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Things A Wrestler Would Never Say


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This is inspired by the British comedy show 'Mock the Week' in which they have a segment for stand-up comedy where the teams get a random subject and they have to come up with things that that kind of person would never say such as a newsreader,reporter etc...


Anyway,I thought this would be a great topic for the group so I'll start off here


Triple H " You,Chris Masters....you are the future of this business "

" From now on I don't spit water in my entrance,I'm a coffee man "

" Shawn,don't you think it's time you retired? "


Vince McMahon " The reason I torment JR so much is I'm in love with him "

" I want more Mysterios and less Batistas on my roster "

" Stephanie,call Marc Mero and offer him a job now! "


Mike Tenay " Tonight folks,I'm going to put anyone not named Sting over! "

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OK I'll play.


ANY WRESTLER: Yeah my job is easy.

Stone cold Steve Austin: My doctor says I can't drink beer anymore. Can I have lemonade?

The Rock: THE ROCKS SAYS...Actually tonight I'm speechless.

Any WWE diva other than Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly or Mickie James: I'm gonna beat you not by ability but by the size of my knockers.

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Bret Hart after sex: How was it for you?


Ric Flair: Can I have a pre nup from you?


Ric Flair: I like oxfram suits


Mick Foley: I can't wait to design my range of italian suit suits for Armani


HHH: Tonight I'll lose cleanly


Samoa Joe: Can I get a salad with that?


Taker: Can I get a ticket to high school musical please?


CM Punk: I totally just droped a E 5 minutes ago.


Sabu: Tonight Im going to win by submission in a match with no weapons or blood

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Taker: Losing at Mania i am down with that, too whom you say, Hunter, yeah thats great


HBK: Boy i am far to old to pretend to be 25 anymore


Morrison: You know i should have went to those acting classes after all, instead of watching the matrix 400 times.


Miz: Yeah i am a chick magnet, when was the last time you say? well i let know when it happens


Cody Rhodes: Talent, hell no i am just happy to be here!

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Well, I'm Pretty sure he's said he'd lay down for somebody that the company considered worth it as a future star - he's already said he would prefer that to doing so for Kane, at any rate.


Pretty sure he meant it like this


Taker : Losing at Mania, i am down with that, to who?


Vince : Hunter


Taker: yeah thats great

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Scott Hall - No thanks, I don't drink.


Kurt Angle - Sure Jeff, I'll be your best man when you marry Karen.




Hulk Hogan - I'll be happy to put (Jobber here) over clean.


Vince Russo - Ok, that was a bad idea.

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