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Talk Wrestling Online General Knowledge Team Quiz - Sunday 1st July!


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:balloons Talk Wrestling Online General Knowledge Team Quiz - Sunday 1st July:balloons


General Knowledge Team Quiz


As part of the Talk Wrestling Online Birthday celebrations we will be having a General Knowledge Team Quiz in the chatrooms hosted by Kam. Teams of 4 will compete against each other to see who really is the cleverest! Who knows what crazy facts will pop up during the course of the quiz? Dust off your encyclopaedias and cram you brain with all kinds of random facts and figures to prepare yourself for this quiz.


How many people are allowed in each team?

Maximum number is 4


Who will organise the teams?

That is your job, if you want to be in a team then post in the Find A Team thread in the General Chat Forum.


What do I do once I have organised my team?

Post in the Teams thread in the General Chat Forum with the following information:


Team Name:

Team Captain:

Team Members:

Team Avatar: (first come, first served, there is enough avatars to go around)


Team Captains it is your responsibility to make sure that during the quiz you put a © after your name and that all your team members have the same avatar and variation of your team name.


Information must be displayed in this order during the quiz (obviously minus the >'s):


Team Name > Your Name > ©


What happens if a team member does not arrive?

You can either carry on with the team you have or try and find a replacement, but the quiz will not wait for anybody!


What happens if I arrive once the quiz has started and I have no team?

You can ask to join a team which has members missing, If you are not in a team and then you can't answer the questions.


How do I score points?

The quiz will be based on a round system, information of which is below:


Round 1 - Discussion Round

A question will be asked directly to a team, they will be able to discuss the question for 20 seconds, but the final answer must come from the Team Captain. This will be the only round in the quiz where conferring is allowed.


Round 2 - Nomination Round

Team Captains will nominate a member from their team to answer a question and only they can answer, they will have 10 seconds to answer! No conferring is allowed!


Round 3 - Random Round

A random member from each team will be asked a question and they will have 10 seconds to answer! No conferring is allowed!


Round 4 - Chain Round

Questions in this round are for every team, the first correct answer will get a single point, unless members from that team answer it correctly in a chain (no breaks allowed) then they will get points for each chain answer.


Will the scores from this quiz go towards my score in the Quiz League?

A) No, this is a team quiz and no points from this quiz will be added to the Quiz League table


Join us on Sunday 1st July from 9pm UK time in the TWO Chatroom.



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The scores:


T.I.O.V = 14

(Ray + King Reno + Sparrow + SuperKick Kid)


Agbonlahor Off! = 8

TTT = 7

L.W.O = 7

Irish Rebel Alliance = 5

One Man Gang = 3

Dan! = 2


Congrats to T.I.O.V :xyx

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