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Your thoughts on Members Part III???


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I know GA did a thread like this a while back so I think it needs updating,


What are your thoughts on the 50 most Repped people on TWO,




Draven Cage





Miss T






Slim Jim

Chachnian Rebel


SuperKick Kid



Evil Gringo



Adrenaline Rush

Jimmy Redman


Gothic Angel

Mr. Perfect








The Great Jungta














Nemesis Enforcer




I let some high rep members out because they have left or don't post anymore so I added a few more names.



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Guest Inno

Inno : Fat useless lazy dumb idiot.

wyndorf : Funniest guy around here

Draven Cage : Top bloke that loves his movies like I love cake.

Darkstar : Amateur yard-of-ale drinker but very good host :)

Ray : Who?

ahsatan : Multi-coloured queen of TWO ;)

Christof : Loves those cables and has a nice house :)

Miss T : shexy lay-dee, always nice to talk to

A.C. : needs to post more. Missed by me at least.

BeltMark : Can take or leave ol' Belty, but I think it's mutual so that's cool.

Nimf : Nimf is a goddess, great to talk to if you can get a word in egdeways ;)

Antihero : Never ever EVER did I call him Glitch ;)

Craig : meh.

Slim Jim : I'd be willing to wager that's not his real name...

Chachnian Rebel : Stupid name. Miss Dave7g :D

Drake : Cool guy, wanna go where he lives and enjoy the beaches...

SuperKick Kid : I enjoy his posts. I really do!

BRM : Brum! HA! Never gets old. He's cool.

Twig : If TWO was full of Movie characters, Twig would be The Dude from the Big Lebowski. 'nuff said.

Evil Gringo : Evil? Possibly to folding chairs. I doubt he's a gringo.

Darkette : She pushes DS around. This makes her good :)

Popsi : Popsi needs to post more, she's letting the side down!

Adrenaline Rush : Better name than Good2Go, still the same cool guy.

Jimmy Redman : Another "must post more" candidate.

Jack : Jack seems to be mellowing. Not sure if that's good or not!

Gothic Angel : GA is a sweetie, but another "needs to post more" :D

Mr. Perfect : Mr. P gives as good as he gets and is mostly entertaining ;)

Moobs : Hardly see the Mooberino anymore. Shame.

Boyo : Boyo still pops up and still says "Cheers!"

Naitch : Naitch is great and I can't believe he's not butter... erm... higher.

Nicole : Nic is great. We've had our problems in the past but they're long gone.

King : Guinness, horses and chasing women. What's not to like?

Proudy : Mental and good taste in text alert messages ;)

Telf : Telf is still unerringly cool. Damn him!

The Great Jungta : Sadly missed these days.

OMAR DAYS : Omar has a very dry sense of humour that I really like... except for the Tevez worship.

TGO : TGO is still an enigma inside a puzzle inside a riddle.

Colin : Colib, I feel, is burnt out on TWO. I feel his pain, but I have less of a life than he, so I'm still here.

Burakio : Burakio is the guy you invite to the party, get drunk then see what happens. This is not a bad thing, however.

Anime_Otaku : Still Taj_san to me and most peeps here.

PHIZZLE : Mah Nizzle!

Chris2K : Silent avenger.

Kanenite : Cant really say a lot about him other than I've never looked at one of his posts and thought "you idiot!"

MastersGonad : See above, but opposite. BWAH hahaha! Mr. Know hates him, by all accounts...

Wolverine : Rabid? Possibly.

Saz : Saz rocks, I wanna lose half the weight he has :(

Kurtmark : I like Kurtmark. He makes me look goooood :)

Ravenmark : Digging the odd post that Ravenmark makes these days.

Nemesis Enforcer : Not a lot I can say, sorry. Not a bad thing, just I'm senile.

Rog : Only really noticed his posts recently. Surprising :)

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Well, it might as well be me doing some ego boosting!!


Inno: Class one star who i've recently got to know over MSN. Lovely chap, nice house.

wyndorf:Makes me giggle.

Draven Cage : Meh...Guess i'm in love with the guy...:sml7:

Darkstar: Doesn't seem to post as much as he used to, or is that just me?

Ray: Sweet kid,lovey clothes, decent poster and a great ex-editor of the newsletter.

ahsatan: I like Tash! Posts lovely pics in the pic thread.

Christof: Christof is ace, seems to find me amusing on MSN, or just says lol because I annoy him...

Miss T: Miss T is grand!

