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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter 170 - Jun 25th 07 - TWO = SEVEN


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter


Issue 170 – June 25th 2007







The Editorial



Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter - the special seventh birthday edition!!!! *fanfare*


Oh yes, we mark this day by bringing to you a magnificent array of goodies, super goodies, and superextrafragalisticexpi....ah you know what i'm talking about! We have a juicy jam packed edition, and here's the low down...


  • We have THREE member spotlights, featuring an older member, a middler member, and a newer member!
  • Recollections of their time here at TWO by MastersGonad and the lovely Nicole! Remember how she complained last time? Well not this year, no siree! :D
  • A super charged edition of Movie Mayhem, focussing on films that came it the year of TWO's birth!
  • And much much more!


But of course we start the birthday proceedings as ever with a speech from Kam, and as I hand you over to our o'mighty ruler, I wish you all the best and hope you really enjoy what we've put together.


Take care!



Newsletter Editor




The Birthday Speech




Another year, another Birthday!


It was a big (and expensive!) year for Talk Wrestling Online as it finally moved to its own dedicated server. I hope finally the site can settle here without having to move again next year :P


I’ve spent most of the past 6 months working on upgrading the backend system for Wrestling 101, a total makeover for Wrestling Directory and obviously the big move to the dedicated server…and I only deleted the TWO site twice! I’m getting better!


Currently I am happy with all the sites and hope to spend the next year just making more wrestling fans aware of them. I normally am either trying to fix or upgrade something so it will be nice just to focus on promoting the sites rather than worrying about what to upgrade or improve :)


One of the most important aspects of Talk Wrestling Online for me is the word “community”. When I first had the idea of building the website I always wanted a place wrestling fans could chat, have a laugh and well be civil with one another. Talk Wrestling Online is probably one of the most heavily moderated wrestling forums but I think that’s what makes it one of the better wrestling forums, in my view anyway! Looking at the memberlist its great to see so many members stick around that site for so many years! Anime_Otaku, BRM, Nicole, Inno, Colin, KJ, Dan, The Crippler, The Great Jungta and many more have been with the site for years and years, it’s a great achievement for a website to have such loyalty!


I want to say a BIG thank-you to the subscribers who help to pay some of the running costs for Talk Wrestling Online :clap With the recent move to the dedicated server and the increased costs, it is required more than ever. Those of you that can help, joining the subscriber scheme is a nice way for you to help support the site and receive some forum benefits in return.


As usual I’d like to thank all the moderators and contributors to Talk Wrestling Online and Wrestling 101 who help to maintain and keep the sites running smoothly.


Lastly I’d like to especially thank Ray who has been doing an excellent job as editor of the Community Newsletter, and I know he has been working really hard making this Birthday edition special.







Talk Wrestling Online Subscribers



Thanks to all the Talk Wrestling Online Subscribers:


ahsatan, Anime_Otaku, BRM, Chris2K, Christof, Clarkey, Colin, Darkstar, Drake, Evil Gringo, Glitch, Gothic Angel, Inno, Kanenite, King, lafdugga, Moobs, MrFill, OMAR DAYS, Prototype, Proudy, Ravenmark, Ray, Sav, Saz, Sazzle, Slick, Slim Jim, Spiritchaser, SuperKick Kid, Telf, TGO, The Phenom Billz, The Rog, TheDefinition2, Tomblands, Twig, weberika, wyndorf and yoyobenoit!


Total Subscribers: 40


To find out how you can help support Talk Wrestling Online and become a subscriber see:


Talk Wrestling Online Subscriber Scheme



Wrestling 101 Info Centre





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Talk Wrestling Online - Chatroom Information



:balloons General Knowledge Team Quiz - Sunday 1st July :balloons


As part of the Talk Wrestling Online Birthday celebrations we will be having a General Knowledge Team Quiz in the chatrooms hosted by Kam. Teams of 4 will compete against each other to see who really is the cleverest! Who knows what crazy facts will pop up during the course of the quiz? Dust off your encyclopaedias and cram you brain with all kinds of random facts and figures to prepare yourself for this quiz.











For your chance to win a Talk Wrestling Online T-Shirt check out the Birthday Drawing competition HERE!


:tban :celb8: :celb2: :tban



Talk Wrestling Online Awards




Member of the fortnight




Well, duh, it can only be one man on the birthday celebrations: Kam! Thanks for putting this place together for us all to enjoy. :)


Wrestling thread of the fortnight


**Mr McMahons Death Angle Discussion** by ThePowerIsBack


Boy oh boy, some people reeeaaaalllly don't like this angle.


Non-wrestling thread of the fortnight


Travellers by A.C.


And I thought Chavs were disliked on this forum.....



Member Photos







Miss T




Spiral Tap and Edgemaster










Who Is This?


Easy enough, I have edited the picture, you tell me which member of TWO -past or present - you think it is. Obviously if you know its you then don't spoil everyone's...fun is too strong a word, but it will have to do.






Member Spotlight #1










Forum Username: Chris2K


Age: Well 76 according to my profile. More likely to be 20.


Sex: Male.


Location: This little place called Studley, far away in the Wiltshire countryside.






How long have you been a wrestling fan? 11 and a half years


How did you first come across it? My dad bought Sky to watch the 1996 Cricket world cup, and after one of the matches a repeat of Survivor Series 1995 was on, and I watched it.


What kept you coming back to watch more? It was actually Worldwide on Channel 5 that got me back into it, then Heat on Channel 4. From then on I just kept watching.


Who is your current favourite wrestler and why? Chris Benoit. I refuse any accusations that he is not the best wrestler in the world.


Who is your all-time favourite wrestler and why? Chris Benoit again I'm afraid. If you really want someone else, I guess I'll say Razor Ramon as I was a big Razor mark back in early 1996.


