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UK Gladiators To Return :)

Devilish Angel

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Taken from Digital Spy


Sky One has ordered ten new episodes of Gladiators following the format's successful revitalisation in America.


The original UK version, itself an adaptation from an earlier iteration of American Gladiators, was produced by LWT for ITV and ran in various guises from 1992 to 2000. The new run of hour-long episodes on Sky was commissioned by director of programming Richard Woolfe, who said:


"I am delighted to announce that the unmissable '90s TV show Gladiators is returning to British screens and it will be bigger and better than ever before. We've witnessed the revival of Take That and The Spice Girls; Sky One viewers can look forward to a televisual treat - the return of the ultimate David and Goliath battle where everyday amateurs will compete against a new breed of Gladiator. Our charismatic and eclectic warriors will compete in contests of physical strength and endurance."


The Sky One show will be produced by Shine, which is in the process of acquiring American Gladiators producer Reveille.


Sky will air the new series starting in May, and is currently hunting for a new team of 12 gladiators to take on 30 contestants.


Taken from The Sun


TIME to stock up on the protein shakes - Gladiators is back.


Members of the public are being challenged to battle a new team of TV warriors as the hit combat show is relaunched on Sky.


It comes eight years after the original was axed by ITV bosses.


Footie legend Ian Wright is tipped to host the revamped new version, which will get a prime-time Saturday night slot.


Referee John Anderson - the man behind the legendary “Gladiators ready” shout - is in talks to return.


And producers are on the hunt for 12 new Gladiators to replace old favourites including Amazon, Cobra and Wolf.


Last night an insider said: “Gladiators always got stick for being naff but the reality is people liked it. Obviously, some of the challenges they used to do were a bit tame, so it will be given a 21st Century makeover.


“A new batch of Gladiators is being sought, and hopefully, they will be every bit as colourful as the original bunch. The contests will also be much more exciting and dangerous.”


The new obstacle course-style challenges will include water and fire-based contests, and will run alongside old favourites such as the Eliminator.




Auditions for competitors to take on the Gladiators will be held across the country from next month. The show will be filmed in a new London studio.


Sky boss Richard Woolfe said: “Just like the revival of Take That and the Spice Girls, the return of this David-and-Goliath contest will be unmissable.” The relaunch follows the successful return of the US version, American Gladiator.


It was brought back to fill schedules hit by the ongoing US writers’ strike but is doing so well that NBC has ordered another series.


The original UK show was also a massive hit in its heyday.


Launched in 1992, it pulled in 12million viewers and spawned a string of money-spinning live shows and merchandising.


The show was filmed at Birmingham’s NEC and hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and John Fashanu, who was later replaced by Jeremy Guscott.


It was axed in 2000 after viewing figures slumped. But Sky bosses reckon the revamped format will win back old fans.


Here, we look back at some of the top Gladiators from the past.


If you want to be a contestant, email gladiators.uk@shinelimited.com.

Can't say I'm surprised what with it being back in America and Australia.


Really looking forward to it, as long as they don't hire Ian Wright as presenter like the rumours say.

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Awesome! I went to a taping of this once-it takes all day, from about 9 in the morning until about 5 in the afternoon. I actually fell asleep during it and the camera found me, projecting my sleepy self on the large screens for the whole arena to see...Lovely...
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Thread bumpage for further news.


Kirsty Gallacher and Ian Wright will be the new hosts. Gallacher I have no problem with because, well, you know but Ian Wright might well be the single most irritating person on television and he damn sure ain't no Fash the Bash.


In more important news, referee John Anderson is also returning.

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Jet got injured during the original shows, didn't she? I'm pretty positive she bent her back the wrong way and cannot be a pro-Gladiator any more.


Out of the girls who used to be Glads in the 1990's, I wouldn't be surprised if none were in any fit shape to continue, mainly due to age.


Panther - she was a Miss Universe, wasn't she? Muscular woman, and good looking, but not as strong physically as she looked.


Vogue - still makes fitness DVDs and I'm sure she could easily be a Gladiator again.


Jet - injured. Still hot though.


Lightning - Probably the best all-round Gladiator. Hot, and surprisingly a lot, lot stronger and faster than some of the more muscular females.


Nightshade, Scorpio, Falcon: All good Glads in their day but surely too old now? Still, even if Scorpio is pushing 50-something these days I'd still not mess with her!!


I always thought that the US generally had the best female Glads; I prefer them to be a bit bigger, bigger muscles etc...rather than slim and fast. They just look meaner when they have big muscles. Jazz, Ice, Siren and Sky were ace female Glads.


However the best female Gladiator of all time, ever, has to be Flame from Australian Gladiators! I saw her when they did "The Ashes" and her arms were as big as any male Gladiator's. Some women look terrible with muscles that big but she was incredible.


Oh yeah. Giggedy.


In my opinion, some of the female contenders were much better athletes than the female Gladiators, so to counter-balance this, you need to make the female Glads physically much bigger, so at least it looks like they have a big advantage.


In case you haven't realised, I don't care too much about the male Glads! Although, character-wise, Wolf and Aussie Vulcan were bad-ass.



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