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I dont think i will be posting around here for a while

Guest Al Stevens

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Guest Al Stevens

Hey everyone.


Just a message, today my father when into hospital today to start a long battle with bowl cancer. From what was found its contained and away from other organs. However i just though to say i wont be posting as much as i would be because i have to look after the house, walk the dog, vist him.


I guess i shall be seeing you all soon hopefully with better news.



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Guest MastersGonads

Bud having recently retunred to the UK because of my Dad being ill, my sympathy is with you...keep your head up, and we'll see you when yuo return...


Hopefully with everything being successful.........

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Guest Al Stevens

Thought it would be better than opening a new topic


First off i want to thank everyone who send there well wishes, Wednesday was a very stressful day for myself and family involved.


Right a bit of an update, I guess its the good news bad news case. Right the good news first. They canceled the operation for the time being, they say if they was to operate this week there would be over a 80% chance of the growth to return in the future years. so they are going to (hopefully start this week) with Khemo (or however you spell it) they believe that it would help in shrinking the growth in a whole and improve the chances of getting rid of it ( i think they said somewhere between 10 and 20% of it returning)


however the bad news. When he had the scan just over a couple of weeks ago they found another small contained cancer growth in his upper left lung, which took all of us by supprise (the taxi ride home on wednesday night was pardon my french here but ****ed up, we didnt know what to say or do). However the silver lining all of this is that in about 14 weeks time after trips to town and Birmingham for treatment that he will be able to start the recovery process.


I guess its something to know really, and the main positive is that it's somewhat curable. However until the ops i will be around, just not the normal steve.


Oh crap i forgot to say to everyone who had birthdays in the latter part of the week i send my late wishes of a great day

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Just a quick story for anyone in a similar position that might help:


A few years back a friends father was diagnosed with cancer in his face, but he had several operations to remove the cancer (and unfortunatly, his eye and parts of his skull) and and everything looking fine until one day during a check up he was told the cancer had come back and that it was incurable. Told he had weeks to live and everyone was preparing for the day to come.


3 years on hes not only still here but has amazed and shocked doctors by overcoming his illness and returning to work and he looks better than ever.


So even in the hardest of times just remember that there is always hope and light at the end of the darkest times.


All the best mate, my thoughts are with you and your family.

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