What promotions do/did you watch (and enjoy)? Right now just WWE, and a bit of UFC. TNA really has gone downhill for me recently so I've not watched it for over a month.


Which promotion is your favourite and why? WWE. Nothing is coming close at the moment.


RAW or SmackDown!? SmackDown! has been great for a few years now.


How much wrestling (hours) do you watch on average per week? On a non-PPV week, probably about 10.


Ever been to a live event? If so, which ones and where? I never have been. I was invited to the last RAW taping (with a free ticket) but I couldn't get the time off work.


What's your opinion on:


*Cruiserweights - It really depends on the cruiserweights. They're not all great, look at people like Shannon Moore for example, but I certainly appreciate the work of Helms, Chavo, Yang, Shelley and Daniels.


* Women's wrestling - Vastly under-rated by the people who refuse to give it a chance. Already this year we've had some great women's matches involving Mickie and Melina.


* Vince's fascination with big men - Each to their own. To be honest, I can't blame his fascination with Mark Henry, he's the silverback dammit.


How far would you travel for a wrestling show? Probably would go to the States if it was free.


What is your favourite match of all time, and why? Benoit vs. HHH vs. HBK at WrestleMania XX. Probably the biggest mark out moment of my entire life.


Are you proud to be a wrestling fan? Not really. I don't tell anyone unless they ask.






What was the first thing you did this morning? Fed my dog and cat.


Whats the last thing you ate? Yikes, I haven't eaten for ages, I'm on a diet. Probably some pasta last night.


Whats the first CD you bought? Oasis - What's The Story (Morning Glory)


What are you listening to right now? Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis.


Who is the last person that called you? My mum, from Italy.


What would you change about yourself? I'm on a diet, so the weight thing is obvious.


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Hell no.




I'm going to enjoy this...


* Given anyone a bath? No.


* Smoked? No.


* Been drunk? No.


* Made yourself throw up? No.


* Skinny dipped? No.


* Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? No.


* Cried when someone died? Surprisingly, no.


* Lied Yes.


* Fallen for your best friend? In theory, yes.


* Been rejected? Yes.


* Rejected someone? No.


* Done something you regret? Everything happens for a reason.




* You touched? My supervisor at work, he stole my pen.


* You IMed? I think I talked to Sav about Lost a week ago. I rarely use MSN.


* You yelled at? I never yell at anyone.




* Makes you smile? Harry Hill.


* Gives you a funny feeling when you see him or her? This girl at badminton.




* I am: the one and only.


* I want: candy.


* I have: just realised I'm writing this so I will be late for work.


* I hear: my dog wanting more food.


* I hate: Craig.


* I fear: Finlay.


* I search for: the lost city of Atlantis.




Movie Mayhem

Draven Cage






Hello there true believers. It's time once again for the world of motion pictures to enter your mind through your eyes one more time. But this is no ordinary edition, oh no, this is the TWO Seventh Anniversary Edition. So without any further ado (which is an underutilised phrase these days), let's get it on.



First up we have Thundercats, which some of you will already know, has been snapped up by Warners for a big-screen outing sometime in the near future. What you may not know is that it will be set before the 80s cartoon classic. Warners have said that they are working on an origin story in an attempt to kick-start a franchise. No official word on whether it will be animation (like TMNT) or live-action (like Transformers).




Here are some trailers, one for 'I Am Legend' and the other for 'Rogue'. The former, starring Will Smith should need little introduction, but the latter is from the minds behind 'Wolf Creek', and is about a killer crocodile stalking victims in the Aussie outback. Both look awesome, for different reasons. Enjoy.




Sam Raimi has been taking a break from promoting Spider-Man and gone back to his horror roots with a producer's role for '30 Days of Night'. The story is basically about a town so far north that when the sun sets it stays down for the titular 30 days, and the time when a troupe of vampires decided to stop by. It stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George (who makes the movie worthwhile by herself) and is directed by David Slade. Watch the official trailer here.




The new Hulk movie just gets better and better. Not content with Ed Norton, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth making up the cast, they've only gone and added William Hurt, who is set to play General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Sam Elliott in the original). The cast of this movie lends the comic franchise a welcome boost.




Classic videogame saga Castlevania is finally ready to hit the movie screen after a myriad of false starts. Sylvain White, who was about to start working with Frank Millar, has agreed to direct a script from Paul WS Anderson.




David Goyer has been signed to direct a new version of 'The Invisible Man'. This version will focus on the nephew of the original transparent lead and how he deals with finding his uncle's research. On another note, Goyer is fixed to direct the Magneto spin-off as well.




'The Dark Knight' is picking up steam, and here are some exclusive pics of both the new Batsuit, but also of his new vehicle, called, for the moment at least, the Bat-Pod.


While we're looking at pictures, here's another one to have a gander at.







Nelson Mandela's life (or at least part of it) is being brought to the silver screen. 'The Human Factor' focuses on a 1995 Rugby game that Mandela used to unite blacks and whites. And who have they chosen to portray the great man? Who else but Morgan Freeman could even begin to think about giving the role justice.




To finish off the news this edition, I've left the best, and yellowest, to last. That's right, finally, 'The Simpsons' movie has a full-length trailer to showcase what's going on. Have a look at it here. You will laugh.......and laugh a lot. Oh, and there are four different clips to view.



Movie Review

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer




Release Date: June 15th 2007

Director: Tim Story

Writer: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (original characters), Mark Frost (story) and Don Payne (screenplay)

Starring: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon and Doug Jones (with Laurence Fishbourne as the voice of the Silver Surfer).

Running Time: 94mins

Budget: US$130million

Rating: PG (UK)


I'm going to do two reviews of the movie this time...so here goes.


Review #1


This is for Nimf and Ahsatan.....





Review #2


I enjoyed the first movie, but I know a lot of people who didn't, mainly because it was too "bright". What people forgot, IMO, was that the original comics for the FF were very light-hearted and lacked a lot of the darkness that seems to be required these days.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is better than Fantastic Four, but some of the problems with the original still remain. Firstly, the dialogue is bad, even pathetic sometimes, and the villains seem to be understated in comparison to what they should be.


