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Barrymore arrested again

Guest Al Stevens

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Guest Al Stevens
Barrymore Arrested Over Pool Murder


Updated: 17:28, Thursday June 14, 2007

Michael Barrymore and two other men have been arrested by police investigating the murder of party-goer Stuart Lubbock.


Mr Lubbock was found dead beside the swimming pool at the entertainer's home near Harlow, Essex, in March 2001.


It is the second time Barrymore has been detained in connection with the case.


Three months after Mr Lubbock's death, he was arrested on drugs offences and subsequently cautioned.


Essex police said the three suspects - aged 32, 37 and 55 - had been arrested on suspicion of murder and sexual assault.


Sources said the other two men seized are Justin Merritt and Jonathan Kenny.


Mr Lubbock's family has welcomed the arrests. "[i'm] very pleased," his father Terry said. "I've been in limbo for the past six years.


"My life has been on hold. I will never get those six years back again. Why has it taken so long?"


He said police had given him no warning of the arrests. When they did call he was not told who the three suspects were.


A post mortem showed Mr Lubbock, a butcher, suffered severe internal injuries, almost certainly through sexual assault.


Alcohol, ecstasy and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.


A lengthy investigation was carried out by police but no one was charged and a coroner recorded an open verdict.


Last December police began a new inquiry into Mr Lubbock's death.


In January a police watchdog announced an investigation into the handling of the original probe.


The case has continued to haunt Barrymore, who recently returned to the UK after moving to New Zealand in 2003.


His former agent, Karen Kage, said: "He left a month ago to come back to England. He wanted to go back home."


She added: "He knows he's an innocent man and I'm sure he'll be dealing with this in a calm fashion and as always he'll say what he knows."


Thoughts and comments. I still think when he was on Celeb BB they should have used Talc powered and let someone float in the pool to see what the reaction would be...... i know i am going to hell.


Oh yeah it's taken from skynews.com

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Guest FreeSpirit

It's about time Barrymore was properly brought to task over this incident.


Since the incident Barrymore has profited from it, especially with his Celebrity Big Brother appearance. Maybe he had nothing to do with th death of Michael Lubbock apart from just being at the scene, but the investigation at the time was shoddy to say the least.

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Guest Al Stevens

Also if he claims that he cannot remember doing any of it then simple regress him back to the point of the party and then record the results, because this is something which is going to be said time and time again by his lawyers.


However i am agreement here i think this time around he should face the music for his actions weather he was part of the crime or not

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Guest Ravenmark
Because he doesn't smoke?




I was going to post that and wish I had; but I thought 'No, I'm above such nonsense'


Glad to see some aren't :xyx

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Well I'm shocked.


I think its still a good joke to be honest. And I'm glad its back in fashion now Micky B is being investigated again. Guess the police struck it lucky eh?

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Guest Christof

One of the guys at work has a passing resemblance to Barrymore, needless to say he thought we were joking until I directed him to BBC news. Now he's inviting everyone to his pool parties


Another Barrymore classic;


Why did Barrymore have chocolate all around his arse?


Because George Michael was careless with a Wispa!

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Guest FreeSpirit

Credit: Yahoo


Barrymore released without charge

Saturday 16th June, 1.09am


Entertainer Michael Barrymore has been released on police bail without charge after being questioned on suspicion of the murder of a man found dead in a swimming pool at his home six years ago.



Barrymore "categorically denies" the allegations, was fully co-operating with detectives and had not been charged with any offence, his lawyer Henri Brandman said.


The body of Stuart Lubbock was found at Barrymore's home in Roydon, Essex, in March 2001.


Detectives said Barrymore had been released on bail until a later date, pending further inquires.


The television star was driven out of the back of a police station at South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, in a silver Seat Leon. He made no comment to waiting journalists.


Barrymore, 55, who lives in London, was arrested on Thursday along with two other men - named by police sources as Justin Merritt, 32, of Harlow, Essex, and Jonathan Kenny, 37, of Blackpool, Lancashire.


Police said all three men had been arrested on suspicion of seriously sexually assaulting and murdering 31-year-old Mr Lubbock, also of Harlow.


Police sources said that Mr Merritt had also been released on police bail without charge pending further enquiries. Mr Kenny is understood to remain in hospital after becoming ill during questioning.


Mr Lubbock was found dead in a swimming pool at Barrymore's home in Roydon, Essex, in March 2001.


Post-mortem tests showed that he had suffered severe internal injuries, which suggested sexual assault. Ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol were found in his bloodstream.[/Quote]

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Guest ahsatan
Entertainer Michael Barrymore has been released on police bail without charge


How is he released on bail if he's not charged?

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