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SmackDown Discussion Thread - 25th January 2008


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John Paul Jones Arena - Charlottesville, Virginia


TV Schedule:

UK: Sky Sports 3 at 10pm

USA: The CW at 8/7c


All On The Line

25th January 2008


As the Superstars of SmackDown ready themselves for the Royal Rumble, SmackDown prepares itself for a monumental change on Friday, when it will be presented in HDTV for the first time ever. SmackDown goes HD this Friday


Last week on SmackDown, Undertaker warned every participant in the Royal Rumble Match that he is on a mission to destroy their souls and claim his second straight Rumble Match victory. One Superstar intent to see The Phenom not make it to the Royal Rumble is Big Daddy V. The Dominating Force in WWE unsuccessfully attacked Undertaker on SmackDown, and this Friday night the two behemoths will come face-to-face in action. Will The Deadman display his power just days before the Royal Rumble or will Big Daddy V’s plan to dismantle Undertaker come to fruition?


Finlay has made a habit of protecting Hornswoggle no matter the cost, and on SmackDown he paid a heavy price when he was decimated by The Great Khali’s Vise Grip. The Irishman’s pain turned to promise when Mr. McMahon informed him that this Friday, he would go one-on-one with Khali in a Belfast Brawl. The rules seem to be tipped in Finlay’s favor; will he find revenge on The Great Khali or will the Punjabi giant have a firm "grip" on the showdown? With the rules thrown out the pub window – just how Finlay likes it, will he make his mark or will the 7-footer take advantage and cause his own brand of damage in this unique battle?


Also, with their World Heavyweight Championship Match at Royal Rumble just two days away, will the champion Edge or his challenger Rey Mysterio gain the upper hand heading into their title showdown? The Rated-R Superstar once again used his strength in numbers with Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder to attack Rey and ECW Champion CM Punk on SmackDown, but when the gold is on the line for the Ultimate Opportunist at Royal Rumble will he find a way to succeed or will the Master of the 619 fly high to another World Championship?


Find out the answers to all these questions and more on Friday Night SmackDown at 10pm on Sky Sports 3![/Quote]

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OK kids, lets go.


I didnt see the opening sequence, but Smackdown's new graphics look pretty damn sweet. Anyway, we open with a match.


Rey Mysterio over Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins by DQ. Handicap Match, obviously, one where they have to tag. Some nice action for 5 or so minutes, the finish was building up nicely, including a few drop toe hold teases and a cross body on the outside. Finish was Rey setting one of them up for the 619, and the other bringing a chair into the ring (no contact) for the DQ. Rey ducks the chair shot and does a sprinboard dropkick to the chair in Ryder/Hawkins face. Rey swings the chair as the Majors scarper. Rey looks good.


Jesse promo. He explains about Festus' two personalities, and says that at the moment he's at the doctor's getting help.


Jimmy Yang over Domino. Surprisingly good match. Yang killed Domino with a chop early on, and hit a good kick to the head in the corner as well. That went into a cross body for 2. Deuce knocked Yang off the top for a 2 count, Shinnon Moore took out Deuce with a huricanrana, Yang gets the Moonsault for the pin.


Backstage, Jamie Noble is stretching when Chucky gets in his face and they argue. They shut up as Michelle walks up, as they have 6-Person match next.


Jeff Hardy promo video. Its just so damn good, and I love that song.


Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble and Michelle McCool vs Morrison, Miz and Layla - No Contest. HEEL TURN people! The match started and Chucky and Jamie did the usual blind-tag antagonism of "I hate you" tag teams. Chucky blind tagged Jamie and threw him out of the ring, Jamie confronted him in the ring as Michelle slaps the Moses out of Layla on the apron. Chuck pushed Jamie into Michelle who crashes to the floor. EMTs are called. Jamie is checking on Michelle and Chuck snaps, and punches, steel post-rams, clotheslines, and finishers Jamie. He then mounts Jamie and punches him for an eternity, stopping once to throw the referee into the stell steps. Michelle tries to stop him and he pushes her to the ground. He kicks Jamie some more, and he kicks Michelle once too. Eventually he leaves, as Michelle leaves on a stretcher. It didnt look very well-received, but I thought it was bad ass. Heelness motherfunker.


