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What are you scared of?


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Originally posted by PeteR Richards

Going to sleep after I've just seen something rather disturbing on TV. The most recent time this happened was after I saw a documentary about Marilyn Manson, I just couldn't stop thinking about him cutting himself on stage, that really freaked me out.


I didn't realise Marilyn Manson was Richey-like.


I'm not really sure what I'm scared of. I'm sure there are plenty of things just can't really think of anything at the minute. Maybe rejection or failure.

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Originally posted by Chris2K

Snakes, Spiders, Heights, the usual...


Time to embarress myself....


When Mankind was making his debut in 1996, his promos that he cut in the basement scared the shite out of me. I used to have nightmares.....:(


I was only 9!


Ah. They showed some of those promos on that really old "WWF Warzone" game and yes, they scared the shit out of me too, ...but I was 12. :D Also the Goldust ones were pretty nasty, and also The Undertaker's.

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Junkmail gives the receiver a carefully conceived plan. First you get a loan. Then you use the money to phone XXX hotlines and get a mortgage so you have somewhere to bang your borderline boilers. Then you buy viagra and get your pink torpedo extended. All this for the click of a button. Pretty soon we'll all probably be able to have an 'internet shag' where by just clicking the mouse you get the whole thing done for you. Perhaps the speed of your modem could determine how many positions you get to adopt.


I hate junkmail, if you hadn't guessed. Still, at least there are one or two engines (elvis.com, sapo.pt are the ones I can think of right now) where you don't get a constant stream of scummy appeals for you to part with whatever cash you have.


End of rant.

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Guest Dean Douglas
Originally posted by popsiwinkle

um i scared of emotional pain and rejection


Stop posting worthless junk like that you stupid bint, we don't want you here. :D


In addition to sock puppets, I'm scared of spiders, moths, dragonflies, rats and Rod Stewart. As well as physical things, I'm terrified of the prospect of being buried alive.

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Hmmm....im not really afraid of stuff but something I am afraid of I would say is death I mean I know were all gonna die but what scares me is ppl close to me dying. It seems to happen around my b-day so thats what freaks me out everytime its close to my b-day I just get scared. It might be kinda dumb to be afraid like that but its happened 3 times so I dont know its just scary to think it could happen again.
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