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Pony Drawing Contest


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Hey guys! This is a thread about ponies.


In this thread, you will have to draw a picture of a pony. Standards rules apply, and the ponies have to be doing something cool. Not something outrageous, but something cool that ponies really do.


So lets get to it people. Draw them ponies.

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In some previous drawing contests there has been copying and pasting allowed...


Just to be clear in case I want to enter a pic, am I allowed any clipart/copy or pasting or do I have to do a image done with ONLY 'hand' drawn images?


Where can I draw a picture of a pony and then how can I post it in here?


If you are a Windows user then Microsoft Paint would be a good place to start unless you have a Paintshop program etc...


Then save it as a jpeg file on you hard drive, go to http://www.imageshack.us and upload the image, copy the link and paste it into this thread between these...




They will convert the link into the actual image show at the link and presto... the picture should be here.

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