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Ring Of Honor "Final Battle 2002" 28/12/02 Results


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Copied and pasted from http://rohwrestling.com


ROH presented "Final Battle 2002" on December 28th to a sold out Murphy Recreation Center in South Philly. Steve Corino promised to turn things upside down and he did just that to the disdain of the 500 plus in attendance. We will have complete ramifications of all the happenings later this week.


The mini-TV taping saw:

Samoa Joe defeated the Outcast Killahs

Homicide beat Jay Lethal

Chris Daniels & Donovan Morgan beat Dunn & Marcos

Jay Briscoe defeated Ace Steel


The main show saw:


CM Punk defeated Colt Cabana to win the ROH contract in a solid match.


Gary Michael Cappetta then said that Christopher Daniels demanded mic time and he can make those demands because his Prophecy group controls all the titles, giving them power. Daniels came to the ring with Simply Luscious and ran down Alexis Laree for knocking Luscious out of being ringside at "Night Of The Butcher." Daniels demanded a one-on-one match between Luscious and Laree for 3/22 when ROH returns to Philly. Laree came out and said they could have the match now. Daniels then gave Laree the last rites when the ref was attending to Luscious and Luscious scored a quick pin. After Laree was helped to the back, Steve Corino came out.


Corino cut a controversial promo. He then told Daniels that he was forming an elite group of athletes in 2003 and that they would take all the titles. He said it was just business, but if The Prophecy held the titles, he was going after them. Corino then told girlfriend Simply Luscious that he couldn't have her giving Daniels all his secrets and he dumped her. Luscious ran to the back in tears. Daniels and Corino then challenged each other to start the war by throwing the first punch, but instead Daniels left saying he had two title defenses to think about and now Luscious was a mess.


Corino wasn't done yet as he called out Homicide because of the incident where Homicide forked him in the eye in the locker room at "All Star Extravaganza." Homicide came out and the two had a short brawl that saw Corino flee to the locker room when Homicide pulled out a fork.


Special K of Deranged & Angel Dust scored the upset in a wild, heated scramble match that included Da Hit Squad and The Backseat Boyz. After the match, Dunn & Marcos came to the ring and told The Backseat Boyz that they were the top tag team in ROH. Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere then laid them out.


Konnan defeated Chris Divine. However, Quiet Storm pinned Konnan in the second half the lucha libre gauntlet series.


Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan defeated The SAT in a 2/3 fall tag team title match.


The new Christopher Street Connection defeated Loc & Devito by DQ. The Chris St. were trying to have some fun, but Loc & Devito got fed up and destroyed them with hubcap shots.


Jody Fleisch defeated The Amazing Red when all of Special K came to ringside and save Fleisch from getting the infra-red. After the match, Fleisch joined Special K and then did a beat down of Red and The SAT. Divine Storm and Trinity tried to make the save only to get beaten down by the Fleisch, Izzy, Dixie, Angel Dust, Deranged and two unknown members. Da Hit Squad and JT Smith hit the ring and Special K backed off. The mysterious big African-American man hit the ring. JT, who shook hands with him on 11/9, told DHS he was on their side. Right then, the mystery man from the crowd choke slammed Smith while Special K jumped on and laid out DHS. In the end, Special K left Smith, Red, SAT, Divine Storm, Trinity and Hit Squad down. This sets up the biggest scramble match ever in Queens on 2/8 pitting Red, SAT, DHS & Divine Storm vs. Special K.


Xavier defeated Paul London in a very heated ROH title match. The crowd was going nuts rooting for London, especially during a couple of close near falls, and chanted for a rematch afterwards.


Steve Corino came out before the main event and said that ROH wasn't going to have a main event without him in it since he is the biggest superstar in the building. Homicide made his ring entrance first and Corino jumped him and injured him with a vicious attack. Corino ended up taking his spot for one of the hardest-hitting, most brutal matches four-way bouts ever. Low Ki, American Dragon Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe and Corino put on a must see, incredible performance and made wrestling a sport again. The contest for the #1 contender's trophy ended in a 45 minute draw. So who will now face Xavier for the ROH title in Queens on 2/8? We'll have the answer to that next week.


ROH would like to thank everyone at the sold-out Murphy Rec Center for another memorable ROH event.


Cant wait to see the 4 way Strongstyle match on tape.....yet another MOTYC that Low-Ki and Dragon are in????

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I have to say, my love for Corino has come pouring back after I heard what he said at Final Battle.


After Corino took his place in the main event, the fans were chanting "Who Booked This Crap?". Good old Corino gets on the mic and says "We already have your money!". Ingenius.


Oh, and it looks as if RoH may be suffering the same fate as NWA TNA. They were once a fun alternative to WWE, but aside from one or two matches on every show, there's nothing there to really keep you hooked.

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Looks like a decent event too me. Good under card with what looks like a great main event. Can't wait to see it myself!


And Russ that is a fair statement. However those two matches are usually so good that it makes the whole thing worth while!


Is show 7 the tag tourney. Does anyone know?

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