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Accessing XBOX Live via Internet.

Guest ScottyB

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Shit, meant to say wireless internet via laptop.


Yea unless you can hardwire your Xbox to the modem you have to get the little wireless connector that will allow the Xbox to receive the signal.


I had to hardwire ours and it works fine.

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look on ebay for the wireless thing Matt said, should be able to find one for £15/£20.


Wireless Connection

Wireless networking is perfect when you want to connect devices in locations where it would be difficult or expensive to run Ethernet cables.


Let's say your PC and the broadband Internet equipment from your ISP (modem, router, or gateway) are in your office, and you want to use your Xbox 360™ system for Xbox Live® play in your family room with your high-definition TV. Wireless networking will get you out of drilling holes in your walls and running Ethernet cables throughout your home.



The Xbox 360 system was explicitly designed for easy integration with a wireless network. However, the quality and effectiveness of your wireless network depends on a number of factors. Please note:


The Xbox 360 console supports only the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter and Xbox Live Compatible wireless-to-Ethernet bridges, routers, and gateways bearing the Xbox Live Compatible logo.

For a list of all Xbox Live Compatible equipment, see Compatible Home Networking Equipment .

Microsoft does not provide technical support or troubleshooting assistance for wireless networking devices that are not certified as Xbox Live Compatible. If you have questions or problems with such a device, please contact the manufacturer of the device rather than Microsoft.

If your wireless-to-Ethernet bridge is not Xbox Live Compatible, you will probably need to configure it with your PC before connecting it to your Xbox 360 console.

The distance between your wireless-capable router or gateway and your Xbox 360 console, the construction of your home, the presence of other wireless devices (like cordless phones), and other sources of interference (like microwave ovens) can negatively affect the strength of a wireless signal. A weak signal may result in the following issues when playing games on Xbox Live:

Difficulty finding and connecting to sessions.

Disconnection or dropping from sessions.

Lag or other poor performance.

If you want to stream audio and video to your Xbox 360 system from a Windows PC, look for the Designed for Media Center Edition logo on your wireless gear. This wireless equipment has been tested to not merely ensure great gameplay on Xbox Live, but to meet the stringent requirements for audio and video streaming. (You can, however, stream audio and digital photos from a Windows XP–based PC. For details, see Use a PC with Xbox 360 .)

For a complete list of Designed for Media Center Edition equipment, see the Designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Logo Partner List.


Ready to connect? Go wireless in five easy steps using our Connectivity Wizard.

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I have a wireless adapter, the new £60 black one with two antenna's. Works fine somedays, most won't connect to my wireless network at all. Waste of money, glad my Dad bought it rather than me.


Works way better hardwired with an ethernet cable to your modem/router.

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