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1PW not happy with tag team

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Hi All


Just an un-official note to update everyone on the ongoing situation with the 1PW World Tag Team Championship belts, that were STOLEN at Know Your Enemy, by certain individuals.


1PW Promotions Limited, the parent company of One Pro Wrestling, has taken on board a great deal of advice on this matter.


We are preparing a statement to be issued this coming week as relates to the tag team championship belts, and our intentions and plans to retrieve them.


I will just say this now though, before we need to get to that stage, that whoever has the belts right now, if they are returned to 1PW before the end of next week, then i personally guarantee that no further action will be taken, and we can all just move on and pretend the whole thing did not happen.


If you were hoping this situation might lead to the return of certain individuals to 1PW in the near future, then i hate to dissapoint you, because that is the farthest thing from my intention right now.


Like i said, if the belts are given back, then we can just forward and forget the whole thing. Those belts were won fair and square in a contest i personally sanctioned, by Spud & Luke Phoenix, and that is who 1PW recognises as the rightful and true 1PW World Tag Team Champions.


Dan, i know your reading this, God knows you live for the internet, it isnt funny, we arent laughing, and your still out in the cold. You have this week to re-consider your actions.


Taken from 1PW forum.

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