A.C. : Has posted a bit more lately, much missed by me anyway!

BeltMark: Argumentative queen, he's grown on me the past few months. Like a virus perhaps? :P

Nimf: I'd say I like myself...Mostly.

Antihero: Love Antihero-needs to see that he doesnt have to be constantly funny to make people like him as we love him anyway though he has clamed down as of late.

Craig: No longer big.

Slim Jim: He's Slim...he's Jim...He's SLIM JIM!!!

Chachnian Rebel: Argument King to Beltys queen...less annoying than he was the last time we did one of these. Or i'm less irkable? It's a word...

Drake: I get this odd vibe he likes football perhaps?

SuperKick Kid: Makes me smile in chat.

BRM: Small car, saves lives.

Twig: I do believe I have a small crush on Twig...

Evil Gringo: I don't think I see him much on lately...

Darkette: Conspicuous by her absense!!!

Popsi: I see random Popsi posts but not enough!

Adrenaline Rush: New name hurts and confuses my small brain...

Jimmy Redman: Lovely girl!!!

Jack : I don't know Jack very well but I love the name jack so that's a plus point. had a brother called Jac...

Gothic Angel: Lovely girl!!! Doesn't post enough...

Mr. Perfect: Not seen him much lately.

Moobs: His name makes me giggle...I'm so mature.

Boyo: Welsh, this makes him automatically cool.

Naitch: Hilarious. Likes to post loooong posts.

Nicole: Nicole has grown on me a lot lately, she's a really nice lass! And seems dead happy lately too.

King: Another person i've got to know on MSN lately. Sweet guy.

Proudy: I do like Proudy!

Telf: Don't talk as much as we should.

The Great Jungta: Don't know Jungta too well.

OMAR DAYS: See King!

TGO: Random strange man...Good strange but still strange.

Colin: Don't see him about much.

Burakio:I don't know what to say here...

Anime_Otaku: Not spoken in ages due to his cranky computer but he's a sweetie.

PHIZZLE: See Jungta.

Chris2K : See above!

Kanenite: And again!!

MastersGonad: get on much better off TWO than on here, love him to bits but he's being a tool lately-told him as much too...

Wolverine: I think we chat in chat...Don't we??

Saz: Wrestles.

Kurtmark: Sweet guy.

Ravenmark: See, umm, Chris2K

Nemesis Enforcer: See above.

Rog: I like Rog, I MISS Rog...Come back more!

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Inno: Ithink I know him, wasn't he the one who ran off with Mrs Gogins?

wyndorf: Had a bad case of whoopsies daisies and was never heard of again.

Draven Cage : Dunno why he wants to drive a cage about, he'll do himslfa mischief he will!

Darkstar: Didn't like him on celebrity big brother

Ray: Oooh, I like a bit of sunshine me.

ahsatan: Backwards sort of girl.

Christof: Eeeeeeh right proper moral is that madam, no word of a lie.

Miss T: Right little madam that one, she got three houses at bingo!

A.C. : Needs to get together with DC again!

BeltMark: Heard he went into the queen anne to get his purple berries snipped.

Nimf: eeeh, one day mrs braithwaite caught her putting out the most sauciest of knickers!

Antihero: mrs keef says he never darns his socks.

Craig: Oooh, none for me ta, messes with me works!

Slim Jim: Likes his tongue sandwiches.

Chachnian Rebel: Yes.

Drake: Oooh have you ever tried duck? The forns eat it you know.

SuperKick Kid: it's all violence on telly these days.

BRM: none today thanks

Twig: I like a twix now and again me.

Evil Gringo: Oooh mexicans, do funnythins to my stool.

Darkette: You have to be careful of them Darkettes.

Popsi: i prefer coke me

Adrenaline Rush: He won't get there any faster.

Jimmy Redman: Don'tlike football presenters.

Jack : I remember the time we had a flat tyre...

Gothic Angel: are you with the church love?

Mr. Perfect: Uncle Arthur used to say nobody's perfect.

Moobs: Gerroudofit you cheeky so and so.

Boyo: I knew a Welsh man once.

Naitch: I say ayetch

Nicole: Ere, get your hands off my coal!

King: Gawd bless em

Proudy: Always comes before a fall

Telf: Too many roundabouts

The Great Jungta: Mr clothbrush went there, said they had leeches the size of yer head, and don't get me started on the snakes

OMAR DAYS: Wants to celebrate proper holidays like us.

TGO: Is this one of them new fangled stereoboxes?

