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Another good night for boxing

Guest Jack

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Some very interesting bouts taking place tonight.


On right now, we have Nicky Cook against Steve Luevano. Pretty good fight so far, but, sadly, Cook is going to lose. He's been knocked down 4 times and outboxed. I like Cookie, but he is well out of his depth against a decent opponent.


Amir Khan is also fighting later against Willie Limond. Another non puncher for Khan, and because of that, I expect him to win. Probably by UD or late stoppage as Limon is tough. Should be decent though.


Then we have another British heavyweight fight. Matt Skelton vs. Michael Sprott. I expect Skelton to win by stoppage. Boring fight no doubt.


Across the poind, there are several good fights.


Roy Jones Jr. is back against Anthony Hanshaw. I hope and predict a Jones win. I've only seen hanshaw once against an injured opponent, and he performed awfully. Basing the fight on ths, I think jones will outbox him, but it may have been an off night.


Then there is Kermit Cintron in what should be an easy fight against Walter Matthysse. I'm a big Cintron fan, so hopefully he'll get the stoppage i predict.


Arturo Gatti is back tonight too, against 'The Cntender' star Alfonso Gomez. Tough fight to pick. Gatti is shot and Gomez is sh*t. I'll go with Gatti in this one, as long as he avoids trading shots.


Heavyweight hopefuly Chris Arreola is up against Derek Berry. Should be an easy night for the talented Arreola.


Vassiliy Jirov is back against Kenny Craven. Jirov is old, but Craven is nothing, so I think 'The Tiger' to take it.


The big fight tonight though, is Antonio Margarito against Paul Williams. It's a pick 'em fight for me. Margarito is a good fighter, and Williams looks to be one of the best up-and-comers in boxing today. Both throw a ton of shots and hit hard, so I don't doubt it'll be interesting. I'm looking forward to this one.






EDIT: Forgot to say, Cook got stopped easily in the end. Hopefully he has one more fight against a bum, 'cause I think he's done.

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What's the fight after Khan on ITV? If there is one!
Matt Skelton vs. Michael Sprott, mate :xyx


Skelton will probably KO him again, so it should be worth a look.


Later on, Kevin Mitchell is on ITV 2 or 4 too.

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Guest MastersGonads

Still got put on the canvas....From all reports a good win for Khan but he had to dig deep for it....which doesnt sound THAT promising considering all the hype...he doesnt seem to be destroying all and sundry like first predicted


As for the Skelton v Sportt fight, slightly contradicts the title of the thread, it was plain awful, the crowd said as much, and even though Skelton won, some of the scorecards were ludicrous....

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Guest carlito is cool

Last night proved what i have been saying for ages Khan is an accident waiting to happen! Nearly being stopped by a feather fisted yet good fighter like Limond spells big trouble. Yes he regrouped and forced a nice stoppage but Limond is nothing more than a very good domestic fighter, not even european class. Khan looks very good firing shots of against tomato cans but under pressure he looks very ordinary indeed. I was never sold by the ITV hype machine and this is why. The minute Khan meets a european level fighter who can bang his world comes crashing down.


I also called Williams over Margarito in what was a very enjoyable fight. I would give Williams a shot against anyone at 147 that goes for both PBF and Cotto his workrate is immense an at 6'1 his height and reach advantage are frightening at the weight.


Finally thanks for all the great fights Mr Arturo 'Thunder' Gatti. Was sad to see him lose so brutally to such an ordinary fighter but father time catches up with everyone eventually.

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Guest bigmatt

I thought Khan showed a lot of heart to pull out a win like he did.Sure it wasnt impressive but give the lad some credit hes still wet behind the ears and hasnt been in a lot of fights.As for limond give the lad some credit hes a good solid fighter not the biggest hitter but a decent jaw.Hes still 12th in the wbo rankings and definetly Khans biggest test to date.Sure ITV are going a bit overboard on the Khan bandwagon but he is a good fighter and will become one of the worlds best.World champ by 22 says khan possible but i doubt it.


As for skelton v sprott dreadful it has to be a bad fight for me to lose interest and with that match i never gained interest.I still feel sorry for big danny williams.He is a quality fighter who on his day is good to watch.His fight with "hammer" gammer very enjoyable.

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