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WWE Royal Rumble Discussion Thread- January 27, 2008 from New York City, NY


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I tend to agree with Naitch - as somebody who hasn't even watched much of the stuff of the past year or so, but has seen the odd clip here or there, I'm still as firmly behind Cena as ever - always figured him as the guy who would be a real valuable company figurehead, even when everybody else just jeered the guy...undeservedly too.


Even as a HHH mark, I have a whole heap of respect for Cena - he goes out there, does what he does, and cares not one damn about who reacts which way or the other. he's a star for the here and now, and a legend of the future for the company...like him or not, the Doctor of thuganomics is not going anywhere else, anytime soon.


and that's a Truefact, heh heh! :D

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I support Cena, yet I be a 25 year old Male Legal Studies student, who adores women before you go with the 'other' strategy. :P

I'd say that kinda puts a total cramp on that logic, craig...that line of thinking died out a good year ago - only an idiot could stand behind that and even think it true anymore.


Better luck next time, heh heh.

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Sky Box Office issued this response to viewers who complained about the Royal Rumble PPV airing in widescreen, causing the same loss of action that we wrote about during the initial jump to HD for Raw, Smackdown and ECW: "WWE are aware that there were some problems with Wrestlers being out of frame for international viewers receiving 4:3 pictures, due to them shooting in Widescreen format, and have apologized. It was due to the steep learning curve as they have just introduced the format because of going HD. We were not able to receive Royal Rumble in the Widescreen format, but have managed to find a solution, so all future live Sunday night specials, whether on Sky Box Office or Sky Sports, will be in Widescreen, starting from hopefully "No Way Out" on Sky Sports on 17th February. Wrestlemania on SBO will also be available in HD by the way.
Credit: PWInsider.com


I can't remember having any problem of wrestlers getting chopped off myself

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