But it's not all bad. The characters are fun, with Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm's relationship being a highlight. Also, Dr. Doom is better realised, although all the talk about the new helmet being something special was all that; talk. It looks no different to me.


But the real attraction to this movie is the Surfer, Norrin Radd, himself, and he does not disappoint. Doug Jones (who has previous in the CGI actor role) is great for the movement of the Silver Surfer, but it is Laurence Fishbourne's voice that makes the character. All Morpheus with a metallic sheen, and he carries the emotional weight of the movie by himself.


Other highlights include the appearance of the Fantasticar, Johnny being affected by a confrontation with Radd which affects his molecular structure. This leads to a few comical scenes, as the changes to his DNA allow the swapping of powers with other superheroes with a single touch. As you can imagine, the possibilities of this are limited in the movie (as there are only three other heroes in the piece), but it is still well done regardless.


This franchise will never reach the heights of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man or X-Men, but it was never designed for that. It is a labour of love for Stan Lee (who has nice cameo), with the Fantastic Four being his first creation with Jack Kirby.


As I said at the beginning, I enjoyed this movie, but don't go in thinking you'll have a life-altering experience. It's a non-offensive way to spend a few hours, but nothing more.


I give this movie *** out of ***** , with one of the stars for the effects alone.




Birthday Special Section

In the year 2001.....


Talk Wrestling Online may have launched in the year 2000 but it was in 2001 that these current forums began! But what was hot in the land of Hollywood that year? Well, since you've asked, I'll tell you.


Top Movies released in 2001

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Monsters, Inc.


Ocean's Eleven

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Mummy Returns

Pearl Harbor




Donnie Darko

Black Hawk Down

The Fast and the Furious


Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Jeepers Creepers

Moulin Rouge


Thirteen Ghosts

Shallow Hal

Vanilla Sky

Training Day


The Pledge


As you can see, 2001 was a great year for movies, as well as for Denzel Washington, who emulated Sidney Poitier, by winning the Best Actor Oscar for 'Training Day', for Ron Howard, who won Best Director for 'A Beautiful Mind' (which also took Best Picture) and Halle Berry, who won Best Actress for 'Monster's Ball'.


On a sadder note, this was also the year we lost Aaliyah, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Quinn and Joey Ramone (not an actor, but being in The Ramones means he deserves to be mentioned).



Cage Recommendation



Starring Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller, and directed by Jake Kasdan, 'Zero Effect' as a story about Daryl Zero (Pullman), a reclusive detective who stays in the office and actually sends his assistant Steve Arlo into the field to gather up clues.


He is hired to get to the bottom of a blackmail case, which he almost puts aside to take on the "Case of the Missing Keys" instead. And that is where the fun begins.


This movie is so well acted and scripted that it really is a joy to watch. It's just a shame that no-one has really seen it. Do yourself a favour and track it down as soon as you can. You won't be disappointed.



Pointless Trivia


Terry Funk, the middle-aged and crazy man of wrestling, has appeared in nine movies and seven television shows, including Thunder in Paradise, Quantum Leap, Swamp Thing, Roadhouse, The Ringer, Paradise Alley and Over the Top.


Thanks to Total Film, Empire, Harry Knowles and others for helping with the research.


See you all next time.


Draven Cage




My Story





‘The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends’


Friedrich Nietzsche



Its 4am in the morning Mid July 2006, and I am sat at my desk, having just come off the phone to the customer’s complaints department for Sky Sports in Livingston.


Having spent the evening trying to negotiate the loss of the feed for the majority of the WWE Special, whilst managing to fend off angry fans as well as Coordinate the rest of the show, for some macabre sadistic reason, I found myself drawn to see exactly how scathing fans were being towards Sky Sports


One quick Google search later, I was browsing the US Scene forum of TWO and the start of an obsession (which I would never to admit to friends and family!!) had begun.


Now as Sir Francis Bacon once said ‘Knowledge is Power’ and in most of my early forays posting on TWO under the then disputed username of Mr Know this was certainly the case (for anyone who can remember Rage Against The Machine) not only was I banned for 5 days by the now departed Mr Fill for dragging month old threads up regarding Sky Sports, and trying to put all and sundry correct in some falsities, but was warned by both Darkstar and Kam that I was ruffling feathers with my username, thought this didn’t stop Darkstar asking:


One thing I am interested in knowing......just how long are Benoit's arms?

I know that sounds stupid and a piss take but I really want to know!



Now over my time, I have had several sparring partners, I think the first was Kurtmark, then Dave7g, then Daredevil “I don't recall Mr Know being a mod, and thank god for that with all respect”

And continued to have the calls that I was a gimmick poster, though thankfully in part to this thread http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=33515

This seemed to subside and TWO rather sadly and embarrassingly became something I would check after coming in after a night out!


It had even got to the point that I had the realization that TWO was becoming part of my every day life for example I would meet other members of TWO either at the arena

(Thanks to Nimf for the Jaffa Cakes!) And in seedy bars in Central London (Damn Christof and Telf) but at least things were looking up on the forums with Kurtmark even going as far to say

‘Mr Know could be a good mod. Well maybe not but he is a damn good poster’


Well around October 2006, like Clark Kent, Peter Parker or Gregory Helms! Mr Know (due to the fact I was starting my new job!) gained an alter ego in the guise of




After some initial teething problems…


“When it comes to name changes though, I want Mr Know back as opposed to Masters Gonad. I mean what's that all about?”


(For the record I prefer Good2Go over Adrenaline Rush!!)




“MastersGonad and Mr Know are 2 completely different users”


(That’s right BRM, Santa is also real, and delivers all the presents in one night!)


