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Who Will Succeed Sir Alex?


The Next Man Utd boss?  

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  1. 1. The Next Man Utd boss?

    • Jose Mourinho
    • Martin O'Neill
    • Fabio Capello
    • Carlo Ancelotti
    • Frank Rijkaard
    • Roberto Mancini
    • Didier Deschamps
    • Other

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I think it will be Mourinho. Just seems meant to be in my opinion.


Surprised you didn't include Keane in that list. He's been a big favourite for a long time.


Some of those managers you've listed aren't fit to be our manager quite frankly (Rijkaard & Deschamps particularly)..

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Hm, I'd like to see sentiment prevail and have ol' Sparky be given the job. I think Mark Hughes would make a fine Man Utd manager, and I genuinely believe he was born to do it.


Keane seems to have really landed on his feet at Sunderland. He's best mates with the board, he has oodles of cash, and he seems to have spent a fair portion of it rather well. He does seem, still, to be a bit unconvincing.


Hughes, on the other hand worked wonders with Wales (heh, four words in a row beginning with "w"), proved he could restructure the entire ethos and quality of a team on a shoestring budget (Benni Mac and Roque Santa Claus for £7m!?), and has now been given a chance to work with, and to buy, a much higher caliber and price of player at Man City.


If he's not sacked in January, and if he gets City into the Champions League, simultaneously bringing in pricey world class players and also blooding the City Young'uns...then he, in my opinion, would have done enough to get the Man Utd job.


I also get the impression Fergie would like Hughes to get the job, too.


The problem any manager replacing Fergie will have is that if they don't win the league in their first season then they would realistically face the sack. Fergie took 7 years to win the league - his predecessor won't.


I think it would take Hughes at least two years to win the Premier League, and after he's won it, I can imagine him winning it for about 5 years on the bounce.


It's whether he'd get those initial 2 or 3 years...



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Why the hell would anyone want Keane as the manager!! Theres at least 10 managers in PL alone better than him.


Agree,There are alot better managers than Keane at the moment.Although he's only been managing a couple of years so mabey in time, but i can't see Keane being in contention for the Utd job in the near by future.

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I wasn't saying that Keane was already a great manager but he's still doing pretty good considering it's Sunderland.


Dpddave's statement that there is at least 10 managers better than him in the Premiership is a crock of shit if I ever seen one. Hence why it must be just his opinion/dislike of Keane because it certainly doesn't add up.

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For me, Jose gets my vote - the Premier League sorely needs him back. He may not be everyone's cup of tea for various reasons but in the time he was here, it's been very memorable and entertaining! Even he's making scenes wherever he goes in Italy, picking fights with rival managers, referees and the media!


And yup, I agree with JC. Jose as the next Manchester United manager is meant to be. Imagine Roman's reaction if Jose returns and beats Chelsea to the title and imagine the possiblities of mind games between Jose & 'Big Phil' akin to what Jose is doing with Claudio Raineri in Italy!


But, what about Man City? - the papers are going around saying that the owners are willing to offer 'The Special One' incredible £15 million a year to take over from Sparky and the prospect of seemingly unlimited resources and the ability to pick n' choose whatever Jose wishes with no bother at all has to be too huge to turn down.


Outside of Jose, if Sparky does get the boot (absolute disgrace if that happens), I'd love for him to take over and show City's owners one thing or two. Martin O'Neill's another one I'd like to see take over. I'd also like for the club to try out a promising British manager, take your pick and see what happens.

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It's good to know that I am not the only person who would find it amusing to see Chelsea's reaction if the special one returns to the premiership and takes the manager's job at Man Utd.


He has the charisma,pedigree and tactical know-how to succeed Sir Alex and because he is a larger than life personality he is kind of a Portugese Sir Alex!


I'd love to see him take charge of Man Utd and tell the press who will be in his opponents' starting line-up for each game like he did against Barcelona.

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I know it's football and it keeps moving forward and no one is irreplaceable but Ferguson is pretty darn close to it. I will miss the frequent servings of humble pie served out to the media when the old red faced son of a gun eventually does leave though. It was delightfully funny watching them reluctantly apologising and praising him after he proved them wrong...again and quite funny knowing he was probably smugly pissing himself laughing.


Wins the Treble.




Wins the next two League Titles but then Arsenal win it.




Wins the League again.




Arsenal/Chelsea win the next three League Titles.




Then he goes and wins the League again after not winning it for three years.




Then he goes and wins another League AND the European Cup.




And the cycle continues on and on and on.


Stephen Kenny to take over once he's finished helping us dominate League of Ireland football.


I do doubt he'll retire for at least the next 3/4 years anyway or until he's 'knocked Liverpool off their fucking perch' once and for all. He's got two league titles to go before he does that and I doubt he goes before he's won them. Winning another three European Cups is probably a stretch though.


You'll all miss the old bastard when he eventually does go though.

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