MVP (in a pimping vest) comes to the ring and cuts a promo on Flair, complete with a bunch of Photoshopped pictures on the big screen, of the paper saying that MVP is better than Flair after the Rumble, of MVP winning the WHC and going into the HOF, and of Flair playing golf, playing shuffleboard, and with a walking frame in a nursing home. Flair (in a pimping black jacket and t-shirt combo) comes out and says that MVP is very entertaining, but the "golf playing, shuffleboard playing, nursing home patient isnt ready to go home", and at the Rumble he'll beat him, woo.


Finlay vs Khali in the Belfast Brawl - Finlay wins? There wasnt an actual finish to the match, which was weird. They had a decent brawl, Finlay got Chokebombed and chopped and such. Khali was about to Chokebomb Hornswoggle through the announce table before Finlay saved with the shillelagh. Finlay just murderised Khali with shillelagh shots and punches and slaps. Khali blades, Finlay hits him with a chair a couple times, and Finlay's music hits, without a finish. Oh well, it was entertaining enough.


Backstage, Vince McMahon thanks Finlay for protecting Horny, he then gets Horny alone and tells him that its every man for himself in the Rumble, so he cant trust Finlay.


Batista comes out to the ring, strips, and takes a microphone. He says that he's fired up for HD and the Rumble, he wished Rey good luck for his title match, and then he says that he lives for the WHC, and he's going to repeat history from 2005 and win the Rumble and the WHC again. I think he was on crack or something, as he's never looked that happy and bouncy in a promo in my memory.


They recap the Chuck/Michelle/Jamie stuff, and then show a video of Michelle being stretchered backstage, Jamie limps up and asks them if she'll be aiight, and then tells Michelle he's sorry for this and he will get Palumbo for it.


Undertaker over Big Daddy V by submission. It wasnt a bad match, to be honest. A couple of good spots to get over the size of BDV. Chokeslam for a 2 count, which was a bit shocking. That went into Old School but then Undie basically Black Hole Slammed himself. Undie went for a Triangle Choke but couldnt lock it in. BDV splashed him and stayed on top of him to slap him, Undie went for the Triangle Choke again, but turned it into a different hold with his leg underneath the chin, BDV tapped straight away, and had blood coming from his mouth. I liked it, just because it was a different.


Royal Rumble promos and recap, Punk vs Edge is YOUR main event and its up next.


Edge over CM Punk. Rey Mysterio comes out with Punk and is on commentary. The Majors come out with Edge, no Chavo. Punk works Edge's shoulder early in the match, before Edge kicks him in the head and pulls the ropes to put Punk outside. Good back and forth match. There was a really good spot where Punk springboards into Edge's powerslam. Punk slipped on the top rope once really badly though, I laughed. Edge eventually spears Punk for the win. Rey slides into the ring and Edge and the Majors leave up the ramp, with Rey standing in the ring to end, which was a really weird ending for the go-home show.


Really good show, which shouldnt shock anybody. The end was weird, as I said, but apart from that it was all good.


I was so into the Chucky heel turn, I want to know where it is going. I hope Jamie murderises him in the Rumble.


The seeds were planted for the McMahon/Finlay conflict, which I am sure will lead to both McMahon v Horny and McMahon v Finlay. A week ago I would have put money on McMahon v Horny at Wrestlemania, but now I'm thinking he could fight Finlay instead. Either way, at least its going somewhere now.


And given a bit more time Punk/Edge could be a really good match. It seemed to be so out of nowhere, without a decent story to it. They showed the ECW footage, but they werent putting over the Punk/Edge hate on commentary or in the ring, maybe because it was taped before ECW, I dont know. It would explain no Chavo. It was a good match, but it could have been better, and been sold better.