…nothing has really changed. Ok I have lived on two (excuse the pun) continents in 8 months, and worked for two different companies but I still post ridiculously too much for someone who really isn’t that much a fan of wrestling, and still wonder, how as an employee I get away with it!

I still lust over Miss T at every opportunity, I still argue with Dave on a weekly basis about whether a WWE Show is Entertainment (it is…leave the Divas alone) and with Darkstar and Belty on pretty much most things, and I still, spend most of my time with Christof being so obviously sarcastic or humorous, that I am surprised Kam didn’t ban us long ago!


And I still at the back of mind, I fight with the fact that I am 26, single, and that I embarrassingly spend most of my time posting on an internet wrestling community, talking about Undertakers, Boogeymen and leprechauns, and looking at pictures of people’s cats and a sixteen year old called Gunter!!


And all for what!?!


So as for TWO, I will leave you with this….


"What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.”


Lord Byron











I need either a new job or a holiday!!




Member Spotlight #2










Forum Username: Danny Styles


Age: 17


Sex: Male


Location: Bedford






How long have you been a wrestling fan? Since August 2001.


How did you first come across it? My best mate got me into it.


What kept you coming back to watch more? It was the Hardyz- now I’m just a glutton for punishment.


Who is your current favourite wrestler and why? AJ Styles- love his new heel persona and great in the ring.


Who is your all-time favourite wrestler and why? Chris Benoit- love that guy.


What promotions do/did you watch (and enjoy)? And Enjoy? I hate WWE for the Vince angle- and TNA has gotten bad.


Which promotion is your favourite and why? Don't have one at the moment.


RAW or SmackDown!? Smackdown.


How much wrestling (hours) do you watch on average per week? 5,


Ever been to a live event? If so, which ones and where? Yup, Raw Wembley Arena- Raw live even Wembley arena - ROH at Broxbourne- and Universal Uproar in Coventry.


What's your opinion on:


*Cruiserweights - Underused in US mainstream wrestling.


* Women's wrestling - Doesn't appeal to me.


* Vince's fascination with big men - Pretty useless.


How far would you travel for a wrestling show? Probably Birmingham.


What is your favourite match of all time, and why? HBK vs Kurt Angle WM21 I love how it builds and builds and has a great ending.


Are you proud to be a wrestling fan? At the moment not at all- this Vince angle is a disgrace and embarrassment- but I’ll happily show people a Benoit or AJ match.






What was the first thing you did this morning? Turned off my alarm.


Whats the last thing you ate? Galaxy bar.


Whats the first CD you bought? Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory.


What are you listening to right now? Lost Realist by Trapt.


Who is the last person that called you? My best mate.


What would you change about yourself? Couple of things…


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Nah




* Given anyone a bath? Nah.


* Smoked? Nope- hate it.


* Been drunk? Yup.


* Made yourself throw up? No.


* Skinny dipped? Nope.


* Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Maybe when I was younger.


* Cried when someone died? Yes.


* Lied Unfortunately.


* Fallen for your best friend? Nah.


* Been rejected? Yup...damn.


* Rejected someone? Yeah.


* Done something you regret? Yeah a few things…




* You touched? Hugged my ex at school.


* You IMed? Best mate again.


* You yelled at? The TV.




* Makes you smile? My friends and family usually.


* Gives you a funny feeling when you see him or her? Well it's a girl.. but I say no more.




* I am: pretty determined.


* I want: to always be happy.


* I have: a pretty awesome life.


* I hear: cars outside my window.


* I hate: terrorists.


* I fear: enclosed spaces.


* I search for: Chelsea season tickets!









Inno is busy moving house which means its not Inno's BIIIIIIG Question, its Kam's EXTRA BIIIIIIIIG Question. With it being the Birthday Special, what better question to ask than:


What is your ideal Birthday present?


Lets see what great delights the members of Talk Wrestling Online dream of...


I would have to say my perfect birthday gift would be Miss T' date=' naked and covered in whipped cream...but I got that this year, so I'll say a time machine and ringside tickets to WMVI :xyx[/quote']


Ah...who could forget the classic Duggan/Bravo match, who wouldnt want to relive that again!


Yoko Matsugane (pause for googling)' date=' covered in whipped cream and no spoon.[/quote']


I usually prefer whipped cream on cakes...


A trip to Barcelona and tickets to a Barça game at the Nou Camp. Then meet the likes of Messi, Eto'o and Ronaldihno.


A close second would be Eva Longoria inside a huge cake. ^_^


Will there be whipped cream on that cake?


Trish Stratus' date=' nekkid and tied up, on my bed. Nobody else is home, and...excuse me, where did I put those Kleenex?[/quote']


I dont know...


Jonny Wilkinson' date=' naked outside my door with nothing to do for the rest of the day. :lol[/quote']


I'm sensing a pattern with these answers...


A classic TWO t-shirt' date=' size medium![/quote']


You sure you dont want any whipped cream with that?


A fully-functional radio studio with professional set-up, lots of music, a computer that doesn't buzz all the time, and access to an online stream for people to listen in.


Failing that, a bag of Haribo Kiddies Supermix'll do fine.


Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo...Mmmmm


I'm a person that isnt about Material Objects. I'd just want money. About $500' date='000,000. That would be ideal.[/quote']


Remember its good to share...


My ideal birthday present is nothing flashey. I'd just like a fatty nug' date=' and some good friends... actually that sounds a lot like my last birthday.[/quote']


A fatty what now? Doesnt sound very healthy!



A Blast From The Past








I hear TWO is 7. I can’t remember much about 2000, other than that trip to the moon I took and jamming with Clapton. I’m doing a couple of matches from the year of the birth of TWO and I hear it was a particularly difficult labour for Kam. Heres to another 7 years, hopefully Shawn Michaels and Triple H might have retired by then.


Fall Brawl 2000, No DQ. Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner w/ peaks.


