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Finaly its gone! (but not forgoten!)


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Well i just got back from the hospital after my Op to remove the cancer, i can honistly say im in a shit load of pain and i cant get enough pain killers down me!..

Im glad its over and i can now finaly get on with things, and even better then that, theres looking to be no reason for me to go back for anything other than a simple cheak up in 6 weeks time...



MiddleMan 1 Cancer 0

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Originally posted by Dagr81

That news had made my Christmas. Ur one of the most genuine, nicest blokes I have had the pleasure of talking to and am glad for you that everything went ok.


(Lee cringes as reputation as a brutal wrestler goes down the drain)


LOL... but seriously, the dude just so totally ripped cancer a new ass. There ain't no tougher battle to conquer and I'll admit, after my nan died of it, I get very pessimistic bout people beating it. But he did it and ALL the respect in the world to ya, home slice.


And Merry Christmas :xyx

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U dont know who the MiddleMan Is!...lol...

How dare you..lol...

No but really, cheers people Im still in a shit load of pain, but i got me some REALLY REALLY strong pain killers on the was so im gonna pop 3 and go cross eted and dribble!:)

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