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Thought it was a really solid Smackdown. Enjoyed the Chuck P heel turn and thought it was well done. Yang/Domino was really good too. Punk/Edge was decent, the overdone handicap match with the ex Majors/Rey was good, and the Undertaker/BDV was good for what it was suppose to do. Hornswoggle is a McMahon so I expect a heel turn at some point. Not sure if they are planting the seeds for it or if it would even be effective but you know those darn McMahons are born evil :) And it looks like they aren't planning to do anything with Punk/Edge as it looked like a blow off match for the most part. Edited by Redneck Messiah
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I thought it was a very solid edition of SmackDown. The highlights for me was Palumbo's heel turn/Noble Beat Down and the Khali Beat Down. I loved how Finlay just wailed and wailed away at Khali, but what I didn't understand is why the match ended after the beat down. It's a Belfast Brawl and it seemed odd that it didn't end by pin or submission. I really enjoy where the Noble/Palumbo/McCool angle is going. I also enjoyed the shot that showed "Miz", Morrison, & Layla standing on the other side of the ring. The heel thing to do would be to help attack Noble or something and throw him back in the ring and pin him.


I liked the Big Daddy V/Undertaker match, as well. Namely the fact that Undertaker made V tap out and made him bleed from the mouth like that. It always seems to be a good moment whenever an unstoppable force is finally stopped. Like when Triple H bloodied Umaga before he served his suspension. I was a little confused by the ending to the V/Taker match, seeing as a choke is illegal in a regular match. Now I'm disappointed, up until this match, I thought WWE did so well with their continuity.


Edge Vs. Punk was a decent match. That was the first time I can remember seeing Punk botch the springboard clothesline. It's kind of like how The Rock was with The People's Elbow. The times he missed were few and far between. It was a good match, though I thought it would be a good idea to have Rey interfere in the match on Punk's behalf and cost Edge the match.


Am I the only one who is getting very tired of Deuce N' Domino jobbing all the time? I honestly think DND is a whole better as a tag team than Yang & Moore and it's not because of Yang's ridiculous gimmick, either.


Why did Flair bother making an appearance? Is there some sort of secret contest going on to declare who can make the most pointless appearances? I think Flair could have come out and just said, "Nuh-Uh" after MVP's bit and it would have had the same effect. Same with Batista's promo- what was the point?

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The seeds were planted for the McMahon/Finlay conflict, which I am sure will lead to both McMahon v Horny and McMahon v Finlay. A week ago I would have put money on McMahon v Horny at Wrestlemania, but now I'm thinking he could fight Finlay instead. Either way, at least its going somewhere now.

If they do the match, and I'm still kinda doubtful they will, it'll probably end up being an angle where Hornswoggle has to choose; his father or Finlay, which would be fine with me since Finlay's Finlay and can make anything work because he's great.

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From what I can gather, Chuck Palumbo sent the following text message to Michelle McCool following Smackdown! - "Still loving life? - lol" Chuck is awesome.


Batista all in black with a leather jacket - the man is cool.


I'm still missing Matt Hardy. Sure, MVP and Flair is OK, but nowhere near the entertainment value that is Hardy/MVP. I only hope they don't put Matt with Orton when he comes back. I want my pay-off damn it!

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I was a little confused by the ending to the V/Taker match, seeing as a choke is illegal in a regular match. Now I'm disappointed, up until this match, I thought WWE did so well with their continuity.
A direct choke is illegal, but an indirect choke (the Tazmission or Joe's rear-naked choke) are fine. 'Taker's triangle-choke (and new variant) are fine.


I really enjoyed the show, with 'Taker's entrance on the new set standing out above the rest (with the exception of Kane's from ECW). I also thought that Edge's two spears on the show (v Punk and in the FtV) were executed very well.

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Really good show and for the first time I appreciated the new set, don't know why but it the Smackdown wrestlers entrances really were done justice by the set and have converted me to liking the new HD set much better then the old one (before this show I liked them just as much as eachother)


Everything on the show worked, the matches were solid, promos were solid and just a really good show to watch


Edge Vs. Punk was a decent match. That was the first time I can remember seeing Punk botch the springboard clothesline.
Just to add he has botched it before on ECW once soonish after his debut but this is only the 2nd time I can think of it happening
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Smackdown was pretty good this week. Palumbo's heel turn was great, I hope they make a decent storyline out of this, it would be nice to see one given to a non Main Event feud. The matches were good, Punk and Edge's match was good, I enjoyed that. Now I can't wait for Matt to come back and hopefully he'll stay at Smackdown and finish his feud with MVP at Wrestlemania, it would be a very fitting end to a brilliant feud, plus the whole injury from MVP will go down great.
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