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SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 - Details On WWE's New Videogame

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Thats what I forgot to mention Create-A-Finisher. I must have spent a good hour just messing about with different things on it, easily the best new feature of the game


I was on the fence regarding getting this year's installement but the above quote has me almost convinced to get it after all. If it allows me to create, say, the famous 'Canadian Destroyer' and the Perfectplex then I'll get it for sure.

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Right - as a cheap skate I only own a PSP and a PS2 and therefore I need to know if anything has been removed from these versions (the websites are a bit vague I have seen).


Does the PS2 have a create-a-finsher on it (I know it would have custom soundtrack however for the entrance) and does it have as big a move list and roster as the other more next gen versions?


Also is there still both a Career and Story mode in the game as there is in the X-Box 360/PS3 versions?


I know I cannot play online however with the PS2.


Also the game is £24.99 on the PS2 in GAME - how much do you reckon they will knock off if I trade in SD v Raw 2007, SD v Raw 2008, Pro Evo 6 and Metal Gear Ac!d 2 for the PSP?

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I got the PS2 version today, it still has the Inferno Match and Create a Finisher, but I haven't tried them yet. My only (minor) complaint about the PS2 version, is that it is a bit slow and jerky at times. :)


Compaired to how bad the PSP version will be though due that using UMD's instead of DVD's I think I will take my chances...


Plus image what has been pulled from the PSP version?

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Although this game is fun, it seems like there is a huge cut in the amount of moves each guy can do, I find myself pretty much doing the same moves over and over and over again. Also, is it me or has the option to remove the turnbuckle pad been taken out of the game and whats up with wrestling outside the ring now? You get these horrible camera views and you cant use the announce tables anymore to put guys through.
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What version are you playing?


Mines PS3 version and you can still take turnbuckle pads off and put people through announce tables.


I quite like the tv like camera outside the ring, needs a bit of work though as there are times when you simply can't see.


My main gripe is the lack of holds each character has, each character has less moves which makes sense as wrestlers don't generally have loads of different moves, but if your taking out moves to make it more realistic, you need to put in a bit more chain wrestling and stuff.

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What about the commentary?
Commentary is much improved, thus far I haven't had once instance of the commentery team calling stuff that wasn't going on or stopping mid sentance to call something else out of no where


As for the Announce Table you can put people though on PS3, you have to go to it and press X to make it avaliable by ripping the monitors etc our then irish whip your opponant into it so they lay on it, then I had a finisher so hit triangle and did a huge diving elbow off the top through it

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Oh god yea, the soundtrack is horrendous. It's just the wrestlers theme music. It was bad before with there terrible choice of songs, but this is even worse, like I don't hear wrestlers themes enough.


Having your own playlist on the ps3 hardrive and it playing off that during the loading screens would be much preferable.

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What about the commentary?
The commentary, especially during the Road to Wrestlemania sections, is pretty damn good.


Oh god yea, the soundtrack is horrendous. It's just the wrestlers theme music.
Looks like WWE went down the cheap road just sticking the wrestlers themes on as the sound track rarther then pay royalties to people to use their songs,
There's "real" songs on the soundtrack as well.
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Just had this press release:




THQ Inc. and JAKKS Pacific Inc. today announced the in-game music lineup for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009. The upcoming release from the leading fighting videogame franchise will allow fans to select and listen to music throughout its in-game menus, loading screens and within key gameplay modes, including Create-A-Finisher and the Roster Editor. In addition, the music is available for players to apply within features such as Create-A-Superstar and the franchise's brand new Highlight Reel feature. In addition to classic entrance music from WWE Superstars Triple H, The Undertaker, John Cena, Jeff Hardy and more, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 will feature the following licensed music tracks:


* BLOODSIMPLE - "Dead Man Walking"

* BURN HALO - "Save Me"

* DISTURBED - "Perfect Insanity"

* EGYPT CENTRAL - "Taking You Down"

* EGYPT CENTRAL - "You Make Me Sick"

* THE EXIES - "Lay Your Money Down"

* MURS - "SWC"

* P.O.D. - "Addicted"

* SiX - "Better Than Mine"



"We are thrilled to offer fans the ability to further customize their WWE SmackDown vs. Raw videogame experience through a variety of in-game music options," said Cory Ledesma, senior creative manager, THQ. "These songs are a perfect complement of WWE attitude and the spirit of our fans."

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