Colin: I remembered a Colin once.

Burakio:I alreadysaid, I don't do Mexican.

Anime_Otaku: bloody forners!

PHIZZLE: Used to love bonfire night me

Chris2K : Why he wanted to change his name to "k" i'll never know.

Kanenite: Bless you1

MastersGonad: When I were youn you had to kiss em to earn a bob!

Wolverine: Never tried it

Saz: No, I'm quite happy thanks

Kurtmark: Oooh I likes them pirates

Ravenmark: Another pirate!

Nemesis Enforcer: Catch those pirates

Rog: Pirate beer!

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Inno: me likey, seems a fun guy

wyndorf:i'm hring him to do my kitchen

Draven Cage : bit of pedantic tosser, but he did put me up for the TWO show, so respect

Darkstar: likes to crack his whip

Ray: young spotty ****

ahsatan: wears too much black for my liking

Christof: i want to have his babies

Miss T: not as fit as everyone makes out, but seems a decent lass when she's not got the painters in

A.C. : top bloke

BeltMark: bit of a w**ker

Nimf: top girl

Antihero: diamond geeza who likes MURDER!

Craig: who??

Slim Jim: hasn't done enough to make an impression on me

Chachnian Rebel: you know, someone you tolerate who in reality you'd like to knock the f**k out

Drake: sexy mo fo who is welcome at my frog killing ceremones anyday

SuperKick Kid: eh? who? probably masturbates over HBK in his Rocker hey days

BRM: met him at the live shows and seems a nice lad

Twig: cool dreads and a funk soul brother

Evil Gringo: when he posts i think, who the hell is he

Darkette: top, top girl who also likes Red Veba like me

Popsi: not enough good posts to make me take notice

Adrenaline Rush: no idea why he supports 4 teams but seems a top jack the lad

Jimmy Redman: Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, oi oi oi!

Jack : run of the mill chap

Gothic Angel: who?

Mr. Perfect: respect because of his name

Moobs: don't recognise enough of his posts to make a decision. if he buys me a rum he seems alrght

Boyo: bit of a welsh tosser to be honest. Cheers!

Naitch: posts some tosh, posts some rubbish but tolerable

Nicole: why can't she just naff off for good like she once promised?

King: can't remember enough

Proudy: seems a nice bloke

Telf: seemse quite clued up

The Great Jungta: good to debate with in football, but when disagees with him regarding wrestling turns into a bit of a numpty

OMAR DAYS: tolerable

TGO: he scares me


Burakio:A proper C**T

Anime_Otaku: harmless like a butterfly

PHIZZLE: recognise the name, but not enough posts to make me take notice

Chris2K : recognise the name, but not enough posts to make me take notice

Kanenite: recognise the name, but not enough posts to make me take notice

MastersGonad: as long we can share Christof, i like him

Wolverine: endo skeleton?

Saz: lost loads of wieght recently, i want to meet his dietician!

Kurtmark: chats alot of bull sh*t

Ravenmark: top bloke who likes the Roses so nothing but love for him

Nemesis Enforcer: no idea, probably a closet homosexual

Rog: can't remember a meaningful post by them

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Guest The Crippler

Three Time Forum Member of the Year not on this list.* That is all.







*I realise that it is my decision not to have me on the rep list but still, considering the likes of Burakio are on the list... :P

Edited by The Crippler
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Guest dpddave

Inno: seems like a decent bloke

wyndorf: the basta*d has a bird who likes video games AND wrestling,lucky

Draven Cage: has a cool little baby

Darkstar: he gave me some infractions!!

Ray that damn hippy.

ahsatan: shes the perfect lady

Christof: moving on..........

Miss T: hasn't posted much in my time here

A.C.: as above...or maybe he has and i havent noticed.

BeltMark: the highlight of TWO is watching him rip someone a new one.......

Nimf: proababley my favourite person on here..shes so nice :)

Antihero: ****

Craig :likes to abuse power in the chatroom...respect!

Slim Jim: seems alright

Chachnian Rebel: hates jonh cena!

Drake likes pretty boys :P

SuperKick Kid is obsessed with HBK!!

BRM seems cool

Twig is a damn hippy!! :lol

Evil Gringo knows a lot about jap wrestling!

Darkette doesnt post enough for me to say

Popsi as above

Adrenaline Rush this man is a top top bloke,ive never heard him say a bad word about anyone...i like him lots!

