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Royal Rumble Surprise Enterants **Now 30% more SPOILERS**

Cactus Jack

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Originally posted by The Crippler

I can't see Hogan, Rock and Austin all returning on the one night. That would be a bad idea in my view. They could cash in more if those three were to return seperately.




Perhaps mre realistic would be:


The Damaja

SCSA or Hogan


Kanyon (too early?) or O'Haire or Orton


Also heard Staisiak is coming back, might see him in the Rumble.

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It would be stupid on WWE's part and rathewr WCW'ish to have Austin, Goldberg or Rock enter the Rumble as a surprise as they are about the only two guys left who can actually draw they might get a huge pop but it wont make much money, with good promotion of one of those guys appearing they could probaly pull in there best Buy Rate in months.


Anyway 4 surprise entrants:


Hogan (doesn't draw anymore anyway)


Flair (Have him enter #3 again just like 92)


The Dajama (he's in it already)


Rhino (let him kill have the guys in the Rumble, worked for Nash in 94)

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Damaja yes will probably be in it. Doug Basham or Red Dogg might. Mark Henry, Kanyon or Rhyno could all enter. The likes of Hogan, Rock, Austin, Goldberg could but as Taj said it would be stupid.


Ultimo Dragon is pretty unlikely, mainly due to the fact he currently has other commitments, and he hasn't even worked any sort of deal out with them. Rey Rey and Taker will probably be back by then.


Apart from that, I can't see many other shockers, apart from them re-signing Stasiak, after releasing Mike Awesome, Saturn, EZ Money, Mike Sanders, etc. What a joke

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Jones is possible, even though I'd find it highly unlikely.


Personally, its unlikely they will have any new wrestlers brought in, cause there is only 15 from each brand, thus there isn't much room. Taker and Rey will prolly return, that's about it.

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