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joe boy

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As of now who do you think will finish in the prem lge top 4 this season?


In order


1st-Chelsea,I think Chelsea will win the lge this season,with Lampard in the best form of his life IMO,Terry and Carvalho solid as a rock at the back,and Drogba due back soon i think it will be Chelsea's year this season.If will buy a decent CF in January then i think we will be complete as a side.And if Essien is back early in the new year then their wont no stoping us IMO.


2nd-Liverpool,They've had their best ever start in the prem lge and i think they will come close but i think Chelsea will just get in the end.


3rd-Man Utd,They are playing well at the moment after a average start i just think Chelsea and Liverpool will be to strong for them.


4th-Aston Villa,Dark horses this season for me,Arsenal are to inconsistant at the moment.

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mmmm.... it will be the same as always arsenal, liverpool, chelsea and united and it will be the same two teams who might actually win it manchester and chelsea. Liverpool will fall off as basically they have be playing crap but been somehow getting results i can't see it happening for much longer and Arsenal will win 5-2 one day and lose 2-1 then next. No team in the prem has the squads to break the top 4. 5th is the best that an everton, villa or city could hope for.


Don't forget it just the start of the season give it 10 more games and normality will return to the prem

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Liverpool will tail off, they always do - at one point they had a great side that was scoring a tonne of goals and where 10 points clear of 5th place Man U at Christmas...


Man U won the league by 7 points in the end.


To be honest I can see Man U going on a run and pushing Chelsea all the way and bar Bosi on the right and Deco in midfield this is still the same Chelsea team Man U beat to the title last season.


I will go out on a limb and say Man U first, Chelsea second, Liverpool 3rd and the Gunners 4th.

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1st - Chelsea. Despite the loss to Liverpool, its obvious Chelsea have been in good form this season and certainly with Drogba returning soon they will be better up front. Mikel in midfield is a lot better this year, and that's obviously a bonus. Obviously the key players are there for them and that's important.


2nd - Man United. After a slow start they have come back well and looked spectacular in stages. The forward line is stronger this season with the addition of Berbatov. Ronaldo probably won't get as many as he did last season but should still manage 20. One of United's problems this season is in goal. Van Der Sar has been exposed as a bit error prone this season, Kuzshack (sp?) isn't a top club goalkeeper.


3rd - Liverpool. On form at the moment, but they could suffer from injuries this season. Still a bit too reliant on Gerrard and Torres. Consistency could play a part, for every win at Chelsea there's a draw at home to Stoke.


4th - Arsenal. Looked great in stages against Spurs, not so much in others. A major problem for Arsenal last season was trying to pass the ball into the net, and it's there this season too. At times they do play some immaculate football, joy to watch if your a neutral (and an Arsenal fan obviously). The biggest bonus this season is the form of Walcott.

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1st - Liverpool. Our best ever start to a season and we've already played Chelsea, Everton, Villa and Man City away and the scum at home. Add the fact we've missed Torres for most of the season, Keane still hasnt started scoring (and he will) and Riera and Babel will get better and better as the season goes so I really think we'll do it. We've really only played well against United, Chelsea and second half against city and yet we keep winning...... what are we gonna do to teams when we start playing well (and we will) Although its great seeing other fans taking pops at "Lucky Liverpool" when United and Chelsea grind out results playing poorly their "showing the form of champions" when Liverpool do it their lucky. Bullshit.


2nd - Chelsea

3rd - United. I think the trip to China in December could come back to haunt them.

4th - Arsenal. If their lucky.


Still a bit too reliant on Gerrard and Torres.


Torres has missed about 5 league games already this season including the wins over United and Chelsea so i dunno where your pulling that shit out of.

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Premier League? SCOTTISH Premier League? Okay (be's awkward):

1. Celtic

2. Rangers

3. Hibernian [meh, more hope]

4. Kilmarnock [hopefully not]


as for the English Premier League (as much hope as think)

1. Liverpool

2. Manchester United

3. Chelsea




4. Arsenal

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Liverpool are having the luck Chelsea had a few years ago when they won the prem lge,the luck Utd had throughout the 90's.Im not saying it was all luck far from it, what im saying is things are going the right way for Liverpool at the moment,everything that can go their way is,dont get me wrong Liverpool have the quality just like Chelsea and Utd did and still have but they are getting the "luck" they need to win the title.
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Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd (like dpddave said, the trip to the Far East could end up sapping the players' energy and they'll end up tired and struggle to the finish line) and Arsenal just seeing off Aston Villa.


Believe it or not, I can imagine Hull keeping up their form and perhaps nab a place in the tournament formerly known as the UEFA Cup. Then cue the media's predictions that it'll cause Hull to go down the next season just like Ipswich and almost took Bolton down. EDIT: Doh! Didn't see the title it was Top 4 only, sorry about that.

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For some reason United are being completely forgotten about..which is great.


Chelsea can have the favourites title all they want but so far they've only really impressed against the lower teams in the division. That's not me saying they've been playing poorly but usually the team who wins the league sends out a message and losing at home to Liverpool isn't it!


Liverpool seem to be doing better this season and winning ugly where it is needed. If Liverpool are top or off the pace by 5 points at most come christmas then we can start looking at them as serious title contenders.


Arsenal aren't man enough. Bit of weird term I know but seriously, for all their great Wenger Ball, it ain't doing the job. Pity, because they do play some good stuff and have a couple of really good players there.


I think United look great at the moment, they're not even playing that well and could be smashing teams 5 & 6 if they took the chances. Rooney looks hungry, Berby just oozes class like King Eric used to and Tevez is chomping at the bit to prove Fergie wrong for benching him.


Top 4:

1) Man Utd/Chelsea/Liverpool

4) Arsenal



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