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WCW 1992, Semi Final 2 - Big Van Vader vs. Sting


Who was better?  

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  1. 1. Who was better?

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A fitting tie I should think considering their work together from 92-94 where I seriously cannot recall one single bad match between the two amongst the 874 matches they had together. This was something that just clicked instantly, Sting was the charismatic, likeable top babyface with the gold, Vader was the unstoppable, destructive force who wanted the gold. Vader beats him for said gold pretty comfortably at the Bash. Can The Stinger ever stop this big son of a bitch? WCW runs with that and it spells brilliance over the next two years. They just had remarkably good chemistry and their best matches are pretty much the best 'big man-smaller man' (I'd say 'little man' but Sting is hardly Hornswoggle) I've ever seen.


Now that leaves me with a dilemma. Sting had probably his best year (I think Flair leaving probably had something to do with that because Flair was always relied upon heavily as The Man and now someone else had to step up and become the top guy and Sting definately solidified himself as that), Vader broke through this year into a serious, serious threat at the top of the card (although I do think his better year was 1993 because he had a real long run with the title). Sting is one of my all time favourites but then so is Vader. Their matches against each other were great but it isn't as if one man deserves more credit than the other for the matches because it was just something that clicked.


Eeny, meany. I'm going with Vader just because if I don't, he'll hunt me down, beat the sh*t out of me and tell me Sting was a pussy and I'd be a pussy too if I voted for a pussy.

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