Jimmy Redman likes kangaroos

Jack talks a lot of sense

Gothic Angel doesnt post enough for me to say anything

Mr. Perfect as above

Moobs has boobs

Boyo havent seen enough of his posts to say either

Naitch as above

Nicole as above

King likes hookers....but honestly is a sound bloke,come on the rebels boyyyy

Proudy dont no

Telf dont no

The Great Jungta supports united the :info7: :P

OMAR DAYS has a crazy obsession with carlos tevez

TGO hardly posted since ive been here so...

Colin as above

Burakio seems alright

Anime_Otaku seems like a good bloke

PHIZZLE dont really know him

Chris2K as above

Kanenite as above

MastersGonad :info7:

Wolverine :good222:

Saz dont know him

Kurtmark i like him better since hes not a mod

Ravenmark i thought he was dead?

Nemesis Enforcer seems ok

Rog seems ok



damn that was hard,i need more rep so i can be on it and you can all tell me how great i am :P


Edit - please note i was pissed while typing this so any bad grammar or spelling can be blamed on the vodke.


Edit 2 - vodka

Edited by dpddave
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Guest FreeSpirit

Inno: Top bloke, would love to go for a drink with (even though he would probably drink me under the table)


wyndorf: Has a hot missus, but seriously a great guy who I think I get on well with


Draven Cage: Picks on everything from a mispelt word to Dave's negative posts


Darkstar: Top mod, has a real passion for TWO. If Kam died, then he would know that this website was in safe hands.


Ray: One of my top friends on here, great bloke


ahsatan: She's tasty, tasty, very very tasty, she's very tasty. Before Wyndorf sends me threatening PM's, she's a good poster who I have a lot of respect for.


Christof: Mixed bag really. Sometimes he's a great bloke. Other times he can be patronising


Miss T: Masters Gonad's future wife?. Seriously I have a lot of time for her as she doesnt take any crap from anyone and is a great poster


A.C.: One of the best posters on here


BeltMark: Hulk Hogan sucks donkey nuts :P Great poster though


Nimf: ANGEL, Top Notch and all other positive praises


Antihero: Dont really talk to him much, but he is a knowledgable guy who I enjoy reading his posts


Craig: OK Poster


Slim Jim: Jimbo rules


Chachnian Rebel: Would like to lock him in a room, and force him to watch every Cena and Lashley matches since they joined WWE.


Drake: TOP BLOKE, but wont be winning any frog lover of the year awards from the RSPCA


SuperKick Kid: Wants to know why England and Wimbledon has so much rain?


BRM: OK Kind of bloke, ladies man, hook me up bro, hook me up


Twig: TOP BLOKE, Has cool dreads, and a top chef


Evil Gringo: TOP BLOKE, supports a terrible team though, but then again I support Newcastle in the Premiership, so Im not one to judge


Darkette: ANGEL: Emily Rocks


Popsi: Needs to post more often, great poster and love reading her posts


Adrenaline Rush: Scum of the earth, wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire


Jimmy Redman: Great poster, extremely knowledgable for her age


Jack: Same as Jimmy


Gothic Angel: One of my favourite on here


Mr. Perfect: Had become a bit of a knob recently, but seems to be getting back on track




Boyo: Dont know much about you to make a honest assessment, CHEERS


Naitch: Wooo, Styling and profiling, wooooooooo. Keep up the good humour, wooooo


Nicole: Adorable :wub


King: TOP BLOKE, THE BEST PERSON I GET ON WITH HERE. Cant praise the guy enough


Proudy: Anyone who likes and posts hot pics of Ana Ivanovic is always cool with me


Telf: Great forum leader, dont know much about him otherwise


The Great Jungta: To be fair and to be fair he is an alright poster to be fair


OMAR DAYS: TWO's local hoodlum, nah seriously a great poster who I always have a lot of time for


TGO: The Doncaster Massive, Cool bloke


Colin: No comment


Burakio: Seems a knowledgable person, who needs to start loving black clothes on a hot summers day, Irish people, goal difference in La Liga and anyone who beats Fenerbache in the Turkish Cup


Anime_Otaku: As said before TWO's humanitarian


PHIZZLE: Fo' shizzle Phizzle muh nizzle


Chris2K: Good Mod


Kanenite: TOP BLOKE, Good Poster, Cant say enough kind words about this guy


MastersGonad: Great poster (probably the best on here), when he isnt spamming the US Forum up with pointless spam. Very knowledgable guy though


Wolverine: TOP BLOKE, Ana Ivanovic is mine damnit


Saz: Good bloke, does a great job modding the UK Scene


Kurtmark: Shouldnt have given up his US mod scene post. But good bloke, who did a good job patrolling the US Forum


Ravenmark: Good poster, very down to earth


Nemesis Enforcer: Wants to lock him in a room with endless From The Vault features



Other than that dont know much about him

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Guest Colin
Three Time Forum Member of the Year not on this list.* That is all.