Steiner is at his coked out, roided up, could-snap-at-any-second-and-bitchslap-the-pregnant-nun-in-the-front-row best here and gives his usual insane promo before the match, the gist of which is Goldberg is a pansy ass, Steiner cares about nothing but his freaks and his peaks (quite the sound philosophy for life for all the kids out there I’d say. Money, job security, education, morality, friendship, religion, family…none of those matter because all that matters in life is freaks and peaks. Kids today could do with a hero and I know I’d want my role model to be a guy who went around calling himself ‘Big Poppa Pump’) and he finishes the promo off saying that after he beats Goldberg he’s going back to his hotel because he’s (and I quote) : ‘a loaded sex pistol’ and he’s ‘ready to explode’. Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better. Steiner badmouths a few of the Buffalo Bills at ringside who respond with ‘Yes sir Mr. Steiner sir’ and tells them to jump and they ask how high Mr. Steiner sir. This is 2000 Tony Schvivovnenevonensxyz so it is pretty painful to listen to, add ‘MTV generation’ Mark Madden and it’s like GBH on my eardrums. Scott Hudson is the 3rd man though which makes up for it somewhat. If TNA were smart (tee hee. If TNA’s brains were dynamite they couldn’t blow their own nose) they’d throw money at Hudson and team him with Cornette, Nash or Zbyzsdksosko on commentary because he’d be a darn sight better than Tenay. I could fart into the headset for an hour and it’d be better than Tenay. ‘THAT’S RIGHT, HE SAID HE COULD FART INTO THE HEADSET FOR AN HOUR AND IT’D BE BETTER THAN TENAY’, ‘WHOA MIKE! GO RED GO!’


‘Stiener Your Next’ sign in the audience. Ah wrestling fans, such enthusiasm, such idiocy. Goldberg’s entrance still leaves me as giddy as a 14 year old girl at a 1964 Beatles concert. I don’t care if he wasn’t Billy Robinson Robinson, I don’t care if he ‘bah Gawd, didn’t pay his dues’, he was awesomely awesome. Steiner again verbally abuses some sap in the front row telling him his mommy was great in bed and his daddy cried like a bitch when he killed him until he was killed. ‘MTV Generation’ Mark Madden mentions Gary Coleman. Ah don’t remind me tubby. A minor celebrity AND a midget, that was like chicken soup for the soul for Russo. SchvovnvoneneABC123 calls it a ‘war’ 30 seconds in which would make the slap fest I saw at 2.30am last week between two ‘females’ (I say females because I don’t even know what species they were to be honest. Probably from Belfast) the equivalent of the opening scenes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ in his eyes. Steiner dedicates an Elbow Drop to the Buffalo Bills and scares referee Mickey Jay so much that he had delayed shock for 6 years, changed his name and went to ECW on Sci Fi because he knew Steiner would never find him there. This is pretty much Goldberg’s best ever match. He was always pretty damn stiff mainly because he didn’t really know otherwise and Steiner’s hobbies are freaks, peaks and stiffness so they basically just beat the piss out of each other with Steiner coming this close to breaking Goldberg’s neck with the Overhead Belly to Belly on a couple of occasions. Russo was kinda soured towards Goldberg because he couldn’t take credit for making him a star because after all Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Bruno Sammartino, Andre The Giant, Mick Foley, Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and The Beatles would never have been stars without Vince Russo. He had a boner for Steiner so they were basically booked as equals. Steiner was the crazy, dominant heel saying what he wanted, doing what he wanted, beating the tar out of everyone and their disabled, blind, deaf and dumb grandmother for breathing in his direction, Goldberg was Goldberg so this was basically the biggest match WCW had going for it in 2000 but it was the 3rd last or so match on the card and it was just a shame that it came when the company was deader than…something dead, Buddy Holly or Vince McMahon or something. Supposedly the plan before WWF bought them out was The Big Bang PPV, WCW to be torn apart and rebuilt, Steiner to run more rough shed over everyone in 2001 leading to the Steiner vs. Goldberg rematch at Starrcade 2001. But c’est la vie, WCW died and I cried a million tears.


P. S. Steiner wins following interference from Midajah looking like the pneumatic great-granddaughter Joan Rivers never had, having spent more on her face than Chelsea did on Shevchenko. I’m trying to decide which was the bigger disaster (bit of topical satire there). ‘New Yawk’ Russo shows up after a cup a cawfee and a hamboiger to interfere too and…DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY, THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL…THE STEINER RECLINER OF ETERNAL DAMNATION AND MILD DISCOMFORT finishes Goldberg off after he powers out of it a couple of times. Nothing particularly spectacular and it was probably a lot better watching it the first time 7 years ago because it doesn’t hold up particularly well, still a fun little stiff brawl.


ECW on TNN, 25/02/2000. Rhino vs. The Sandman.


RHINO VS. THE SANDMAN IN 2000?!? Well I never. Yeah this happened more times than Triple H has had boring matches. I think Heyman is a good booker, not great, but good and his greatness is perhaps a little exaggerated. Whilst I did enjoy a lot of aspects of the later years of ECW and it was still fun, ECW did go downhill fast when Raven left. There are only so many times you can go into a PPV with one or two matches announced and the rest all IMPROMPTU MATCHES~! If I had a dollar for every time I saw New Jack vs. Random Baldie I’d have…a lot of dollars. Although they’re not legal currency in Ireland. I suppose I could get them changed at the Bureau Du Change or whatever the hell you call it (what is that thing called?). Rhino vs. Sandman fitted right into that category of ‘Ah I haven’t a clue what to do on this card, screw it, put Sandman out there with Rhino’ and it became somewhat of a running joke in 2000 how many times Rhino would come out, Gore someone, cue ‘Enter Sandman’, couple of cane shots, Sandman would get distracted, Rhino Gores him through table. I’m not even joking, go back and check, it was literally every week. I don’t think ECW in the later years was helped by people jumping ship to the bigger promotions (rightly. You can harp on about loyalty and respect for da bizness all you like) because just when it looked as though they were building towards, say, RVD vs. Mike Awesome, Awesome was gone. Nor was it helped by lack of promotion by TNN, nor was it helped by Heyman being to bookkeeping what Lance Hoyt is to great wrestling matches. But their booking didn’t exactly help and the mystique of Heyman as genius booker extraordinaire who could lead WWE to the promised land and get them 15 million buyrates for PPVs is perhaps a little bit of hyperbole. He’d be better than Vince Russo though, that goes without saying. I know the talent roster was perhaps a little thin in 2000 but Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino at the top of the card? I like Corino but those three wouldn’t main event a show in Paul E. Normous’ or Crippler Chris Chaos’ or some backyard turd’s show in his mommy’s garden.


