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Empire Magazines Top 50 Comic Book Characters


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Thats right, I said comic book, not graphic novel. Live with it all you geeks in denial. :P



50- Spawn

49- Captain Haddock

48- Harvey Pekar

47- Apollo and The Midnighter

46- J Jonah Jameson

45- Deadpool

44- Jenny Sparks

43- Astro Boy

42- The Saint of Killers

41- Green Lantern

40- Scott Pilgrim

39- The Mekon

38- Cerebus

37- Daredevil

36- Agent Graves

35- HellBoy

34- Dr Strange

33- Venom

32- Lex Luthor

31- Usagi Yojimbo

30- Emma Frost

29- Swamp Thing

28- The Tick

27- Johnny Alpha

26- Marv

25- Dr. Doom

24- Deena Pilgrim

23- Obelix

22- Hunter Rose

21- Captain America

20- Wonder Woman

19- The Punisher

18- Halo Jones

17- Iron Man

16- Rorschach

15- Death

14- The Hulk

13- Vladek Spiegelman

12- Spider Jerusalem

11- Jesse Custer

10- The Thing

9- Magneto

8- The Joker

7- Judge Dredd

6- Dream

5- Spider-Man

4- Wolverine

3- John Constantine

2- Batman

1- Superman


IM loving seeing Dream so high.

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I read this a while ago and there was some interesting choices.


Oh, and for those disputing placements (which will be everyone, lol), you can go to the list and say whether you think a particular character deserves to be higher or lower. The webpage also give some facts about each character too (including when, if ever, the character made it to the screen).


I was quite happy that they didn't just go with mainstream characters (even if Dr. Manhatten was left out for some reason).

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