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Most obscure wrestlers you mark out for?


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I was thinking, everyone has their favourite wrestler(s) that they will mark out for... even the most smarkiest of smarks have a fave. But there's always a midcarder or someone who's not in the spotlight all the time who you'll want to see win...


Reason I started thinking this is because recently I've become a bit of a Matt Hardy mark. I love the guy now, and really want to see good things aspire for the lad. To me its just a bit of a wierd thing to be, a Matt Hardy mark that is. So thats what got me thinking.


Anyhow, we all mark out for someone big in the industry, be it Kurt Angle (we should all mark out for him of course), Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall etc... but no doubt there's someone obscure that you mark out for... maybe its A-train (please say it isn't so), or maybe your dream is for K-Kwik to one day return to the WWE or something.... you gotta be a fan of someone obscure (or someone who is underused :P ).... so who is it?

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Obscure wrestlers, hmmm? Well, I'm a big fan of Chris Kanyon who isn't really obscure, just misused (although that'll hopefully change once he's back in WWE!).


Others I like are Shark Boy, Kaos, Simon Diamond, Rising Son and Damien Steele. There's probably lots more but I can't think of them right now!

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"Obscure" is probably the wrong term to use.. partly because everyone likes to be a fan of someone who isn't everyone else's favourite (you know it's true), also because.. define "obscure". I like watching The Rock wrestle, but you know how uncool it is to admit to something like that around here! ;)


I'm also a huge Shark Boy fan, but he's more a cult figure these days. He reminds me of Cactus Jack in his early days; not in terms of style, but that he is always completely different from anyone else on the bill, and has the ability and charisma to make you remember him once he has your initial attention.


Nowt wrong with liking Matt Hardy, Mattitude rocks! :p


Robbie Brookside is only obscure if you ask people who've only seen American wrestling (or Powerslam readers). But watch him wrestle; he has passion and experience which is second to none in this country, can ignite a crowd from the moment he enters and can lead a ring full of green wrestlers to a stormer. If you want to see a true ring general in action, go see the Wildcat.


How about Kid Kash? I always enjoy his matches, not just because of what he does but the way he carries himself and his prescence.

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I think you're right about obscure being the wrong word. I was basically meaning what you said, guys who you like that are different from other people's faves. Guys that didn't include anyone in the main event scene anywhere big really.


Still confused how anyone can mark out for Nowinski though! :roll

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Rhyno- can't wait to see him do the gore as i will certainly mark out saying "GORE, GORE"


Matt Hardy- quite a good gimmick- hopfully matt hardy can come close (or even win) the heavyweght title


D'lo Brown- man i'm down with the brown- this boy been treated like a clown but not no longer, you see his push is just lingering, but when he starts main eventing, you'll feel a jolt that feels tingilng- that means- your down with the brown :D

also he wears the best ghetto urban street warfare clothes in the business


HHH's dignity- boy the things "it" goes through gets my respect

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I have also enjoyed watching Goldust as of late. His Tag Team with Booker T is entertaining and he is excellent in backstage skits. Matt Hardy is also great to watch, hes a good wrestler and has a very entertaining gimmick.


Others include Angle, Benoit, Guerreros, Brock, Edge, Rhyno and The Rock.

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A load, although Mick Foley will always be number one!


Sonny Siaki - Can go all the way; WWF sign him up!


Amazing Red - Bright future ahead of him; keep on going!


SAT's - Fresh tag-team


Rhyno - The anticipation of his return is killing me; hopefully its the Rumble!


AJ Styles - As he is billed; the phenomeon; again, Vince sign him!


Scott Hall/Jeff Jarret - Both could have gone further in their careers, but failed to do so for different reasons


Ron "The Truth" Killings - Maybe not so much for his in-ring work, but I like his promo's

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Well I mark out for Doug Williams when he is in the US alot more than in the UK. I think its because I want him to suceed in the world outside of here. In the ROH four way iron man match I was screaming for Doug to get the pin!!!


Um? the usuals Benoit, Angle etc


Michaels big time. Goldust, Corino ( his promos are great ) and Spanky. I also mark out huge for American Dragon aswell.

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Right now I am making out big time for the Backseat Boyz (from CZW), Missy Hyatt's favourite tag team, lol. Seriously though, I have found myself buying CZDub tapes and fast-forwarding through to get to their match and then watching the rest of the tape later. I just can't get enough of them!


Go get through the latest issue of PowerSlam and read the PS Top 50. My main man Trent Acid is in at number 47! For those of u without PS, here's what is says: :D


47 Trent Acid (IND; LYP NL)

- 22 year-old native of South Philadelphia is a sure-fire star of the future....State-of-the-art cruiserweight mixes Japanese and American styles with the good looks and attitude of a young 'HBK'...Wrestles mostly in CZW with Johnny Kashmere in the Backseat Boyz team, but shines in singles competition also...Beat fellow high-flyer Ruckus to win the Big Japan/CZW Junior heavyweight belts at Cage Of Death III on December 15...Scored the biggest win of his career over Jerry Lynn on May 11...Was the popular victor of CZW's Best Of The Best tournament in June....Backseats looked impressive in a four-team match with the Hot Shots, new Church and James Storm and Chris Harris in NWA: TNA...Why they haven't been back since is a mystery...Acid continues to steal the show in CZW while awaiting bigger and better things.


Finally, some respect for 'The International Superstar'!


Note: I also mark for 'obscure' wrestlers Funaki, Randy Orton, Sonjay Dutt, etc.

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