Anyway, this one was early in the Sandman-Rhino Neverending Story. Sandman I’ll never heard a bad word against. You know what I do with all those roided up, Vitamin shake drinking, gym going, tattooed pretty boys? I wipe my ass with all those roided up, Vitamin shake drinking, gym going tattooed pretty boys. Professional wrestling is a beer drinking, cigarette smoking son of a bitch with a beer belly and a face that tells a thousand battle weary tales caning people upside the grill while a crowd of drug addicted, STD ridden, toothless degenerates with an ugly wife and 9 kids at home sing along to Metallica. Rhino’s short T-Rex arms always twisted my melon man. Anyway, Sandman kicks his ass, Table Suplexes his stinkin’ carcass, gives him the Heinekenrana and the White Russian Leg Sweep (he names his moves after alcoholic beverages, a man who hates that is a man who hates life itself). Tajiri runs in, gives him the Green Mist, Rhino Gores him through the table (told you, it was common as a Headlock in their matches). Super Crazy saves the day and kicks everyone’s ass. It should be noted that High Spot Jack Victory is the greatest wrestler of all time, is probably the father of 95% of the people on this forum and if he told you the sun wasn’t coming up tomorrow you better go out and buy a torch.


This was about 4 minutes long, wasn’t even really a match and for some reason ended in a No Contest which doesn’t really explain why I covered it…..




Member Spotlight #3










Forum Username: Nimf


Age: 28


Sex: Female


Location: My living room...Oh you mean PLACE place? That would be Doncaster.






How long have you been a wrestling fan? Hmm, well I used to watch it when I was little but only really got into it about 2 years ago. I'm a bit of a newbie.


How did you first come across it? As a kid it was my Dad introducing me to Hogan, Jake Roberts and, erm, someone else... Now-my mate Gaz made me pay him for babysitting with a PPV, which was Summerslam of 2005. Been hooked since.


What kept you coming back to watch more? It was something different-I loved the cheesiness of it on occasion, the cute guys helped (obviously) plus I loved watching some of the gasp inducing moves that were done.


Who is your current favourite wrestler and why? Hmm, I'm torn between Mr Kennedy-love watching the guy work the crowd-Santino Marella-just want to adopt him-and the Hardy Boys-death defying hoo-ha makes me excited.


Who is your all-time favourite wrestler and why? That would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. As for why-well, what's not to like about the guy?!?


What promotions do/did you watch (and enjoy)? WWE and TNA plus anything DC makes me watch...


Which promotion is your favourite and why? WWE purely because I watch it the most.


RAW or SmackDown!? Eurgh, it changes from one week to another! At the moment, I'd say Smackdown!


How much wrestling (hours) do you watch on average per week? Between 8 and 10 hours, not including PPV weekends (This week it'll be more like 15+ hours with 2 PPV's).


Ever been to a live event? If so, which ones and where? Does LWL count?!? No? Ok, then no, though I’m hoping to go to the Survivor Series tour this year, if I can get tickets.


What's your opinion on:


*Cruiserweights - Highly underused. Love them.


* Women's wrestling - Under-rated but hopefully people will see it's actually getting better.


* Vince's fascination with big men - Jealousy???


How far would you travel for a wrestling show? Money no object? As far as it takes. Would love to go to Wrestlemania next year so that's a fair way.


What is your favourite match of all time, and why? I have noooo idea. I'm an optimistic wrestling fan-I can see good bits in pretty much everything. I do like to see the meanies get their comeupance.


Are you proud to be a wrestling fan? Aye, why shouldn't I be? I'm more embarrassed for those who are embarrassed by it...If that makes any sort of sense?






What was the first thing you did this morning? Got thrown up on by Joshua.


Whats the last thing you ate? A Twirl.


Whats the first CD you bought? Possibly AC/DC best of something or other.


What are you listening to right now? Josh gurgling and DC making cheese sandwiches...It's quiet, I like it.


Who is the last person that called you? My grandma, she sent me some money for the kids school photos and was checking it arrived. She calls me a lot and talks forEVER.


What would you change about yourself? Physically-my teeth. Mentally-ummm...Nothing, I rock.


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 10 tattoos (so far) and about 7 piercings (for now).





* Given anyone a bath?I have 3 kids...So that's a given.


* Smoked? Nope, never interested me.


* Been drunk? Tee hee...Maybe...


* Made yourself throw up? Yup but not in a bulimia sense of it, in a "oh my god, if I don't throw up now, this room will never stop spinning" type of way.


* Skinny dipped? Nope! I so need to...


* Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Oh yes.


* Cried when someone died? Yes.


* Lied No...Ok, I lied, yes, I have.


* Fallen for your best friend? I'm marrying him! *listens for sounds of throwing up*


* Been rejected? I am NOT Shannon Moore!


* Rejected someone? Perhaps...


* Done something you regret? How long you got?!?





* You touched? Joshua, taking his socks off because he was trying to eat them.


* You IMed? Hmmm...Gothic Angel I think!


