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Is there any moment in wrestling.......

Jimmy Wang Yang

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That reminds me, I'd like to see the moment where Bischoff tears off his fake plastic face when he is the priest at the Billy and Chuck wedding.


What a great reveal moment.


Steph vs Bisch was a pretty good feud.


EDIT: Found it, Billy and Chuck's wedding:



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I was nine and I remember thinking he had the phsysique and voice of Bischoff, and the metnioning of the 3's was a big giveaway.


Annnnyway, when DX reunited in 2002 I was so happy...only for HHH to turn on Shawn right away.

This one's sort of strange, but somewhat relates to the thread, but I loved looking at the inside of old WWF tapes to see advertisement for other tapes. Up until about 1998, when they changed the inside of tapes to just black with the videos advertised. Good stuff.

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