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New Year's Resolutions


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So how about it eh?


A brand spanking New Year and decade is almost upon us. So as soon as the clock strikes 12 and your rendition of Auld Lang Syne is complete your New Years Resolutions should come into force.


This year i'm hoping to find a new job, it's time i moved on and although its probably when you should be looking for job security i'm feeling the need to move on and maybe even try my hand at something else.


I'm not in bad shape and i do go to the gym, but as the years slip away it does become harder to maintain my body to a suitable standard. With that in mind i want to increase the number of hours i do working out by 2 hours a week. Thats not necessarily 2 hours extra at the gym everyweek, but maybe gentle workouts at home or leaving the car at home when the journey i need to make is walkable.


My history with relationships is not the greatest, infact it's pretty piss poor. I've had a tendancy to be pretty care free and i do have a tendancy to become a little obsessed about certain people no matter if they're already in a serious relationship or if the small matter of 250 miles seperates us. Thats not a bad thing but maybe i need to be a bit more realistic and with that in mind i'm hopin to make a concerted effort to enter into a relationship that is something more than i've had previosly. Not only is it something that i think i will enjoy but also something that i know will make me a better person.



So does anybody else have any new year's resolutions? What are your hopes for 2010?

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Stop feeling like I should be grateful for men taking an interest in me, and then letting them trample me into the ground. I'm half the size I used to be, got fairly decent career prospects and I'm a decent person, so finally decided I deserve a little bit more!


Other than that, would love to sort the driving once and for good. Oh and have more fun in 2010 than I've had in 2009!

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1) Learn to drive.

2) Keep track of my diet so I can fix my poor eating habits.

3) Aim to eat at least 3 a day. OK its not 5 but I bet its more than I normally manage. :lol


3 meals a day :P

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- Stop getting drunk outside of "big deal" nights out and parties, because it wastes my money, makes me feel ill, and makes me look like a tit.

- Learn yet another language.

- Get on some sort of a sports team.


Yeah, that should do. Considering I don't smoke, or eat meat, I can drive, I'm in school, I have a job, I'm not a penny in debt, I'm in a relationship, I don't use any illegal drugs and I'm not over-weight, it can be hard thinking of ones that don't sound kinda flippant and silly.

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1/ Pass my exams some how, some way, I have to pass them, even if my head explodes in the process from over indulgence of information.

2/ Find a way to get round my trust issues with the hospital (might be impossible, as the issue is them ****ing up all the time, and me not being very good at forgiving-but I can try)

3/ Thoroughly decide what I'm at college for before June, so I can decide how hard I want next years course to be.

4/ Try to be happier

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Mine are largely money related - pay off debt, save for a deposit for a house. I'm also aiming to be in a new job and to get fitter this year. I'm not putting any kind of amount on weight loss (like 5 stone for example) as any weight dropped would be a good thing.
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1) Up the contact I have with my huge family - I did better this year but I want to improve it. There's so many of us it takes a lot of planning!

2) Drop a dress size. I've gone down 2 dress sizes the latter part of this year so one more and i'll be happy.

3) Learn to bloody drive.

4) Stop asking my dad for any type of favour. I made this one last new year but had to ask for 4 favours and was made to feel like crap with each and every one. 2 were even classed as a birthday gift (babysitting the kids... Yes, babysitting his own grandkids was my dads idea of a birthday gift. Lovely chap).

5) Get rid of those so-called friends who are all take take take or who only get in touch when they are having relationship/family problems but don't give a flying f**k about me...

6) Practice the flute more.

7) Learn to speak Spanish.

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