* You yelled at? John this morning who, at almost 7 years old, is still unable to just get up, eat breakfast and get dressed without constantly being reminded to move!





* Makes you smile?My boys. And my sister Rae, she's slightly insane. Funnily enough, one of my OTHER sisters actually IS insane, but she's just not funny...


* Gives you a funny feeling when you see him or her?Good way-DC...(aww...) Bad way? No comment...





* I am: hungry.


* I want: food?


* I have: a very numb bum from this horrendous chair.


* I hear: the crunching of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and the whining of a baby.


* I hate: mornings and bats.


* I fear: bats...


* I search for: the truth...or possibly just a nice pair of socks that don't hurt my toe.




Through the Eyes of the Droitwich Spaz





When our favourite newsletter editor chose me to write one od this years history type pieces, initially I didn’t know where to start. Joining in October 2001, admittedly I have been here for more than a while, some would say I outstayed my welcome a long time ago.


I don’t think it’s my place to try and be some kind of 3rd person narrator to this all, because my TWO experience hasn’t been one of observing from the outside, due to my somewhat gobby nature, I’ve always been involved somewhere. If you fancy reading on, this is how I’ve seen my 6 years of TWO.


Like some, my TWO “adventure” of sorts was attributed to the wrestling show on Talk sport, where our very own Inno starred and advertised SmashWrestling.com, a site with a wrestling chat room! To a 13 year old wrestling freak, this was appealing. Very appealing. Joining in with chat room discussions nightly, with my allowance of one hour on the net, I joined a group of people who as a young teenager, you did want to be a part of because they were all older and a lot more knowledgeable. Most of them seemed to hate me pretty quickly as well. Oh the memories.


After discovering that the chat room was actually property of talkwrestlingonline.co.uk, I was then interested in finding out what that site was like, and was this where all these knowledgeable yet cool people came from. At the time, the forums were actually closed and due to be reopened, and around the time that they reopened, I became a member.


Continuing the trend, I was hated here for my appalling grammar and whiney nature. Despite that, there was a good vibe around the site. Some could argue it was almost cliquey being a smaller site at the time, but I digress. People I can remember from those times? Inno, Chyna, Mwnn, Jess O Mac, BRM, Amanda V, Verb, Jungmuta, Ro*, Russ, Pabster, Tsumirren, Crippler, Grapple, KJ and probably more if I put my mind to it. Some of these guys had been around for a while before me, and had knowledge of earlier events such as Kam and Chyna’s wedding in the chatroom with Miss T on the organ, Tanya actually turning out to be a man aka The Smoking Demon if I remember correctly and a man who claimed he was going to report Kam to the internet police.


Moving on a little while in time, gaining popularity because I’m a lovely person really *cough* the site obviously grew, and when the site grows you get new personalities and such. Draven was one of the major new faces in 2002, who everybody seemed to love, don’t know why though ;) HSM arrived around this time along with Sabba Simba, Jackie, Simon, Popsi and probably a host of others. This is probably what I would term the first of the new wave of posters into TWO. You’ve got to remember though that the site probably wasn’t half the size of the site now, and everything was very tight knit.


2002 led to an attempt of a revolution which fell flat on its arse, but it was fun at the time. Check out the hall of fame threads for “The Gang” posts and you’ll get what I’m on about. One big post which dealt with bitching, liquidness and backstabbing in one foul swoop to mixed reception. What came out of it? Not a lot really, a biggish deal at the time and something to look back on and laugh.


One of the most popular threads of 2002 was the creation of Grapple Grove, TWO’s very own soap opera. With about 3 principle writers, me included, we had kidnaps, lesbian action and general annoyingness. It’s a good read really, interesting to see how people have changed, once again check out the hall of fame thread section to have a peep at it all.


2003 led to one of TWO’s greatest posters of all time, ChrisfromBirtley. Introduced by TWO regular Peter, he gave us enthralling threads like the “Top 7 @ 7” and “Chris’ reviews”. Chris was such a great poster, that once again, he is immortalised in the hall of fame.


One of the more eyecatching stories from 2004 TWO is our current member Ravenmarks apparent death, and the work that went into unravelling his story. All of this has been forgotten by most, but the amount of work which went into ripping the story into shreds in my eyes was phenomenal. Once again, something which really annoyed people at the time, but now probably doesn’t register on many people’s minds.


It seems that from 2004 to 2005, TWO really exploded in terms of size and numbers of personalities on the site. Many of the people we read the threads of now arrived around this time, for example we have Darkstar, Draven Cage, Beltmark, Jimmy Redman, Ray, Darkette, Drake and so on and so forth. If I haven’t mentioned you it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because so many of you joined at the time!!


It could also be argued that it was around this time when we began to see a decline in posting of some of the older members, and the period could be almost seen as a “Nu-TWO” with newer members replacing the role and post count of many of the older members who had drifted away for a number of reasons.


It also became the era of the TWO meetup, and the public TWO relationship. Yes, we had the odd relationship in the past, embarrassingly enough back in the day, emag announced that me and him were having an internet relationship…don’t blame me, I was young! It’s also not my place to comment on the relationships offline between members “back in the day”…ooh I could tell some stories.


I think over the time I’ve been here, TWO has had major changes, but on the other hand there hasn’t really. People come and go, but that’s a pattern throughout all of our lives and nothing stays the same. Some of the aspects of meeting up, despite it seeming a modern concept on TWO, compared to some of the off board goings on, haven’t really changed, different people and different times.

I think I’ve spoken enough now. I could have probably told enough stories about members to fill up 8 or 9 newsletters, but my days of the gossip monger are long gone, I’m too old for it now J I think the last thing I can do is raise my e-glass to TWO, here’s to the next 7 years.




Shopping Navigator



Shopping online in the UK? Check out Shopping Navigator!


With over 100 online UK stores listed and forums with special offers and discount voucher codes, don’t shop without visiting here first!





