter something about our community for a chance to win £10 or something much worse...


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/10r.png Talk Wrestling Online Timeline - Read all about the previous 10 years of Talk Wrestling Online.


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/images/newsletter/x/10b.png Arcade - The Subscriber-only feature is available for all members for the next 10 days!

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Thats me on the right choking out Wheels and I think that "bird" on the right is old man Hancock, damn, if it is a girl, I appologise to Hancock and the girl, whoever she may be...and Saz, did you really need to ask if that was you in yellow? It looks exactly like you! haha Edited by The Beltster
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I'm going to save the reading for when Mrs C is watchin' her stories on the telly-box later on. Looks good though. Pleased to see handsome A.C. on the TWO Facebook feed though... ;)


And thank you for the bronze-medal in the T-Shirt compo! No one was going to beat krisballie, were they? :xyx

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Who did that cartoon!? That's f*cking BRILLIANT.
I got someone else to do it...not a member of TWO.


The actual line up is:


Jimmy Redman, Inno, Mitchell, Nimf, Twig, DC, Kam (:lol), Darkstar, Saz, Nemesis Enforcer, John Hancock, The Beltster and Anime_Otaku.


It wasn't easy trying to find pics for everyone...some were easier than others :) The footer was more difficult as we has to try and get the expressions right without anything to really go off.

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I've only ever seen two pictures of Hancock on here, and even I knew it was him??


That was a damn fine read people, a damn fine read!


(Oh, and check me out representing at the wrestling show giveaways :D)


Show off. :lol


I got a slight mention. That's somthing I am proud of!


You're welcome. :P



The actual line up is:


Jimmy Redman, Inno, Mitchell, Nimf, Twig, DC, Kam (:lol), Darkstar, Saz, Nemesis Enforcer, John Hancock, The Beltster and Anime_Otaku.


Nem? I was sure it was Fletch.


I did like all the wrestlers in the gear, that was cool of them.

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