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How Are You Today? 2010


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I'm not wound up at all, I'm just trying to explain to you that you have no clue about wrestling because you have not experienced wrestling in any form of practical measure and you still haven't told me how many UK promotions (And their names) you have seen :)
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DS is actually that little amount wound up, that he has gone to bed. Usually if something really gets him going, then he won't sleep, and his eyes won't leave the computer screen, until things are happily resolved again. Rest assured noones really bothered. ;)


I'm still awake as I've now fixed my brothers computer, but my drivers still aren't mended yet. I think my computer needs a big sticky plaster.


Just glancing around at how much is still left to pack. Feeling rather a lot sick at the thought of it. :(

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no, but it appears that you are getting wound up by my rational and logical arguement :p


my god its a new years miricle


so 18 years ago in the topical wilds of leeds uk a guy called LK was born today........wow eighteen sadly that means I need to stop procasting and start doing and been should be a fun year

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Haha! I still have a couple of days to enjoy myself before going back to my insane, normal life. :P


I say that cause, today I'm going to my grans for our annual New Years vistit, and tomorrow, hopefully, going shopping with my pals. Shopping for them, Mcdonalds for me after, everyones happy.

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Getting over a bad case of the sh*ts thank god, managed to spend 30 mins on the crosstrainer, so that was good, starting to get hungry, but as always at the tail end of squits, you never know when it will be safe to eat.
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I'm still in the clothes that i wore out last night with a added hoodie to keep me warm.



Had a good night last night 7 course meal was splendid. Decided i want hair like David Tennant then got robbed by the local taxi firm on the way home, 20 mile journey on New Years Eve is not cheap i can assure you would of been cheaper to book a room for the night.


Going round to my Mums shortly to have a New Years tea, hopefully Burger and chips or something. I'll watch Doctor Who round there too my sisters a bit of a fan but shes working till 8 so shes a bit annoyed.



I'll be packing later as i'm going to France tommorow afternoon for a spot of snowboarding, so whilst most peoples attention has turned to he big return to work/school/college on Monday i'm looking forward to plenty of the white stuff and fine french food

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Great start to the New Year for me. Had a super time last night, and as planned we dashed before the crowds turned up closer to midnight, well it was just gone 10pm anyway, good job too as I heard today there was some sort of brawl went off where we where sometime between 11 and midnight.


Had a nice easy day thus far too and don't plan on changing that any time soonn

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Well I am back!


My PC went into meltdown over the course of December and I had to send the little sod away to get fixed.


Also my left kidney is dying on me so that was super sweet, plus Becki put her back out so we where the walking wounded for ages.


Then my luck started to turn when I was made employee of the year at work and given £1,500 to go nuts with in Comet which yelded...


42" Samsung Flat Screen Plasma HD 1080p TV

X-Box 360 Elite and Wireless Adapter (thats right, I now have two, one for me and one for Becki)

Two 8GB iPod Touches (one for me and one for Becki)

A Belkin Wireless Router

Two X-Box Live 12 month Gold Memberships

A Toaster

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (so Becki and me can play together online)

DJ Hero

Assassins Creed 2

Virtua Tennis 2009

Four Way Adapter

A Butt load of Batteries

DAB Digital Radio

PlayTV as a present for my boss who nominated me ahead of himself for the award


Then after I got all that good fortune I caught an infection that swelled up the glands in my jaw, neck and arm and ended up spending Christmas Night, Boxing Day and part of the 27th in Hospital on a drip full of Steriods, Antibotics, Anti-Inflammtories and being feed my Christmas Dinner through a tube as I couldn't swallow.


But I am better now, and enjoying the long weekend before a year without taking holiday begins again.

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