Final Thoughts




Well there we have it, the end of another birthday edition newsletter. I hope you enjoyed all the features and columns, and of course remember to enter the competitions and play the games! :good222:


I will now close on a rather sad note, as I announce that it is my intention to resign as editor of the newsletter. It's been over a year now, and I'm happy with my reign and am ready to step back and let someone fresh come in. Anyone interested in becoming the new editor should send Kam a PM, which you can do by clicking here. And here. But not here.


Thank you for joining us for this edition of the Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter, please let us know what you thought by replying!


Here's to Talk Wrestling Online, cheers! *clink*





Newsletter Editor







Thanks to everybody who contributed to this issue of the TWO Newsletter:

NEXT EDITION: Out on Sunday 8th July 2007!




Edited by Red05
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Thanks to all the contributors, great Birthday edition! :good222:


I’d also like to thank Ray for his excellent work over the past year with the newsletter! You've done a great job with it Ray!


Those of you who think you could run the Community Newsletter – please PM me and let me know!

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Guest Anime Otaku
I'm glad to see Popsi, Belty and Drake's answers to the big question making me look slightly less dirty minded.
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Guest Adam Gill

Happy 7th Birthday to TWO! :xyx


The newsletter was suitably superb aswell. I enjoyed reading all of it (barring the Movie section, which I always skip - sorry DC!, it's just not my cup of tea). I'm a big fan of the Member Spotlight's, so having 3 made Tomblands a happy bunny. Nicole and MG's 'First Year' columns were a rattling good read, and Naitch's contribution continues to be the greatest thing in the history of everything ever.


It's a shame to see Ray leaving his post, he seemed to do a good job, and I always enjoyed his light-hearted comments at the beginning and end of each NL.


Here's to another seven years of TWO! :celb8:



Edited by Adam Gill
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Guest FreeSpirit

That was a brilliant edition of the newsletter, had great fun reading it. A hilarious typo "MatersGonad" as well.


Was great to see 3 member spotlights of people I have a lot of respect for on this site also. Keep up the good work folks :xyx

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Crackin' newsletter as always-thanks for the mini review, DC! Love the Big Question, that's probaby my favourite part!


You did a great job Ray, being editor, and I know you've been humming and harring (is that the right weird word??) over whether to resign or not. Hope you're happy with your decision!

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Guest MastersGonads

Really excellent read...loved the Biiiig question and the Member Spotlights...


and Ray....the typo 'MatersGonad' lol

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Women's wrestling - Vastly under-rated by the people who refuse to give it a chance. Already this year we've had some great women's matches involving Mickie and Melina.


Agreed. Not to begin a wrestling debate but if Melina and Mickie James had a penis people would be lining up to praise their Backlash match. It was a nice little stiff fest and a good match by any criteria but because they're women, it's 'usual crappy WWE women's match'. I don't know if it is misogyny or what but if two WWE women had a so called ‘5 star match’ people would still crap all over it.


Who knew Miss T was related to THE Mr. T? I always thought it was just a coincidence that they shared the same surname but there you go, learn something new everyday.

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Agreed. Not to begin a wrestling debate but if Melina and Mickie James had a penis people would be lining up to praise their Backlash match. It was a nice little stiff fest and a good match by any criteria but because they're women, it's 'usual crappy WWE women's match'. I don't know if it is misogyny or what but if two WWE women had a so called ‘5 star match’ people would still crap all over it.


Who knew Miss T was related to THE Mr. T? I always thought it was just a coincidence that they shared the same surname but there you go, learn something new everyday.



Lol. He said penis and stiff. Lol.


Very good newsletter.

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Guest Miss T
Enjoyed that newsletter, that was a great way to finish Ray!! TWO is a horny bunch of wrestling fans by the looks of the big question! Enjoyed all the articles, well done everyone!
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Awesome newsletter. Nice silly little shots of the members, and Darkstar, I think that's Miss T in the picture you edited and turned upsdie down. :xyx


C2K, the Fratellis are a pretty fun band, and I'm lucky my girlfriend cared enough about teir ipod commercial to go out and buy their cd's. :lol Also lucky for these boards for leading me to Muse, but that's a different story.


I'm pretty excited about that Castlevania movie, but there's a good chance that it'll suck. What's the success ratio for vampire movies weighted against the success ration of video game movies? Not good.


Mr "I Know How Lumpy Masters' Gonads Are" I knew you were the real deal when you spoiled the 6 or 8 man cruiser weight match that Super Crazy won. The fact that it was such and unimportant part of the show, and that there were so many guys in it, and that Crazy won well you just had to be on the inside. You did come off kinda smug at first, and still can, but you're alright in the "Book of Twig".


Is it sad that I'd rather chief on a fatty nug than have some hot chick show up at my door covered in whipped cream? Or is it the other way around ;)


Great write up, Naitch. I love your takes on matches that I was actually aware of.

I liked the idea behind the old, moderately been around for a bit, and new member spotlights. It worked well and wasn't too much.


Great look back Nicole, it was nice to see how the place was before this Johnny-Come-Lately stopped by.


Ray, sorry to see you go, and I guess this is why you were pushing for a TWOstars write up from me. :P Editor seems like a tough job with a pretty quick turnover rate. Hope your replacement can fill you shoes.

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Guest Popsi
Much improved newsletter this week. I think its because it felt much more member focussed rather than focussed on things like sport and film. Those parts are normally well written but to be honest I read the newsletter to find out about the Community not the football or films.
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and Darkstar, I think that's Miss T in the picture you edited and turned upsdie down. :xyx



Wrong. No more guesses from Twig. :P





Editor seems like a tough job with a pretty quick turnover rate. Hope your replacement can fill you shoes.



About a year I think it is. Better than some magazines. :lol

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Im not that wide!!!


He could've skewed it! :-0 but my initial reaction reminded me of that pic of you about to drink/light a candle.

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