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RAW Discussion Thread - October 19, 2009 from Jacksonville, FL (#856)


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Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL (Kelly Kelly's Hometown)


Last week's edition of RAW scored a 3.4 rating, which was up from the previous week's 3.3 number.


Confirmed Matches/Events


Snoop Dogg To Serve As Guest Host


John Cena Vs. Triple H


Final Build To Bragging Rights

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I say it every few weeks but it can't be repeated enough - someone needs to dump an endless stream of money into the Video Production team because that Cena/Orton video was the definition of a money promo. That video alone sold me on Bragging Rights and I'm as sick of Cena/Orton as everyone else. Just an incredibly inspired creation and worth catching on WWE.com.




I would be perfectly fine with WWE ditching one of their weekly show formats and just replacing it with an hour or two of video packages. They'd probably sell a million and one more PPVs than they do right now.


Hats off to production. You wonderful, wonderful people.

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I thought the show was pretty good. It had more quality than most of the recent editions of RAW have had. The Triple H/John Cena match was good, but a little too predictable. I was impressed with the acting of Ted DiBiase during his match with Randy Orton. I guess that's why he's in the sequel to The Marine. If Cena does go to SmackDown, then I can see this being Orton's short-term feud. I could see Orton feuding with both Rhodes & DiBiase.


Is it weird that I was not the least bit surprised to see Marty Janetty face The Miz? With all the "Janetty" talk on SmackDown, it was a pretty likely scenario. I would love it if they countered with John Morrison Vs. Shawn Michaels on SmackDown, but I don't see that happening.


I also think there's a bit of truth to this whole "Who's The Janetty?" deal that started on SmackDown as it seems to me that Miz will indeed be "the Janetty" down the road.


Considering what we have seen from Guest Hosts, I rank Snoop Dogg as one of the better ones. I think his clothesline on Chavo was a bit "cheapened" by Hornswoggle kneeling behind Chavo. At this point, I just want Hornswoggle to get in a boat with Jon & Kate, Kevin Federline, & The Pratts and just fall off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.


That's pretty much the whole reason behind The Bellas coming to RAW is to be arm candy for the Guest Hosts. They were doing so anyways, so it's more of a technicality.


Two NASCAR racers co-hosting RAW next week? I can barely contain my excitement :roll I am still a firm believer that, if they call NASCAR a "sport", then pro-wrestling is damn sure a sport. NASCAR brings back bad memories of my dad watching their races that seem to never end. Hillbillies driving cars in circles for hours. Ugh, talk about torture.

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Snoop didn't do much really, seemed a bit bored by it all. Raw had it's moments alright, such as Ted and Orton. Pushing Ted is the right thing to do, he's a future star for sure. HHH overload though, burying his own business yet again and beating the Cena clean before Cena's title match. Insecure man. Well as long as all the obese 12 year old boys keep buying the DX trash that's all that matters.


Michaels/Jericho didn't happen, that was really annoying. Still slightly better than previous efforts due to Ted and Orton.

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An alright show if I'm honest. Nothing was particularly dumb and the majority made sense, which is generally all you need and astonishingly isn't that difficult.


They've rather jumped the gun with Orton/Dibiase, it's kind of come out of nowhere but hopefully they drag it out or else it just won't work and they'd have missed a massive opportunity.


The Raw/SD feuding bit was quite good and would have more impact if they weren't advertised on each other's show or actually on each other's shows most of the time. There isn't really a brand split because of that, so when they try and present this conflict it seems a bit silly. But the angle is good, it's their own fault for having no real split.


HHH/Cena was a very good match, probably one of the better Raw matches you'll see all year. I'm not sure HHH winning is the best thing for it though as Cena's supposed to be the number 1 contender and I have a horrible feeling, once the iron man's over it's back to HHH v the champion. Which is beyond boring.


Everything else was ok really, nothing really awful, so a step up from most weeks.

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Raw was worth it for this.


And Cena/HHH was fine, even with the result, because it teased very strongly that it was Cena's Raw farewell. If it isn't, then he'll be back to smiles next week and can roll into a feud with HHH. If it is, it was done pretty well.

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That video single handedly made the Cena/Orton match worth watching, because after Raw this week i was more geared up for Ted/Orton than Cena/Orton.


I'm hoping they used the Orton/Ted angle as a way to test the waters with Ted's face status, he really played his role awsome and got a reaction out of a fairly crap crowd. I'd love them to slow build this through till Mania 26 for the title, it's been such a long time since Mania has had a title match with a young gun who's not been in the main event scene for ages.

