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What's your favourite......


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...Cable/Satellite/Freeview Channel?


If Sports/Films channels are excluded?


Forget about the Terrestrial five channels...which of the many hundreds of channels available is your favourite?


I used to like Living, because of Most Haunted and X files but I watch Bravo a lot for TNA and UFC as well.


I think my fave is Dave though. Shows like QI, Buzzcocks, Bottom, Partridge - awesome.

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I have 4 fav's.


The Score - for Raw and Smackdown


The Food Network - self explanitory


Space - love sci-fi


CNN - I like to know what's going on in the world


I don't watch much of the regular stations like CBS, ABC and NBC to many repeats. The cable channel's are much more interesting.

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MTV R is pretty decent if you catch it on a good day/night, hours of viva la bam, jackass, dirty sanches, wildboys, pimp my ride and cribs at a time. Although you may be unfortunate and catch it when they're showing My Super Sweet 16.


BBC 3 has some great programmes including Two Pint, The Boosh and Sex with...Mum and Dad.


Dave, as said previously, has great quiz shows from the past. Also shows past series of programmes like Two Pints.


Challenge is awesome, shows like Ninja Warrior and Gladiators.


SKY ONE/TWO/THREE - American TV programmes like The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Futurama. Not forgetting good ol' Brainiac.


I only really watch 4 music channels - Kerrang!, Scuzz, Rockworld and if I'm bored "Bedroom TV"



I watch too much TV :|

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My current fave channels on Sky are


111 Dave - Shows QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Red Dwarf, Who’s Line Is It Anyway, Bottom which are all shows I love


121 Bravo - shows Dog The Bounty Hunter, UFC, World’s Most Shocking…which are all shows that I love to watch


129 Sci Fi - Has on it various movies, 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Lost World


309 Sky Sci Fi/Horror - Sci Fi and Horror movies which are my fave sort of movie


321 Zone Horror - Like Sci Fi/Horror has Horror Movies on it which you can’t really see on other channels


520 Discovery - I love Born Survivor with Bear Grylls and Most Evil etc, also love to see the various factual programs they show


535 Disc. Science - has Mythbusters and a lot of science type documentaries that I love to watch


606 Nicktoons - It has on it Spongebob Squarepants and Rocko’s Modern Life which are two of my fave shows of all time

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