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I got shirts and stuff from my folks, and a travel shaving kit in a leather wallet, really swish :)


Got a cool Xmas book, chocolate santa and a sweet necklace from Nimf and her family - ta!


Shawn got me smelly candles in a Christmas holder


Lynne got me loads of little things - Gingerbread syrup from Starbucks, cola bottles, aftershave from Next, the newest Pratchett book, some smelly bath stuff - and bestest of all...


She hand painted some candle holders and mugs for me - the pics of them all are on my facebook so I won't bore you with them all, but here's my faves:













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so far i have got.....


3 of the same WM 25 annuals. From diffrent peopele

David beckham aftershave

Some cheap aftershave

Gingerbread man pants


A collectable toy from the 70s(still boxed)

Stone cold profile Dvd

Playboy pants and socks combo pack

A giant wwe poster in a frame for my room

A 70cl bottle of jack daniels.

A mass load of sweets

For some reasone a toothe brush... Infact 2!

A gio-goi t shirt

Jack daniel's liqure chocolates

The worst smelling aftershave/body spray in the world; brut.

A egg cup with a soldier shaped toads cutter.


Thats it so far, im still waiting for stuff from my brother and my mum and dad's friends have got me something apparently. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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A Welsh rugby Calendar

A Welsh rugby mug

Wales greatest victories vs England Rugby DVD

British lions rugby dvd

Aracnophobia from Nemesis Enforcer

A Dreamcatcher homemade from Nimf

Studs from my brothers girlfriend

Rey Mysterio Wrestling book arriving 30th of this month and

£30 voucher for amazon from my best mate.

WWE tagteam dvd from Antihero.

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1) A pair of studden gloves, water proof and static proof, apparently.

2) A money jar that has to be broken into to get your money out, probabley because I keep on moaning that they always nick my money.

3) One golden coins bag and a silver coins bag.

4) An electric toothbrush.



Main presents

1) Two selections packets

2) Jeans, t-shirt and hoodie jumper.

3) New phone, LGKs360 w/ slide out keyboard.

4) Ipod!

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3 Pairs of socks

Green Mile DVD

Coroline DVD

The Day Today DVD

Assassin's Creed II

Madden 10

Fifa 10

New headphones

3 pairs of various Adidas Superstar shoes (Blue on white, gold on black and one with a sort of picture)

A CD of the music of Germany (lolz)

A book on military history

A book on the American Civil War

A book on horror movies

Issey Miyake aftershave

Some Japanese electronic madness I don't fully understand but is undoubtably awesome

Indiana Jones LEGO (!!!!!!)

Various sweets and some such

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iPhone 3GS

x8 XBox 360 games

Fujifilm 10.2MP camera

Adidas originals shoes

DrunknMunky T-Shirt

x3 pairs of River Island jeans

WrestleCrap book

Nightmare Before Christmas mug (I get one every year from my boy, I've got a ton of them :lol)

Orlando Magic Vince Carter home jersey

Soul Cal socks

x2 Ed Hardy hoodys

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

212 Sexy set


I was spoiled this year by my g/f and kids, it was a good year financially so we all had a really good Christmas.


Sounds like you all made out like bandits too! Wicked, enjoy your day people.

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I got....

A Digital Camera :D And its red :D its awesome!

Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the XBox360

Saw for the 360

4200 Xbox points

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (limited edition death eater version)

Marley & Me

Bride Wars

Smackdown 10th Anniversary DVD

Lots of socks

All Time Low's album

Fall Out Boy's album

A Fenchurch hoody

A stripey jumper

A pretty bracelet

Toffee & Liquorice tray

Riesen Chocolates


Galaxy (Yep, im fat!! :P)

Wrestlemania XX, Summerslam 2003, KOTR 2002 and Backlash 2002 VHS

Make up

£20 HMV voucher

hmmmm i think thats it?? :P

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Well i'm not at home until monday so i've only had a few things from my mum and sister so far - a wind up robot salt and pepper set (sooo cute!!!) for DC and I from my sister and her fella, a Tigger mug and a funky cake towel from my mum and DC bought me a Spongebob bag which he brought with him for me to open. Got the scary Boxing day party tomorrow with my entire mums side of the family which is scary, but awesome!
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My sister gave me her PSP and God of War, and her other games for it ( a partial re-gift including something I gave her when she got the PSP, but I've been trying to buy it off her for a few years now)