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While I found the joke that DX made about the storyline involving Kane/katie vic to be funny enough, I felt they kind of buried Kofi Kingston. Even though it was kind of funny, I felt like he wont be taken as serious anymore.. DX have ruined on a few occasions the whole kayfabe thing in the WWE in my opinion and although it can be funny, it's not good for future storylines and the characters reputation.
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So Cena jobs to HHH going into a PPV match which will possibley (probably) lead to him moving brands? I mean, I know I shouldn't be suprised but damn man, that guy just can't let a chance to make someone look bad slip by can he. If Cena goes to Smackdown he's just taken his last chance to job the company figurehead and if Cena wins & stays on Raw it makes HHH look not only better than the current champ Cena but also better than the former champ Orton who couldnt get the job done when HHH could. The guy is a burial MACHINE!!
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So Cena jobs to HHH going into a PPV match which will possibley (probably) lead to him moving brands? I mean, I know I shouldn't be suprised but damn man, that guy just can't let a chance to make someone look bad slip by can he. If Cena goes to Smackdown he's just taken his last chance to job the company figurehead and if Cena wins & stays on Raw it makes HHH look not only better than the current champ Cena but also better than the former champ Orton who couldnt get the job done when HHH could. The guy is a burial MACHINE!!


I was watching an interview with HHH recently and he said that he'll always do whats right for the company before his own personal gain......

But I just can't believe his words.

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WWE should take a look at UFC at like Mitch said, drop one of the shows and just have a recap show with great video packages with wrestlers interviews. 80% of the matches that air on T.V suck so the hell with it.


If they keep producing videos like that they'll have me like a little baby sucks at my mommas titties.

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raw this week proved why i love wrestling so muuch randy orton was like ted dibiase snr and ted jnr was virgil how ironic is that .snoop was entertaining the match with triple h and cena was done wel with cena getting a good response.nice 2 see marty jannety could have shown him backstage with hbk:xyx every segment was good i cant fualt the build up 2 bragging rights this will be a great ppv im sure viky gurerero is really annoying though cant they find her a job behind the scenes:roll
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Snoop Dogg looks likes he's made out of a combination of chewing gum and noodles. He's the gangliest, limbiest, streak of piss I've ever seen and I've seen Peter Crouch. I've seen more meat on the side of mosquito's todger. Still got a bitchin' LAAARRIIIAATTTOOO though and, on the contrary, I thought he looked like he was enjoying himself out there but then, yeah, one never can tell with him considering he's so laid back he may as well be horizontal. He was definitely one of the better guest hosts.


See, if Umaga was still around and they were still doing the talking deal with him, they could have done a thing where Kofi lost the Jamaican accent out of nowhere one week for reasons no one could explain but then the next week Umaga would start talking in a Jamaican in a shocking turn of events. It would then be revealed that a witch doctor (Papa Shango in a cameo and/or Prince Nana) from Kofi's hometown of Ghana (STEREOTYPES, you see, because it's wrestling) put a voodoo spell on Kofi and transposed Kofi's accent into the savage who couldn't speak English. Weeks would then follow of Umaga smoking the ganja and listening to Bob Marley (STEREOTYPES, you see, because it's wrestling) and it'd draw about 4 pence which is at least more than what TNA PPVs draw.


They've teased both Rhodes and DiBiase turning on Orton now and they both got good reactions so hopefully it bodes well for when DiBiase eventually does stop taking Orton's shit and slaps the piss out of him. Nice that they didn't blow their loads too soon with the babyface turn and threw the feelers out there for it.


Yeah, add the Orton/Cena video to a loooonnnggg list of great videos they've done. When all else fails, you can still rely on them to deliver videos that would make Braden Walker vs. Kizarny an epic main event. Reminded me again of Cena's dad's manly bumping too.


Poor Marty Jannetty is still wrestling for crack then. Was probably wearing last week's newspapers for underwear underneath those tights. Tremendous though that him and Goldust were able to meet up backstage and compare notes on how many times they've both been brought back now.


NASCAR drivers?! Really?! Bad enough when it's some football guy I've never heard of but two guys from that sport where they serve roadkill instead of hotdogs in the stands? Are they actively trying to be TNA?


Solid show though, if only for me coming to the realisation during it that Orton is starting to look increasingly like the yellow paedo dude from Sin City.




No? Probably just me getting freaked out by it then.

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OK, I said a page ago I'm only watching for Snoop.


Now I'm only watching for Snoop and this video.


I never thought that the (co-)only reason I'd have to watch Raw would be a video package. Yikes, this show has died in its ass this year.


EDIT: Watched the show.


