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The Chatroom Thread


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This thread can be used to state that you are going into chat, or that you are already there. :)

Please do not use this thread to state your opinion on the chatrooms, this is purely for chatroom users to let others know that they are joining or have joined the room.

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Protip: never go into chat as "Colin gave birth to a gay tree", because Clarkey and Miss T are jerkbags.


Well no, don't do it because it's wrong and immature. They're jerkbags regardless.


Sorry Draven, thought it was someone being an idiot!! :doh32:


Then when you said bianca i thought it was Beltmark because he sometimes calls me that! Sorry again :sad: Please come back.

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Ok, I'll be honest. I expected a full scale rant about my immaturity and had equipped myself with a number of abusive comebacks to protect myself from embarrassment. I didn't expect an apology. It's not like you did anything wrong...


Goddamn, you stumped me. Consider me humbled :(



(Oh, and answer my PM probe, you jerk)

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