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***ufc 72 results***

The Fury

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from http://www.ufccountdown.com/


Rich Franklin def Yushin Okami

Forrest Griffin def Hector Ramirez

Jason MacDonald def Rory Singer

Tyson Griffin def Clay Guida

Ed Herman def Scott Smith

Marcus Davis def Jason Tan

Eddie Sanchez def Colin Robinson

Dustin Hazelett def Stevie Lynch


Thats wherre i got them. Good to see a win for forrest.

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A little more in depth from WO


First match will be Dustin Hazelett vs Stevie Lynch at 170.



Dustin Hazelett vs Stevie Lynch


Huge crowd reaction for Belfast's own Stevie Lynch. Hazelett got some boo's



After some good stand up with both men connecting with a few jabs, Stevie went for a kick, fell and got choked by Dustin Hazelett. won by darce choke in 2.50 in the first.


Next up is Eddie Sanchez vs Colin Robinson in the heavyweight division


I expect the 'Big C', another local fighter, to get one of the biggest reactions of the night.


Yep, I was right.


Great first round. Clinch early on, with Robinson throwing heavy hands and Sanchez knees. Robinson got the better of Sanchez at one point, and after punches and elbows managed the mount and an arm bar. Sanchez powered out and landed some good elbows and hands of his own. Probably Robinsons round.


Round Two


Started where the last round left off. Sanchez took Robinson down and landed bombs and elbows on Robinson. Ref stoppage at 32 sec in Round 2. TKO.


Respectful crowd for both fighters.


They will probably show the Sanchez vs Robinson fight if there is PPV time.


Jason Tan vs Marcus Davis is next.


Rampage interviewed by Rogan. Claims he sleeps with the belt. How did that work out for the last guy?? Oh yeah!


Rampage was asked about Henderson fight. He is very respectful for Henderson, saying he expects Henderson to bring the fight to Rampage. And thats the way he likes it. Claims he has a great training camp now. He says we have seen 'nuffin' yet.


Tan vs Davis


Tan had some success with kicks early on before being knocked out by Davis in 1.15 with a sweet right hook. Exciting but short match.


Davis got a pop for saying it was his dream come true to fight in Ireland.


Crowd are going nuts for the fights so far.


Scott Smith vs. Ed Herman opens the PPV version of the show.


Wild first round. Herman scored a few takedowns and busted Smith up badly with an elbow to the nose. Smith did a nice reversal and went for a heel hook, but Herman got back on top, and then Smith reversed in the last few seconds. Herman's round. Crowd going wild for the fight.


Herman went for a takedown to start the second round, but Smith got a guillotine. Once Herman escaped, he was on top, throwing elbows. Smith tried to escape but gave Herman his back, and Herman finished him with a choke.


Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida is up next. This is the fight I'm most looking forward to on the show.


Very good first round. Griffin was a good enough wrestler to neutralize Guida's takedowns. Standing, Griffin had a distinct edge to win the round. Griffin's balance was tremendous.


Second round was technically awesome. They went from submission attempt to submission attempt with great escapes. Griffin even did a German suplex but Guida blocked it right before the finish. Guida had a near kneebar, Griffin a heel hook and Guida a near choke at the end of the round. I'd give the round to Guida.


Incredible fight. Fast paced but Guida had the advantage position most of the round. Griffin did more from the bottom however. Guida again had a kneebar late in the round. To me, Guida clinched it with lots of punches from the top in the last minute of a round that could have gone either way. I have is 29-28 Guida.


Scores were 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 for Griffin. Fans booed the decision. It was a close fight but it came down to round three and no way Griffin won the third.


Guida was a huge favorite with the crowd after losing. This one needs a rematch. He said he had dedicated the match to the memory of Jeremy Williams so he was really disappointed with the loss and put over the Irish fans.


They just confirmed Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson for 9/8 in London.


Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer is next.


Singer looked good in the first round, connecting on two flurries of punches and knees. Singer bloodied MacDonald up on the side of the head and was working a triangle at the end of the match. Singer 10-9 as I've got it.


MacDonald took him down right away and started with body and head punches. He used a can opener to escape Singer's guard, and then started pounding him from the mount until ref Yves Lavigne stopped it after a dozen punches and elbows on the ground.



Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez is up next. Griffin got a monster reaction coming out.


Crowd went nuts for Griffin the entire round. Close round. Ramirez had the better punches but Griffin connected with a lot of low kicks and was the better boxer when it came to movement. Griffin seemed to tire but in my mind still won the round in the last minute.


The whole round was standing and Griffin was too fast and too technical and clearly won the round. Griffin had some flurries where he hurt Ramirez in the round. Ramirez's leg was numb from the kicks and he was tiring late in the round. Griffin up 20-18.


Third round was Griffin just picking him apart with kicks, knees and punches. Ramirez was just hanging on at the end of the fight. This was the most impressive Griffin has ever looked as far as speed, skill and a varied stand-up attack. Crowd was going nuts for Griffin the entire fight.


Straight 30-27 scores for Griffin. To me, had to be 30-27.


Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami in the main event is up next.


Nothing happened in the first round. Mostly circling. Franklin did enough too win the round since Okami did almost nothing. They had a clinch and neither established strength domination and ref John McCarthy broke it up. Franklin came back and said, "He's not that strong."


Fans are booing the fight. Okami is doing very little so Franklin is up 20-18. Franklin connected with a punch to the side of the head and they were theorizing he broke his thumb based on his reaction to the punch.


Third round saw Okami take Franklin down with a leg trip. He got a mount, went for several submissions including a guillotine, and a Kimura. Franklin escaped with 30 seconds left. Okami's round but Franklin should win 29-28.


All three judges had it 29-28 for Franklin. Franklin admitted the Kimura put a lot of pressure on his shoulder and he was nervous.

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Just watched it all last night. Not bad event.


Tyson Griffin v Clay Guida was awesome. I'm a fan of Griffin but I thought Guida should have won.

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