Prince of Persia (PC)

Silent Hill 2 (Nothing screams Merry Christmas then one of the scariest games ever made)

Resident Evil 4

Pure Dynamite, the price you pay for Wrestling Stardom



And I'll be getting more books later

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A gorgeous necklace from Paul,

A Microwave,

Lots of shower gels and bath stuff,

2 sets of PJ's,


A very very thick soft fleecy blanket,

Some Zipbots (which are cool),

New crutches with my name on them and a Super Gem logo on,

A dress, jacket and bag,


Some very awsome looking baileys drink things that you zap in the microwave,

A bottle of Irish Cream and some Baileys chocolates.


Am a very happy bunny:)

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A coat.

PS3 with 4 games. (Uncharted, SvR09, Mega Drive Collection, Killzone 2)

PES 08 for PS3

Manchester United bottoms.

Manchester United Slippers (Funny thing is I bought a Simpsons pair two weeks ago :lol)

A Watch.


Should have a few more to come.

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I got an official Iron Maiden 2010 Calender

Series 2 of the G1 Transformers cartoon on DVD

Marvel Encyclopaedia (which was bought for my birthday in August, but was put in a secret place, and then forgotten about)

Ultimate Survivor CD

A Transformers hot chocolate set

£30 Amazon voucher to put towards the new Jeff Hardy DVD when it's released


that was all pretty cool, but the best present, and probably the best present I've ever received was this, the Roland TD4K electric drum kit:





I got an electric drum kit for christmas last year after having to sell my acoustic one, but that was a USB powered £180 kit. This TD4K is upwards of £600 and can be used for gigging, which is going to come in handy. Honestly the best present I've ever received!

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External Hard Drive for PC

Speakers for PC

Paco Rabanne One Million

Firefly season box set DVD

Babyliss head shaver thing

Watchmen graphic novel

various chocolate/socks/shirts/general christmas stuff

UFC game for Xbox360

Deposit for my house and next month's rent

and loads of other stuff i can't remember right now. it's been a long day

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Okay people, my list. This is a TWO Exclusive, as I can't be bothered posting what I got for Christmas on every forum I'm on. Anyway:


- Dragon Gate: Pro Wrestling's Future Revealed Vol 1 DVD (specially ordered from the US, and I've already watched all 5 hours of it. It rules. :) )


- Mankind - Have a Nice Day (by Mick Foley) Book


- Adam Copeland on Edge (by Edge) Book


- Heartbreak & Triumph - The Shawn Michaels Story (by Shawn Michaels and another guy) Book


- Brody: The Triumph and Tragedy of Wrestling's Rebel (by his wife/widow and another guy) Book


- Guinness Book of World Records 2010 Edition Book


- Some Chocolates


That's pretty much everything I got for Christmas. :)

Edited by ShaolinHandLock
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Second Wave of gifts, to the utter indifference of those reading


- The Rock Says (Which my Aunts started fawning over)

- Tangled Ropes (Superstar Billy Graham)

- Making the Game (Workout advice from a walking Steroids, HHH)

- Humble Pie and Playing with Fire (Gordon Ramsay)

- The Maltese Falcon novel

- If They Only Knew (Chyna)

- Harry Potter 6 DVD

- Industrial size bag of Whoppers.

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Did really well this year, lot's of wondeful stuff:


4 pairs of expensive pants

250 quid towards my flight to Japan, got this in October so I could book it.

Digital photo frame

2010 diary,

Nice pen

Beano Annual

James Ellroy - Brown's Requiem

Transformers 1 and 2 box set

Alias season 3

Oz season 6

2 x tubes of haribo

box of chocolates

scratch card


tickets for Hairspray in london as well as the bus ticket to get us there and back

£15 Itunes voucher

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I got:

Half a trip to London (I'll be paying for theatre tickets and things like that but my folks will get the plane and hotel)

A Hot Diamonds Pendent

A JEEP watch

Inglorious Basterds DVD

3 Weird Fish T-shirts

And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer

Devil in Disguise by Julian Clary

Jelly Belly jelly beans

Pocky, well kinda, it's actually been rebranded as Mikado over here but it's made by Glico so it's Pocky.


Mini Toblerones

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