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ECW Discussion Thread - 22nd January 2008


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Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE has yet to make a decision about the Colin Delaney angle, and at last word, had yet to offer him a contract (which is surprising considering the amount of TV he has gotten)
Credit Wrestlezone.com


WWE what are you playing at get the greatest jobber in history signed up right now before you lose him to another company!!

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colin delany is not a first time wrestler he is highly trained and in my view he will probaly get a break and start winning matches.

as for cm punk he will propbally win the tittle back in a match at NO WAY OUT.

i would like it to be extreme rules so these too can settle their feud once and for all oldschool ecw style


we want barbed wire covered everything


can anyone point me too the raw forum

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You know, I was watching CM Punk's attack for a second time and I find it amusing how Tazz & Styles don't recognize that it's CM Punk until he takes the mustache off. They ask, "Is that CM Punk?" and then after the mustache comes off, their reaction is like, "Oh, it is CM Punk". For one, it was obvious it was Punk. Also, who else would it be but the former champion?


DAMN YOU!!! You just spoiled the whole show for me now!!

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Lena has the body of a 12 year old crack addict. A doughnut won't kill you, love.


Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly seems to sport the same gormless expression on her face on a permanent basis and I just can't take her seriously as some kind of sex bomb. There is just nothing 'sexy' about her.


She still weighs like 9 stone more than Ashley! That girl is on the verge of anorexic.

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