*I realise that it is my decision not to have me on the rep list but still, considering the likes of Burakio are on the list... :P


As a reverse, I seem to be on this list by accident. I don't think I've been repped on any sort of regularity since 2005. Running the chatroom is a FULL TIME JOB you know. Apart from when I'm not there, which has been a lot recently.


Circlejerks suck when you get outside the circle let me tell me you.

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Guest The Crippler
As a reverse, I seem to be on this list by accident. I don't think I've been repped on any sort of regularity since 2005. Running the chatroom is a FULL TIME JOB you know. Apart from when I'm not there, which has been a lot recently.


Circlejerks suck when you get outside the circle let me tell me you.



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I deleted a bunch of names. These are the only people I wish to share an opinion on (not because i hate everyone else - some people I don't notice, some I have no qualms with, and some I just don't care about).


Inno - Good poster, nice guy, owes me a drink.

wyndorf - Apparently he's a nice guy but I've never gotten his humour. I'll take him on recommendation though. He's a good poster, if it counts for anything.

Ray - Good looking, intelligent, nice guy. But he tries far too hard sometimes, and is very naive.

ahsatan - Seems nice. We've never mixed in the same circles but apparently she's more like Colin and I than ever could have been imagined. No idea if this is good or bad, but if it leads to circlejerking, I'm for it. JOIN SA!

BeltMark - Proof that questionable bordering-on-stupid opinions can be forgivable if you can articulate them well enough. For all his faults, a very good and respected poster.

Craig - I don't get why people are sh*tting on him. A very good poster with good taste in wrestling. He's a nice guy too, and will soon be spreading goon love around the land.

Chachnian Rebel - Given up on defending TNA, now just focuses on ridiculing the WWE> He's still bombing just as badly, but I admire his persistence.

BRM - I met him once, and probably scared him. Nice guy. Shorter than me.

Popsi - Very smart at what she knows.

Adrenaline Rush - Ok poster, bad taste in posters, probably a good reason for the decline in female posters on the site

Jimmy Redman - Good poster, a staunch Cena fan, and a nice gal. Again, disappointed that we don't seem to converse as much anymore. I enjoyed reading about myself in her blogs.

Jack - Good poster. Far more open to other opinions than he used to be, which is a cool quality.

Naitch - The best poster on TWO, bar none. Even I wish I was as funny. Nice guy, and made the quiz last week so much more bearable.

Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you. But we haven't met yet, so don't count your chickens.

Telf - Always had respect for Telf since the WRL glory days.

The Great Jungta - The longest reigning great wrestling poster on TWO.

Colin - I usually make jokes about words related to Colin, but in honesty, he's my best friend on the site and always a pleasure to talk to. We don't agree on everything, but we always make things funny and right the wrongs of the world. Via the internet. A country apart. And some other crap. What am I saying? Man-boobs.

Burakio - His name looks like Bukakke, so that's what I call him. Ironic, since his posts look like sh*t.

Chris2K - Not around enough... he lost weight :(

Wolverine - I like Wolverine. He seems to have a similar set of opinions to Craig and Naitch.

Saz - Besides his woeful attempt at humour in this thread ;), he's a really nice guy and taught me a lot about the wrestling business that was invaluable. I have a lot of time for the guy.

Kurtmark - Worst mod we've ever had? Nah, at least he quit. Fill just walked away.

Edited by DraVen
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Guest Jimmy Redman
Jimmy Redman - Good poster, a staunch Cena fan, and a nice gal. Again, disappointed that we don't seem to converse as much anymore. I enjoyed reading about myself in her blogs.


You're one of the lucky few who does, the rest get s***ty about what I write about them :P




Inno - Great poster, appreciate the crap/hard work involved with all those Music Clubs.

wyndorf - More funny than not, I like him.

Ray - My occaisional e-boyfriend, very fun to talk to when we do. Good poster too, and one of those ones who will do work for the site.

BeltMark - Half good opinions, half mental ones, but always a great poster. It really shows how much we all think of him, considering most often disagree with his views.

