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Warrior to be on Hannity & Colmes

Guest SuperKick Kid

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Guest SuperKick Kid

- I just found out that FOX News "Hannity & Colmes" will feature the ever

unpredictable Ultimate Warrior Monday night to discuss the wrestling

business and Benoit tragedy. While they tout themselves as "Fair and

Balanced", Warrior is anything but when it comes to the WWE and Pro

Wrestling in general, as many of us know all to well. It should be noted

that FOX News is one of the only "news" outlets really going after Vince

McMahon and his WWE despite much of what they say and claim already being

debunked or clarified numerous times by numerous sources outside of the

WWE and dirt sheets. Most of the time it seems like the FOX News anchors

do very little homework on the story outside of what "The Brain", as

O'Reilly called it, tells them about it. No word yet on who else will be

there to "balance" the segment out, but, if FNC holds true to it's biased

history, it will be a person who can't quite hang with the real guest. To

say the least, this should be very interesting no matter what. Set the

Tivo's and VCR's now as this segment of the show will undoubtedly be a



"Hannity & Colmes" airs on the FOX News Channel at 9:00PM EST and is

replayed several times throughout the late-night/early morning.




Fox seems to be trying to find the guests that have something against the WWE.


Debra, Chyna, and now Warrior. I can't miss this show. No matter how sick I am of people talking about steroids and how it's the WWE's fault, I cant miss The Warrior.

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Guest Twig
I was going to post this with the thread title of "Warrior runs a program against Raw tonight!!!!" But I think it's also airing again a half hour after raw if my digital cable box's TV Guide is to be believed.
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Guest the HiTman

This would be interesting to see. I don't think this guy is as mad as everyone makes him out to be. Being opinionated is the same as being mad. Or am I missing something?


Besides, I like him because he hand wrote me a Christmas card last year because I bought a T-Shirt off of his site for my mate. :D

Edited by the HiTman
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Guest Twig
Hello warriors. Yes, I have agreed to make a rare public appearance on Hannity & Colmes. Yesterday, I tentatively agreed to this evening, Friday. This morning we were contacted by the show and told there was a shift in programming due to the London Bombing attempt. So, I decided that Monday would be better.


Of course, I’ve been paying attention to how the Benoit incident has unfolded. I’ve drafted up a post — your typical Warrior masterpiece — and will put up the polished piece after my appearance over at Fox. I’ve some original ideas about this incident — what’s new? — and want to showcase them on TV, first.


I’m not sure yet, still have to do some howling atop my mountain for further enlightenment, but probably just go on Fox with my typical eloquent knack to say what others are thinking but don’t have the courage to let slip past their lips. You know, the usual brilliant, “self-destructive” stuff.


Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,


Always Believe,




He can be very well spoken, but everytime he comes down from the mountain he's a little " ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!~!! *Holds arms above head and pumps them downwards* ya know what I mean? :P

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Guest SuperKick Kid
- Sean Hannity announced in the last five minutes of his show that "Unforeseen Technical Problems In Studio" prevented The Warrior from appearing on the show. They instead focused on Debra Marshall, Mark Fuhrman (from the OJ Simpson fiasco), and Dr. Badin (made famous by the HBO series "Autopsy").


*Warrior Music Hits* He runs in and clotheslines the cameraman. and then proceeds to clothesline everyone else in the room. Hitting the big splash on some of the unconcious people.

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Guest The Crippler


Like we're supposed to celebrate his existance...


Lol yeah. What a zany dude he is. He lives on the edge, you know. The last of the mavericks. He's not afraid to say what he thinks and he's not afraid of who he says it to.

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Guest SuperKick Kid
Warrior finally joined “Hannity and Colmes” on Tuesday night. Here is a recap:


- Warrior said steroids are used in the wrestling industry, all the way through. He said it’s easier to point out which guys aren’t on steroids as compared to which wrestlers that are on steroids.


- “I did use steroids,” said Warrior. He said he has always been honest about it. He said there is a difference between use and abuse.


- Warrior said using steroids is a sacrifice that wrestlers make to make it the business. “I don’t think taking steroids is bad,” said Warrior. He is all for personal freedom.


- “I’m not here to make excuses for this monster,” said Warrior regarding Benoit.


- "The drug test is a ruse. It's an artifice specifically designed for the sensationalized, high-profile tragedies when people come forward and they make reasonable allegations that the talent is using drugs. It's this simple for me. For me to believe that the drug tests on the live bodies are legit, I have to believe all the autopsies on the dead bodies are lies,” said Warrior.


- Warrior goes back to the use vs. abuse argument. He said a lot of classic bodybuilders took steroids and they are still alive today.


- Warrior said guys die in the industry because they don’t leave healthy lives over all.


- Warrior attributed the Benoit case more to prescription medication rather than steroids.


- He said that he did know Benoit. Warrior said there is no excuse for this guy.


- Warrior went on a rant about athletes that write books about people that use steroids and about kids in high school using steroids.


- Warrior said “No, I do not think so,” when asked if he believed steroids played in factor in the Benoit case.



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Guest SuperKick Kid

I thought Warrior's comments were very good.


He said what he felt and that was good.


I hate how this back and forth crap on these shows go. Especially on this show since Hannity can get quite annoying.

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"For me to believe that the drug tests on the live bodies are legit, I have to believe all the autopsies on the dead bodies are lies,” said Warrior.
That is probably the most sensible thing I've heard Warrior say. He actually has a point too.
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Guest dpddave
Warrior talked a lot of sense...and didnt say anything crazy or over the top. Say what you want about him but hes always honest even if sometimes he does'nt word his opinions the PC way.
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Guest Dave7g

You gotta love the responces:


From an idiot

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