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WANTED: Wrestling 101 contributors!


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Wrestling 101 is always interested in new content for the website (articles, guides, columns and news items).


Wrestling 101 receives well over 30,000 unique visitors per month attracted by its unique content and easy to read layout. Publishing an article on Wrestling 101 will reveal your work to thousands of pro wrestling and MMA fans around the world.


Guidelines for writing @ Wrestling 101:

  • No writers at Wrestling 101 get paid.
  • All content will remain on the website even if you decide to leave at a later date.
  • Content must be exclusive to Wrestling 101.



I’m looking for writers for Wrestling 101 who will be able to write articles about once a month.


Wrestling 101 has undergone a few changes over the last month. From now on I’ll be trying to push feature articles, profiles, guides, reviews and interviews on the main site with general comments/analysis in the Wrestling 101 blogs.


So whether you want to write about a recent storyline, death, a look to the future or past – anything as long as its wrestling or MMA related.


I’m looking for contributors for all sections – UK, US, International, MMA and Video Games!


Some good examples of the type of articles I'm looking for:


* Inches From The Mainstream…


* T3C: The History of WrestleMania




* ST: The Multifaceted Scene


* TRS: The shape of puro


* An Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts


* Top Ten Favourite Wrestling Videogames




Wrestling 101 recently launched its new BLOGS section, and we are looking for writers.


If you think you’ll be able to keep a regularly updated blog (wrestling/mma related!) – let me know!


The blogs will be less formal compared to the articles/reviews on Wrestling 101 but you’ll still need excellent English/grammar. So if you think you’ll be able to contribute, PM me.




Wrestling 101 is always looking for more news reporters to cover the following areas:


- UK news (all UK wrestling promotions)

- US news (WWE, TNA mainly)

- Puroresu

- Lucha Libre


- Wrestling video games


You will need to be able to locate and post news on a regular basis, with a good grasp of the English language.




Please remember these are not paid positions but are a great opportunity to get involved with a popular website and showcase your work to thousands!


If you are interested please contact me :xyx

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