Craig - Seems to be getting the ol' internet backlash. Seems to be a poor man's Naitch sometimes, but he's still a good poster with good views.

Chachnian Rebel - I find most of his views on wrestling ridiculous, I'll be honest. Still, he does contribute to the US forum in a big way, and its always fun seeing him get ripped apart every now and then.

Adrenaline Rush - Good2Go, yes? I'm having trouble. Anyway, a good poster and a good mod. And judging by the "Listening to?" thread, an amazingly similar taste in songs.

Jack - I wasnt around when he wasnt as good, so I can only say that he's a great poster now. Very knowledgable it seems.

Naitch - Awesome poster, utterly hilarious, and also very knowledgable and well-thought in his "real" posts. Its really only him and Dra whose every post I have to read.

Burakio - Seems to have had a lobotomy recently.

Chris2K - I miss him, he was a great mod and poster. I think we were similar as people, without knowing him too well.


The rest of the list who I left out, I do hope its nothing personal, but I could really think of nothing else apart from "good poster", and while its not lying, still isnt very interesting a dozen times over.

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Guest The Beltster
Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you.
You want to have sex with your baby sister?


Must be a Northern thing. :xyx

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I love people not knowing me that well. It means I have no guilt when I ban them.


And I HAVE lost weight!


Not as much as me though :D


I know, it was cruel!


As for my woeful attempt at humour Mitchy babes, as you know, if I have a problem with someone, they tend to know about it, so I made a whole load of crap up because frankly it shouldn't matter what I think of them, it only matters what they think of themselves!


Now, where are my saffron robes?

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Inno Top bloke who I have alot of time for

wyndorf One word, AWSOME,he knows how I feel:lol

Draven CageReally knows his stuff but needs to lighten up sometimes

Darkstar Doesn't post that much,but seems a good mod

Ray Top bloke who gets alot of stick for no reason,and at the old age of 17 is retiring soon:lol

ahsatan I cant say enough good things about Tash,love to meet her and Wyndy for a drink sometime,heart of gold she has.

Christof Meh

Miss TSeems ok,don't really know her that well.

A.C.Never posts anymore which is a shame.

BeltMark Hogan fanatic who knows alot in fairness to him

Nimf Got to know her on msn lately,very nice person.

Antihero Sound bloke,always up for a laugh

Craig Talk to him abit on msn,gets a bit of stick on here but a top guy no question.

Slim JimDont really know much about SJ

Chachnian RebelAlot of people get pissed off at Dave,but he is a top guy with some very valid points

Drake Barca fan,thats all I know really.

SuperKick Kid Loves HBK,and a top bloke aswell

BRMIs a fan of 24 so he can't be bad

Twig Is a fan of the "death" match,well I hope so:lol

Evil Gringo Dirty rotten Utd lover,Gringo is sound though

Darkette Doesnt really post much

Popsi Same as Darkette

Adrenaline RushA great friend of mine on here,love to have a few beers with him,a top bloke

Jimmy Redman Dont really know much about her

Jack Loves the fight scene and likes a flutter on thr GG's if im right

Gothic AngelBex doesnt post much now either which is a shame.I have great time for bex,lovely person

Mr. PerfectDumbass

MoobsTop bloke who loves his toon army,I hope they do well for ya this season bud

Boyo Cheers!

Naitch Never had any dealings with him so I don't really know

Nicole Same as Naitch

King Suffers from hangovers

ProudyPool fan,top bloke

Telf Doesn't post much but a good mod

The Great JungtaNeeds to lighten up and chill out

OMAR DAYS Sound guy who is a new Xbox 360 gamer

TGOPlayed him a few times on 360,I always beet him and im rubbish:lol

Colin Dont know much about him

Burakio Meh

Anime_OtakuIs fan of all things oriental

PHIZZLE Seems like a top bloke

Chris2K Is a fan of Lost is all I know

Kanenite Dont know much really

MastersGonad Not a fan im afraid,probably a sound guy outta here but on here not my cup of tea at all

Wolverine Should Rafa be sacked,erm lets debate again:lol:lol

Saz Lost weight

Kurtmark Same as MG

RavenmarkTop guy who likes good music

Nemesis EnforcerDont know much really

Rog Same as NE

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Guest Nicole
Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you. But we haven't met yet, so don't count your chickens.


Dra, if I'm like a baby sister, then WHY would you wanna have sex with me, you little freak ;) Looks like I'm cancelling the UCE stop on my uni tour!

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