OHMYGODOHMYGOD. Nobody else will care, but I've been listening to "Gin N Juice" a LOT for the past year or so, so Jillian busting it out was the greatest thing about Raw this week. I laughed a lot. Also, "GIVE ME MY BELT BACK~!" Jillian is by far the most entertaining person on the show now. She's been incredible the past few weeks. Its a shame they felt the need to job her out, after the title win they could easily have made a proper feud out of it.


Raw actually was pretty OK. There were a lot of things wrong with it, as per usual, but they did enough good things, and also, most of the comedy/guest host/lighthearted segments were funny enough and/or unembarrassing enough that they were fun to watch, and not a chore, which helped a hell of a lot.


Cena/HHH was a great little TV match, lots of fun, although needing THREE Pedigrees really pained me. They did a good job of selling that it was Cena's finale too. Even though it isnt. I'm scared I'm setting myself up for a fall for being so dogmatic about the result, but I just cant see anything other than Cena winning.


Randy & Ted were AWESOME. Seriously, how they manage to do such a great thing on such a sh*tty show is beyond me, but that was a great angle there. Cannot praise Orton and Teddy enough for how well they sold that. Teddy's face the whole time was incredible. As a test run it was 100% brilliant, because the crowd got into him almost easily, and really wanted him to fight. Bodes well for when he does turn. I said when I made my thread that what they need to do it make Teddy likeable so that when he does turn people are HAPPY, and want to cheer him. Awesome step in that direction. So much win here.


Raw v SD was hit and miss, for me. The DX comedy was pretty lame, they buried pretty much everyone which is never any good, they mentioned Katie Vick a week after they complained about the Democrats bringing it up from the past, and they killed the one joke I started to smile at - "sleeping his way to the top" - by hammering it into the ground, with added fat jokes. Just...argh.


The random 5-man tag on the go-home show didnt help. Actually this annoyed me quite a lot because MVP looked so out of place with those jobbers, especially with Mark Henry on the other side. Very short-sighted and lazy booking here all-round.


Speaking of which, they literally squashed a month's worth of storyline related to 'Raw team's faces and heels dislike each other, they squabble between themselves and look lost, but they finally manage to unite for the cause for the PPV, because Raw is worth fighting for' into two hours. Two week build for you, my friends. It seemed ridiculous to me that they hated each other after the first half-hour, and then came out at the end like nothing was wrong. Again, its just lazy.


But on the plus side...those Smackdown t-shirts were awesome. If they sold them I'd get one. Maybe thats just me since I am Team SD's #1 member. I feel really sorry for Cryme Tyme, by the way, the only faces in the team.


I'm not so worried about the lack of Jericho/HBK, because all I'm doing is storing that excitement until whenever it is that they do have the match. I'm sure they will at some point, especially when a tag title shot should be on the horizon.


Snoop Dogg was pretty great. He sounded like he knew who the wrestlers were, and actually follows the product. That and, I mean...he's Snoop Dogg. I marked HUGE for the return of the Snoopy LARIAT-OH. And that spear! Edge would stab his mother for a spear that looked like that, and Snoop weighs like 67 lbs. Naitch is right, he's like the skinniest, lanky-est, gangly-est f*cker you ever saw. I never realised how tall he is too. But anyway, Snoop was quite fun, he was one of those guests that when its over, you're actually kind of bummed that he wont be back on TV next week.


Hornswoggle dancing in the ring was so amazingly awesome. The fact that I can write "Hornswoggle" and "amazingly awesome" in the same sentence in 2009 is quite the feat. See thats what I mean, he was still on the show fighting Chavo and taking up time, like every other sh*tty week, but at least this time it was FUN.


I admit, I laughed a lot when Cole had his arm around King coming back from that segment. He has his moments, that man.


I legit never knew Snoop Dogg was such good friends with Marty Jannetty. They had an OK 4 minute Raw match, and as part of the angle especially it worked, so I enjoyed it.


That Cena/Orton video...dear God. I read the thread so I was prepared for it, but yeah man, it was AWESOME. Really made it seem like the biggest deal on earth. I keep saying it, but there are nowhere near enough videos on WWE TV.


One other thing I noticed today is that whenever they show the cutaway of wrestlers watching the TV backstage, it SUCKS. The best one was Team Raw killing each other, and DX are backstage watching this going "Hmm, yes, I agree that the Bosnian crisis is deepening...", when they should have been going "What the F*CKING F*CK ARE THOSE GUYS DOING KILLING EACH OTHER?!" At least Orton seemed like he was actually watching, he flinched when Cena made the ropes and started growling at the screen when they showed Cena on close up. But still. It never looks good.


So yeah, all in all, still had its problems, but by Raw standards, a much better show than usual.

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