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What wrestling events have you been to?


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RAW taping at Earls Court in April 2007

RAW taping at O2 Arena in April 2008

RAW house show at Sheffield in November 2008

RAW taping at Manchester Arena in November 2008

Smackdown taping at Manchester Arena in November 2008

Smackdown house show at Nottingham in November 2008

RAW house show at Belfast in November 2008

RAW house show at Aberdeen in November 2008


To come:


Wrestlemania 25

RAW taping at Houston Toyota Centre

RAW house show at Glasgow- April 2009

RAW house show at Aberdeen- April 2009

RAW house show at Liverpool- April 2009

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I've been to Wrestlmaina can't remember which number though and a few Raw shows here in Toronto. I don't remember all of them. Usually when the WWE comes to the Air Canada Centre we take a trip down to see the taping. It's always Raw we never get SD here.
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WWE Raw House Show (just after benoit won the title) - Birmingham

2 All Star American Wrestling Shows - Oxford

2 TNA - both Liverpool (2008)

Universal Uproar - Coventry (2006?)

International Showdown - Coventry (2005?)

NOAH - Coventry (2008)

NOAH vs The Rest of the World - Faringdon (2008)

Varsity Pro Wrestling - Oxford (2008)

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Never been to a WWE show but I did once go see some very poor UK show when I was little what promoted 'The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan' which they delivered on, only it wasn't the ones on the poster but rarther a 5 foot 11inch (about) skinny guy dressed as 'Taker and a a smaler guy ripping off Hogan who couldn't even get the 'hulk up' right


They got booed out of the Metrodome and my granddad got us a refund of £2 :lol

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Been to two WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars) in Newcastle -

2001 featured wrestlers such as Jarrett, Road Dogg, Gangrel, Stevie Ray, Scott Steiner, Konnan and others

2002 featured Sabu, Nathan Jones, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Perry Saturn and others

Met Bret Hart, Nathan Jones, Buff the Stuff and a few others



Only other event I've been to was Insurrextion 2003, which featured Nash Vs HHH and Christian Vs Booker T.

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Aside from a ton of house shows I've been to:


WrestleMania VIII

Cyber Sunday 2006

WrestleFest 86

Great American Bash 88

Clash of Legends

Monday Nitro (twice)

Monday Night Raw

Saturday Night's Main Event

Superstars of Wrestling TV Taping (twice for a total of 6 shows)

Wrestling Challenge TV taping (once for total of three shows)

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I think this is everything:


WrestleMania: 21, 22, 24 (LA, Chicago, Orlando)

SummerSlam: 1992, 2004, 2005 (London, Toronto, Washington)

Royal Rumble: 2004, 2006 (Philadelphia, Miami)

Survivor Series: 2004 (Cleveland)

Backlash: 2004 (Edmonton)

ECW One Night Stand: 2005 / ROH The Future Is Now (New York - Same Day)


WWE RAW and SmackDown Supershow: New York and Orlando


Numerous LIVE/Taped RAW and SmackDown's across the UK, USA and Canada

UK - London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester

CAN - Calgary, Kelowna, London, Hamilton

USA - Miami, Orlando, Indianapolis, Dayton, LA, San Diego, Chicago, Peoria,


TNA iMPACT Tapings (Twice)


WCW Nitro (London)


WWE House Shows across the UK (Dublin, Belfast, London, Manchester, Newcastle) including crappy Rebellion and Inserexion

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